Dreamteam is an online manager game, where the performance of real life gamers affects your game. Buy and sell gamers during a tournament and win the game by making the most profit.

How it works
You start out with a budget from which you have to buy 5 players. You are allowed to sell and buy players during a tournament as long as the transfer window is open. The players you buy are similar to real life professional gamers and their performance in real life tournaments decides the increase or decrease in value in the dreamteam game.

During a tournament you can buy and sell players and thereby adjusting your line up accordingly to whom has momentum and the best winning streak.

The goal of the game is to make your teams value increase the most. This is done by buying players who is capable of getting a huge growth in value. Therefore it is important to sell and buy the right player at the right time.

The growth is based on the players performance in each round, so watch carefully if your players are still in the tournament.

Each player can be assigned a role, each role must be chosen with great care as it comes with both a plus and a minus side. There is a maximum on how much you can earn and lose on a bonus depending on the bonus. Money earned or lost from the bonuses will be added or subtracted from the bank account.

The following roles are currently available:
  • Tac Leader
    Plus: Player team wins a round
    Minus: Player team loses a round

  • Aimstar
    Plus: Winning 1onX
    Minus: Finishing game with K/D < 1

  • Sniper
    Plus: AWP frag
    Minus: Fragged by AWP

  • First Fragger
    Plus: First frag in a round
    Minus: First to die in a round

  • Newbie
    Plus: Finishing with <1 K/D ratio
    Minus: Finishing with >1 K/D ratio

  • Pistoleer
    Plus: Pistol frag
    Minus: Fragged with pistol

  • Camper
    Plus: Surviving a round
    Minus: Dying in a round

  • Whiner
    Plus: First to die in a round
    Minus: Surviving a round

  • Hacker
    Plus: Finishing match with rating > 1.2
    Minus: Finishing match with rating < 1.2

  • Sprayer
    Plus: AK/Colt frag
    Minus: Fragged with AK/Colt