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November Nine
Today at 3 PM EST starts the final table of "World Series Of Poker Main Event", and there are the last nine players left (6865 entries in total), the all shew a great game during the first 8 days in august, so, in your opinion who will be the Main Event Champion and will receive $8.7 Million first prize? Will be Ukrainian Anton Makievskiy the youngest Main Event Champion?

Here are stacks of November Nine Players:
1Martin Staszko 40,175,000
2Eoghan O'Dea 33,925,000
3Matt Giannetti 24,750,000
4Phil Collin s23,875,000
5Ben Lamb 20,875,000
6Badih Bounahra 19,700,000
7Pius Heinz 16,425,000
8Anton Makiievskyi 13,825,000
9Samuel Holden 12,375,000

IMO, Ben Lamb will take this... the time will show
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Created 2011-11-06 18:43 by: F4ce_
is there anyone who is interested in poker?
2011-11-06 18:49:55
2011-11-06 19:08:08
yes, i am
2011-11-06 19:11:11
I enjoy it quite a lot! :)
2011-11-06 19:14:09
11/9 - World Trade Centre attacks.
9/11 - Something in Poker.

What a coincidence!
2011-11-06 19:18:48
november nine doesn't mean that it will happen 9/11 it means that it will be in november with 9 plrs remaining!
2011-11-06 19:20:23
I didn't read the topic but its title.
2011-11-06 19:27:21

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