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@HLTVorg (11 hours ago)
finished their SLTV StarSeries XII last chance bracket match against GGWP off stream and won 2-0 (16-13 Cache, 16-9 Mirage)

@HLTVorg (17 hours ago)
made it back, so they will play their matches after all. Starting vs. on Inferno:

@HLTVorg (17 hours ago)
's bootcamp place is under a DDoS attack, so all of their matches today will be postponed

@HLTVorg (22 hours ago)
Update your Dreamteam for tonight's -fest in League. No more matches until after Katowice

@HLTVorg (1 week ago)
Changes in League schedule tonight: Postponed: VP vs. Titan & Titan vs. LGB Instead: Titan vs. fnatic & TSM vs. Titan

@HLTVorg (1 week ago)
We will have a very global day today featuring matches from Australia, South Africa, South America & of course Europe

@HLTVorg (1 week ago)
The match between and will be postponed due to internet issues

@HLTVorg (2 weeks ago)
Tonight's double header between and has been postponed to tomorrow