Gallery of GameGune 2008 - Friday
wasi from x6tence taking on Evil Geniuses in the first match at GameGune 2008.
Profile on wasi.
x6tence captain DrastyK.
Konkurentai from Lithuania.
kestylo, Konkurentai from Lithuania.
hSp and psich, Konkurentai from Lithuania.
zoR tournament director at GameGune.
Amazing Gaming lined up.
Millenium from France.
NineSpot from Evil Geniuses in focus.
n0thing from Evil Geniuses.
Millenium from France.
Kurt1s from dignitas.
suffz from dignitas.
Different keyboard position than the -normal- people..
Quake 3 players have fucked up keyboard positioning.
Frag eXecutors enjoy fishing in the spare time ?(notice the box)
x3o pre-talk before facing wooSai.
anizz on the stage playing x3o.
MusambaN1 from Ledpc.
wooSai's money-maker pzyclone.
wooSai playing TBH.eSports on the stage.
Celebration in wooSai as the win the match versus TBH.eSports 16:12.