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Hi, have a question :) whether in TOP there is a person who plays with a high sensitivity mouse?

Low sensitivity supposedly provides greater control over the game but whether we all play? Sorry for mine bad English and a stupid topic, I wonder on this.
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Created 2012-01-21 09:40 by: Daru
it depends of the kind of mouse
2012-01-21 09:44:27
f0rest plays with 3.5.. its "higher" than normal i think, SpawN used to play with 4.2

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2012-01-21 09:46:58
f0rest uses 2 in windows, dunno bout spawn
2012-01-21 10:29:10
No way.
2012-01-21 11:08:13
f0rest 3/11
2012-01-21 11:12:51
f0rest 6/11
check sk profile
2012-02-26 00:07:19
f0rest uses 6/11 @ 400cpi. What the hell are you dreaming about?
Still his sensitivity is 3.5
2012-01-21 12:21:42
2012-01-21 16:00:41
edward has almost the same settings :P
2012-02-11 13:04:34
cuz Edwards favorite player is f0rest :D
2012-02-13 08:02:48
Edward's 3.5 sensitivity is fake, he actually uses mouse acceleration, regardless of his Kinzu's hardware acceleration. He puts that same sensitivity of f0rest's in his config so that people would compare them both. He even use the nick f0cus to mimic f0rest a while ago.

I don't say that he's not good, he's one of the best. But, before all the Na`Vi hype in 2010, he's not that popular.

What I want to say is, if u want to get the main attention, use the name 'f0' in ur nick, and tell people that u use the same sensitivity as f0rest's, even if u don't.

And Edward has been successful at doing it.
2012-02-13 08:03:28
he start using accel recently
2012-02-13 08:56:05
So Edward is some kind of troll master, and i think that i was, since i used f0rld a while ago before switching my alias.
2012-02-13 13:42:51
just delusional to think that his popularity has anything to do with that. i cannot picture a single fan of his noticing him because of the same numbers in the config or an occational 0 in the nickname
2012-02-25 22:10:46
I declare you mentally unstable.
2012-02-25 23:41:51
What? o.O He was famouse during his career in of pro100, or something like that..
2012-02-25 23:46:16
+1 its a true f0rest uses 6/11 No mousefix 2noforce commands and 3.5 sens ( m_filter 1 )
2012-02-11 15:34:15
2012-02-13 14:09:24
He used to play with 3/11, that is true. But his mouse had more cpi/dpi whatever, so it was the same as having 6/11.
2012-02-13 15:57:15
spawN played with 1.7
2012-01-21 11:13:38
Maybe it's his sens when he used DA 900 dpi.
2012-01-21 11:39:54
2012-01-21 12:42:56
So 1800 dpi with 1.7 cs sens plus 4/11 is the most possible then.
2012-01-21 12:55:51
spawN played with 3.6-3.8
2012-02-13 08:03:12
No spawN played with 3.4 my cuz followed his config and he uses 3.4 not sure about dpi but in game sens was 3.4
2012-02-13 12:41:09
download spawN cfg its 1.7 large
2012-02-13 12:57:57
Try kinzu. Kinzu is veeery slow at low sens.
2012-02-11 14:44:00
Lol its exactly the opposite, I've played kinzu at 1.5 sens.
2012-02-13 00:10:05
You had 500 hz and 400 cpi?
2012-02-13 16:20:28
2012-02-13 18:42:09
dude. my friend play on kinzu v1 with sens 1.288 5/11 400dpi 500hz :>
i dont understand him
2012-02-25 18:51:05
by: Daru - <3 Neo
Everything depends on the inurement.

Look at some of the videos that players wave their hands from the floor to ceiling.

Hmmm Sebax mouse probably set to 400 dpi?

I play 1600 6/11 4.7.
2012-01-21 09:53:54
That's extremely high isn't it?
2012-01-21 12:46:00
thats extreme. I had an accident and now I can only use a half mousepad. i start with 1600 dpi 2.7 now i play 1.7, but still is realy realy high sens. But its playable. I play pretty well, so I think that it is only on the internal feeling for

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2012-01-21 15:31:27
sounds extreme as hell. i would be spinning in circles uncontrollably.

my mouse maxes at 60Hz and i use 2 sens. i dont think my mouse knows what dpi is :o. its a piece of shit but hey i live in the fuckin jungle!
2012-02-10 17:25:36
Your sensitivity is really huge, in my opinion you will never be really good.

You need only 5.5cm to do 360 in CS, and Neo about 35-40cm so you have the answer.

f0rest has high sensitivity and even his cm is about 30.
2012-02-10 18:55:46
link for this calculator ?
2012-02-10 19:01:15
well my sensitivity windows is 6/11 and my sensitivity in cs is 3.3 and I want your opinion for my best sensitivity coz if I playing csdm I always use riffle and I really good use AK and carbine. Can you give me explain how to calculate this?
2012-02-11 15:09:16
Your sensitivity is like f0rest when you have 400dpi of course.
2012-02-11 15:30:59
oh yeah and I want to know what's f0rest's sensitivity?I use

-noforcemaccel -noforcemparms and i don't use mouse fix but I have a lot of f0rest pov and that's very amazing how to look his movement

and how about trace's sensitivity? he made this game look so easy
2012-02-11 15:51:06
trace use accel...

he use 400 dpi, 6/11, sens 1.5, 125 mouse hz, 100 monitor hz
and accel on
2012-02-13 12:36:31
by: xivi - <3 NiP
Neo - 2.27 :)
2012-01-21 09:56:51
by: xivi - <3 NiP
LUq - 2.5
Friis - 2.5
2012-01-21 09:57:02
luq had 2.67
2012-01-21 10:10:00
dpi? windows sens?
2012-02-13 16:30:54
by: Daru - <3 Neo

truth, but they have low dpi settings
So and so waving his hand at the around desk
2012-01-21 10:05:59
by: Daru - <3 Neo
My settings in comparison to some of is like speed of light %-)
2012-01-21 10:08:41
same here,,, 7/10 windows, 2.0 cs 800dpi
2012-01-21 10:35:44
mine win 1 in game 1 dpi 3600
2012-01-21 10:10:06
2012-01-21 10:51:57
? :>
2012-01-21 11:25:42
You have settings windows 1 ?:O

interesting :>
2012-01-21 10:12:14
Usually around 2.5
2012-01-21 10:53:20
i go for 6/11 450 dpi and 1.3ingame
2012-01-21 11:15:24
that sounds rly slow since 6/11 400cpi 2.8ingame is like 180 from end to end on my roccat taito.. :S

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2012-02-25 05:41:57
by: d3c0
3win,1.5cs, 3600 dpi (kinza, goliathus surface)
2012-01-21 11:18:43
6/11 / ie 3.0 [ 400dpi] 1.8
2012-01-21 11:19:20
Starix is probably one with the higher sens
2012-01-21 12:08:45
No f0rest, Edward and zonix have sensitivity 3.5 on 6/11 and 400dpi which is pretty fast imo.

Starix has something like 2.9
2012-01-21 13:53:24
I think foxj has the fastest sensitivity.
2012-02-10 18:59:51
no, mut had 5 in his ime 3.0
2012-02-11 13:08:58
3.5 on 4/11 isn't so high..bigger number doesn't mean that he is high sens...DPI and windows sens are important also
2012-02-11 13:46:19
they use it on 6/11 not 4.
It's considered as high sens.
2012-02-11 13:48:48
saw f0rest's xai profile. It was set to 4/11...maybe he changed it I dunno
2012-02-11 13:50:18
On Xai maybe he was using it but current SS Kinzu v1 and 6/11.
2012-02-11 14:03:07
I seen on pracc game, starix was using 2.0 sens

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2012-02-11 13:19:40
2 Sens and 400 or 600 dpi is the best option if you learn how to control your mouse on the 400 dpi its just perfect
2012-02-13 12:44:51
starix has really slow sens
2012-02-11 14:46:35
when i watched his pov's it seemed very high, but it also seems that I'm wrong
2012-02-11 15:27:07
in past he used 2.9
2012-02-13 14:50:09
Why the hell are you posting your own settings when the thread is about pro high sensitivity players?
2012-01-21 12:22:51
2012-01-21 14:48:38
I dont know the answer to that, but my sens is 3.8 :DDDD
2012-02-11 13:02:52
My in-game sensitivy is 3.5
Windows sensitivy 6/11, no acc.
Dont know about the DPI in RX250
2012-02-11 15:34:01
You change sens every day? Every time I see you posting your sens it's different than the ones you've posted before.
2012-02-11 20:38:37
Umm i have posted my sensitivy only two times here.

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2012-02-12 13:18:44
I remember you posting "0.9..", "2.0" and now "3.5"...
2012-02-12 15:17:09
i never used 0.9 or 2.0...
2012-02-12 15:50:47
But you've posted those...
2012-02-12 16:09:17
I never posted 2.0 or 0.9
2012-02-12 16:24:36
Yes, you did.
2012-02-12 16:31:38
Ok. So you are going to argue with me about my posts in hltv, claiming that you are know better my posts than i do?
2012-02-12 16:46:46
I don't know your posts better than you, but I'm sure you wrote what I mentioned above. Anyway, hf
2012-02-12 17:07:55
why are you saying he has posted 0.9 since 1 is the lowest ingame setting you can have?
2012-02-25 05:44:34
by: VTLH
all you need is :
2012-01-21 12:27:11
6/11 2.0 400 dpi mousefix + noforce 500 hz :)
2012-01-21 13:15:04
I have high sensitivity but I play very well, and so I wonder if I'm the exception whether other/TOP players also have similar settings
2012-01-21 13:27:07
Post your settings to find out :)
2012-01-21 13:54:57
I have already written...

1600dpi 6/11win 4.7 game
2012-01-21 14:12:55
thats extreme. I had an accident and now I can only use a half mousepad. i start with 1600 dpi 2.7 now i play 1.7, but still is realy realy high sens. But its playable. I play pretty well, so I think that it is only on the internal feeling for
2012-01-21 15:38:01
WTF I have pretty high sens and that's like 6 TIMES higher sensitivity than I've got :D
2012-02-25 05:49:55
markeloff plays with 2
2012-01-21 14:28:54
doesnt rlly mather which sensitivity ones using, its all about preferance and finding a sensitivity which makes u able to have a nice eye-hand coordination.

and if its just out of curiosity you're wondering, its basically just the sensitivy they feel comfortable with and their playstyle. like delpan got low sense cus hes an mainawper, some1 who likes moving around a bit like hns style uses a higher sensitivity.
2012-01-21 14:51:06
well actually there is a significant difference if you use 400dpi 6/11 2.5 instead of 1600dpi 6/11 4.7, like the thread author.
2012-02-25 05:51:02
what the f*** are u on about?
2012-02-25 10:06:52
do you really think that you could learn to aim as good on 1600dpi 6/11 4.7ingame as with 400dpi 6/11 2.5? thats like about 10 times faster with those 1600dpi settings.. though 2.5 is pretty fast already.
2012-02-25 17:35:30
2012-02-25 17:48:21
u are so funny, u really think that with a mouse that turns 360degrees in just over 5,5cm could be as good as with a normal sensitivity which is in my case 360cm turn in 43,3cm? :DD

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2012-02-25 18:07:57

an old mate who i played with a lot some years ago turned 720degrees on his pad (if not more) and was a beast aimer.
2012-02-25 18:15:21
well 720 degrees is not even close to that sensitivity. on my pad that sensitivity would be like 2520 degrees or even more. pretty big difference IMO
2012-02-25 22:05:56
u know what i ment tho, 720 is triple the amount of what is the common sensitivity for players, the normal is usually to turn 360 degrees.
2012-02-25 22:42:36
but I was saying that you cannot be as accurate with 2500degree turning sensitivity than 180-360
2012-02-25 22:47:04
yea but nobody use such a high sensitivity, you're just twisting around on what i said in the mainpost. a low sensitivity can be just as good as a higher one if you're used to it, thats the point i was making all the way from the start. it's all about getting used to the sensitivity. now stop re-posting dumb shit, no-lifah.
2012-02-25 23:23:58
nobody use such high? the thread creator just said he uses those settings. see post #35, he is the author of this thread.

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2012-02-25 23:31:41
yea i said nobody, the op is a nobody.
2012-02-25 23:50:30
markeloff 2.0
2012-01-21 15:38:18
I read somewhere that the lower sensitivity of the mouse in cs is better than higher? Is this true?
2012-01-21 15:39:58
Sensitivity in CS doesn't matter, it's all about other stuff #51.

Low-medium mouse sensitivity is imo the best.
2012-02-10 19:36:50
who gives a fuck. play how you want.
2012-01-21 15:40:40
xizt 400dpi 6/11 3 sens
2012-01-21 16:00:33
by: d3c0
and hz?..
2012-02-10 17:06:25
lurppis 2.1 400dpi 500hz
2012-02-10 17:08:13
1/11 windows, 1.3 cs, 3500 dpi 1000hz (razer da)
2012-02-10 17:30:05
AstruM : 6/11 Win, 3.3 CS, 800 DPI , 500 HZ
2012-02-10 17:39:24
You should post these information when you want to know the correct and true top players sensitivity.

1. Windows Sensitivity (6/11 or other).
2. Windows Enhance Precision Point (EPP) on or off.
3. Mousefix yes (which one) or no.
4. Noforcem commands yes (which one) or no.
5. RInput yes or no.
6. Mouse product.
7. Mouse Hz.
8. Mouse DPI.
9. CS Sensitivity.

In example Neo (I think):
1. 6/11
2. OFF
3. MarkC (Windows7_MouseFix_TextSize(DPI)=100%_Scale=1-to-1_@6-of-11)
4. -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd
5. No.
6. ZOWIE EC2 blue
7. 1000 Hz
8. 500 DPI
9. 2.27

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2012-02-10 18:48:45
isn't rinput the same as markC ?
2012-02-11 12:04:08
Nope, because RInput is forcing winsens to 6/11 and mousefix is different.
2012-02-11 12:22:37
where can I get markC
2012-02-13 00:44:43
Thank you
2012-02-13 14:30:38
You're welcome.
2012-02-13 14:34:38
Enter the control panel, display, dpi... it says 96, but is this my mouse DPI? 800 or my monitor hertz in cs -freq 75
2012-02-13 14:35:01
It's not mouse dpi but windows font dpi :)

XP - 96 is default
7 - 100 is default
2012-02-13 14:35:48
so no matter what sens I set in windows ,
once I launch Rinput , it will force it to 6?
2012-02-21 08:06:09
Yes, but only when you type exe your game in there in example 'hl.exe'.
2012-02-21 12:15:35
2012-02-11 20:55:57
I checked last ESL linesman, and there was 2.27.
2012-02-13 12:53:29
ok, my bad
2012-02-13 18:32:40
i wonder how these players manage to play at such a low sensitivity with low dpi.
when i keep mousefix + noforce on, sensitivity of even 4 at 400dpi seems like moving at snail's pace. It takes me 2-3 swipes to move 180 degrees.
Plz comment on my settings. 1 swipe making 180 degrees here
800dpi, 800dpi
win 6/11, 6/11
sensi 4.2/4.5 in game
noforce ON, Mousefix ON

2012-02-13 07:41:12
Because they are accostumed to this settings from about 8 years and low mouse sensitivity is easier to control aim, but of course harder to turn, that's why they choose low-mid sens for good control and turning.

Pro players using mouse sensitivity from 30cm - 60cm to do 360 deegres in CS.

I'm using 55cm, Neo about 37cm, f0rest about 30cm, markeloff about 50cm but you are using about 12cm! so with this mousesens it will be hard to be really good.
2012-02-13 12:23:33
thats why mouse accel is better imo... low sens to control.. and high to turn :)
2012-02-13 12:43:31
Yes, but only mouse hardware acceleration but NOT windows acceleration :)
2012-02-13 12:51:49
thats where we desagree ;P

trace use windows accel ;)
2012-02-13 12:57:07
Exceptions can happen :P
2012-02-13 14:37:03
Well I'd like to know how small is your mousepad if you have to make 2-3 swipes to get 180 degrees, My sens is now about 3.1 ingame, 6/11 and 400cpi... and on 1 single swipe I get about 200 degrees or more.
2012-02-25 05:54:55
Just use 11/11 5200DPI and 20 In-Game and you can easily make a 180 degrees flip, but I don't know how many times...
2012-02-10 18:56:49
0.1cm for 360 deegres, so it will be hmm, to much for my time.
2012-02-10 19:01:49
thats how cod fanboys do it. real men play with low sens
2012-02-12 21:44:02
I use 6/11, 400 DPI and 2.5 In-Game.
2012-02-12 21:57:51
well, that's not pretty high :P
2012-02-13 06:08:11
I know...
2012-02-13 12:55:55
How i can check my dpi and windows multiplier
2012-02-11 12:10:52
Windows multiplier is simple Windows Sensitivity from 1/11 to 11/11.
2012-02-11 12:23:50
its when i have windows XP its my windows sens is 6/11 yes?
2012-02-11 12:26:05
Default value in all Windows is 6/11 (middle).
2012-02-11 12:29:17
Ahh lol its standart sens in windows.. :D thanks a lot.
And do you know how check DPI?
2012-02-11 12:32:58
What mouse you've got?
2012-02-11 20:41:43
Logitech 2.4GHz on battery(wireless) ;x
It's old and i dont have any instruction...
If you want i can do photo
2012-02-11 21:06:47
but i dont know mouse DPI...
2012-02-12 19:21:47
what mouse are you using?
2012-02-13 00:03:58
Logitech without cabel(wireless) 2.4GHz but i dont know more information. I can do photo if you want
2012-02-13 16:02:59
try to find your mouse in Logitech website and see the information...
2012-02-14 01:33:15
in theory, lower sensitivity = more precise movements because of muscle memory development.

It is easier for your brain to remember larger, more varyed movements and snap to the enemy (head :p). High sensitivity players have to develop this over a longer period of time because their mouse movements are not as precise as lower sensitivity players (assuming mousefix is used etc.)

Also it is my understanding that you should always use default windows sensitivity (6/11), because anything other than default scales the pointer speed using the onboard Windows software. Less is more in this case, and it would seem that most players would want this untouched to avoid software tweaks to your mouse.
2012-02-11 12:25:17
its true that it is easier and takes less time for your brain to get used to small sensitivity. But pro players with high sens like forest,edward etc played so long with that sensitivity and they are very good at it. Maybe it takes more time but at their level when you watch the game you can hardly see any diference...

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2012-02-11 12:30:18
Very true, they have certainly mastered their settings by playing over the years...especially Edward who plays with mouseaccel on, i think hes the only pro at his level that does so.
2012-02-11 12:41:17
You forgot about trace :)
2012-02-11 12:42:09
does he really? wow, would never have guessed by his movements...he makes this game look so damn easy :p
2012-02-11 12:45:18
you forgot about FalleN and Roman
2012-02-11 13:07:04
I guess i just assume everyone doesn't use it, but apparently more players do than i thought. Thanks for the info.
2012-02-11 13:13:25
edward use maccel ??? i dont think so
2012-02-11 13:08:44
edward zeus and markeloff uses m_filter 1
2012-02-11 13:18:29
m_filter it's not maccel.
2012-02-11 13:20:06
this is closer to a software version of mouse prediction i believe: from SK forum (apparently originally from gotfrag):

Mouse Filter: Mouse filter smoothes out mouse movement. This may sound like a good idea, but it is best left unchecked. Enabling it will only distort your aim, moving your crosshair slightly off cue from where you want it. If turned on, Counter-Strike will calculate all your mouse movements over the last two frames to find an average and attempt to give you a more fluid feel. This means using older data to move your mouse instead of the most up to date information. Theoretically, with mouse filter off, you could also receive a slight FPS boost on lower end systems.
Recommended: Off

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2012-02-11 13:21:42
Exactly, this should be with value 0.
2012-02-11 13:25:50
If I'm not wrong f0rest or some other great player uses m_filter 1 or atleast used for a long period of time.
2012-02-25 05:58:57
yes, i was watching an interview with starix about the new SS mouse that he tested (kana or kinzu i cant remember) and the interviewer was asking him about mouse prediction and acceleration. He was saying that they were pointless to him, but when they were talking about acceleration he brought up that Edward plays with accel and how it is strange to him. Edward was sitting next to him and said something like "it is purely preference, it doesnt matter" (he looked kind of mad though, probably because everyone gives him shit about it :p)
2012-02-11 13:19:02
2012-02-11 12:41:46
2012-02-11 12:41:40
400 dpi 1.7
2012-02-11 12:37:45
I use Razer DA
Have 3/11 windows
Use RInput
-noforcem commands
1000 hz, 1600 dpi
1.4 sens in cs

And I am one of the best in the world, so low sens is the way to go.

Post edited 2012-02-11 13:33:49
2012-02-11 13:33:14
Your sensitivity isn't low because when you use RInput it's forcing Winsens to 6/11 in-game, so you need only 18.5cm to do 360 it's pretty high.
2012-02-11 13:37:59
You are wrong. When i swipe once on my mousepad I turn 180. My mousepad is a large qpad CT. It's 405 x 285 mm, so 180 on 40.5 cm
2012-02-11 13:42:31
So your RInput doesn't work.
2012-02-11 14:03:49
Yes it does. Becaujse when i play without it my mouse gets acceleration sometimes, and when I play with it I never get acceleration.
2012-02-11 14:24:55
Yes, but you don't know that RInput is forcing Windows sensitivity to default 6/11 in-game.

Your 3/11 doesn't work in-game with RInput.
2012-02-11 14:39:36
Apparently it's not the case for me.
2012-02-11 14:40:35
windows sens 6/11
Ingame sens 1.6
DPI 400
-noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -noforcemspd
zoom_sens 1.2
Mouse: 1.1

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2012-02-11 13:48:51
I use the same as Edward use, except I use it on 800dpi,
after I got kinzu i accidentally clicked on top and chaged dpi to 800 and I got used to it. but its easy to control with the slow high friction glide kinzu plastic feet, more control than any other ive had still on this high settings.
2012-02-11 14:06:27
neo 2.27
2012-02-11 14:36:22
i use 3.5 400 dpi like forest :D i played before with 2 sens but i dont have large mousepad so it wasn perfect for me.
now i feel comfortable with this sens i can aim really really good and still have my movement

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2012-02-11 14:42:20
Depends on mouse and nothing else..
2012-02-11 14:45:14
Window Sensitivity : 6/11
Ingame : 1.7 ; 1.9 ; 2.3
DPI 400
Launch ; -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -noforcemspd -nojoy -w 640 -h 480 -full -32bpp -dxlevel 40
Mouse ; Compaq Mouse
2012-02-11 14:47:01
Similar to mine except i use Kinzu. ^^
2012-02-12 16:36:47
cArn 1.4, just like me
2012-02-11 15:35:31
carn use 2.7
2012-02-12 15:24:32
there r many influencing factors....the mouse itself...the Hz of the mouse...sensivity of mouse in windows...dpi.....etc...u can get the same results comparing a mouse which has 5 sensivity with another one which has 2 depends on the factors that i mentioned...Peace!
2012-02-11 16:09:33
#51 :)
2012-02-11 16:22:30
gtr - 2.9
2012-02-11 20:55:44
zet 3.6
f0rest 3.5
spawn 4.1 @ CPL Winter 2005
edward is 3.5 i think
2012-02-12 16:16:31
Edward's 3.5 sensitivity is fake, he actually uses mouse acceleration, regardless of his Kinzu's hardware acceleration. He puts that same sensitivity of f0rest's in his config so that people would compare them both. He even use the nick f0cus to mimic f0rest a while ago.

I don't say that he's not good, he's one of the best. But, before all the Na`Vi hype in 2010, he's not that popular.

What I want to say is, if u want to get the main attention, use the name 'f0' in ur nick, and tell people that u use the same sensitivity as f0rest's, even if u don't.

And Edward has been successful at doing it.
2012-02-13 08:02:04
You don't know that he is using windows acceleration we only know that he is using mouse acceleration because SS Kinzu v1 has it as feature. So it's still possible that he is playing with EPP off and 3.5 sensitivity in CS.
2012-02-13 12:35:44
Read #81.

Starix used to use Kinzu v1 for a while, so he wouldn't have said that if he's referring to the Kinzu's hardware acceleration.

Anyway, Edward's mouse movement is a lot lot different from f0rest's. How he does 90's/180's/360's and how f0rest does it is very different. Just watch them.

Also, I've owned a Kinzu for 1.5 year myself and use the same 3.5 sensitivity, 2 noforce commands, and no acceleration. Believe me, I've tried various styles of gripping the mouse, styles of swiping the mouse, etc and I could never mimic Edward's mouse movement, I could only mimic f0rest's.

So, either Edward is using Windows acceleration or he doesn't install mouse driver like f0rest and I do.
2012-02-13 13:10:28
It's hard to notice differences in their mousesens from yt videos.

I can't even find any two good videos comparison.
2012-02-13 13:38:24
U could watch regular demos. Even they could show such difference, doesn't have to be POVs :)
2012-02-13 13:44:45
Who knows, we need to ask Edward.
2012-02-13 13:49:23
could be the same as ave... he used accel but with noforce cmds... at 125 hertz and 3.5 sens (acording to hes xplayn profile)
2012-02-13 13:55:44
sry my bad.. he use 2 sens

launchoptions: -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -freq 100
125 mousehz
sens 2
default win sens (6/11)
acceleration turned on!
no mousefix
800x600 @ 100hz
medium digital vibrance
small crosshair
default gfx settings, vsync off!
2012-02-13 14:09:25
I see.

Post edited 2012-02-13 14:13:03
2012-02-13 14:12:41
Right, only if it's possible, and if he responds us :)

What we can do for now, is analyzing :)
2012-02-13 13:59:18
What about his cfg on navi site, you think it's copy&paste from f0rest cfg?
2012-02-13 14:00:44
Nope. Maybe he has his own config with an edited sensitivity command. Maybe the pro players never actually really use those configs of theirs. Maybe they post configs only to please fanboys while never using it. U could never know/imagine how their perceptions and paradigms on configs r :)

Post edited 2012-02-13 14:09:31
2012-02-13 14:07:33
nvm... xD

Post edited 2012-02-13 14:13:42
2012-02-13 14:13:19
I LOL'ed reading at my own post. How could a player do 360's?

Silly me XD
2012-02-13 14:02:26
players with rly high sens... like turkizh :D
2012-02-13 14:05:54
But still, to do a 360's is just to face the direction u were facing before. And it's just stupid XD
2012-02-13 14:11:18
but posible
2012-02-13 14:12:15
Ye :)
2012-02-13 14:15:44
win 6/11 400 dpi 2.5
2012-02-12 16:26:31
My Sensitivity:

Mouse: Kinzu - 400 DPI
Windows: 6/11
Enhance Pointer Precision : OFF
In-game: 1.7
NoForce Commands: -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -noforcemspd

2012-02-12 16:35:29
Mousesens like karrigan :)
2012-02-13 12:26:40
guys if you have no ideea about players sensitivity don't write bullshit
2012-02-12 17:06:17
they use 2 or 2.5 sensitivity in game and 6/11 in windows
2012-02-12 20:14:16
they use from 2-3.5 :D

Post edited 2012-02-12 20:40:36
2012-02-12 20:40:29
depending on the mouse =)
2012-02-12 21:06:39
2012-02-12 21:21:02
ME = 2.90 ,)
2012-02-12 21:49:15
Sens depends on so much, the mouse dpi, windows sense, cs sense, mouse drivers sense and so on..
2012-02-12 21:58:57
idk my dpi, its something like 1600 or 800
ws 3/11
gs 1.5
m_filter 0
my old one was 5.8

edward - 3.5
forest - 3.5
starix - 2.9
fnx - 2.5 [iguess]
nak - 2.5 [iguess]
fln - 2.0
2012-02-13 00:19:20
i play with 3.0 in game +mousefix for win 7 ( or RInput)+noforce commands ) & i have Intelli mouse 1.1
maybe 3.0 is high .. but i have a great control with :)

Post edited 2012-02-13 00:26:03
2012-02-13 00:21:18
f0rest use resolution 640 x 480, crosshair small, 400 cpi (kinzu uses cpi no dpi), default _fov 90 & sensitivity 3.5
2012-02-13 00:29:15
edward, f0rest - 3.5
gtr - 2.6
NEO - 2.8
markeloff - 2.0
2012-02-13 00:34:23
Neo 2.8 ? wtf
2012-02-13 07:22:12
Neo - 2.27 Zowie ec2, 2.4 zowie am
markeloff - 2.1 SS Xai
2012-02-13 12:25:22
neo uses 2.27 sensitivity on 500 dpi. its is the same as 2.56 on 400 dpi...
2012-02-13 12:27:44
neo and markeloff 2.05 now
2012-02-13 14:50:50
by: jlp
i use 400 dpi, 6/11 and 2.3 ingame

cant understand how f0rest uses 3.5 =O, its tooooo high for me
2012-02-13 01:06:05
do you use mousefix + noforce?
2012-02-13 07:34:08
i use this

Post edited 2012-02-13 08:59:29
2012-02-13 08:58:37
he uses also m_filter 1
2012-02-13 14:51:24

f0rest used 3.5
gtr 2.9
2012-02-13 07:56:24
win 6/11
400 dpi
3.5 ingame
2012-02-13 09:00:08
mine is like

1800 dpi
500 hz

2012-02-13 10:33:24
Mousesens similar to f0rest.
2012-02-13 12:24:45
2012-02-19 18:01:21
neo noob me best f0rest cheater gtr eco killer BG LIONS
2012-02-20 09:53:40
ei izrud q se grumni be
2012-02-25 04:34:50
I use 1.0 :P
2012-02-13 12:28:00
Pro players mouse sensitivity (thread database)
2012-02-13 12:36:45
Maybe someone know MODDII mouse sensitivity configuration with all information like post above?
2012-02-13 12:56:12
between 1 and 4.5 (maybe)
2012-02-13 13:48:01
sens 2 -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms and it's already fast for me. I'm using an MX518 / 800dpi
2012-02-13 13:56:51
same I use and its indeed fast.

Itll be 400 dpi 4 in cs I guess, right? :p
2012-02-13 14:31:40
Yep, but are you using the default Windows Sensitivity which is 6/11? Because I'm using that one.
2012-02-20 06:32:17
2012-02-20 14:51:49
that's good.
2012-02-21 06:17:50
use sensitivity which you prefer and which you feel more comfortable..forget pros
2012-02-13 14:33:39
chlenix - 2.5
2012-02-13 16:23:26
400 dpi, 3 noforce commands, 6/11 windows, 3.25 cs, zoom_sens 1.12555
2012-02-13 16:39:48
microsoft 1.1
6/11 in game:3.5
2012-02-13 17:08:07
same mouse, 5/11 in game 1,4999 =D
2012-02-21 07:51:58
i have this settings :
3\11 winsens
2.4 ingamesens
noforce commands
mfilter 0
1800dpi and 1000hz
resolulion of monitor 640\480 its affected on sens to ! dont forget about it >.>
its comfortable sens for me , but thinking about low dpi like 900 (use Razer DA.r)
2012-02-19 18:11:34
hey plzz someone check mine sensitivity n tell if it is ok to play with. any suggestions for improvement is more welcome :

Mouse : Razer DA 3500 dpi
NO Razer driver installed (everything on default)
Windows Sens : 4/11
In game Sens : 1
Mouse Fix : yes, Markc win7 fix
Surface : Razer Goliathus Speed Alpha
2012-02-20 08:21:09
i think it will be okey if u slow down your dpi ,3500 is too much in my opinion and make your win sens to 6-7/11 and your in game sens bigger
2012-02-20 09:55:39
10.5 Xisco
2012-02-21 07:45:39
i have SS kinzu red v1 with negac

wind xp 7\11, in-game 3.77, zoom 1.22, dpi 400, 500hz

it's ok?
2012-02-25 07:47:57
f0rest new setting


SS SK mousepad
SS kinzu v1 (with kinzu skatez on top over default skatez)
SS G6 v2
SS Siberia v2

mouse settings:
6/11 windows
3.5 CS
from left to right on mousepad: 1.45turn

Settings CS:
Launch option: -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -freq 100
Resolution: 640x480
Crosshairsize: Large (somtimes switches to small dynamic 1)
mouse fix: no
rinput: no

GFX settings:
vsync: off
video image: quality

Monitor BenQ XL2410T settings:
2012-02-25 11:00:33

dpi 1800 Default
windows sensentive 6/11 Default
Mouse-Acceleration: no
MS 1.1Zowie 500HZ
in game 1.7 dpi 1800
in game 3.6 dpi 400 m_filtre 0 old <----
using these launch commands (-noforcemparms - noforcemaccel -freq 120)
on resolution 640x400 with a large crosshair.
2012-02-25 11:07:21
dude when I started to play cs I used to play with 7.1 in cs source, and 8/11, with a damn mouse that cost me 5 bucks, now I play with 3.0 4/11 800 dpi 1000hz
2012-02-25 11:10:44
why you change fucking windows sens i dont get it
hust use 6/11 and 400 dpi and sens from 2 - 3.5 and that is it
2012-02-25 11:49:50
face settings mouse and sens in-game atm?

Post edited 2012-02-25 18:19:36
2012-02-25 18:18:04
6/11 . 400 dpi . 500 hz . 2.0 sens The best
2012-02-25 20:01:11
400 dpi
2012-02-25 22:15:40
my sens is 7. problem?
2012-02-25 23:42:24
#255 haha like me, thanks!!
2012-02-26 01:23:14
2012-05-23 08:11:24

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