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CS 1.6/CZ Models
Hi folks,

There's just something I'd like to know about CS/CZ models. I bought CZ in 2005 so my default models are the CZ ones, just like a lot of people. I need to download the "real" models everytime I re-install the game or steam or go on another computer. But some people, who don't own CZ for exemple, the fault models are the good one. It's not like it's annoying to do it everytime(yeah a little but) but more that I don't understand. Are the CZ models are in some deep files of CS or something like that ? How does it differ from the "original game" where the good models are the default one ?

Thanks to enlight me.
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Created 2012-03-02 05:14 by: The Joy
If your steam account has CZ on it (doesn't matter if it's installed or not) CS 1.6 will utilize the condition zero models.gcf file, hence why you need the model fix

valve updated CS when CZ came out to use those models by default

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2012-03-02 05:56:53
i jus wnt thru.... there is nothing called models.gfc, only something called condition zero models.cfg.... please elaborate..

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2012-03-02 06:00:26
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps look at this location u will find .gcf files look for ur game folder cs,cz or hl in tht u will find models folder remember u need a gcfScape in order to open .gcf files
2012-03-02 06:03:42
So you don't have the CZ models if you don't have CZ on your list. So there's like 2 different installation process depending on your gamelist ? That's weird.

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2012-03-02 06:20:29
So there's no way to install the game without the CZ extras...how can it be possible
2012-03-02 16:36:51
exactly i have cs anthologie (cs 1.6 + cz) and it installs
condition zero models.cfg that you can not remove because cs 1.6 will not run anymore :x

so you need the fix that many sites have
2012-03-14 23:09:19
i would like to know about how to remove those cz models too.
2012-03-14 22:54:43
2012-03-14 22:55:35
Done! thanks :)
2012-03-14 22:58:17
how ?
2012-03-15 00:17:56
open the website, downloads -> cs1.6 -> CS 1.6 CZ Model Fix Patch (on the bottom of the page) and just replace the files
2012-03-15 08:54:17
Yeah, ok, replacing the models. I thought it was something else. Thanks anyway.
2012-03-15 19:04:21
Put them in your cstrike folder


2012-03-14 23:00:57
CZ models simply sucks.
2012-03-15 09:01:14
Yeah, and some guys just don't have it, never. That's what I want.
2012-03-15 19:04:40

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