Titan win DreamHack Stockholm
This is a caption, yay!
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Stats for the triple overtime match between and . had 67:42 (40:20 in overtime)

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RT : Youhouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Kiev, HERE WE GOOOOO Really happy to win this game 19-16 16-7 over NiP gg

@HLTVorg (2 days ago)
RT : 16-4 against CPH.Wolves, playing NiP for the SLTV Lan slot at 22:CET, hope Happy will have internet but nothing sure!

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RT : Soon going live in SLTV against from ! You can meet us here :) Goodluck and Havefun

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Map counter for DreamHack Stockholm: Cache (6) Dust2 (4) Inferno (4) Mirage (2) Nuke (0) Overpass (0) Cobblestone (0)

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Stats from the DH Stockholm grand final

@HLTVorg (5 days ago)
are the winners of DreamHack Stockholm!

@HLTVorg (5 days ago)
deny 's attacks and take map two to overtime!