Gallery of Areena #2 by ROCCAT
shaker, aslak, lurppis, jigetus picking teams with allu and naSu on the phone
jigetus, aslak, shaker, lurppis and naSu picking teams with allu still on the phone
ESsej from Red
Metaphor and ScurK from the Black team
kevyt from allu's White team
Team White's captain allu
Avator up close from Yellow with zabaz, STOVVE and Rafte from White across the table
Wazakhaq from Yellow and Rafte from White across the table
jigetus, allu and RUMBLE
zarp, the stand-in for Black team after daichi's departure
suNny from the Green team
Metaphor from the Black team
Wazakhaq watching with tOZ, nRO and rest of the Green team playing
jigetus from Yellow
Avator from Yellow
dRiim from the Green squad
White and Yellow teams playing
Avator from Yellow once more
ROCCAT Savu poster and a view of the gaming area
nRO, tOZ, suNny, shaker & dRiim placed third with Green and won ROCCAT Savu mice
Team White: STOVVE, rafte, zabaz, kevyt and allu who won Areena #2 by ROCCAT and five ROCCAT Isku keyboards
Team Yellow: Wazakhaq, Avator, EDMUND, jigetus, RUMBLE with their prizes - five ROCCAT Kulo headsets
Pelitalo - the event venue
Captains picking teams in the morning with allu and naSu on the phone
Blue team - Kuppi, toNppa, lurppis, barrack, Kiss^
Twista, currently of CS:GO team CARAMBA
Black team - Metaphor, ScurK, aslak, zarp & coswell
ScurK in action versus the Red team
Black team's stand-in after daichi's untimely departure, zarp
Overall view of Areena #2 by ROCCAT while Yellow and White teams were on a break
Yellow team's EDMUND facing White team featuring kevyt, allu, zabaz and STOVVE in the picture
STOVVE from the White team
aslak's brother zabaz from the White team
ROCCAT GUI in use at Areena #2 by ROCCAT
Players gathering around the Green team in their match against aslak's Black squad