Gallery of SEC - Saturday
New guy in mTw, former Gravitas whimp.
mTw's Sunde.
mTw captain ave. expert zonic.
Neo from MYM warming up.
mTw warming up for their lowerbracket match versus roccat.
MaT- from McPoker.emL.
starix from Amazing Gaming.
Alternate representing Germany in SEC.
MYM's loord.
Luq from MYM warming up.
guddo, manager of mTw
MJE playing with newest SteelSeries pad SP.
mJe playing with the newest Sennheiser headset, PC 350.
ins a bit tired in their first match.
Sam watching cArn.
Alternate tactical talk.
Alternate tactical talk.
contE playing mTw in lower bracket.
lurppis playing mTw in lower bracket.
mooN plays in window mode, when using TFT.
Neo and Luq watching mTw play roccat.
All eyes on f0rest.
Sam from fnatic.
2GD from fnatic (former Quake'er).
mTw captain ave watching Sunde take out roccat.
A fully focused mJe.
whimp scream for help.
Barely made it.
mTw on a row.
mJe had a laugh, even when fully concentrated.
mJe a bit more serious.
These hands belong to?
loord runs on redbull.
mJe using the newest SteelSeries keyboard 7G.
Taz from MYM.
MYM manager Kepler.
Luq with his wide play setup.
Neo playing relaxed, notice his feet.
Neo, the best in the world?
A worried Dsn.
Alternate WC3 player Ben.
Overview of the WC3 area inside Samsung European Championship, crowded outside!
whimp following Sunde during the first gunround.
Coach guddo, pleased?
mTw's wingman mJe.
Kepler, Luq, loord and kuben from MYM watching mTw play Alternate.
mooN from Alternate.
paN with hope.
paN happy as always.
mTw taking important rounds.
A very tired rush (seen this before?)
Shoulderclaps from whimp.
Tactical master ave.
mTw prefer SteelSeries.
zonic during lower bracket match versus Alternate.
Overhead view of mJe.
Captain ave calling the shots.
mTw on a row, with coach guddo behind them.
approx during lower bracket match versus mTw.
Pro gamers run on redbull and energi gum.
This head produce our three weekly features.
mJe selfconfident and relaxed.
ioRek from McPoker.emL.
Romania watching mTw.
Flawless round by mTw.
CS 2002 ?
mTw want the rematch versus the French team emuLate.
paN from Alternate.
mooN from Alternate.
Last round, could go both ways, CHEF-KOCH funny face!
Alternate winning 16:14 versus mTw on de_nuke
Scream of happiness.
Alternate still in the run to win SEC 2008.
SEC stage at CeBIT.
The host.
SEC stage tech.
SEC stage tech.
SEC stage tech.
SEC stage tech.
McPoker.emL on a row.
R!Go- from McPoker.emL.
ioRek not too happy with things.
2007 upcommer of the year mSx from McPoker.emL.
McPoker.emL captain HaRts
McPoker.emL playing Alternate.
kuben watching McPoker.emL destroy Alternate.
Alternate playing McPoker.emL.
WCG SEC poster.
Wii tennis.
Judge (boothbabe).
Another judge (boothbabe).
MYM's kuben.
Neo from MYM.
MYM with audience.
kuben during lower bracket final versus McPoker.emL.
HaRtS not too happy with MYM winning important rounds.
R!Go- during lower bracket final versus MYM.
Luq from MYM.
MYM's captain Taz.
MYM's loord playing McPoker.emL.
Captain HaRtS from McPoker.emL.
Luq playing with AWP.
ioRek from French McPoker.emL.
Taz, kuben and Neo from MYM.
MYM defeats McPoker.emL, face fnatic in grand final.
Taz from MYM being interview after the victory versus McPoker.emL.
Johan from WCG Nordic.