Video: DreamHack Winter 2014 Movie
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@HLTVorg (3 minutes ago)
It's time for the consolidation final at A-Split Invitational - vs. :

@HLTVorg (18 minutes ago)
are through to the final of EU qual #2. They beat an international mix team BZSX 2-0 (16-5. 16-13) in the semis

@HLTVorg (29 minutes ago)
defeat in the lower final 2-1 (16-12 Cache, 10-16 Dus2, 16-8 Mirage) and will now play against

@HLTVorg (32 minutes ago)
MLG NA qual #2 is also underway and will meet in the 1/4 final! Unfortunately no stream or GOTV for that one

@HLTVorg (54 minutes ago)
earn themselves another chance vs. by winning on Cache after OT 19-16. Nuke next to determine the finalist of MLG qual

@HLTVorg (1 hour ago)
Titan take map 2 (Cache) against ESC to overtime after being down 7-14!

@HLTVorg (1 hour ago)
Stats for vs. (2-0). led the way in frags for the 2nd series in a row

@HLTVorg (1 hour ago)
and are tied at 1-1 (12-16 Cache, 16-10 Dust2) in the lower final! Mirage to decide who stays in the tournament