Gallery of DreamHack Skellefteå - Friday
Live stream interview, suom1 on the right.
G3X talking about the future of DreamHack.
DreamArena at DreamHack Skelleftea.
Shoutcasters on the right, big screen in the middle and couches on the left side.
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 2vs2.
suom1 had a crush on this laptop with BluRay burner.
CS Admin xeron.
CS Head-Admin Le1a and CS Admin eRIKa.
suom1 got the credit for this picture.
These guys wanted to kill us with their flashes.
These guys wanted to kill us with their flashes.
These guys wanted to kill us with their flashes.
CS Admin.
CS Admin hmm ?
This is how network admins work.
The golden town Skelleftea.
Only three of the five mibr players showed up to practice.
cky from mibr.
cky, bit and ton from mibr warming up.
kvicken from Begrip got a fanboy. He's signing mousepads to please him.
One of the total five gold bars the winning team will receive.
Five 100g gold bars, each worth 20.000 SEK.
DreamHack from the dark side.
Le1a, CS Head-Admin at DreamHack.
Crazy DreamHack photographers hunting me down.
Live stream commentators.
Rakaka, Swedish e-Sport site.
Surast setting up.
Begrip Gaming warming up.
chiLi preparing to face Begrip.
mibr fully focused in the first match,
fnx in profile.
Made in Brazil visiting Sweden.
Playzone cheering for the countrymen from chiLi.
This hand belongs to ?
mibr on a row.
fnx from mibr playing Furast in their first match at DreamHack.
cky from mibr.
kylie from Begrip Gaming.
dsp from Begrip Gaming.
fury and kvicken from Begrip Gaming.
Begrip Gaming captain kvicken.
Begrip Gaming on a row.
bit surfing fragbite.
suom1 enjoying a slush.
Team Furast.
Caught a supprised greykarn.
iceman loves his nametag.
The lovely hotel scandic.
bit loves too.
kvicken from Begrip Gaming.
fury from Begrip Gaming.
Swedish team surast.
Made in Brazil victorious with 3 wins. From the left: btt, cky, bit, fnx & ton.