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I can't find the demo
I have some problem with my HLTV
I use the HLTV to record a demo
record XXX
Then, i stop the HLTV
The HLTV shows that"completed demo XXX-XXXXX-XXX.dem
However , I can't find any demo after recording.
What is the problem
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Created 2011-05-25 11:52 by: rze013
When I type stop (or stoprecording), there is no demo file created.
2011-05-25 12:16:43
what da fuck do you mean?
a booked hltv demo from hltv.org?
you can find that under hltv>my demos

a pov recorded by yourself?
in the steam folder steamapps> your name>cs> cstrike
2011-05-25 13:09:11
same probleme with me My HLTV not HLTV.org 1 i cant find the demo
2012-12-25 14:45:11

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