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Frozen kicked from fpl ?
(101 replies)
Created 2017-02-16 16:08 by: balarobert
If people say frozen got kicked from fpl dont believe
2017-02-16 16:09:40
Yeah we know
2017-02-16 16:10:03
hes cheating
2017-02-16 16:11:07
Where is your proof?
2017-02-16 16:13:52
on frozens c disk, problem?
2017-02-16 16:14:17
Yes, find it and post here
2017-02-16 16:15:31
2017-02-16 16:15:45
If u havent real proof, stop posting shits and judge other players
2017-02-16 16:17:51
i have real proof on his c disk, why i should share his cheats here?
2017-02-16 16:18:15
nt hacker
2017-02-16 16:19:04
wtf u want dude? u are weird
2017-02-16 16:19:52
Thats good question from someone like u
2017-02-16 16:21:14
stop using drugs m8 :) :)
2017-02-16 16:21:38
Stop judge other players m8 m8 :)
2017-02-16 16:22:53
How i'm judging?
2017-02-16 16:25:29
#3 #5 #11
2017-02-16 16:27:13
Stop judging me because i said that kid is cheating and saving proofs on c/disk.
2017-02-16 16:28:56
:D Are u mad now?
2017-02-16 16:29:22
No, u are mad because i said he is cheating and saving proofs on c/disk.
2017-02-16 16:29:53
We want to see that proof
2017-02-16 16:32:14
What u want to see? u want to get cheats to qualify in fpl like him? Lol, no chance bro sorry.
mr taz and mr olof are on offline event and when will back they will kick this cheater kid from faceit pro league.
2017-02-16 16:33:33
Ou, now its my turnt to ask u on drugs?? Wtf u just post here? :D mr taz ad mr olof? Whats wrong with u?
2017-02-16 16:35:12
Oh, typical toxic kid. logout frozen;)
show some respect to cs legends... no point to talk with u :)
2017-02-16 16:36:01
Iam not toxic man...Give me your steam we could have some serious debate :)
2017-02-16 16:38:58
You are probably one of csgolounge scammer kids, and want to take my knife? first i need to check u on steamrep
2017-02-16 16:39:28
Haha, i was right.. only hackers or cheaters are using that avatar.
and ur knife looks like its scammed
2017-02-16 16:47:55
:D no man here is my proof. I bought it for real money... nt
2017-02-16 16:50:07
2017-02-17 09:56:19
what why?
2017-02-17 21:27:24
taking bait like a retard
2017-02-17 18:31:10
are you judge?
2017-02-16 16:27:33
2017-02-16 16:30:24
happy thursay :)
2017-02-16 16:31:05
I was don't know this details.
2017-02-16 16:32:15
are you fuck you?
2017-02-16 16:32:34
Reported, hope mr jonathan e will come here and ban you with other trolls.
2017-02-16 16:36:44
i was about to give you the d later but you so offensive.
2017-02-16 16:37:27
What u mean? do u know my trade url or something? oh haha u checked csgolounge nice
2017-02-16 16:38:01
i don't even know what are you talking about ;:DD
2017-02-16 16:39:20
Ofc, scammer reported.
U will be banned on hltv and steam aswell.
Hope u will improve and fix ur mistakes
2017-02-16 16:40:33
how can i improve my mistakes what i haven't done and how is it even possible to improve mistakes?
2017-02-16 16:41:28
Hmmmmmmm, u are talking too much bro just relax and forgive yourself better...
2017-02-16 16:42:41
i think you need some kalinka in ur life, you know soviet union will come back in a few years
2017-02-16 16:43:22
Hmmmmmm, sources?
2017-02-16 16:44:05
http://hikipedia.info/wiki/Ven%C3%A4j%C3%A4 there you go
2017-02-16 16:44:51
I think you are trolling because u have "run ence" and <3 joelz in nickname.
2017-02-16 16:46:12
are you sure about that?
2017-02-16 16:47:48
I dont know but i hope mister jonathan e or mister mira or mister nomad or mister martin will check you, because u are weird and probably have multiaccs
2017-02-16 16:49:01
so you said you have necrophilia?
2017-02-16 17:08:09
2017-02-16 17:08:29
i think admins should really check what is going inside your head
2017-02-16 17:08:57

2017-02-16 17:09:32
2017-02-16 19:03:51
use search, some intelligent hltv user said its not free.
2017-02-17 09:54:41
it is free if you own tears
2017-02-17 15:09:35
are u sure? because that user has some good id and u not
2017-02-17 17:02:02
but i have kitty kat and you have doggy so you don't have to worry about it man
2017-02-17 18:18:02
s h e r l o c k e d
2017-02-17 18:21:13
2017-02-17 18:21:30
h u d s o n e d
2017-02-17 18:22:32
what you waaaaaant?
2017-02-17 18:26:42
bevri fuli and sazamtros guli u know that
2017-02-17 18:29:26
i no know that
2017-02-17 23:07:01
are you fuck you?
2017-02-16 16:55:10
2017-02-16 16:56:28
you are drugs?
2017-02-16 16:32:16
I said no to drugs,cuz i cant focus on csgo.
2017-02-16 16:35:03
gr1nch on adderall
2017-02-17 14:59:02
+1, if he was really kicked from fpl, he deserved it
2017-02-16 16:28:11
He wasnt :D it was joke from some murrica person
2017-02-16 16:31:21
well that's a shame, he should be kicked
2017-02-16 16:32:04
For what, that he is too good and too young?
2017-02-16 16:32:53
for cheating.
2017-02-16 16:33:02
Another one...
2017-02-16 16:34:05
another one blindly protecting frozen (probably because you're slovakian too)...
2017-02-16 16:35:18
Do u have any proof? :D Or did u read the comments at the top? I am not protecting him i just wanna find out why u judge him?
2017-02-16 16:36:58
that's pretty solid
(and that's not just this one, so the "coincidence" arguement is invalid).
2017-02-16 16:38:26
Thats speculative
2017-02-16 16:45:36
2017-02-16 17:01:48
So then show me some others :D
2017-02-16 18:01:31
The problem is, that his behaviour is something like s1mple
2017-02-16 16:17:08
not even close. in fpl he's just joking because they are all friends there. just like jw , stark ,loba etc
2017-02-16 16:24:57
If u watch his full stream and know our language u will know who he rly is
2017-02-16 16:26:33
Yeah, because everybody behaves the same on stream as in reality...
2017-02-16 17:41:12
against silvers, no smokes/flashes, checking corners... nothing anyway nice shots from him.
2017-02-16 16:23:58
ye i know he is a sick player with great potential, i was talking about that play, those guys on tside... just look at them
2017-02-16 16:38:57
2017-02-16 16:27:18
Do it on LAN

Oh wait, he's too young
2017-02-16 16:29:30
+1 ahahhahahahah
2017-02-17 09:56:52
Wtf he was fat as fuck a few months ago?
2017-02-16 16:37:17
Who gives a shit? He sucks
2017-02-16 16:38:17
Who cares
2017-02-16 16:48:19
If he was kicked from FPL it's because he's 14.
2017-02-16 16:53:09
2017-02-16 16:54:13
i hate that guy because of disney frozen.
2017-02-17 15:01:27
i think he is playing with his friends . do u have fpl link ?
2017-02-17 17:07:16

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