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This agreement applies to HLTV.org
  1. When signing up for HLTV.org VIP, you agree to the following terms

    1. HLTV.org’s terms of use may change. HLTV.org will make a notification on the web site in case of such changes. Continued use of HLTV.org services complies as acceptance changes.

    2. Breaking the terms will result in account termination on HLTV.org with no refund of eventual membership fee for any remaining period he/she may have already paid for.

    3. It is not possible to get a refund of your eventual membership fee, nor parts of it no matter what.

    4. It is strictly forbidden to abuse other users of HLTV.org. This also concerns the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) – Takeover, -Floods, -SPAM etc.

    5. By ordering and especially using IRC services provided by HLTV.org, the client assures to have read the terms and conditions as well as the terms and conditions of the Quakenet network and acknowledged them. HLTV.org reserves the right to terminate the contract and delete associated accounts with the client without notice in case of a violation of the before mentioned terms and conditions.

    6. The harassment of other internet users results in an immediate suspension of the services provided by HLTV.org.

    7. In case of third parties issuing legal claims towards HLTV.org concerning actual or predicted legal violations, HLTV.org reserves the right to immediately suspend the client’s account. Furthermore, HLTV.org is entitled to terminate the client’s contract without notice.

    8. The client commits himself to keep passwords provided by HLTV.org exclusively for using services provided, strictly confidential and inform HLTV.org immediately in case the client becomes aware that third parties may have knowledge of the passwords provided. If third parties should be able to use services by abusing passwords due to the clients fault, the client will be held liable for any damage sustained as well as compensational fees.

    9. There is no warranty that:
      1. The service will meet your requirements
      2. The service will have no downtime
      3. Errors in the software will be corrected
      4. This web site, its content, and the servers on which the web site and content are available are free of viruses or other harmful components

    10. HLTV.org reserves the right to adjust its prices anytime according to economic conditions. Adjustments will come into effect for the client 6 weeks after publication of the specific notification of change.

    11. The client will be fully charged for unauthorized debit charge backs or failed debits resulting from incorrect bank data. HLTV.org will charge a handling fee of EUR 15,00 per debit note including additional bank fees.

    12. For every reminder sent the client will be charged EUR 10.00. Electronically sent reminders (E-Mail) have to be recognized as binding by the client.

    13. HLTV.org may never be held liable for sustained damage

    14. HLTV.org cannot be held liable for any delay and/or failure of services due to force majeure, such as war, strike, riot, crime, act of God (e.g., flooding, earthquake, volcano)

    15. HLTV.org does not guarantee and cannot be held liable for textual, figurative or other contents of third parties (i.e. hyperlinks, E-Mails, bulletin boards) which may be accessible by the services of HLTV.org.

    16. HLTV.org cannot be held liable for undeliverable E-Mails which are filtered by the system as Spam or viruses.