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about fnx
This is the Steamaccount in question.

You can see its him, as he is in an ESL team with Fallen

His ESL account

His name history on the steam account.

Proof that he got CSGO on that account:

What else is needed?

If you want to spread the message, you might text one of the ESL admins about this instance.

Cheating at IEM:

(36 replies)
Created 2016-03-06 14:14 by: Der1zeZ6
again? sigh...
2016-03-06 14:14:53
u® mother®
2016-03-06 14:16:12
u® mother________®__________

Post edited 2016-03-14 02:12:12
2016-03-14 02:11:40
here we go again....
2016-03-06 14:19:13
valve doesnt care
2016-03-06 14:22:37
Ban him. Or unban all the ibp guys and all the ones that are banned for match fixing. Such a big problem. If someone cheats, forgive them and let them play.


so many pros and semi pros that have cheated in esl but they are able to play, so retarded.
2016-03-06 14:23:52
so because he had cs go at the time it proves that he cheated in CS GO? Nice logic. they barely played CS GO in april/2014

Proof that they were still playing 1.6 at that time


1st @ LGX Cup [Counter-Strike 1.6] - São Paulo - 2014 (FalleN, fnx, fer, hen, lucAs) - KaBuM


2016-03-06 14:30:56
man, dont reply to these retards, just get some laughs as they lose their shit with this history hahah, actually i like these shitkids posting these shits, they make me smile haha KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK little shitkids, GO FIND "EVIDENCES" ahhaa
2016-03-07 05:40:04
I mean he deserves to be banned as much as ibp which isn't at all.
2016-03-07 05:42:47
Yeah because iBP were banned for using hacks...
2016-03-07 06:25:52
What I was saying is if he doesn't get banned iBP shouldn't be either since what he did is worth.
2016-03-09 23:39:56
Dude those are 2 totally different cases. You have no reason to put them side by side.
2016-03-09 23:40:49
Yes I do actually since if one gets banned fnx should somebody from the mongolz couldn't play because he had a other account that he cheated but yet fnx is fine.
2016-03-09 23:42:08
It was a Chinese team if I remember well and he got banned after Valve looked into it. Valve did nothing regarding the fnx case so far so just wait for their reaction. Still the way they are issuing these bans is fucking retarded. It's like banning Messi because he played a match in his schoolyard when he was younger, after having used adderall. Makes no freaking sense.
2016-03-09 23:50:41
2nd clip is pretty fishy tbh
2016-03-06 14:34:14
how did u see used steam nicknames?
2016-03-07 05:35:15

/kill yourself
2016-03-07 05:37:44
is your girlfriend cheating you with fnx?
2016-03-07 05:43:17
omg many silver in HLTV
2016-03-07 05:56:44
i doubt valve has balls to ban anyone from cheating in majors coz that would just mean less money for them as viewers/sponsors would lose interest in the game. making money is the only thing they care about.

Post edited 2016-03-07 06:24:28
2016-03-07 06:23:01
Yes. This WILL get him banned. Good job.
2016-03-09 23:41:56
these videos make me laugh .. thanks man

Post edited 2016-03-09 23:43:42
2016-03-09 23:43:24
That's suppose to be him cheating at IEM?
2016-03-09 23:49:32
lol @ cheating at IEM
2016-03-14 02:05:14
I want a confirmation if its CSGO vac ban or 1.6

2016-03-14 02:08:26

Post edited 2016-03-14 02:20:48
2016-03-14 02:20:36
This wasnt about hating it was about justice you fucking retard.
2016-03-14 02:23:31
you discovered it alone? fucking genius omg

Post edited 2016-03-14 02:28:28
2016-03-14 02:28:17
The next witch hunt RIP brazil
2016-03-14 02:30:40
relax, its not gonna last long, fnatic witch hunt last till today because they win everything and flusha has 100 videos of suspicious shit
2016-03-14 02:39:14

top kek
2016-03-14 02:33:06

holy shit
2016-03-14 15:43:30

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