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@HLTVorg (35 minutes ago)
We've won the Staff Cup #1! It was 16-7 on Cache, 16-13 on Mirage against Staff in the final

@HLTVorg (2 hours ago)
The Bo3 grand final of Staff Cup #1 will start soon - vs. !

@HLTVorg (4 hours ago)
We won the very close game vs. Staff 16-14 (Overpass)! We're now in the grand final & we'll meet either NiP Staff or Na`VI Staff

@HLTVorg (5 hours ago)
We'll play against in the upper final of Staff Cup #1 in a few minutes! Tune in here:

@HLTVorg (23 hours ago)
We've added and to our Dreamteam game now! Create your team here:

@HLTVorg (23 hours ago)
Stats for the qualifier's Bo1 final between & (16-6)

@HLTVorg (23 hours ago)
And here are the stats from the 2-0 series between &

@HLTVorg (1 day ago)
The stats from today's DH qual are in! Here's the 2-1 series between &