Gallery of ESWC 2012 - Saturday
NEO from ESC Gaming
fm.TOXiC talking before a group stage match
ruggah from Anexis
Pimp from Anexis
fm.TOXiC in a team hug prior to a match
fm.TOXiC's ZED
kennyS from VeryGames
RpK of VeryGames
Ex6TenZ of VeryGames
kuben bummed out
pasha from ESC Gaming
n!faculty in one of their earlier matches
Kirby of n!faculty
smn from n!faculty
n!faculty disruptor
n!faculty asmo
qk-Mantis from n!faculty
fm.TOXiC weber
nEiLZiNHo from fm.TOXiC
Whindanski from fm.TOXiC
Pimp of Anexis
SmithZz from VeryGames
Raiden from MGS on the stage
Raiden, from Metal Gear Solid
More Metal Gear Solid
Main stage at ESWC
Free seats left on the side
Almost full
Ninjas in Pyjamas
NiP friberg, Xizt, Fifflaren & f0rest
n!faculty celebrating a big round win
Sapphire from Ubinited
alice from Ubinited
Three defending ESWC champions: potter, jso, missharvey
Area51 in their pre-game talk before VeryGames match
NBK from VeryGames
NiP getting ready for their match
DaZeD from Area51
Area51 playing against VeryGames
French female team in their semi-final against Alternate
NiP playing
NiP thanking n!faculty for a good match
Ubinited huddle
Ex6TenZ getting loud
NBK into the game against Area51
51 sgares
VeryGames celebrate their semi-final win