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LeftoverZ come to life
Time: 2014-05-26 18:56
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A new Danish all-star team have been created under the name LeftoverZ with former members of Copenhagen Wolves, n!faculty and Reason.

Since Copenhagen Games came to an end, just a month ago, there has been a lot of activity in the top ranks of the Danish scene, with dignitas, Reason and ESC Gaming all undergoing changes, while 3DMAX called it quits.

Adding to this period of transfer madness is now the creation of a whole new team called LeftoverZ that look on paper capable of challenging dignitas for the throne in Denmark.

Nico in new Danish team 

Finn "karrigan" Andersen, who made a U-turn on his decision to continue his career in a German team, is joined by two other players who were without a team, René "cajunb" Borg and Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen.

Making up the rest of LeftoverZ are two players who had only recently committed to other teams: Jacob "Pimp" Winneche, who comes from Reason, and Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander, joining in from ESC Gaming.

"I joined ESC because I wanted to play with aizy and my good friend crZy," Rossander told HLTV.org.

"When aizy left the team after less than a week after we had joined it, I felt my motivation drop. Since my motivation was really low at this point, I didn't see any future in the lineup anymore, and the players who were up for grabs weren't able to replace aizy.

"cajunb, Nico and karrigan were all teamless at this point and wanted to enjoy the summer season. Teaming up with them was the perfect opportunity for me to get to enjoy the summer as well, as I am not able to attend Dreamhack Summer anyway, and still have a team full of great players by the end of the season.

"We decided to go official with this team after I left ESC. We will have the time to both enjoy our summer and still practice some.

"I feel really motivated with my new team and I am sure we will be back stronger than ever when we start to practice a lot in august.

"After making this lineup, we decided to add a last talented player, who we know can both perform and add something to the team. Therefore we asked Pimp to be our last player, and he decided to join up with us."

LeftoverZ are currently searching for an organisation to represent, and the team can be reached by e-mail at leftoverzkarrigan@gmail.com. The team's lineup is the following:

Finn "karrigan" Andersen
 René "cajunb" Borg 
 Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen
 Jacob "Pimp" Winneche 
 Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander 

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new top1 danish?
2014-05-26 18:56:59
2014-05-26 19:08:32
2014-05-26 19:40:16
Nico > device (AWP) Nico < Device (Rifle)
gla1ve > Fetish (IGL)
Pimp < Dupreeh
Cajunb > aizy
Karrigan < Xp9x

3-2. I dont know who gonna win
2014-05-26 19:54:50
karrigan > xyp9x + dupreeh
2014-05-26 20:01:48
ncie joke
2014-05-26 20:18:54
u made me laugh for 10 seconds there.
2014-05-27 02:35:49
dupreeh>karrigan>xyp9x, if you say otherwise you obviously haven't seen former Reason play.
2014-05-27 18:04:44
Nico > device
gla1ve > Fetish
Karrigan < Dupreeh
Cajunb > aizy
Pimp > Xp9x

2014-05-26 20:14:08
2014-05-26 20:19:07
2014-05-26 20:25:57
stop kidding me =D
2014-05-26 22:06:45

2014-05-27 16:13:53
mmm, no.

2014-05-27 18:32:18
this make no sense c:

Post edited 2014-05-27 18:36:12
2014-05-27 18:35:14
crap =DD
2014-05-27 21:57:00
Pimp > Xp9x
lol no
2014-05-26 21:33:46
Nico = device
gla1ve > Fetish
karrigan < dupreeh
cajunb > aizy
pimp < xyp9x

2014-05-27 06:19:35
aizy is pretty strong though and quite smart too
2014-05-27 03:29:23
Nico > device (AWP) Nico < Device (Rifle)
gla1ve << Fetish (IGL) gla1ve > fetish (frags)
Pimp << Dupreeh
Cajunb > aizy i am not sure :D
Karrigan < Xp9x
2014-05-27 12:19:20
aizy > cajunb
2014-05-27 12:38:07
2014-05-31 23:02:00
2014-05-27 03:02:18
2014-05-26 18:57:02
2014-05-26 18:57:05
2014-05-26 18:57:12
u wot m8 ?
2014-05-26 18:57:18

Post edited 2014-05-26 18:58:20
2014-05-26 18:57:48
nico. not in dignitas. fucking shit.
2014-05-26 18:58:10
obv aizy
2014-05-26 19:15:16
nico is more useful for dignitas
dignitas won vs NiP with Nico, and havent won a single time vs NiP with aizy
2014-05-26 19:58:00
Oh yeah, cuz beating nip proves who is the most useful. Fuck logic
2014-05-26 20:22:22
yea :p
2014-05-26 20:55:42
we'll see if aizy useful or not pretty soon, so wait and see :)
2014-05-26 21:53:30
aizy is defintly usefull, topfragging for dignitas almost every game very good entry fragger
2014-05-26 22:09:21
2014-05-27 12:24:15
Nicolaj using the situation as leverage for an improved salary
yeyeyeye more useful for dignitas
just saying
2014-05-27 12:24:01
What you quoted is based on me putting an example of which I would disallow my girlfriend to participate at events - which was what Dignitas wanted from me at that given moment - which I didn't comply to and why I got kicked.

I have never asked for more money from anyone, we didn't even have an organization at the time.
2014-05-27 14:28:18
2014-05-26 18:58:21
2014-05-26 18:58:41
nice nico is back
2014-05-26 18:58:58
Beside Nico they are all jokers and can fuck off..especially that pimp guy

Post edited 2014-05-26 18:59:21
2014-05-26 18:59:03
u wot
2014-05-26 19:01:17
2014-05-26 19:04:20
2014-05-26 21:52:20
lol gla1ve and karrigan also are good players , so isnt that bad team
2014-05-26 19:06:38
who said they are bad, glaive nico cajunb karringan are all good ofcourse i just dislike their attidude hopping from teams to other teams like changing underwear
2014-05-26 19:07:51
2014-05-26 19:22:56
some of them change their team more than their underwear, I'm afraid :(
2014-05-26 20:13:47
( _)
it looks like
this team "stinks"
( O_O)

Post edited 2014-05-26 20:28:29
2014-05-26 20:27:22
2014-05-26 20:59:04
Well played sir :ppp
2014-05-26 21:21:10

Post edited 2014-05-27 02:39:32
2014-05-27 02:39:19
Didn't take long for CajunB comeback lol
2014-05-26 18:59:06
2014-05-26 18:59:21
cajunb back:D:Dfinally
2014-05-26 19:00:03
he will leave in 3 months like everytime
2014-05-26 19:22:40
fetish v gla1ve

2014-05-26 19:00:12
glaive,pimp no more reason? :D
2014-05-26 19:00:40
then aizy will join dignitas
2014-05-26 19:01:18
Top 5
2014-05-26 19:01:46
This team is gonna go huge if they can stick together and pracc alot! Wouldnt be surprised if they were a potential top3-5 for DHW.

IF they stick together that long... :)
2014-05-26 19:01:52
Read man... they wont be at dhw and will not be playing much during summer
2014-05-26 21:22:42
Read again, they wont atten DHS... not DHW
2014-05-26 22:15:24
Holy snap I read the comment as dhs, and somehow managed to type dhw aswell , stillcinterpreting it wrong.
still, the pratice hours remark was obvious in the news item
2014-05-27 21:09:41

NT tho :)
2014-05-27 05:14:57

XD im blind
2014-05-27 21:11:08
Dare_Dev1L - HLTV.org
Actually looks amazing. I wonder who will become the main awper though considering there's two players dedicated to the weapon.
2014-05-26 19:02:19
Wont be hard to choose the awper, since one is one of the best and the other is just..well you know
2014-05-26 19:05:01
Aren't Karrigan a dedicated sniper nowadays as well? Or am I thinking of him in the wrong context? In that case they have 3.
2014-05-26 19:06:23
Nico, all the other players will be fighting for the 2. awp spot. If nico dies, the first guy to get the awp is the second awp`er. I can say already, that im running behind nicos ass to get the awp and im very fast on pressing the E button.
2014-05-26 19:08:41
2014-05-26 19:09:34
2014-05-26 19:11:13
dat comment made my day +1000
2014-05-26 19:13:47
*** Congratulations - You've won the award for best comment of the day! ***

To claim your prize, a private night of wine and food with Lurpiss, please contact the HLTV.org team on 081 811 8181.
2014-05-26 19:16:19
Dare_Dev1L - HLTV.org
Well that clears everything up thanks for that, and lol sounds like a fun race to watch.
2014-05-26 19:20:53
"I can say already, that im running behind nicos ass to get the awp and im very fast on pressing the E button."

2014-05-26 19:27:56
2014-05-26 19:55:20
nice, so PimP will stick to the rifle?
2014-05-26 22:59:37
2014-05-27 04:56:39
you Sir, won the internet for today
2014-06-01 11:08:48
Haha din store kegle
2014-06-01 17:18:13
nico, no doubt.
2014-05-26 19:13:38
Well 1 is top 2-3 arguably, and 1 is shit. Geez, i wonder who they'll choose. :DDDD
2014-05-27 02:41:15
Has anyone actually thought if it was dignitas decision to release me? :) - Just to clear everything, i didnt leave dignitas :)
2014-05-26 19:02:36
people believe anything, all it takes is someone to say it and the word spreads out. Good luck in the new project!
2014-05-26 19:05:00
who will fill your place in Dignitas ?
2014-05-26 19:05:16
Im sure they will announce it soon :)
2014-05-26 19:07:49
Martin brandaaaaaaaaall
2014-05-27 21:13:38
Why would dignitas release you, are you even the real cajunb
2014-05-26 19:05:41
yes i am. There hasnt been any official statement because im sure they will wait until they announce there lastplayer :) - Hint: I didnt fit in the team :)
2014-05-26 19:09:13
the team should fit in you man, keep strong on leftoverz :)
2014-05-26 19:56:51
Internal discussion's Im guessing, sad since it was a pleasure watching both you and dev1ce in the same team <3
2014-05-26 20:20:18
In what way? What was wrong? You played very well and you won some big matches, I wouldn't of thought you had problems.
2014-05-26 21:23:01
You sound like a god damn teenage girl, cajun. Could there be a legitimate reason as to why you were kicked? If you're really sorry, maybe you should work on your issues before going to HLTV, attention-whoring for your sorry ass. Grow up.
And, in all honesty, good luck in your new team.
2014-05-27 11:51:34
He gets bashed so clears something up, in a relaxed and professional matter

Whats your problem with that?
2014-05-27 21:15:37
1) his statement is completely out of context here. 2) and 3) not true, read again.
2014-05-27 21:20:02
Well maybe not him in particular being bashed, but danish scene and teams are :p
2014-05-27 22:22:39
tbh i dont care , i am just typical hltv user which mean i am brainless and 12 y old @_@
2014-05-26 19:05:55
why have u been so quiet then ? this is the first time i am reading this and then from a trustable source, i guess.
2014-05-26 19:07:58
because i decided to stay quiet this time, and let things go there way
2014-05-26 19:10:00
if i would be you, i would have been rlly pissed off X) but i guess the danish players are used to this 7days-teamchange cycle ;D

gl with dA-Team
2014-05-26 19:13:17
2014-05-26 19:34:40
right, so this is staying quiet, then... hmm
2014-05-28 08:05:37
say something for god's sake
2014-05-26 19:14:06
with device, you were their best player :)

Post edited 2014-05-26 20:36:23
2014-05-26 20:36:12
Those fuckers were newfags compared to you. I think you'll fit better in this team.
2014-05-27 00:39:12
How can you prove you're the real one and if you are, I fucking lol they released you after you guys started to win a lot.
2014-05-27 01:09:38
Cajun! You are my favorite player from nordic countries! Why they kick you i dont know. But thats gonna be worst decision ever. And for god tell karrigan and nico that awp is yours!!! :P You have amaizing relfex and nice spots with AWP. This team gonna be good but i miss centryz here :P
2014-05-27 09:03:59
why did cajun leave dignitas again?
woops sorry didnt see what you wrote just now

Post edited 2014-05-26 19:04:45
2014-05-26 19:03:58
"When aizy left the team after less than a week after we had joined it, I felt my motivation drop."
2014-05-26 19:04:30
The situation gla1ve is talking about is where aizy left to play with Reason Gaming.
2014-05-27 09:31:52
its going to be dignitas Aizy !
2014-05-27 11:39:57
I know that.
2014-05-27 15:35:36
needs more AWPs
2014-05-26 19:04:42
2014-05-27 06:15:36
insane team
2014-05-26 19:05:00
2014-05-26 19:05:38
sick roster
2014-05-26 19:05:48
why did cajun leave dignitas again?
2014-05-26 19:06:33
this should be interesting. but nico awp not karrigan or pimp
2014-05-26 19:07:03
- Nico
+ Device
+ Aizy

Top 1 team in world!
2014-05-26 19:07:35
dupreeh is probably the best danish player, and youre removing pimp and nico and keeping karrigan lol
2014-05-26 19:10:05
karrigan is bad ? hmmm yes u are better
2014-05-26 19:10:44
why do you morons always resort to ad hominem to counter what someone else says
2014-05-26 19:15:48
he never say karrigan is bad
He said that youre removing pimp and nico and keeping karrigan lol

Post edited 2014-05-26 19:20:37
2014-05-26 19:20:09
yes and what he mean with that?
2014-05-26 19:48:56
That he's worse than the two of them, obviously.
2014-05-27 11:24:22
obv this xd
2014-05-27 12:25:52
wow please dont reply with fucking stupid comments
2014-05-26 19:30:32
id say device is more consistent than dupreeh.
2014-05-26 19:12:17
WAT you didn't saw d1cknitas matches :DDD
2014-05-26 19:19:25
no, nico is.
2014-05-26 19:26:42
just change pimp with aizy, problem solved

Post edited 2014-05-26 19:33:32
2014-05-26 19:33:13
aizy probably joining dignitas
2014-05-26 23:01:40
dignitas is the best danish team at the moment, i hardly doubt that device will leave a team with good chemistry to join a team that will probably disband in few weeks.All dignitas needs now is a world class awper and they're gonna be fine, but they're fine now too.
2014-05-26 19:57:30
Amazing team :D gl
2014-05-26 19:08:01
2014-05-26 19:08:25
2014-05-26 19:08:57
dignitas aizy?
2014-05-26 19:09:48
Should wait with the official news.. 3daysmax
2014-05-26 19:10:08
3 weeks
2014-05-26 19:10:10
aizy with dig its obvious
2014-05-26 19:10:12
danish scene always mixing it up gl
2014-05-26 19:10:13
I bet that any of this organizations will pick them up. Good luckg to the team.
2014-05-26 19:10:39
nico and karrigan + i thought pimp was going to try to be a an awper?

dafuk nico?

altho i find the name witty as shit.

Post edited 2014-05-26 19:11:22
2014-05-26 19:10:45
Where is friis? gl to this team i guess
2014-05-26 19:11:07
Maybe joining dignitas.
2014-05-26 19:12:11
unlikely but would be sweet ;[]
2014-05-26 19:27:51
Guardian > Friis >< Kennys > JW > rest
2014-05-26 19:29:53
friis > kennys? toplel.
2014-05-27 06:47:07
He just didn't have time to play now, as it was mentioned here: http://www.hltv.org/news/12459-reason-change-four-..

Post edited 2014-05-26 20:41:11
2014-05-26 20:38:47
Thank god [R]eason didn't launch.
aizy would be better in Dignitas.
2014-05-26 19:12:16
2014-05-26 19:13:18
2014-05-26 19:15:48
2014-05-26 19:23:25
fucking phone.. I wanted to say "Top10 if they just stick together" but D:
2014-05-26 19:31:52
woooow anders, plz no trollerio
2014-05-26 19:36:55
2014-05-26 19:58:41
wasnt even meant as a burn )= I legitimately think they can be very good D:
2014-05-26 21:42:43
nice try although LOL :P
2014-05-26 21:37:49
HAHA! You're such troller Anders! xD
Anders top 1871249 caster
2014-05-26 23:05:42
oh I wanted to say top1, but this keyboard :)
2014-05-26 23:07:13
it will last 2 weeks, just ignore this post =PPP
2014-05-26 19:14:33
+Friss pls!
2014-05-26 19:15:32
2014-05-26 19:16:01
2014-05-26 19:16:28
2014-05-26 19:18:33
sick lineup as is but danish teams don't stay together long enough to care about.
2014-05-26 19:16:21
looks good on paper gl guys please stop switching so much
2014-05-26 19:16:35
gl pimp
2014-05-26 19:16:47
2014-05-26 19:17:53
they actully will be the best danish team
2014-05-26 19:18:22
top 1 dk
2014-05-26 19:20:17
Holy shit, this is sick, this is something what everyone was expected - two very solid and top danish squads. best of luck guys.

PS. Seems a little bit funny that in team are 5 players who pretty much are capable to play with awp and 3 really top class awpwers. :D

Post edited 2014-05-26 19:26:18
2014-05-26 19:20:19

2014-05-26 19:20:26
main AWP?
2014-05-26 19:20:41
2014-05-26 19:21:24
Sick! GL
2014-05-26 19:20:50
Leftovers translated into danish means døgnfluen. We all like the word "døgnfluen" here in Denmark and I feel that this is the right team to carry the name.

2014-05-26 19:21:19
explain xD it feels like some shots are fired pew pew >.>
2014-05-26 19:44:05
I think they're bulletproof :(
2014-05-26 19:53:21
No worries they will fall, like all the others
2014-05-26 19:55:42
2014-05-26 20:22:11
When in the world has Leftovers meant døgnfluen? xD
2014-05-26 20:38:16
2014-05-26 21:14:19
Leftovers does in no way translate to "Døgnflue". It translates to "rester" or "madrester". In this case I guess it just refers the players being left behind as leftovers.
2014-05-26 21:31:21
Omg. It was obviously a joke :D

2014-05-27 08:28:13
Sorry. It was such a terrible joke that i actually thought that the possibilty of him being that stupid was a more plausible and likely explanation for him writing that.
2014-05-27 11:50:46
Firstly, I think it would be naive to assume that it's because he is stupid, seeing as our given humor is somewhat random and ironic. Secondly, no one in his age would think that "leftovers" directly translates to "døgnfluen", and judging by the development of danish counterstrike, being unstable as it is, and the actual meaning of the word "døgnfluen", which translates to the insect "mayfly", which is commonly known to have a extremely short life-time, I would conclude that in fact it is you, good sir, who has failed miserably and shared your stupidity with HLTV and it's users.
2014-05-28 09:19:33
Omg. It was obviously a joke :D

See? It goes both ways. Cool paragraph though...
2014-05-28 15:32:35

Well your joke didn't follow any known convention known to man or the internet! congratulations!
2014-05-28 15:49:11
Correction, you didn't understand it. But hey, it was a little bendy, rude and sarcastic, not everyone would be able to follow the underlying point (you in this case). Just as I didn't get the joke from coloN at first.

So we try again, "Omg. It was obviously a joke :D". But apprently when this sentence is written TO you, it's can't possibly be a joke that you didn't get.
Are you starting to see the pattern here?
2014-05-28 16:35:34
I still really don't think what you said was a joke at first, but wth :D
2014-05-28 18:08:28
2014-05-27 10:02:41
Shots fired!
2014-05-27 10:19:18
haha colon you are amazing :D
2014-05-27 12:28:01
2014-05-27 15:35:03
this would be an amazing team if -pimp...he really doesnt fit
2014-05-26 19:21:30
This might be my new fav team...still i got doubts when i see Pimp in there
2014-05-26 19:23:48
exactly the same, really like this team for some reason :P
2014-05-26 19:35:32
4 matches max
haha Hf nice team
2014-05-26 19:21:51
sick lineup :o glgl
2014-05-26 19:22:19
nico is the brother of dsn?

top2 team!
2014-05-26 19:22:25
brother of dsn , -_- hahaah
2014-05-26 19:37:43
gl Danes :-)
2014-05-26 19:22:45
Hmm, these guys have the potential to do really good!
2014-05-26 19:22:56
2014-05-26 19:25:22
shit sick lineup
2014-05-26 19:27:36
wtfs reasons lineup now?

Post edited 2014-05-26 19:30:02
2014-05-26 19:29:53
Cadian in, saw him playing with reason these days.
2014-05-26 19:30:29
Not sure but I remember him saying he was just a stand in. He was their best player though lol
2014-05-27 09:09:24
So whose going to ESC for gla1ve and whose going to Reason for Pimp?
2014-05-26 19:30:38
Pretty strong team if they stick together. Shame that won't happen. Danish scene is like a more talented version of the UK scene with all the lineup changes going on.
2014-05-26 19:38:06
Strong team!
2014-05-26 19:38:10
that roster is looking pretty nice

gl finn :)
2014-05-26 19:38:14
Dupreeh instead of Karri :)))
2014-05-26 19:40:22
instead of Pimp you mean??
2014-05-26 19:44:44
LeftoverZ LOL

joking aside looks like a good squad.

2014-05-26 19:45:24
2014-05-26 19:46:09
Is the Danish scene even worse than Finnish scene?
2014-05-26 19:46:15
gl Nico!
2014-05-26 19:51:18
Expected disband in few weeks.

I predict that either karrigan or cajun will leave the team first.
2014-05-26 19:52:27
only one 1.6'er..pretty bad team :/
2014-05-26 19:52:51
2014-05-27 12:29:15
.... Danish scene is a joke, I will bet, Cajunb is the first who leave the team :DD
2014-05-26 19:53:00
lets put a bet i say karringan :D, I bet an ak case hardened ft :D

Post edited 2014-05-26 19:56:46
2014-05-26 19:56:05
hehe, why do u think karrigan will be first who leave the team? :D
2014-05-26 20:38:54
I think he will get an offer from a german team with salary then he will leave this team
2014-05-26 21:16:18
well he already played with germans after he left Reason, and he bailed the german team for this :-)
2014-05-27 12:42:50
Okay :P, i think Cajunb will be first, reason: he is famous for "Cajunb effect" ^^
2014-05-28 22:37:53
They will fall apart in 1, max 2 months.
2014-05-26 19:54:55
This. is. talent.!
2014-05-26 19:55:49
wow so goud!!
2014-05-26 20:00:22
haha really nice team but the name is gold

I wish this team good luck cus talentpool in it is over 9000
2014-05-26 20:04:12
Such a talented team, gl guys
2014-05-26 20:10:27
wish these guys the best specially Pimp & Karr1gan
2014-05-26 20:12:20
CPH Wolves sign em!
2014-05-26 20:15:22
2014-05-26 20:17:23
2014-05-26 20:18:21
reason lineup?
2014-05-26 20:25:04
2014-05-26 20:28:36
top1 denmark fo sho

top2 world fo sho
2014-05-26 20:31:49
cool lineup XD
2014-05-26 20:32:21
2014-05-27 18:42:42
2014-05-27 19:03:45
This team most likely won't last much / reach results unless gla1ve really enjoys babysitting.
On a more positive note, hopefully this means that aizy joins dignitas permanently.
2014-05-26 20:35:37
ok, new 2 months noobteam
2014-05-26 20:53:57
wasnt pimp in reason?
2014-05-26 20:54:39
new top team confirmed
2014-05-26 20:59:53
Ive said this about many Danish teams, but im still gonna say again...

Looks good on paper! GL.
2014-05-26 21:00:04
+ friis
2014-05-26 21:03:06
Nice to see nico and karrigan in a nice team (pimp as well)
2014-05-26 21:04:52
finally good team for karrigan
if only he could performing as in 1.6...
2014-05-26 21:07:03
amazing lineup !
2014-05-26 21:09:57
Tooooo Much awp-ers on one place :DD
2014-05-26 21:14:04
I hope you guys stick together for a long time and prove wrong all those who say one month max and disband and stuff like that. You guys have a lot of potential, more strong top teams who can fight for the highest place makes the scene so much better. Wish you luck :)
2014-05-26 21:19:07
Needs less cajun and more colon
2014-05-26 21:21:42
but, why cajun leave digni, dont get it because this clan?
2014-05-26 21:23:57
He alredy explained that he was ''kicked'' form team.
2014-05-26 21:53:35
sry, didnt see that :)
2014-05-26 21:57:09
wow sick team
2014-05-26 21:34:31
Sick team that is knocked out No Sir! In Ro32 >.>
2014-05-26 21:37:15
if they stay together for a bit longer they have potential to be a very very dangerous team. glaive is io a better caller then fetish, nico and canjunb are both extremly good awpers, pimp and karrigan are awesome riflers too. hope they do not part way with drama again.
2014-05-26 21:36:28
gla1ve Nico Xp9x Dupreeh device

2014-05-26 21:40:55
danish soup opera-> as a result no one wins
2014-05-26 21:41:58
karr1gan go!
2014-05-26 21:53:40
mTw pls
2014-05-26 22:19:38
Man, i feel so bad about karrigan, he is one of my favorite players, and this team is full of ragers.
Pimp changes teams like every 3 months, cajun changes when his team is doing good, nico left if his GF has her period and gla1ve.. well he is like pimp's slave :(

GL karrigan & CO, hope you can reach september
2014-05-26 22:19:57
1 month max?
2014-05-26 22:44:57
Interesting, should hopefully be a team to keep an eye on (providing they stick together)
2014-05-26 22:54:31
Good team, but i think it's a smart move from dignitas if they pick aizy as their fifth player. He is really good already, but with more experince and more practise with the team, he can be the best danish player, skillwise, even though there are alot of very skilled players in denmark already, i think he has the potential to be the best :)
2014-05-26 23:00:04
I give them a month, at best two months, then they'll disband :D
2014-05-26 23:06:41
Let disband yourself stupid polish kid.
2014-05-27 09:06:32
why are you so mad? have you been following the danish scene a bit? I ain't Polish btw.
2014-05-27 10:47:39
Jeste&#347; dzieciakiem z polski i sko&#324;cz pisa&#263; farmazony debilu.
2014-05-27 11:48:45
The message got messed up because Polish characters ain't supported on hltv. nice of you to call me a kiddy, pear!
2014-05-27 12:44:36
Hmmmmmm, American? :D
2014-05-28 08:57:33
this weeks lineup change drama... interesting... lets wait and see what happens next week when 3-5 players get changed!
2014-05-26 23:14:02
Finally. Looking forward to this team, however unstable it might be.
2014-05-26 23:18:29
all of em sick awpers, well lets see, gl danes.
2014-05-26 23:26:41
sounds like monsterteam... looking forward to see them play :)
2014-05-26 23:33:04
Plz last more than 3 months and keep together after a few losses.
2014-05-26 23:48:36
max top 10... not more
2014-05-27 00:00:08
team capitain?
2014-05-27 00:11:00
2014-05-27 12:30:12
Individually that's not far off the best team in EU, if they stick together they'll wreck LANs.
2014-05-27 00:17:54
Looks like it's settled that aizy will be playing for dignitas at Dreamhack and not Nico, then? :)

Interesting news, looking forward to see what these fellas can do!
2014-05-27 00:24:04
danish drama queens
2014-05-27 00:36:16
sick lineup!
2014-05-27 00:53:15
2014-05-27 00:56:44
Pimp lied to us, he said he'll come back as a dedicated AWPer.. man fook that guy what a disappointment he is
2014-05-27 01:01:47
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
Take it easy. Thank you.

Both karrigan and Pimp himself already explained that nico is the main awp without doubt due to being the best there is in the team.

Post edited 2014-05-27 02:05:57
2014-05-27 02:05:26
wow, this team is going to be ... wow :)

2014-05-27 01:33:57
Dignitas needs cajunb. They would be better if they keep him.
2014-05-27 01:52:12
Sick lineup
2014-05-27 02:28:38
such a miss for SK org...
2014-05-27 04:12:40
It's hard to get excited for newly formed danish teams these days unfortunately. Even though the team on paper has incredible potential. It's a shame.

I really hope that this team will be consistent and not just be another example of why the danish cs scene is so shaky.

Good luck guys. Spark røv!

2014-05-27 04:13:25
wow, GL
2014-05-27 04:34:09
Wow this is awesome! gl karrigan
2014-05-27 05:23:47
Lol i feel like danish teams are 80% the same and disband every other month
2014-05-27 07:12:04

mTw 2014

2014-05-27 08:21:35
= top3 world
2014-05-27 09:38:48

gl g,k & c :)

Post edited 2014-05-27 09:45:24
2014-05-27 09:41:39
2014-05-27 11:30:51
2 weeks
2014-05-27 11:37:08
Unsure what will happen first, cajunb leave or pimp/karrigan kicked. either way dig > this team
2014-05-27 11:46:24
Mabye they join 3DAYSMAX
2014-05-27 12:44:50
disband after 2 weeks
2014-05-27 13:13:59
gl hf, guys
2014-05-27 15:23:06
tought pimp wanted to focus on the awp and then he joins team with nico and karrigan........
2014-05-27 16:55:41
wOW!~ such a strong line-up! o_o

they can be easly top1 in Denmark
2014-05-27 17:37:55
2014-05-27 18:00:48
I don't hope any organization will be tempted to pick up this team. They're simply not worth it.
2014-05-27 18:19:34
Strong team , propably top 5/6.
2014-05-27 19:16:28
Perfect team for 3DAYSMAX
2014-05-27 20:01:54
If they'd stay together, this would probably be my favorite lineup...
2014-05-27 20:05:27
dignitas was hands down my favorite team with cajunb (experienced) or nico (SOLID awp). aizy is an amazing fragger but can he perform at cajunbs level on lan?
2014-05-27 20:26:29
since device stepped it up to an insane level, aizy seems to be the perfect fit

Post edited 2014-05-28 15:45:21
2014-05-28 15:45:01
Interesting line, hopefully they attend some online tourneys for our enjoyment before going into it 100% in august.
2014-05-27 21:41:59
holy mother they aim for top3 for sure, very strong team

Post edited 2014-05-27 21:53:14
2014-05-27 21:52:55
Let's be honest nobody can beat the frontline of VP, NiP and Titan
2014-05-27 22:31:24
2 weeks
2014-05-28 06:33:24
OP lineup
2014-05-28 18:15:18
I feel like p1mp doesn't fit in this team. He should just focus on his awp as he has said him self and comeback in 3-6 months! But i really hope there could be 1 more danish team who doesn't just close after a few weeks and try to focus on getting good! There really are a lot of great players in denmark but they can't stick to the teams they are in! i would love to see this team play dignitas ;) <3! GL Guys
2014-05-28 22:19:28
2014-05-29 18:38:41
CPH Wolves could add leftoverz
2014-05-30 04:17:12
This team is probably going to be good, if they practice alot, and stick together!

Like other teams, NiP, they've been playing with the same players since 2012. I'm not saying, that LeftoverZ will kick out a guy, just for having a bad match, but danish teams are very popular in kicking players off their team.
2014-05-30 11:40:05
Good luck.
2014-05-30 11:51:05

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