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The HLTV.org VIP package contains a wide varity of features, common for all features are that they are something we cannot provide for free due to the extra resources they consume. A quick summary of all features is available below, click each headline to read more about.

With a pool of reserved booking servers you are sure to be able to get a HLTV even booking in the last minute on a Sunday.
SourceTV booking
SourceTVs sadly take a lot more CPU than regular HLTVs, and the booking process is very complicated, so often the servers do not even connect properly, therefore we are only offering it as a VIP feature at the moment. So if you are a serious CS:S gamer, VIP is for you!
The Web-scorebot is very resource intensive so we can only offer it for VIPs. It will however work for all bookings VIPs make, even if it is not to your own gameserver, there is just a single rcon commend that you need to run on the server.
No website advertising
Advertising is a necessary evil for HLTV.org to work out, but there is a way to get rid of ads, as a VIP you will see no ads on the webpage, the ads on the HLTVs will however remain due to technical reasons.
Instant demo processing
The instant demo processing runs every single minute and ensures that demos are processed as fast as possible. In comparison the normal demo system only runs every 15 minutes, meaning this is around 15 times faster than a normal booking, so if you need the demo right away, VIP is for you!
Public demos
Always wanted to share your demos with the world so they can see your mad skills? Well with VIP you can, simply select the public demo option when booking and the demo can be downloaded by everyone via the match page.
Unlimited galleries
The user galleries have a limit of 10 pictures, for our VIPs however there is no limit at all, so feel free to upload all the pictures you want!
Not only do our VIPs take part in the normal betting competition, they also compete in a speciale betting league just for VIPs. This league features special one of a kind prizes, like signed mousepads, shirts and the likes, stuff you cannot buy in a store.