Gallery of ESEA Season 13 Global Finals - Day two
n0thing watching VeryGames play
NiP playing versus Curse.NA
ScreaM from VeryGames
VeryGames playing
VeryGames NBK in focus
Xizt right after dying
NiP friberg up close
f0rest playing
NiP with Get_RiGhT, Fifflaren and Xizt
GeT_RiGhT looking at the scoreboard
Curse.NA Skadoodle playing versus NiP
anger from Curse.NA
mouseSpaz sLip and FNS playing CS 1.6
Loord from ESC Gaming
ESC in-game leader kuben
pasha from ESC
VeryGames battling NiP
missharvey interviewing sapphiRe
hiko setting up his monitor
FNS helping blade setup
blade from mouseSpaz
jmitchell of Denial eSports
arya from Denial eSports
kiko from Denial eSports
flowsicK from Denial eSports playing a match
tck from Quantic Gaming
fury from Underdogs
n!faculty Kirby
n!faculty smn
n!faculty qk-Mantis
n!faculty asmo
disruptor from n!faculty
adreN and Volcano from TD
Kirby with the cowbell
Quantic playing versus Dynamic
Dynamic in overtime versus Quantic
Others watching n!faculty battle Denial eSports
NEO setting up for CS 1.6
Underdogs and Mobility-Gaming
NEO playing for NCI
swag from NCI
f0rest playing
AZK and anger talking
TaZ setting up
semphis setup
NiP playing versus VeryGames
Michael3D from Curse.NA
kiko's brother n2g from Underdogs
omareloff from MG
sLip of mSpaz
flowsicK watching blade and FNS of mouseSpaz
dboorN watching bN from mouseSpaz
donE from Mobility-Gaming
nitr0 from Mobility-Gaming
lurppis congratulating hiko on their win
fury from Underdogs
frozt and DaZeD
Quantic playing
ESC in action
stv from Underdogs
Underdogs playing against NCI
Underdogs playing versus NCI
swag sporting Gunnar glasses
lurppis from NCI
dboorN from NCI
NCI playing
BenQ monitors being packed up
An Astro sound card for delayless LAN communication
BenQ sponsors ESEA
ESEA owner Torbull
ESEA League banner
NCI playing versus Underdogs