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OCLeague's Monthly Cups | February
OCLeague presents "OCL Monthly Cups"

The OCL CS:GO scene starts with a big bang: the February single-elimination cup! Teams from all over the world will compete against eatchother for only 1 goal: to be the best! Are you up for the task? Sign up now!

- CS:GO 5on5 MR15
- Single elimination bracket
- Mappool: de_dust2_se, de_nuke_se, de_inferno_se, de_train_se and de_mirage_csgo
- Cupstart: 3 February at 20:30 CET
- Check-in: 3 February at 20:00 CET
- 1st place: Ä15 voucher for onedayservers.com

How do I sign up?
Register an account on our website www.ocleague.com, create your team, add your teammates to your team and signup.
Be sure to be on time for the check-in!

Specific cuprules:
- Every team can signup for this cup, no restrictions. The only thing we ask is that you have at least 5 players in your team with filled out Steam_IDís for CS:GO.
- We expect at least 1 member of each team in the #ocleague.csgo channel on Quakenet from the moment you signed up.
- Thereís no limit to the number of teams; the bracket will be automaticly generated by the website.
- Before the bracket will be generated each team has to check-in starting from 20:00 GMT. Every team that signed up but did not check-in will be excluded from the bracket!
- The bracket will come online at 20:30 GMT. All your matches will be generated on the pending page, here you can find the match channels aswell.
- Every match must be played in a period of 3 days. Challenge your opponent on the website in the match channel. If your opponent did not react whitin the 3 days an admin will give your team a default win.
- Donít forget to submit the score after the match! Both parties have to accept the score.
- Standard OCL CS:GO rules apply at all times.
- The OCL match config must be loaded onto the server.
- Every player has to record! Make a screenshot of the score at the end of the match!
- Matches who end on 15-15 will have to play a MR3 overtime with mp_startmoney set to 6000.
Complete rules overview

Cuplink: http://www.ocleague.com/competition/leagues.php?vi..

Any questions can be made here under or could be pmd to me.
(7 replies)
Created 2013-01-29 12:31 by: panz0r
great !
2013-01-29 12:32:34
2013-01-29 12:34:01
going in!
2013-01-29 18:09:55
go go
2013-01-30 12:56:21
2013-02-01 12:17:38
2013-02-01 15:47:53
- 1st place: Ä15 voucher for onedayservers.com .... srsly
2013-02-01 16:28:01

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