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How to improve your fps to maximum in CS:GO?
2012-11-07 22:08
Hi Everyone!
Tonight I decide to write a blog about the best settings for better fps in CS:GO

For better fps you need put your settings to low/very low and ofc lower resolution, but with 640x480 in CS:GO you can't kill. So I'm test standard resolutions to see fps improvement, and here is it:

First resolution which I'm test is 1280x1024, yes my pc is uberlow but see result:

Next resolution: 1024x768, this resolution I'm used for a long time but now I change to 800x600, you will see why :)

And here is clearly solution, 640x480 and 800x600 have the same fps just 640x480 is blurry, look:



No difference, right? :]

I see here many threads about FPS CSGO, guys you just need try all before posting stupid threads, try all resolution/launch options bla bla and than see what's maximum fps for your pc.

My PC specs:
Processor: AMD Athlon x2 64, Dual Core 2,30Ghz
Graphics: Asus EAH 2400 Series
Ram: 2GB
HDD: 180GB

My pc is old four years, and It's normal that my fps will be low :))
With this specification in CS:GO your fps will be:
1280x1024 = 20/30 on pcw(5on5), I'm not test it on DM.
1024x768 = 40/50/60 on pcw(5on5), on DM 30/40
800x600 = 70/80 on pcw(5on5), on DM 40/50
640x480 = 70/80 on pcw(5on5), on DM 40/55

Here are my settings and this is the best for my PC spec:

I'm happy with 60 fps(5on5), cuz it's old pc and buying new PC just for one game is stupidly.

Also, here are my launch options:
-high -freq 120 -novid

If you want try out my CS:GO config here you can find it:


multicore rendering OFF = more fps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012-11-07 22:30:43
When I turn it off I lose fps :o
2012-11-07 22:34:14
only if you have dual core
quad core = on
2012-11-07 23:41:38
2012-11-08 18:19:51
2012-11-09 11:57:12
yeah as you see in his specs he has a dual core :)

(i know your post is old)
2012-12-01 22:33:20
why ? i have a dual core , do i really need to turn off my multicore rendering ? any more explination please ?
2013-03-09 10:30:41
What about 8 cores ?
2013-06-18 22:42:29
how to turn off multi rendering?!?!
2013-06-18 22:13:56
multicore rendering must be on
2012-11-07 23:07:49
funny, but i have more fps on 1024(150~fps) all low and shader detail/medium and than on 800X600(70~150) all low, and my pc is 6yo :D
on 5on5 i have fps 130~200 on 1024, and 130 constant on 800X600.

Next thing is to speed up pc with few tweaks

Next is not recommended for users with lowgrade coolers, and that is overclocking CPU, because this engine fps is mostly based on your CPU.

I overclocked mine intel dualcore e5200 from 2.5 to 3.2 ghz, with new thermal paste and new Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO cooler, and i overclocked my 9600GT a little bit. Without this oc i had 100~130 fps max on 1024 with usuall drops to 50 on dm and lighter parts of maps.

PS multicore rendering can give more fps to someone
2012-11-07 23:16:53
It all depends on pc specification. :)
2012-11-08 09:12:09
I have a E6600 2.40 GHz, 3GB Ram and Geforce GTX 550ti. I get about 70-80 fps max in game with drops to 40-50 on 1024.

Any idea if I should enable or disable multicore rendering with these specs?
2012-11-08 12:12:25
It pretty much depends do you have a dual-core processor
2012-11-08 14:53:02
Yeah I do
2012-11-08 17:09:33
then you should keep it on.
2012-11-08 17:28:28

multicore rendering should be on when... quad core!
2012-12-01 22:35:20
your gfx card is good enough to run CSGO with everything maxed with a decent cpu. the problem is the source engine is it is VERY cpu demanding, rather than gfx, so like me you'll have to deal with the lack of processing power :(

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2012-11-08 14:58:42
these wooden pistol needs more fps:s
2012-11-07 23:38:23
by: Liu- - <3 zet
2012-11-08 00:59:03
stop reading after "but with 640x480 in CS:GO you can't kill"... i play 640x480 and i kick ass b1atch!

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2012-11-08 00:40:49
It's a personal prefence :D

2012-11-08 07:23:30
yup, that's just my personal preference :)
on 600x480 I cannot see opponents :]
2012-11-08 09:09:14
duno if it is because of my monitor is good or not, i have a led monitor and i can see them good :) probably is because u play in a crt
2012-11-08 23:31:54
crt? lold

2012-11-09 10:07:07
I must play on 1920x1080, beacuse my monitor is a little bit blurred with any other resolution. I think that nobody plays on that res, but it's not a big problem for me, there is no lag!
2012-11-08 09:51:09
Try 1440x900. Same thing happens for me, but with 1440 it's just as crisp as 1920x1080.
2012-11-08 21:47:15
How to put that resolution? I tried to find it in options, but I can't find it.
2012-11-15 11:12:36
There are alot of pro's playing on that resolution bro ;D
2013-03-12 22:06:32
Yeah, but they don't have problem with fps drops like me. I'm using 1440x900 now.
2013-03-12 22:48:43
My pc specs

Amd atholon 64x2 dualcore processor 5200+ 2.70ghz
2gb ram
nvidia GTX 550ti
and i get flcutating fps between 30-100 :S some 1 help please ? btw i tried your settings still the same :(

Post edited 2012-11-08 10:27:05
2012-11-08 10:26:34
You PC is better than mine, but Idk why your fps 30 to 100.

Wait for Vertical sync: disabled
Multicore rendering: enabled
details: very low/low ??
2012-11-08 10:50:05
Yes just has you said.. and i tried 800x600 and 1024 its still the same :(

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2012-11-08 10:52:23
Try scan computer with AntiVirus, maybe you have virus..

Yesterday, one guy is had the same problem..
2012-11-08 10:57:46
i had formatted my pc 4 days ago and installed cs:go after doing it there is no way i have a virus in my pc probably my os ? win 7 32bit ? :S
2012-11-08 11:01:11
mby win7 is your problem, try then with XP Professional.
2012-11-08 11:08:42
Thank you Will see to it.btw i get 299fps on the main screen.before these settings and after too.. FML!

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2012-11-08 11:16:29
I laugh at all people who put -freq 120 into launch options with 70Hz monitors and less than 100fps :>
2012-11-08 10:31:13
If my pc support 120Hz why not?
2012-11-08 10:45:21
Read it again dude don't try to be genius, hes saying for the people who have only 70hz on their monitors!

Post edited 2012-11-08 14:42:34
2012-11-08 14:40:16
There's a difference between your PC supports it, and your monitor supports it..
2012-11-08 16:07:52
yes yes, my mistake..
2012-11-08 19:09:18
2012-11-09 11:58:46
I have
Intel Core2Duo E7500 @ 2.93 Ghz
Nvidia GT 220

And i play on the same video settings as you @ 1024x768 and i have 100-150 @ 5on5 and 50-100 @ DM
2012-11-08 14:28:27
So, here are some tips I feel are good:

- Like Dek1n1 said, don't play on any resolution below 1024x768, it is MUCH harder to see the enemies. CS:GO, unlike 1.6, has very detailed models and textures that aren't made to be seen on such low resolutions.

- CS:GO is much more demanding on CPU than on the GPU, take that into account if you're thinking of upgrading your PC to play the game

- If you have a good enough CPU/GPU, use FXAA, 4x is good enough, it will make targets at a distance much easier to distinguish from the rest of the maps' environment.

- Play with crosshair commands, having a crosshair you feel comfortable with is a real boost.

- Multicore rendering is your friend if you have a capable CPU.

- Shadows are very important on CSGO, even if you have a bad PC, if it's good enough to run on 70+ fps turn them on.
2012-11-08 15:08:19
2012-11-09 11:59:27
I have 2.80ghz, 2gb, nvidia 9600 gt and my fps is around 220, fucking op;o
2012-11-08 15:10:01
bro whats ur ingame settings?

I have like the exact same specs as yours, like EXACT same and i only get 60 - 80 fps at 800 x 600 everything low.
2012-11-09 00:52:17
2012-11-09 01:09:47
kurwas trolling.
2013-03-09 10:36:43
no I'm not Mr Digger
2013-03-09 10:39:54
what's Mr Digger ?
2013-03-12 20:55:55
I have Intel Core2Quad Q8300, GTX 460 Twin Frozr, 4 GB Kingston Hyper X and funny thing is that when I use 1920x1080 and all details juiced to max I have from about 80-110 fps, and when I switch to 640x480 with all details turned to minimum I have about 50-70fps.. WHAT THE HELL?!
2012-11-08 16:06:21
well, I'm just use my pc as a example, punch line of the blog is "You need try all settings and then set it to the best for your PC.

"I see here many threads about FPS CSGO, guys you just need try all before posting stupid threads, try all resolution/launch options bla bla and than see what's maximum fps for your pc."

2012-11-08 19:11:16
Thanks :) +1
2012-11-08 18:35:58
don't listen to him, he's just a kid
2012-11-08 20:09:01
2012-11-08 20:12:23
prove me wrong
2012-11-08 20:34:55
take easy with these blogs.
2012-11-08 20:10:43
Good blog man ;)
2012-11-08 20:18:00
2013-01-26 21:51:21
Your test is not accurate.
Do it one more time with crosshair always in the same place, it's important.

About video advanced settings and launch options all is good.
2012-11-09 12:02:25
2012-11-10 01:17:33
do you guys know if laptops with a dedicated video card (like an AMD Radeon hd 7670m or a Nvidia GT 610m) could handle cs:go with good fps and decent resolutions/textures?

was looking around and i'm really into a dell Vostro 3560 or an ASUS U31SG! could you give me any kind of tips or recommendations? :)
2012-11-11 01:28:13
im using GT 630M and i5 in laptop and i get max 100fps
2012-11-11 01:40:56
nice, thanks for the info man! 100fps with good textures and stuff? and how did you choose your laptop? i can't decide which grafic card is the best...

also, do you play other games? was thinking about BF3... how much fps would you get? :)
2012-11-12 01:01:57
nah i played just csgo and 1.6 ... in 1.6 i get constant 100 and same on csgo xD with 4:3, 1024x768 and all high xD
2012-11-12 15:17:46
well I have a shitty old PC, horrible CPU and nVidia 210 and my fps is like 40-120(sometimes higher) but usually around 50-60 on average I'd say. So yes, you would run it A LOT better than me and it should be playable because it's playable for me with the fps I get.

EDIT: CSGO is more CPU based than graphics. =)

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2012-12-28 22:19:53

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2012-11-11 01:40:32
Fps should never be about tweaking your settings. If you are serious about GO you need a kickass PC, simple as that
2012-12-01 22:44:04
Can i have more than fps with this specs : CPU: AMD Sempron 140, GC:nvidia geforce 7025 / nforce 630a , 2gb ram ? Thank u.
2012-12-01 23:05:42
No way, you need to be happy if you can run CSGO xD
2012-12-28 21:37:12
what does "-high" in launch options do?
2013-03-04 00:52:42
Set CSGO priority on high, this is like 10-15 fps boost :)
2013-03-09 10:42:43
I got:
- AMD Phenom(tm) 9650 Quad-Core Processor 2.30 GHz

- 5 GB ram

- NVIDIA GeForce GT 120

and approx 80-100FPS - Shouldnt it be possible for me to get a better fps??? had around 250-300 in source
2013-03-09 10:51:18
f*ck this sh*t .. u have more fps with 2core duo, than me with a f*cking q6600 gts450 4gb ram... i have 80fps +/- .. -.- .. btw i am not raging and thank you for ur guide
2013-03-09 11:57:37
multicore rendering off - 145 fps
multicore rendering on - 245 fps

yes baby finaly !!!!!
2013-03-09 12:11:02
1680x1050 = 150-200 5on5
800x600 = 120-160 5on5


my pc specs are:

Intel Q8400 Quad 2,66 ghz
Nvidia GTX 550 Ti
8Gb DDR3 1333 Kingston

So yeah a higher reso gives me actually more fps lol
2013-03-12 21:46:26
multicore rendering ON on Dual Core processor
OFF - I've got 30 - 50 fps on deathmatch (dust2)
ON - 50 - 80 fps

Core 2 Duo 2 ghz
2013-03-13 00:14:56
funny... i have all set to very low res of 800x600 and i still get 30 max 40 fps on 5 vs 5
2013-06-18 22:17:39
800x600 , fps_max "0" = 80,100
-console -freq 75 -novid 32bit -dxlevel 90 -refresh 120 -tickrate 128
Intelcore i3
I've got 30,60 fps on DM , 5x5 NO PROBLEM !!!
2013-06-18 22:29:09
on 1366x768 5on5 i have

My PC is

AMD FX 8350 Eight core 4.5 GHz
Nvidia GTX 660 OC 2GB

No lag high FPS :P
2013-10-09 01:04:07
300, 400, 450, ... where's the difference I ask you? TV is 25fps and people dont notice it mostly. It's a difference when playing, I admit that, but 1 picture every 2.5ms or every 3.3ms (difference 400 to 300 fps) is next to unnoticeable, if you ask me. People generally only notice it if the monitor goes black for >=16ms, so anyone claiming to actually see the difference of a picture appearing 0.8ms (that's 800 MICROseconds) faster is lying in my book.
2014-02-17 19:45:24
#85 I doubt you stay at around 400 consistently...400 is borderline your max.

Post edited 2013-10-09 02:59:24
2013-10-09 02:58:56
guyz i hav intel i5 2310 2.9 ghz 4gb ram 400watt psu.....i wanted to know how much fps will i get if i use on 1280 resolution on low settings..1.) gt 630. 2.) gt 610 3.)gt 620 and 4.) HD 5450.Thank you
2014-05-17 06:37:47
hi i hope that you get this but when i applied the cfg i got 23-36fps but after 3 rounds it dropped to 9-21 fps (5v5 on inferno)
my specs r amd athlon x2 2.10 ghz 3gb ram256mb video card and im playing on very low with lowest resolution is there a fix to this
2014-06-22 09:09:03

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