VIP Buy Problem
Hello, i have bought VIP for 2 month. i received and sms which says i have paid the money and now i have a code. this is my code: "233568", but i don't know what should i do with the code, please support me with some informations. here under i attached the sms that i received from you.

"thank you for your payment.This is the last text message you will received for this payment. you have now paid 20.00 TL.Your Code is "233568"
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Created 2011-09-07 23:17 by: ZG-
by: Nomad -
I gotta head to bed, I'll look into it tomorrow.
2011-09-07 23:19:07
by: ZG-
ok thanks :)
2011-09-08 00:07:46
by: ZG-
upp !
2011-09-10 20:32:27
by: ZG-
ok no problem vip :) thanks!
2011-09-11 03:22:55

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