Gallery of ESWC 2012 - Friday
NiP warming up
zqk from ProGaming.TD
Spartacus from LowLandLions
chrisJ from LowLandLions
LowLandLions from the Netherlands
mouz stavros
Troubley of mousesports
ProGaming.TD cogu
cogu receiving help from teammates
approx from mousesports CS:GO
After as dominating of a half as one can get
f0rest from NiP
tck, Area51 new addition
Area51 hiko
semphis from Area51
Area51 playing against ProGaming.TD
chrisJ from LLL
sgares happy after win over ProGaming.TD
Area51 thanking ProGaming.TD for a good game
NiP watching LowLandLions play
NiP in their ESWC debut against LowLandLions
Friberg from NiP
chrisJ again after a disappointing mouz loss
hiko looking at his teammates monitors
rkz browsing
A frustrated cogu
DaZeD from Area51
sgares from Area51
A halloween hat
f0rest from NiP
A Swedish flag left behind but not touching the ground
Some of the crowd at Paris Games Week
NiP-Xizt- in action
mouz spy on NiP
Cla from ImaGinary Gaming
PrincesS from Imaginary Gaming, the French representative
julie from O+
Llo from O+
GeT_RiGhTs girlfriend, aNNa
lillsan from O+
Alternate.female zAAz
iRene from Alternate