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This is a caption, yay!
@HLTVorg (6 hours ago)
Video of the best highlights and footage from ESL One Cologne 2015, made by : video

@HLTVorg (7 hours ago)
Groups for ESL ESEA Dubai Invitational (September 10-12) - hltv.org/news/15846-esl...

@HLTVorg (8 hours ago)
Check out this incredible 1-on-5 clutch by in last night! video

@HLTVorg (1 day ago)
Stats for tonight's clash between & (3-1). had an incredible game

@HLTVorg (4 days ago)
Early concept of the page the pro players deserve, here featuring

@HLTVorg (5 days ago)
Groups for London (Sep. 19-20) have been drawn - hltv.org/news/15812-dh-...

@HLTVorg (1 week ago)
Stats report from the ESL One Cologne 2015 grand final vs. . Full size: link

@HLTVorg (1 week ago)
Stats leaders of #ESLOneCologne 2015 - topped 12 categories, appears in 9