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Iphone 3Gs
Hi guys,whats youre favorite games,app for iphone ?
(20 replies)
Created 2011-09-22 08:19 by: -jarek-
Liqua Pop, Swap This and Draw Jump.
2011-09-22 08:22:45
Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, Doodle Jump, Jailbreaker, Carnivores, Carnivores IA. :)
2011-09-22 09:26:45
you pay for apps?
2011-09-23 02:14:33
Yeah :p
2011-09-23 15:11:43
Angry Birrrrds!!!!!!
2011-09-22 09:44:57
2011-09-23 02:29:32
alex! - HLTV.org
Jetpack Joyride and Warp Dash
2011-09-22 09:50:56
Angry Birds, PvZ, Galaxy on Fire(best app ever created), Swords and Soldiers - Games
IMDB pro, NY Times, The Times -News
iBooks, GoogleMap, Aurasma -apps
2011-09-22 09:58:21
My phone in nokia 1200
i play socer and snake
2011-09-22 17:46:39
the Teletubbies?
2011-09-22 17:48:36
Flight Control surprised ppl forgot taht one
2011-09-23 01:46:22
Angry Birds
2011-09-23 02:18:51
Off topic: Any Swede that would like to sell their iPhone 4 to me? We discus price.
2011-09-23 02:28:44
i do not have an iphone, i have a galaxy S, i like facebook/twitter and angry birds
2011-09-23 02:31:09
Angry Birds
NFS undercover it old but <3
2011-09-23 02:40:15
I hardly ever use the "cell phone" functions (ie, calls and SMS). I use it constantly for RSS, email, Twitter,facebook, blogging, maps, games, photos, etc. Basically it's a computer that fits in my pocket. I'm on a plan for the data allowance.Initially i was with O2 so i didn't face any issue. .When i flied to U.S i had to unlock it .anyhow i managed to remote unlock it from http://www.mobileunlocksolutions.com .and Currently i'm with AT&T. The only real positive with them is they are probably the most affordable of the big carriers. The negatives are that their coverage where I live is poor.so i just use it for making calls and texts :( soon i will change my carrier and start blogging...
2013-02-26 07:47:20
i own android phone and i play TR2,subway surf,angry birds
2013-02-26 08:44:11
2013-02-26 08:47:18
I tend to use an app that tells me when im sober enough to drive the day after drinking...Not sue if it works though, but I guess i'll find out the day I get pulled over
2013-02-26 08:54:27
ceramic destroyer
basketball shoot
world of goo
jetpack joyride
rayman jungle run
cut he rope

i play on galaxy note
2013-02-26 09:36:26

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