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WARNING! DemoFile::StartRecording: couldn't open demo file...
When I try to use my HLTV Proxy as a demo recorder, I get the following error message:
Console initialized.
FileSystem initialized.
Network initialized.
Master module initialized.
Server module initialized.
World module initialized.
Demo client initialized.
Executing file hltv.cfg.
hltv.cfg loaded.
Proxy module initialized.
Type 'help' for a list of commands.
Challenging (1/3).
Get challenge (HASHEDCDKEY)
Connecting to (1/3).
Server # 1

Added 843 resources.
Received baseline with 219 entities.
Executing file director.cfg.
director.cfg loaded.
Director module initialized.

record xxxx
Recording initialized.

WARNING! DemoFile::StartRecording: couldn't open demo file xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx-xx_xxxx.dem.

The x'es is there because I put em there, not because they where in my HLTV console :D
It seems that this is a pretty usual problem, but not many has found the solution...
Please - Do you know how to fix it?
(I use steam, and the HLTV launcher isnt in the same folder as cstrike...it's like this: Steam>Steamapps>accountname>dedicated server>hltv.exe)
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Created 2006-04-01 19:02 by: bronzee
Nomad - HLTV.org
create a dir called cstrike next to hltv.exe..
2006-04-02 00:52:08
I have the same exact problem. Doesnt work despite creating cstrike in the same directory as hltv.exe
2007-12-17 17:16:08
Nomad - HLTV.org
Does too, unless you do not have permission to write in the dir.. :)
2007-12-17 17:19:01
Thanks mate, that worked for me!
2010-05-26 16:36:48
even i am facing same problem. Now tell me how to create a dir next to hltv.exe? I am not getting what are you trying to say. please help.
2012-11-01 20:33:44
Create a new folder called "cstrike" in the same folder as hltv.exe.
2012-11-01 22:12:05
man you were fast :D

Maybe my problem is that I dont have a direct.cfg

I gues direct stands for directory and tells the HLTV where to rec, in what map?

Dont understand why I dont have a direct.cfg
2007-12-17 17:30:14

What kind of info should be written in that file?
2007-12-17 17:32:15
Nomad - HLTV.org
You do not need a director.cfg, it has nothing to do with demos.. :)
2007-12-17 17:44:39
Thanks my friend. However, Im not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Forgot that I play condition-zero ;) So I had to create a map called "czero" instead of cstrike :) hehe

However. I have 90 seconds delay on my TV. Does that mean that I have to wait at least 90 seconds before I type "stoprecording"?

Ive tried but my HLTV reccs stop just before I stopped in the actual game.

I think Im right about the 90 sec, right? ;)
2007-12-17 19:28:23
nope, no need.. those 90 secs delay are only for the VIEWER, hltv records the whole match, if it's done, you just typ ''stop'' in console and you're finished and now you can watch the demo :).
2007-12-18 18:38:58
That sounds good (stoprecording) but when I do that the demo stops about 90 sec early and I dont get the last part of the game recorded. A minor problem though since to be on the safe side I just leave the rec for 2 minutes after a game :)
2007-12-19 10:28:27
Or maybe I can typ "stoprecording" and leave the HLTV on. I have typed stoprecording and then stop and quit immediately after that. Which makes the HLTV go offline.

Post edited 2007-12-17 19:37:40
2007-12-17 19:37:10
or you can set the hltv delay to 0 :)
2008-03-19 21:43:15

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