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I don't speak english AMA
(10 replies)
Created 2017-01-11 23:12 by: Official_Confirmator
me neither
2017-01-11 23:13:38
i aren't think that.
2017-01-11 23:14:21
2017-01-11 23:14:08
Have you ever been trying to learn english?
2017-01-11 23:14:48
many tried to teach me but i don't listen.
2017-01-11 23:15:52
Well from my experience, english helps you out a lot in life, so maybe get over your bad habits and man up! :)
2017-01-11 23:20:56
can you suck your own dick?
2017-01-11 23:16:55
no but i can lick yo moms pussio
2017-01-11 23:18:31
atleast u can read, write and listen
2017-01-11 23:17:22
2017-01-11 23:19:55

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