Gallery of KODE5 Global Finals - Saturday
The Counter-Strike tournament area. CoolerMasters KODE5 cases.
KODE5 Global Finals poster.
Russian crowd gathering at the main stage. warming up.
LeX mastering the pre-game talk.
fnatic pre-game talk.
tp.uSports and mTw face to face.
Cheer your best for your favorite team.
Edward from
A overview of the stage from the 1st floor. seated on the right side.
fnatic on the left.
Archi caught a bad cold/fever before leaving Sweden.
fnatic on stage.
Feel the intensity of cArn following ins.
Cheering for ins.
mTw warming up for their match versus tp.uSports.
MYM playing ExsequoR. in a post-game interview.
karrigan, one of the two new guys in Gravitas.
Gravitas in blue.
Gravitas playing mTw.
KK burst screams.
Denmark, mTw and whiMp.
A fully focused whiMp playing country-men from Gravitas.
zonic between monitors.
fnatic watching Gravitas play mTw.
Gravitas Gaming logo.
mJe and zonic during groupstage match versus Gravitas.
Sunde from mTw.
As good sportsmen, the two teams shake hands.
fnatic lacking behind versus Team EG.
fnatic taking on Team EG.
Team EG on a row.
Worried fnatic managers.
fnatic on a row.
che following n0thing in a 1v1.
Team EG defeating fnatic 16:10.
MYM, LUq on the wing.
fnatic watching mTw after their loss to Team EG.
Manager guddo following zonic.
tp.uSports, one of three Russian teams.
Hmmm? Stuff anyone?
Damage Control from South Africa.
Dignitas, UK representative.
mTw half-time talk versus MYM.
zonic with wise words.
mTw group-huddle in the half.
MYM's tank Neo.
SK, mibr and roccat watching MYM play mTw.
Carmac and SpawN having a chat while watching MYM.
Russian girls from forZe playing a showmatch.
TaZ and zonic shaking hands.
Russian spectators at the mainstage.
mousesports and roccat watching HLTV.
The Chinese team Dragon reached the KODE5 venue.
mousesports gathering a crowd.
cyx, youngest member of mousesports.
forZe ladies watching Tixo.
The Romanians from TeG.
PeRRy from TeG.
The Chinese team Dragon.
roccat from Finland.
The Indian team ATE.
This year new-coming team from Ukraine, HellRaisers.
EYESports from Russia.
Flatra from EYESports.
Sunde clearly belongs to mJe.