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I have autorecord, but...public demos, where?
Hi, I have the autorecorder, but...I see the demos in control panel / demos, but...for the people haven't logged in the web, How can they download the demos for the partys?

thanks and sorry for my bad english
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Created 2013-01-11 23:32 by: Lokogaditano
you can drop them the dl link



Post edited 2013-01-12 00:05:27
2013-01-12 00:05:00
is there any link...with all demos for public downloading? without register
2013-01-12 00:21:27
nextime use reply button, right click and make a new tab when clicking on the demo you want to dl, after that you copy the link that is in your new tab.

it is that easy nothing to worry and no one can go on the front page you will need to do that each time for them
2013-01-12 00:36:02
but....its the same that not vip? because when Iam not vip, I can see all demos, and right clik and copy the link for the people...
2013-01-12 01:29:16
same for every1 i guess
2013-01-12 01:48:00
Public demos
Always wanted to share your demos with the world so they can see your mad skills? Well with VIP you can, simply select the public demo option when booking and the demo can be downloaded by everyone via the match page.

Can I put public demos with autorecorder?

What is the match page for public demos?
2013-01-12 13:10:30
don't understand you anymore anyways i am not vip and i cant let a link on the match page to dl the demo, it wont show it.

i need to drop the link manualy.

The match page is in hltv ip's and you can click on the IP: hltv4.verygames.net:27051 for example to join the game and spec it with the hltv.

all the demos are stored in hltv section nexto betting.
2013-01-12 14:08:50

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