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RVMIRXZ cheater wannabe proplayer

Written by M41K3L | 2017-02-09 19:17
At first, sorry for my bad english but, I'm making this blog to bust the cheater - RVMIRXZ.

Today he posted a thread:
www.hltv.org/?pagei d=18&threadid=1394024

He wanted to play 10man with people from hltv's forum and from begining of the game started to one shot us with deagle or tag through the door with scout.

Here is proof that he's cheating:
< /param>

What is more funny. That he even has a player profile on hltv:
www.hltv.org/?pageid= 173&playerid=9891

He has 13 matches on record on hltv in online leagues like Quickshot arena or Gauntlet: Fight for the Crown.
So he is basicly an online pro player wannabe. It's time to expose him now.

His steam profile(reports appreciated):
steamcommunity.com/id/Oxxoline __/

Proof that it was him, playing this game(popflash lobby):

He needs to be reported and vacbanned asap.
Reddit post: https://redd.it/5t6q67

//EDIT: As you can see, he's trying to defend himself and says that he turned on sv_cheats 1 r_drawothermodels 2. But he forgot, that this match was played on popflash platform, when games are being genereted by site, it's like FACEIT PUG, so he couldn't have access to commands like these.
thank you for finally exposing this cunt
2017-02-09 19:26:12
lets fuck him
2017-02-10 12:16:28
damn I bet he has no friends...he cheats because he wants to feel special LOL
what a little loser

small dick cheater
2017-02-09 19:30:16
2017-02-09 19:32:29
LOL immigrant who lives in uk
2017-02-09 19:35:30
typical toilet cleaner in exile, mental poor
2017-02-10 03:20:13
tyty the most ridiculus thing was his "new aim botz record" 37sec...better than subroza and smolle xD
2017-02-09 19:39:02
watch 1:30 xD
2017-02-09 19:40:40
Whats subrozas record?
2017-02-10 15:44:34
45 sec
2017-02-18 17:46:01
he livestreamed while he was cheating and talking bout cheats.

what are you exposing here?

2017-02-09 19:40:34
why would you even bother to make a 2 minute video when he's that obvious
2017-02-09 19:43:07
M41K3L probably wanted to show that he is 100% cheater and there weren't any lucky shots just cheats.
2017-02-09 19:46:34
I've also played in this match against him. I don't need to prove that he is cheating (video says everything). This mad kid just had no mercy and was killing everyone through the doors, smokes etc. Report him guys!
2017-02-09 19:44:32
1:03 to 1:14 wtf is he doing haha
1:30 who spams b door like this?
1:50 he perfectly knows the angle haha
2:10 he knows that someone is pushing b, he stops to spam and then he peeks from doors

This guy should get a VAC ban..
2017-02-09 22:15:37
We need to mass report him, it's obvious hacker that attending online tournaments.
2017-02-09 22:17:45
I guess that he uses some type of private cheats so anti cheats can't do nothing about it..
2017-02-09 22:23:07
typical blatant polish cheater
2017-02-09 22:24:48
last part killed me lmao

never seen such a cringe kid since kevinS :))
2017-02-09 23:05:05
kevinS never tried to act relevant tho, his goal was just to prove how bad esea anticheat was
2017-02-10 01:15:49
Ko1n best
2017-02-10 16:53:58
thought this was gonna be about rvmirxz the rapper for a sec lmao
2017-02-09 23:06:13
RVMIRXZ cheater wannabe proplayer

2017-02-09 23:07:54
he has nick of typical cheater lol
2017-02-09 23:09:19
2017-02-09 23:09:28
well, like 1year-1year and half ago he was trash af, like really trash, like pure shit

edit: and still is

Post edited 2017-02-09 23:12:53
2017-02-09 23:11:49
2017-02-09 23:23:30
sv_cheats 1 r_drawothermodels 2

Talked to him on twitter, he says he would have said it already but he's just laughing at how stupid you guys are that's why he wanted to play on popflash.
2017-02-09 23:32:39
Are you Ok? How can he turn sv_cheats without rcon psswd xD you have No clue about this
2017-02-10 09:37:56
>even semi pro player

choose one

But yes, very obvious cheater even more than meeSha.
2017-02-09 23:42:44
meesha isnt that obvious like RVMIRXZ
2017-02-10 01:15:41
I just said that m8
2017-02-10 12:00:23
rekt, fkn cunt
2017-02-09 23:44:26
blatant shit, i would beat the fuck out of his mind
2017-02-10 01:06:45
Fck kido.
2017-02-10 01:07:40
sv_cheats 1 r_drawothermodels 2 stronk in this one :)
2017-02-10 01:08:48
u got something more to say after gfinity :D
2017-02-10 02:12:23
The gfinity we played was fully legit, not my fault these retards are so trash.. :-) Was my 1st good match, others i got carried by my team pretty much except the 3rd match vs Russians who are amazing, but these polaks? hahaha please.. my team hates d2 so they didnt step up, all of the actions they thought was funny they must have forgotten about info from my team or actual in game sounds.. I just wasted an hour watching this shit, honestly some of the worst whiners i've ever played
2017-02-10 02:22:34

Post edited 2017-02-10 04:42:05
2017-02-10 04:41:43
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/120969659 DEMO REVIEW Of the match vs InetKox

From my side, educate yourself a little:)
2017-02-10 04:43:07
gosciu :D gdybys nie wyzywal bym mial w dupie jak i cala spolecznosc :D a zachowales sie jak pizda

Dude :D You should respect your oponent dont be toxic like piece of *** :D

And go to gym coz someone will find u and crash ur face ! I HOPE SO !
2017-02-10 08:07:51
inetkox is thrash team, wtf u want pussy, maybe u also need gym? 15cmpapabiceps?
2017-02-10 15:50:18
yeah inet is a thrash but i saw his demos :D
2017-02-10 17:25:18
Lol sv_cheats 1 in popflash
2017-02-13 10:55:19
Sure sv_cheats 1 on PUG, maybe you are special guy that gets rcon password to server and you can what you want. Lmao, you are done. Just sent this demo to valve.

Post edited 2017-02-10 09:40:42
2017-02-10 09:39:53
you got exposed, just leave you sad little fucker
2017-02-10 15:36:09
hello KRNG ? ;/
2017-02-12 14:47:40
one question who the fuck is rumirxz
2017-02-10 01:14:38
2017-02-10 02:15:16
good player ;)
2017-02-10 02:19:37
no cheats, just lucky
2017-02-10 02:27:53
I do suport this iniciative! Well done Sir. This guy must get banned ASAP

P.S. Played in the game "jacob 1904"

Post edited 2017-02-10 02:49:53
2017-02-10 02:49:27
2017-02-10 03:18:32
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/120969659 DEMO REVIEW Of the match vs InetKox

To this thread, retards its sv_cheats 1 r_drawothermodels 2 - stop already xDDdd
2017-02-10 04:14:08
You can't turn sv_cheats 1 on popflash server. the only retard here is you. Even if you would be able to turn r_drawothermodels 2, everybody on the server would have that. Your arguments are below level of 10yo kid.

Post edited 2017-02-10 12:14:15
2017-02-10 12:08:10
"everybody on the server would have that"

Aha, seems you're experienced xDDdddD.

rcon is noice I must say.

Post edited 2017-02-10 15:15:20
2017-02-10 15:15:08
This match was played on popflash platform, when games are being genereted by site, it's like FACEIT PUG, so you couldn't have access to commands like these. Nt valve cs:go team already recieved demos from this game and yesterday's gfnity vs inetkox. Enjoy vac ban ^^
2017-02-10 15:40:16

You're a funny guy, i'll give you that! :D
2017-02-10 15:50:10
I don't want to argue with you any longer. Valve received eveidences, if it's not enough for them, i'm done. GL&HF
2017-02-10 16:43:07
2017-02-10 16:43:29
I don't give a shit about this inetkox match that i didn't even watch. But im sure that you using fucking cheats, even if not in official matches, you cheated in this fucking PUG and you should be banned. Good bye.
2017-02-10 16:48:51
2017-02-10 16:49:31
You make yourself feel good by pretending you're a god at this game lmao, pretty pathetic honestly. You dont even have arguments back.
2017-02-13 10:56:42
You do realise u braindead kid that you can send 1000s demos to Valve of blatant spinbot and that would make no difference. He has to be VAC detected.No whining and reporting will make any difference.
2017-02-13 11:03:04
then why would there be a report button?
2017-02-13 11:26:34
+1 I wonder how this kid gets this informations :D
2017-02-13 11:30:34
So kids can stop whining and make them feel better. Reports about Trading scams or offensive profile etc do work. Cheating reports dont. Unless we talking about Overwatch reports, but again thats a different story.
2017-02-13 11:45:06
Do you work in valve? You have nice inside info xD
2017-02-13 11:46:59
I don't work in Valve, however I read user manuals and T&C, and official blogs and articles from Valve so I know their policy towards it.
2017-02-13 11:51:14
Yeah thats obv the reason, to make them feel better. They also added R8 Revolver and gloves to csgo to make us feel better.
2017-02-13 11:48:25
They released that to make money on you not feel better.

Post edited 2017-02-13 11:52:30
2017-02-13 11:52:09
"Tylko winny sie tlumaczy"
You are done kid, enjoy your ban. :)

Post edited 2017-02-10 15:41:45
2017-02-10 15:41:21
2017-02-10 15:44:57
lets get that flowing bruh, i like dat.
2017-02-10 15:51:15
but 4 real, i watched some of your matches that were at hltv, and i not found antyhing blatant and these inetkox (4 real they are signed?) guys from match that u revieved on twitch look like typical t5 team, even if u cheated on some poplash server with command or no whatever this platform is, it wont matter if u looks legit on normal matches played for money/achievements etc
2017-02-10 15:56:25
Glad someone understands it xD Only fucking silvers are legit just crying about this shit, like jesus christ xD

And the inetkox guys xDDDDDDDD worst players ive played against, before the match started we knew we won.. We would have won 13-2 on T side but deksen and ecls was just trolling the fuck out of us, the fact they seen anything "fishy" in that demo is just funny..

Every single fag whos crying in this topic is free frags in officials, simple.
2017-02-10 15:59:27
You have no proof to prove that you used some commands in popflash.
2017-02-10 16:02:03

Sorry I just can't take you seriously..
2017-02-10 16:03:33
Yeah nah youre just another cheating retard that cant bear the fact that he sucks. Enjoy your ban.
2017-02-10 16:08:51
If I ever get banned, I will praise you a lot.. (I won't get banned)
2017-02-10 16:10:58
Yeah we'll see poorlak. Fodder also had the victim complex after he got banned. Youre blatant. Shitty movement, aiming through walls. Hitting 3 deags through a smoke including a headshot at that range. Whatever you say.
2017-02-10 16:14:17
If I ever get banned, I will praise you a lot.. (I won't get banned)
2017-02-10 16:16:29
Yeah im sure you believe that, 3rd worlder.
2017-02-10 16:19:52
breaking every single finger and crushing every 2nd one would be a nice punishment
2017-02-10 09:03:29
I agree
2017-02-10 12:10:24
cheater 100%
2017-02-10 12:11:25
Holy shit, I'm like Thor god of thunder. Wtf, nobody told me :( But yeah, the sv_cheats 1 is so lame of an excuse, since I actually pressed my bind for noclip several times since I forgot which key my spray was binded to. Also you don't see people through smoke with r_drawothermodels 2.

Post edited 2017-02-10 12:20:06
2017-02-10 12:19:21
no cheats
2017-02-10 15:38:27
2017-02-10 15:42:39
again this kid

2017-02-10 15:46:47
Hey hey, i like attention give me it! )))
2017-02-10 16:00:34
This shows how semi pro scene is
2017-02-10 16:10:23
that some stewie2k level shit
2017-02-10 16:10:25
RVMIRXZ is a dope rapper tho
2017-02-10 16:12:41
Devilish Trio better, imo.
Even Triple One (Ausies) is better, imo. ;d

Post edited 2017-02-10 16:15:01
2017-02-10 16:14:37
I mean this retard even admited on his stream that hes cheating and how he got cheats lol. Dont feed the troll he deserves to be dead)
2017-02-10 16:13:10
2017-02-10 16:21:57
cheater and a fucking awful player. Is like a gn4 playing with hacks, funny to watch tho.
2017-02-10 16:24:57
RVMIRXZ > stewie2k
2017-02-10 16:27:01
the poorlak is on the gear boooooooiiiiiiiiiissssssssss
2017-02-10 16:27:43
and looks like you have 50 iq
2017-02-10 16:44:07

I'd like to say, ez.
2017-02-10 17:49:01
you lost 3-16 to netrunners

ez for netrunnes =]


Post edited 2017-02-10 20:06:52
2017-02-10 20:06:16
we played as 4 you mong lol?
2017-02-10 20:07:47
will be untrusted if the reports commin in. came here from reddit, hf with ban lowlife =D
2017-02-10 17:50:20
Reported for reddit
2017-02-10 18:23:19


fuck this jew
2017-02-10 20:05:08
he used to stream with cheats on to show people how they worked
2017-02-10 20:08:35
2017-02-13 04:44:47
saw his stream, not sure where to find it again. it was a youtube stream.
2017-02-13 16:41:23
wtf, he doesn't even hide it
2017-02-12 20:25:03
he doesnt even try to hide and has such terrible aim wtf ... better get aimlock instead of wallhack haha
2017-02-13 11:31:46
again this dude
2017-02-13 11:31:57
https://clips.twitch.tv/madville_oxxoline/Relieved.. - look at this xDD
2017-02-14 22:00:34
2017-02-15 02:46:40
Who is this?
2017-02-14 22:02:15
ahahahaha this b doors scans
2017-02-14 22:37:58
>was on a team with known cheater villiG

can confirm this guy is cheating based on that and the evidence provided

2017-02-15 17:32:58
2017-02-18 17:48:10
Guy has a point
2017-02-18 21:26:39

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