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@HLTVorg (39 minutes ago)
Stats for the grand final between and (1-16 Inferno, 21-18 Dust2, 16-12 Cache)

@HLTVorg (1 hour ago)
, the champions

@HLTVorg (1 hour ago)
are the champions! Super comeback after the first map: 1-16 Inferno, 21-18 Dust2, 16-12 Cache

@HLTVorg (2 hours ago)
All even at 1-1 in the grand final as win the first OT of the event. One final map, Cache, to determine the FACEIT champions!

@HLTVorg (3 hours ago)
After a long delay due to network issues, start off strong with a dominant 16-1 win on Inferno

@HLTVorg (4 hours ago)
leads the tournament in opening kills, both in totals (45:25) and on average (0.16 per round)

@HLTVorg (4 hours ago)
NiP's top fragger so far is GeT_RiGhT with 0.84 kills per round, followed by f0rest's 0.70. TSM has device at 0.76, karrigan & dupreeh 0.75

@HLTVorg (5 hours ago)
Since karrigan joined, TSM/dignitas are 2-0 on Inferno vs. NiP & 1-3 on Dust2, while Cache wasn't played (LAN results only)