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DH Winter group draw
Time: 2013-11-21 17:08
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The group draw for DreamHack Winter has been made, with the 16 participants having been drawn into four groups of four teams.

We are just one week away from the biggest CS:GO tournament of the year, which will feature 16 teams from all over the world, who will be battling it out for a piece of the whopping $250,000 prize purse.

There are still two places up for grabs, which will handed out to the finalists of the BYOC tournament, which will take place one day before the main event.

Defending champions Ninjas in Pyjamas have been drawn in the same group as UniversalSoldiers, iBUYPOWER and WE GOT GAME, whereas ESWC champions Clan-Mystik will tackle Swedish duo fnatic and LGB eSports, and Ukrainian side Na´Vi.

VeryGames, who will soon have to find a new organisation to represent, have been paired with compLexity, n!faculty and one team from the BYOC tournament, with Astana Dragons due to lock horns with Copenhagen Wolves, SK Gaming and the other team to come from the BYOC competition.

Group A Group B
Clan-Mystik  NiP
 fnatic  UniversalSoldiers
Group C Group D
 VeryGames  Astana Dragons
 compLexity  CPH Wolves
 n!faculty  SK Gaming

HLTV.org will be Jönköping to bring you all the updates from DreamHack Winter, so stay tuned to our website for coverage of this exciting tournament.

2013-11-21 18:08:17
ennnnnn iii piiiiii

Post edited 2013-11-21 19:23:43
2013-11-21 19:23:28
I Think that BYOC will definitely win this tournament, for the sake of india even though they have no flag and probably hate us but whatever, hoes gonn' be hoes right? I hate them so much.
2013-11-21 20:25:12
What the actual fuck are you trying to say?
2013-11-21 23:03:19
2013-11-21 23:43:51
2013-11-22 07:55:50
hahaha. Go go go BYOC!
2013-11-22 03:21:59
2013-11-22 04:40:29
wow Verygames gets the only none "group of death"
2013-11-21 19:37:20
Roger that
2013-11-25 19:25:25
rip NaVi
2013-11-21 18:08:32
It's lan, don't forget :)

Post edited 2013-11-21 18:11:24
2013-11-21 18:10:49
still rip
2013-11-21 18:37:27
2013-11-21 18:39:08
Navi can hope for a second place easily
1/2 Mystik Navi
3/4 Swedes
2013-11-21 18:47:20
in b4 navi doesnt make it out of groups
2013-11-21 20:20:26
2013-11-21 21:54:46
navi at lan awesome
2013-11-21 18:14:33
fnatic=navi at lan i think
2013-11-21 18:22:26
when pronax changed MODDII
absolutely fnatic=NaVi
2013-11-21 18:24:52
i think navi will win the group
2013-11-21 19:04:30
ah remember those days when mouz navi and fnatic were fighting for 1st place on every event, before cyx died in an accident '(
2013-11-21 19:12:09
good old times
2013-11-21 19:28:44
No Na'Vi was like luckiest group stage team. They barely left the group at ESWC 2010, do you remember that? Na'Vi was always week on the GS.

Post edited 2013-11-21 20:03:54
2013-11-21 20:03:32
group stage? are u fucking high? have fun
2013-11-21 20:09:55
poor Navi :(
2013-11-21 18:46:53
NaVi CAN get 2nd place.

Not over yet.
2013-11-21 18:51:45
Sick lineup of teams, really!

Post edited 2013-11-21 18:08:56
2013-11-21 18:08:43
E: sneaky edit

Post edited 2013-11-21 18:09:27
2013-11-21 18:09:10
hahaha :D
2013-11-21 18:41:17
Every time I see you commenting here I remember this

2013-11-21 19:15:28
Everytime I see him commentating here I remember this.

2013-11-22 02:16:10
dafuq...is he eating a roulade like it's a sandwich??
2013-11-22 03:22:25
looks like it
2013-11-22 07:29:15
2013-11-22 18:12:40
looking good!
2013-11-21 18:08:55
Group A is pretty equal I guess.
2013-11-21 18:08:58
yeah i think its the best group
2013-11-21 22:18:47
nice groups I think, but group D lol!
2013-11-21 18:09:15
AD 4th CPH 5th seeds you have a different 4-5?
2013-11-23 00:31:19
This is going to be insane, even the BYOC tournament is going to feel like a major tournament lol!
2013-11-21 18:09:25
damn look at all those team, each one of them could qualify, gonna be amazing
2013-11-21 18:09:33
A is the group of death
2013-11-21 18:09:55
Group A & Group C are just awesome :D
I still think that TI system is better
2013-11-21 18:10:31
2013-11-21 18:48:21
i think he means the international, the biggest dota 2 tournament in the world :D
2013-11-22 01:34:43
A and D damn
2013-11-21 18:10:38
Good opportunity for the BYOC team of group C.
2013-11-21 18:10:52
every freaking group is monster! :D
2013-11-21 18:11:27
NiP is gonna have a hard time passing this group!
2013-11-21 18:11:39
C grp is k
2013-11-21 18:11:53
Group A and D damn o.O
2013-11-21 18:11:59
lmao those groupssss RIP EVERYONE. so sick.
2013-11-21 18:12:01
OMG this is amazing!! +mousesports and this will be the best event of the year
2013-11-21 18:12:02
mouz suq
2013-11-21 18:18:38
better then you?
2013-11-21 18:32:50
Let's wait what will happen in the BYOC-Tournament. I can't understand why there is so much hate against mousesports. EMS, in which they participated, was their first tournament together... They didn't play that bad if you consider that they were a new team. Now they've played some good online matches. Let's wait if they gonna proof their results on lan as well ;)
Looking back ~3 years german teams were not constituted as "onliners"... Hope that will change again.
2013-11-22 18:57:03
it is already best event of the year for cs:go
cause of team list (there was no such a team list in any other tournaments)
and ofcourse cause of prize pool (the biggest for cs:go at the moment)
2013-11-21 18:38:21
yeh obv.. but i still want strong teams to take the last spots, for example mousesports/k1ck/ENCE
2013-11-21 18:59:09
mousesports,yeah...but kick and ence < mousesports
2013-11-22 15:48:20
the biggest in cs history
2013-11-21 19:42:15
Groups are rly strong, wow :)
2013-11-21 18:12:10
those are some hard groups! So many good teams.
2013-11-21 18:12:16
Group D will have one of Mouz or Reason???...that's going to be an insane group

Post edited 2013-11-21 18:13:10
2013-11-21 18:12:19
holy shit them groups , dont think iv ever seen stronger lineup , interesting enough to watch every group game

Post edited 2013-11-21 18:13:59
2013-11-21 18:12:54
goodbye na'vi
2013-11-21 18:13:07
A) Mystic, LGB
B) NiP, US
C) VG, n! ( if dannish )
2013-11-21 18:13:08
B) NiP/iB
C) VG/coL
2013-11-22 15:50:28
CPH Wolves or US to win, heard it first here. NiP cant handle the pressure 1.6 pixelers cant handle pressure from NiP. Fifflaren best
2013-11-21 18:13:38
CPH ? US ? lol u are so wrong , there is absolutely no chance those two teams passing thru AD,VG,NiP,CM
2013-11-21 19:08:01
Junior Dos Santos >>>> ;P

Well US were the 1.6 team who only won major tournies, hope this is major enough for them to win it as I really love TaZ and think with his dedication he deserves it, same for neo and pasha.

CPH just changed lu I know but this team is really strong and when dev1ce and nico are on real fire @ DH I see them being the favorite on the process, No VG, NiP, CM or AD gonna stop CPH when Nico and dev1ce are really playing well. With dupreeh playing really well the last weeks and Xyp9x being a consistent factor all the time I can see them winning the tournament.
2013-11-21 22:49:48
u obviously have no clue about cs ... dont want to insult u but thats true , "No VG, NiP, CM or AD gonna stop CPH when Nico and dev1ce are really playing well." i really loled at that , its not true at all CPh are good but thats not enought to be the champion, same goes fot US , and trust me nobody can stop VG right now

Post edited 2013-11-24 20:00:28
2013-11-24 19:52:13
Clan-Mystik, ?
VeryGames, compLexity
Astana Dragons, CPH Wolves
2013-11-21 18:13:57
2013-11-21 18:20:23
iBUYPOWER>US? In your dreams. ;d

Post edited 2013-11-21 18:22:19
2013-11-21 18:20:38
ibuypower will get raped by everyone in this group.
2013-11-21 18:24:22
you will be surprised ;)
2013-11-21 18:26:45
Lol I wouldn't be surprised if they beat nip.
2013-11-21 18:32:16
[email protected], really..
2013-11-21 18:33:55
2013-11-21 19:00:04
iBUYPOWER can surprise listen me :D!
2013-11-22 09:36:36
What does BYOC means?
2013-11-21 18:14:09
bring your own computer
2013-11-21 18:17:21
Bring Your Own Computer.
2013-11-21 18:22:09
Bring Your Own Computer, it's a LAN party, usually just before the main tournament and the winners from it will join the rest of the teams.
2013-11-21 18:27:58
Does anyone know when the BYOC list is confirmed?
2013-11-21 22:29:41
Thursday 28th.
2013-11-22 09:04:58
Easy for Nip, group A and D can get good.
2013-11-21 18:14:12
omg all groups are "GROUP OF THE DEAD"
2013-11-21 18:14:18
u wanna say group of the death, but nvm, u r saucer
2013-11-21 19:56:12
i think hes actually correct
2013-11-21 20:42:24
lol, he is right though.
2013-11-21 23:55:27
I support NA.

And Verygames.
2013-11-21 18:15:11
2013-11-21 18:17:09
VG, n!
2013-11-21 18:17:28
rip na`vi & fnatic?
2013-11-21 18:22:10
Those groups are disgustingly sick!
2013-11-21 18:18:12
isn't nfaculty danish?
2013-11-21 18:18:35
col ? suppose to be Tyloo ? not ?
2013-11-21 18:20:58
wrong tournament sir
2013-11-21 18:27:15
damn ) Jason Statham cheering for Tyloo
2013-11-21 18:52:04
group A, death group
2013-11-21 18:21:26
Has anyone got a list of the noticeable teams internationally attending the BYOC qualifer?

p.s. probably the most competitive lan tournament interms of teams I've ever seen in the history of CS, just sayin'

Post edited 2013-11-21 18:22:33
2013-11-21 18:21:49
Reason Gaming
Vox Eminor

Those are the ones I know of.
2013-11-21 18:39:21
when is the DH ?
2013-11-21 18:22:12
iBuypower is better than Universal Soldiers.
2013-11-21 18:23:01
no, you will see :)
2013-11-21 18:24:06
iBP > US bennihahna
2013-11-21 18:27:23
Ibp lineup?
2013-11-21 18:28:22
anger, skadoole (spelling?!?!?!?), DaZeD, adreN and AZK if im not mistaken =)
2013-11-21 19:06:50
lol. IBP are onliners ( especially Ska and anger ) ... at lan US>IPB
2013-11-21 18:37:43
You kidding omg ...
2013-11-21 19:02:01
no, what are Curse Us results at last lans ? they have the same lineup + dazed , that won`t change anything u will see.
2013-11-21 19:07:08
Yup your right so that's why I think iBP will not go through group. And coL plays good on lan so they will do better than iBP for sure.
2013-11-23 03:07:49
Verygames please smack around coL and show them they aren't deserving of being a top NA team
2013-11-21 18:24:11
Who is then?
2013-11-21 19:18:30
coL is not top NA. iBP is.
2013-11-21 19:24:04
I can't find any official source for these news. Did you receive it in an email from dreamhack? It's strange that they haven't updated their own site with the info yet.
2013-11-21 18:24:32
2013-11-21 18:26:10
I don't mean that I doubt the info in any way. Just seems strange or sloppy by DH not to post the info on their own site if they release it to fan sites. Would be nice with an official source.
2013-11-21 18:28:45
all these groups are insane!!!
2013-11-21 18:25:06
that's right. After taking a quick look at all of them... there is no easy group. That's why DHW will be so awesome! :)
2013-11-21 19:05:24
1x BYOC for Reason I hope :)
2013-11-21 18:25:22
Group C looks easy comparatively
2013-11-21 18:25:50
when is DH??? And where mouz???
2013-11-21 18:26:07
What is the difference where they are? They are crap on LAN and I'm glad that they are not going to be on DHW :)
2013-11-21 18:34:02
They still can qualify.
2013-11-21 19:19:51
next weekend
2013-11-21 18:42:34
My predictions:

A : fnatic, CM
B : NiP, iBP
C : VG, CoL
D : Cph W, AD
2013-11-21 18:26:43

2013-11-21 18:27:06
i have a feeling that nip could crash out of the group..
2013-11-21 18:27:22
This is gonna be good.




2013-11-21 18:27:36
A: clan-Mystik, fnatic
C: VG, coL
2013-11-21 18:27:36
Lol, that's odd. Same second, same predictions.
2013-11-21 18:28:07
hahaha :D LOL
my soul mate comes from Brazil XD
2013-11-21 18:29:39
thats gay m8
2013-11-21 18:39:45
Don't be jealous, roman. It's an open relationship.
2013-11-21 18:56:38
USA fan?
2013-11-21 18:35:44
just a realist
2013-11-21 21:49:13
Interesting. It's also good to see Anders and Semmler getting the second official English stream for DH(they will be on site).

May the best team win!

Here the official source for the one asking:

Post edited 2013-11-21 18:31:08
2013-11-21 18:27:37
" Today we are happy too present the second English stream ,that will cover the tournament live from DreamHack Winter 2013, that will feature Anders Blume and SemmlerTheRiot. We’re very happy to have both Anders and Auguste on-board and we are very pleased to be able to broadcast all group stage and playoff matches from the event to all the Counter-Strike-fans around the World. "

2013-11-21 18:33:53
NICE! DH is now officially complete.
2013-11-21 20:45:03
Joe Miller is still missing ^^
2013-11-22 03:38:55
A: fnatic, LGB
B: NiP, US
C: VG, n!
2013-11-21 18:29:37
what a level.. B = death's group.
2013-11-21 18:30:44
2013-11-21 18:38:43
Pretty cool groups
2013-11-21 18:31:09
2013-11-21 18:33:25
gl AD
2013-11-21 18:33:47
group A death
2013-11-21 18:33:48

ez for VG
2013-11-21 18:33:51
LGB qq noobs
2013-11-21 18:33:52
A: Clan-Mysic, LGB
B: NiP, US
C: VG, coL
2013-11-21 18:33:55
Ahahah GG BYOC
2013-11-21 18:34:38
a: mystic and fnatic
b: nip and ibp
c: VG and BYOC
d: dragons and wolves
2013-11-21 18:35:11
This is fuckin unprectitable
2013-11-21 18:35:31
Group A is the Group of death <3
2013-11-21 18:35:39
Sad for navi sick group :(
2013-11-21 18:35:55
i think this will be the most quality tournament ever....and the best teams will be in it...gl VG !!!
2013-11-21 18:36:17
Not many nations represented :(
2013-11-21 18:36:26
it doesn't matter actually
The main thing is that the best teams in the world represented

Post edited 2013-11-21 18:42:28
2013-11-21 18:41:55
some of them went through online qualifers though
2013-11-21 21:41:16
2013-11-21 18:42:32
oh shit poor navi
2013-11-21 18:37:07
A. Fnatic, Na'vi
C. VG, CoL
D. AD, Mouz (yes, its gonna happen).
2013-11-21 18:37:57
Nice stacked groups group A and B very nice other groups mehh with group D being the most easy to predict astana and wolves to pass
2013-11-21 18:37:58
Gonna spend so much time on streamw ohoo
2013-11-21 18:38:05
All groups are group of death! waaaaaaaaa
2013-11-21 18:39:26
group A very strong
2013-11-21 18:39:57
Group A:
LGB eSport

Group B:

Group C:

Group D:
Astana Dragons
2013-11-21 18:40:14
Mother of god. Those groups!!!
2013-11-21 18:41:05
I feel ya lurrpis, predictiona aren't gonna be that easy this time.
2013-11-21 18:43:13
sick groups!
2013-11-21 18:43:20
Holy shit at group B. I hope that bootcamp in EU will pay off for iBUYPOWER
2013-11-21 18:43:49
Grand Final: VeryGames vs. "wanted?"
2013-11-21 18:44:19
Vs otpisanite
2013-11-21 18:49:19
ggglhf AD,Na`Vi,WGG,SK,CoL <3
2013-11-21 18:44:30
VG ftw
2013-11-21 18:45:06
cant wait :|
2013-11-21 18:45:10
A: CM, fnativ
B: NiP, US
C: VG, coL

winner CM
2013-11-21 18:45:35
this going to be so goood!
2013-11-21 18:47:00
A: CM, NaVi
C: VG, n!

Don't know about the bracket's system, but:

NiP - NaVi

CM - NiP

NiP - VG

2013-11-21 18:47:27
too bad for neo and co.. the not gonna advance iBP are so much stronger then them..
2013-11-21 18:48:13
Just wait for the event :)
2013-11-21 18:52:04
I wouldn't be so sure...
2013-11-21 18:59:16
what the f?:D neo 16:0 ur noobs
2013-11-21 19:04:48
I'm just waiting for you to eat your words. HLTV users underestimate us Americans.
2013-11-21 20:22:32
underestimate because of what how do you think?

Post edited 2013-11-21 20:34:28
2013-11-21 20:33:29
In the past we were always the underdogs, even during Team 3D days, and yet they kept up with SK and mTw back then. I feel with iBUYPOWER's current lineup, they can do some damage. And like others have said, Dazed doesn't just join any team. I have a feeling they will go into the LAN as prepared as any American team can be.
2013-11-22 06:45:06
So hyped, stacked tourny
2013-11-21 18:48:54
nice nice but why only 16 teams and not 24? i mean this is already "too" stacked..

why not also give some unknown teams the chance of their life like in the good old cs days.
it felt a lot bigger back then.

Post edited 2013-11-21 18:50:16
2013-11-21 18:49:32
yea, or maybe 64 teams.. i know that sounds unrealistic, but for a price pool of 250k$ there should be a gaming festival of 7 days hardcore gaming :D

and the dota2 TI settings with group stage and then upper and lower bracket would be awesome aswell..
2013-11-21 18:54:19
the good ol' cpl days :)
2013-11-22 07:31:07
praiise the loord!
2013-11-22 11:24:10
hope groupe stage wont be played at the same time !!!!!
2013-11-21 18:50:04
2013-11-21 18:52:08
Are the group matches bo1?
2013-11-21 18:52:43
Astana good luck!:D
2013-11-21 18:53:30
2013-11-21 18:53:32
group B - I think the most unpredictable
2013-11-21 18:53:47
damn these groups are insane !

A: Clan Mystik + LGB
B: No idea, this group is completely unpredictable imo
C: Verygames + n!faculty
D: Astana + CPH wolves
2013-11-21 18:55:47
B is clear 1.NiP, 2.WGG
2013-11-21 19:10:54
Based on? One match online US vs WGG and pretty easy for US, moreover US better on LAN.
2013-11-21 19:35:10
2013-11-21 19:42:35
Group B is unpredictable for me as well :D
2013-11-21 20:04:52
there is will see hows badness US CS scene than EU .
prediction Col- even not qualify trough the group stage
IBP is max . first play-off round , but very 20% of that
2013-11-21 18:56:31
typical American-hating Russian lol
2013-11-21 19:36:16
Group A and D are worth watching I guess.
2013-11-21 18:56:31
all of them are!
2013-11-21 19:35:43
Group A: Fnatic, Natus Vincere
Group C: VeryGames, compLexity
Group D: Astana Dragons, CPH Wolves

Group A is the toughest. All 4 of them can make it in.
Group D is the easiest. SK-Gaming hasn't shown anything good at all in the last 2 months.

Post edited 2013-11-21 19:00:08
2013-11-21 18:57:14
C: VG, coL
2013-11-21 18:57:42
yeh nip wont go ofc ofc
2013-11-21 19:01:04
A: NaVi, Clan-Mystic
B: NiP, US
C: VG, CoL
Dont stop believin`...
2013-11-21 18:59:45
Final CM - NiP

2013-11-21 19:00:24
+mouz pl0x
2013-11-21 19:01:37
will be some upsets for sure, doubt the big guns will make it out unscathed
2013-11-21 19:01:57
Is anywhere written who will be fight for two last spots? or bracket, participans or sth
2013-11-21 19:02:38
:) Every group is awesome!

Post edited 2013-11-21 19:05:47
2013-11-21 19:04:37
Insane groups!

Good luck US, I have a big hope that you will win with iBP and WGG.
2013-11-21 19:04:45
a : navi , cm
B : nip , ibp / wgg
c : vg , n|faculty
d : sk ,cph
2013-11-21 19:06:27
Hope a BYOC winner wins the tournament haha!
Group A + D are disgustingly hard, gl to all involved.
2013-11-21 19:06:58
BYOC Qualifier -> http://binarybeast.com/xCSGO1310210#participants

Looks like VOX EMINOR from Australia is attending.

Post edited 2013-11-21 19:11:00
2013-11-21 19:09:53
Group A , just amaizing.
A : CM,fnatic
B : NiP,iBP
C : VG,coL
2013-11-21 19:11:49
A and D the death groups ;]
2013-11-21 19:12:30
Group B will be the litmus test for IBP
2013-11-21 19:14:27
group A > group of death and D also
2013-11-21 19:14:56
A: Fnatic, Na'Vi
B: NiP, US
C: VG, CoL
2013-11-21 19:15:28
Group A toughest.
2013-11-21 19:18:18
A : CM,NaVi
B : NiP,US
C : VG,coL
2013-11-21 19:19:11
These groups are insane. Literally ANYTHING could happen.

The only bad thing about these groups is that eight world class teams will be sent packing before the championship bracket.

Even the BYOC tournament will be stacked. I really want to see Colon & co, Mousesports, and the Aussies make it through... but there's only two spots :(
2013-11-21 19:21:34
nip its ur time!!!!!!!
2013-11-21 19:23:07
A: CM,fnatic

B: NiP , ( hard to predict cuz I think that the frenchmen had no problems with the poles in the past, but US will probably beat iB , so it will be deciding between iB and WGG )

C: VG , coL
2013-11-21 19:24:25
hahhahaha wow....

1.) HLTV.org: Please make a prediction tournament. These groups are IMPOSSIBLE to predict and would be a lot of fun to try.

2.) So many good teams right now. Would be more fun with more than 16 teams.


Post edited 2013-11-21 19:30:06
2013-11-21 19:29:34
A: fnatic,Na'Vi
C: VG,coL

Group B is the group of death. 3 major contenders.
2013-11-21 19:32:14
also RIP iBP lol
2013-11-21 19:34:09
In my opinion group B is much scarier than group A, each team could do a lot of damage in B. Group D is also like death.
This will be so much fun, waiting for Mouz, Reason or Alternate maybe :)
2013-11-21 19:40:25
Group A .... aAAaAAAAaaaaAa!!!!
2013-11-21 19:43:02
wo best event ever!!! the best of the best teams
2013-11-21 19:45:15
Gogogogo muricans. coL and IBP can beat every EU top team, remember what i'm saying :)

coL > n!

Post edited 2013-11-21 19:50:18
2013-11-21 19:49:59
Why americans teams are always in grup with very games or nip ??
2013-11-21 19:50:49
dreamteam come on
2013-11-21 19:51:35
iBP gonna be 1st in group and make it to finals because everyone on group A is bad.
2013-11-21 19:52:29
seems legit, rotfl.
2013-11-21 19:56:56
iBP lineup ?
2013-11-21 19:57:37
2013-11-21 19:59:54
2013-11-21 20:01:03
2013-11-21 20:23:51
They are more known than any player in Portugal xD
2013-11-22 09:06:55
Hahahhaa robiin! +1
2013-11-23 22:38:03
group B is gonna be insane !
2013-11-21 19:57:17
I hope mouz are going to play the byoc qualifier
2013-11-21 19:57:34
Troubley confirmed it already. They will attend the BYOC.
2013-11-21 20:25:07
nice :D
2013-11-21 20:26:28
VG with easy group again... ;p
2013-11-21 19:59:39
Mouse and Reason making it out of the BYOC if they don't meet before the finals. (sorry Vox Eminor) :(
2013-11-21 20:01:26
+ mouz with moddii
2013-11-21 20:14:03
BYOC ez win !
2013-11-21 20:15:51
group B too stronk
2013-11-21 20:22:37
ofc NIP is in the easiest group :P Group A looks exciting though
2013-11-21 20:23:46
easiest? wat
2013-11-22 01:28:14
my guess:
A group: Clan-Mystik, fnatic
B group: Ninjas in Pyjamas, Universal Soldiers
C group: VeryGames, compLexity
D group: Astana Dragons, SK Gaming
2013-11-21 20:25:25
damn, all the groups look tough.

going to be a hell of a watch, looking forward to see the players at the top of their games xD

Post edited 2013-11-21 20:52:54
2013-11-21 20:52:44
I really wanna see mouzesport joining because I think they really deserve their spot
2013-11-21 20:53:59
and this tournament should really be 32 teams...
2013-11-21 20:54:47
Good luck everyone
2013-11-21 21:01:12
Will be entertaining
2013-11-21 21:05:59
2013-11-21 21:13:29
will mouz attend BYOC qual?
2013-11-21 21:19:10
2013-11-21 21:56:38
cool, I want them there for sure :)
2013-11-21 22:10:57
how thoose groups work? standarts ? gsl ? top2 goes to single elim. playoffs? what is the deal
2013-11-21 21:24:13
gsl system i think
2013-11-21 23:51:42
This tournament is just INSANE

2013-11-21 21:26:50
its "funny" how the nip/very/mystyk are not in the same group lol..
"random groups"
2013-11-21 21:27:34
Who said anything about random groups? Ever heard of seeding system?

Random groups would've been dumb as fuck
2013-11-22 08:27:38
Like #314 stated:

Of course we have made the groups by seeding the teams first. Anything else than that would be really stupid (and random)
2013-11-22 11:16:40
Group C easy for verygames
2013-11-21 22:13:08
Still a week to go! Cant wait.
2013-11-21 22:34:11
Looks like fun.
2013-11-21 23:49:40
A=D > B > C
2013-11-21 23:53:26
Group A :O
2013-11-22 00:01:28
lol verygames with another easy group...
2013-11-22 00:05:23
as always
2013-11-23 00:54:53
Did you try a prediction there :D ?
2013-11-22 00:07:34
gogogo LGB !!!
2013-11-22 00:08:14
A: 1.Clan Mystik 2.fnatic
C: 1.VeryGames 2.n!faculty
D: 1.CPH Wolves 2.Astana
2013-11-22 00:10:22
2013-11-22 00:46:23
If they qualify for the tournament that's a big enough achievement. This is without a doubt the most competitive csgo event ever.

Post edited 2013-11-22 02:20:00
2013-11-22 02:19:25
And whos good from VoxE ?
2013-11-22 02:29:37
2013-11-22 02:37:05
Any player in particular? Or u r a fake australian?
2013-11-22 08:22:48
Oh, this is super interesting. I hope I don't miss this one.
2013-11-22 01:26:41
2013-11-22 01:54:10
We Got Game easily trew to next round, together with iBP, NIP gonna get raped in this group ^^
2013-11-22 02:10:49
group C lookin prime for the aussies, cmon boys!
2013-11-22 02:25:37
love seeing those two american teams get in the groups with NiP and VG lol how unlucky

but still gotta beat them if they want to be the best in the world
2013-11-22 03:37:17
2013-11-23 00:54:37
ibuypower easy wins on all game and then lose final vs nip/vg

Edit and NAVI top on group A

Post edited 2013-11-22 03:48:14
2013-11-22 03:46:27
Can't wait for this tournament its gonna be sick!!!!!!

CM vs NIP Final
2013-11-22 05:29:24
A Mystik fnatic
C VG compL
D Astana SK
2013-11-22 08:56:53
A group = hard
D Group = fucking hard
2013-11-22 09:12:30
Looking forward to some good matches !
2013-11-22 09:57:01
A)1.fnatic 2.CM
B)1.Nip 2.US/ibp
C)1.VG 2.col/BYOC
D)1.AD 2.CPH
2013-11-22 10:10:32
Actually i think WGG with maniac > CM

2013-11-22 10:37:40
Groups are awesome imo: A is really stack, D too maybe even at a better level and even if VG and NiP should end 1st, battle for 2nd place will be great in groups B and C.
2013-11-22 11:34:31
go go fnatic!!
2013-11-22 14:06:45
no ger teams =))
2013-11-22 14:16:04
Let's wait what will happen in the BYOC-Tournament. I can't understand why there is so much hate against mousesports. EMS, in which they participated, was their first tournament together... They didn't play that bad if you consider that they were a new team. Now they've played some good online matches. Let's wait if they gonna proof their results on lan as well ;)
Looking back ~3 years german teams were not constituted as "onliners"... Hope that will change again.
2013-11-22 14:46:18
2013-11-22 14:59:17
NIP vs IBUYPOWER will be an epic match <3
2013-11-22 15:38:02
2013-11-23 00:54:13
Guys, can somebody answer me : when does DH start?
Thank You a lot!
2013-11-22 19:02:17
"HLTV.org will be Jönköping "
2013-11-22 23:21:08
2013-11-23 00:54:01
astana dragons out on groupstage, remember my words
2013-11-23 02:29:58
I wanna see iBP go through but damn they really have sucked on LAN. Goodluck guys hope you got your gamefaces on
2013-11-23 03:04:37
2013-11-25 19:39:56
what teams gonna attend the BYOC qualys ??
2013-11-26 01:26:57

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