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NovaLink HLTV MOD [health bars for stream]
Now we have a own mod HLTV
With it you can watch HLTV matches in advanced mode, as well as HLTV-demos.


1. Download and register NovaLink www.novalink.kz / novalink.rar
2. Copy and replace the file from novalink \ clmod \ Spectator.res in cs1.6 \ cstrike \ resource \ UI \ Spectator.res
3. Copy novalink \ clmod \ hltv.spr in cs1.6 \ cstrike \ sprites \ nova \ hltv.spr
4. Launch CS 1.6 via NovaLink

List of commands:
hltv_pos1 xx - cuts the number of characters in a player's first team
hltv_pos2 xx - cuts the number of characters in a player's second team
hltv_tag1 tag - sets the bar at the top of the first team name
hltv_tag2 tag - sets the bar at the top of the second team name
hltv_swap - change the settings vyscheperecheslinye places (to use when the teams changed sides)
hltv_y - with the lives of shift bars on the Y axis

xx - number from 0 to 32
tag - the text
(94 replies)
Created 2011-08-19 12:09 by: marikcool
is it possible to delete the advertisement on left side ?
2011-08-19 12:12:11
no, but this is a pop-up ads
2011-08-19 12:14:12
2011-08-19 12:17:57
How we can stream like GreatFrag?
2011-08-19 12:55:32
run cs 1.6 via novalink and connect hltv or viewdemo *.dem
hltv bars like screenshot
turn on automatically
2011-08-19 12:58:45
maybe its a virus u created ur acc today hh lawl
2011-08-19 13:03:29
not a virus
2011-08-19 13:51:33
How to change a language?
2011-08-19 13:33:24
on main form click on flag (partial translation into English)
2011-08-19 13:42:35
how to launch cs via novalink? I registered then clicked join but what should I do after?
2011-08-19 15:23:06
open the client sign in, click on CS 1.6 on left hand side double-click any server/room and u will see a icon "counter-strike 1.6" on bottom right click it.


Post edited 2011-08-19 16:00:17
2011-08-19 15:57:04
i did that but got an error message, thx anyway
2011-08-19 16:12:41
does it work through steam?
2012-02-19 16:20:45
it doesnt work !
2011-08-19 14:52:49
I think this is just a program to register on your site ...
2011-08-19 15:04:15
It works for me :)) But just with novalink cs :/
2011-08-19 15:09:25
how i run it with novalink ?
2011-08-19 15:39:54
thx :D
2011-08-19 16:40:39
P.S what command for no clan tags?
2011-08-19 17:06:21
Looks fake, that screen shot looks like it was edited in paint or something.
2011-08-19 16:49:58
... its not fake
2011-08-19 16:57:31
silly goose

Works perfect. 1 thing I would add tho, flags, don't ask why, just a cool addon.

Post edited 2012-01-30 16:51:17
2012-01-30 16:50:05
it's not fake.. works like a charm.. thanks marik !

Post edited 2011-08-19 17:07:31
2011-08-19 17:07:22
It Works for me, but some times crash -.-

How i can configure this at my personal like??

Like put the bars of HP bigger, but logos of team, etc

can i do that?
2011-08-19 23:09:27
in next version.
2011-08-21 12:17:20
can you make it for ubuntu linux?
2011-08-21 17:21:13
no, only windows.
u can try use wine.
2011-08-21 21:17:23
I try, but charter are only "??????" like in old cs instalation
2011-08-21 21:58:05
Is It Just Me .. Or The Site Has a Different Language ? :$

Post edited 2011-08-28 08:16:11
2011-08-28 08:15:54
when is coming the new version of novalink hltv mod?
2011-08-28 10:01:10
can you/anyone help me. how to registration it & how to launch my cs via novalink :(
2011-08-28 21:09:30
please launch novalink in english version :)
2011-08-28 21:13:05
what means "via"?? to have opened the site? or the downloaded program?
2011-09-05 07:36:32
I've copied the 2 files in cstrike... I had opened NOVA LiNK which I've downloaded from the site and i opened cs 1.6 and it didn't work
2011-09-05 08:10:56
You have to open cs 1.6 through nova link aplication ;]
2011-09-05 18:29:44
And how do you manage to do that?
2011-10-24 14:10:07
You have to enter a chat room and then in the bottom right corner it says Counter strike. Just click it and watch a demo or hltv.
2011-10-24 14:14:10
When I do that another thing comes up.
I can choose:
???????? ?????????
??????? Counter-Strike 1.6
??????? Warcraft III

and so on...

But if I click ??????? Cs 1.6 and then click Counter-Strike 1.6 in the Right corner.
Nothing happens.


Post edited 2011-10-24 14:17:41
2011-10-24 14:16:53
At first you get a list with Counter strike, dota, modern warfare2, project elimination, counter strike source, heroes of newerth. Click on counterstrike, and then join any chat room there. It doesnt really matter which. Finally click http://tinypic.com/r/34xf3o4/7

Edit: You clicked on the little person i guess. You shouldnt click there

Post edited 2011-10-24 14:22:44
2011-10-24 14:21:23
I am doing that, and when I have done as exactly as you write... this comes up:
2011-10-24 14:23:32
I guess you clicked the blue circle.
You have to click the red circle and then do what i typed again. http://tinypic.com/r/2q89g1e/7
2011-10-24 14:26:56
I am clicking the "red circle" and then counter-strike 1.6 button.
The same thing is coming up: http://piclair.com/ivqul
2011-10-24 14:30:11
Lol i just saw that you didnt find hl.exe in the white area.
You have to add "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\steamid\counter-strike\hl.exe" in that white area.
2011-10-24 14:32:14
Okay, I pasted the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\steamid\counter-strike\hl.exe" and put my account/id at "steamid".

After doing that I press Counter-Strike 1.6 logo, aaaand Im back at:
2011-10-24 14:37:00
Then i really have no idea.. For me it works fine when i click the counter strike button.
2011-10-24 14:39:50
Thank you anyway.
Seems like someone need to translate this program.
2011-10-24 14:40:58
Russians really need to learn English, some day.
2011-10-24 14:14:24
2011-11-18 08:43:05
you have to fullsize the NovaLink Window at first

and then to click on the "??????" Button

look here > http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/5409/unbenanntg..

and then take the hl.exe

done :D have fun
2011-10-29 18:45:45
Hmmm, is the site up? novalink.kz doesnt work :S
2011-10-29 19:00:41
I cant register to nova link set up ... it doesnt respond to me....
can any one make account for me.. and mail me details at
[email protected]
2011-11-18 03:54:42
http://pokazywarka.pl/r4agzt/ i need problem can we help me ?
2011-12-15 00:36:28
Use steam.
2012-02-08 12:27:31
hltv_pos1 xx 5
hltv_pos2 xx 5
hltv_tag1 tag PRO
hltv_tag2 tag NOOB
hltv_swap - change the settings vyscheperecheslinye places (to use when the teams changed sides)
hltv_y - with the lives of shift bars on the Y axis

THOSE 2 I dont know what so SAT pls help me what do write of those
2011-12-21 21:12:08
Thanks! It works.
2011-12-25 22:11:07
Can I download some designs of these bars? Or how can I make some and where shoud I put them?
2012-01-14 12:24:47
is there anyway to change the font on the tags ( team's name ) ??

if there is plz reply :D

2012-01-31 18:35:26
Sorry, wrong topic...

Post edited 2012-02-07 11:07:44
2012-02-07 11:00:28
For what resolution is this version exactly ? In 1280x720 I can't see weapons, at least in good quality, they are too big.
2012-02-08 12:28:19
How can I contact the owner of this program?
2012-02-13 18:44:26
Does it work if you have Steam CS?
2012-02-19 16:26:35

Install Novalink,
Unpack the archive novalink/data/hltvmod(extract_to_cstrike).Zip the folder with your client the game by saving replaced files.


HLTV BAR commands:
nltv_banner "" - Sprite logo tournament, should be in the sprites / nova / banner
nltv_banner_x "0" - the shift of the banner on the X axis
nltv_banner_y "200" - shift a banner on the Y axis
nltv_bar_box "-1" - width of the block lives (-1 autoformat)
nltv_bar_height "-1" - the height of the bar lives (-1 autoformat)
nltv_bar_offset "-1" - a shift of bars along the axis Y (-1 autoformat)
nltv_bar_width "-1" - the width of the bar lives (-1 autoformat)
nltv_bar_zeroicon "1" - display icons of the skull, with 0 lives
nltv_bot_height "-1" - the height of the lower border (-1 autoformat)
nltv_bot_width "-1" - the width of the lower border (-1 autoformat)
nltv_clan1_flag "russia" - sprite flag should be in the sprites / nova / flags
nltv_clan1_icon "" - Sprite Logo commands, to sprites / nova / icon
nltv_clan1_mapscore "2" - an account on the cards
nltv_clan1_tag "RUSSIA" - The name of the team
nltv_clan1_x "10" - the shift team's logo on the X
nltv_clan1_y "10" - the shift team's logo on Y
nltv_clan2_flag "kazakhstan" - sprite flag should be in the sprites / nova / flags
nltv_clan2_icon "" - Sprite Logo commands, to sprites / nova / icon
nltv_clan2_mapscore "0" - an account on the cards
nltv_clan2_tag "KAZAKHSTAN" - the name of the team
nltv_clan2_x "-48" - the shift team's logo on the X
nltv_clan2_y "10" - the shift team's logo on Y
nltv_flag1_x "10" - the shift command flag for X
nltv_flag1_y "10" - the shift command flag to Y
nltv_flag2_x "-48" - the shift command flag for X
nltv_flag2_y "10" - the shift command flag to Y
nltv_fonta_name "Impact" - the name of the font (used in the names of command / run / time)
nltv_fonta_offset "0" - the shift of the font on the Y axis
nltv_fonta_shadow "1" - cast a shadow
nltv_fonta_size "22" - the font size
nltv_fontb_name "Impact" - the name of the font (used in behalf of the players / the number of lives)
nltv_fontb_offset "0" - the shift of the font on the Y axis
nltv_fontb_shadow "1" - cast a shadow
nltv_fontb_size "18" - the font size
nltv_top_box "-1" - width of the block timer
nltv_top_height "-1" - the height of the upper border
nltv_top_msg "NovaLink.TV" - the text information (located under the clock)
nltv_top_msgoffset "0" - the shift of the posts on the Y axis
nltv_top_timeoffset "-20" - the shift timer on the Y axis
nltv_top_width "-1" - the width of the upper border (-1 autoformat)
nltv_wpn_shadow "1" - cast a shadow icon arms

nltv_pos1 10 - cut off the names of the players on the 10 characters (remove tag team 1)
nltv_pos2 10 - cut off the names of the players on the 10 characters (remove tag team 2)

bind = nltv_whon - include WH
bind - nltv_whoff - disable WH
bind \ nltv_swap - to change the team places
bind] nltv_addscore1 - add a team score
bind [nltv_decscore1 - subtract points a team
bind. nltv_addscore2 - add the points team 2
bind, nltv_decscore2 - subtract points team 2

nltv_bwon - includes black and white
nltv_bwoff - off black and white

Post edited 2012-02-27 12:53:07
2012-02-27 12:42:40
fuck yes! Finally you added flags.
2012-03-14 10:57:42
my icq 344388533
2012-02-27 13:14:07
I cant get it working it's just saying somethin about update.exe
2012-02-29 23:27:30
create new folder, put in novaupdate.exe and launch this.
after select cs 1.6 and join HLTV room.
2012-03-02 14:10:20
ok, but where can I download this novaupdate.exe?
2012-03-02 22:21:32
2012-03-02 22:59:01
only with novalink cs?
2012-03-02 23:10:39
no, actual version steam/nosteam
2012-03-05 06:42:10
install.exe installed,
software updated,
registered and logged,
files from .rar copied,
CS launched thru the NovaLink software,
in console commands are on list-when i write in console nltv_xxxx the commands are showup in list but nothing working...

i load the demo by viewdemo command and...

...no bars, no sprites, nothing!!!!

please help me

Post edited 2012-03-14 02:03:09
2012-03-14 02:01:13
still waiting for help :P
2012-03-14 10:43:51
I have the same problem with this soft. In past I think, that the resolution in 4:3 is problem, but in 16:9 (1280x768 wide) problem occurs again. Please some help...
2012-04-18 18:25:32
Link to download the Novalink logi? thnks!
2012-05-07 12:10:37
Nice mod if it actually works..
2012-05-07 12:22:18
Registration is not successful. How to register new user account for Novalink :-(
2012-05-15 16:25:06
hi, i download novalink registred all work fine , exepct in the CS , i not see the bars the mod not working to me (i connected form novalink to cs) i copy the files you say to cstrike but still i see nothing, how can i fix that? plz help and sorry about my bad English :P :)
2012-05-26 23:59:36
Please help me. How can I make it worked? I did everything. But the bars aren't showup.
2012-05-27 18:58:56
yeah its not show up to me too, plz help
2012-05-27 20:13:16
hi i downloaed Novalink softwar and all work ok (hltv health bars), exepct 1 thing, the borders of the hltv hide the borders of novalink, how can i fix that??? plz i hope you will help me soon ty and have a nice day :D
2012-06-03 13:41:05
I got the same problem like #87 . Please help ! :)
2012-07-09 22:55:01
I need the NovaLink health bar but the link is gone. Can someone upload it for me?
2013-02-16 02:38:31

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