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"gay" as an insult
Why do the stupid 3rd worlders think calling someone "gay" is offensive, like its 2017, people are gay get over it
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Created 2017-02-16 20:13 by: Macbeth
you sound gay as fuck
2017-02-16 20:13:40
2017-02-16 20:13:53
He is
2017-02-16 20:14:16
And if he is gay?
2017-02-17 20:43:01
You didn t earn your right to speak. look at your flag ffs
2017-02-17 20:48:36
Ur gay
2017-02-17 22:09:00
lmao roasteddddd
2017-02-16 21:30:06
savage lvl over 9999 he must be really sad about his life and mostly about brexit tbh
2017-02-16 21:51:05
against nature fucking gay gaylord
2017-02-16 22:11:36
stupidity is against nature also but you continue to do that. ignorant fuck
2017-02-16 22:40:29
He does sound gay, yes
2017-02-16 22:58:41
gay in 2017 LUL
2017-02-16 23:00:21
gays in 2017 xD
2017-02-17 20:31:03
UK scene ?
2017-02-16 22:32:09
Saudi scene?
2017-02-16 22:39:30
I'm not from Saudi Arabia genius ! That country has no internet
2017-02-16 22:53:27
nt Saudistan
2017-02-16 22:57:46
im not a homophobe i swear
2017-02-16 20:44:22
2017-02-16 20:52:22
2017-02-16 20:54:49
2017-02-16 21:31:38
2017-02-16 21:32:26
2017-02-16 21:46:22
2017-02-16 21:52:50
2017-02-16 21:56:23
= 94318741834789134713748971840971897478913984179384783914981
2017-02-16 22:08:47
no? its 0 ?
2017-02-16 22:12:32
oh, my bad
2017-02-17 20:24:26
2017-02-16 22:16:09
he get booner when he see hes father naked in shower
2017-02-16 22:22:45
loool xD
2017-02-16 23:19:08
2017-02-16 22:34:25
2017-02-16 22:36:58
2017-02-16 22:48:18
2017-02-17 19:23:46
>uk scene
2017-02-16 20:14:02
2017-02-16 20:16:01
just imagine when someone says it, he means that you suck d*cks every day

Post edited 2017-02-16 23:00:00
2017-02-16 22:59:46
because it is offensive to be gay lol
2017-02-16 20:14:10
a lot of 3rd worlders and right wingers here
2017-02-16 20:14:31
mostly 3rd worlders
2017-02-16 20:15:28
believe me here are also lots of fucked up conservatives and racists
2017-02-16 20:16:15
"You cant be a racist if there is only one race"~A guy who lead your country before

Post edited 2017-02-16 20:55:01
2017-02-16 20:54:28
mostly 3rd worlders? you know shit m8 get a cup of tea and educate yourself,


:) gay
2017-02-17 19:33:05
A lot of liberal cucks here
2017-02-16 22:10:43
because gay is an insult obviously.
2017-02-16 20:14:56
thats why people call you subhumans.

edit: smart people*

Post edited 2017-02-16 20:17:41
2017-02-16 20:16:46
people who call me subhuman for not liking gay people are subhumans themselves and you are one of them sorry.
2017-02-16 20:22:15
its not about "liking gay", you stupid russian

nvm you need 200 more years to understand this gay thing. its ok and normal for 3rd world to not comprehend and accept such things.
2017-02-16 20:24:10
I don't want to understand this "gay thing". if you want to be gay you can be but stop trying to impose your shitty gay opinion and values on someone

Post edited 2017-02-16 20:33:19
2017-02-16 20:33:05
even if you want you wont because you are too stupid to comprehend , you live in an orthodox based modern dictatorship . as i said you need 200 years to understand and accept.
2017-02-16 20:34:44
I prefer being 200 years behind than being tolerant cuck with autism

Post edited 2017-02-16 20:48:42
2017-02-16 20:38:54
in 200 years you'll understand whos the autist here. too bad you wont be alive.
2017-02-16 20:39:47
I will only understand that you are actually dumber than I have thought. nothing will change. you will we autist forever

Post edited 2017-02-16 20:49:41
2017-02-16 20:43:44
nothing will change

thats exactly an autist would say. just proving your autistic mindset.
2017-02-16 20:51:52
don't worry, someday you will be able to have sex with your boyfriend in public. at least in your country

Post edited 2017-02-16 20:56:05
2017-02-16 20:54:25
im not gay and nowhere you can have sex in public you're so stupid . just stfu will make you look smarter.
2017-02-16 20:56:13
you are so dumb. you should stop arguing with people m8 stop showing how retarded you are
2017-02-16 21:01:10
you are right , i should stop aruguing with retards like you it wont go anywhere. just too low iq to carry on. but btw what you said last reply its exactly what you doing.
2017-02-16 21:08:34
its exactlly what you doing, you argue with people in every possible thread. you have autism, please do not confuse me with yourself.

Post edited 2017-02-16 21:10:22
2017-02-16 21:09:42
bye rustard, you dont deserve my time. just hopeless.
2017-02-16 21:11:00
you don't deserve to live, gaylord. stop trying to look smarter, you fail everytime my retarded friend

Post edited 2017-02-16 21:13:42
2017-02-16 21:13:23
i rekt you and your ape level statements that i cant even count and you still reply like your some kind of masokist . im not trying to look smarter , i know for a fact i am smarter .

btw stop editing all your posts to actually look smarter

Post edited 2017-02-16 21:17:23
2017-02-16 21:17:07
you don't rekt anyone except yourself, you are retarded gaylord do not forget
2017-02-16 21:21:37
you're such a 'weak in the head' kid its ridicolous. top5 hltv retards for sure.
2017-02-16 21:50:15
you are top 1, stop replying me you fucking autist lol

Post edited 2017-02-16 21:57:37
2017-02-16 21:56:31
why stop , are you crying ? poor rustard.
2017-02-16 22:07:10
I just don't want autists and gaylords to reply me, so please, just stop.

Post edited 2017-02-16 22:08:33
2017-02-16 22:08:22
cry me a river kiddy.


next time keep your mouth shut when you know you are stupid
2017-02-16 22:11:20
no one is crying except you lmao. stop inventing stories in your limited brain
2017-02-16 22:12:48

2017-02-16 22:13:27
I don't care that you're crying ffs, stop replyng m8
2017-02-16 22:14:12

2017-02-16 22:14:33
ask your mother then maybe she can wipe away the tears from your eyes. and stop spamming kid

Post edited 2017-02-16 22:17:10
2017-02-16 22:17:02

2017-02-16 22:17:45
I don't really care that you're crying just stop spamming me

Post edited 2017-02-16 22:18:40
2017-02-16 22:18:34

2017-02-16 22:18:39
nobody cares that you're crying stop spamming m8
2017-02-16 22:19:59

2017-02-16 22:20:08
It's funny you're arguing that gay isn't an insult whilst calling him autistic. Yes his views are a bit backwards and silly imo but does calling him autistic really help your point at all?

Post edited 2017-02-16 21:57:39
2017-02-16 21:57:11
its not like hes not an autist and also read my nickname.
2017-02-16 21:59:01
I get your troll, it's not really funny tbh. Point is if gay isn't an insult then why should autist be.
2017-02-16 21:59:38
its not i just hate it but hes not an actual autist , he has autistic mindset , well that pisses me off but i should've just checked his flag and move on.
2017-02-16 22:02:38
I guess I don't understand what the autistic mindset is. I think what you really mean is a closed mindset and are just using autistic because you don't know the actual term or are as backwards towards autism as he is towards gas.
2017-02-16 22:48:51
Ivan said the truth. You are talking about "200 years to understand and accept" but you deny yourself having nickname " i_hate_autism" and being autist
2017-02-16 21:02:58
what truth ? that gay is an insult ? just move to russia and suck their cocks if you dont mind.
2017-02-16 21:12:52
Thats the difference. I dont need to move to russia and will not suck other dick maybe you prefer that but not me
2017-02-16 21:24:30
you already doing it.
2017-02-16 21:29:12
2017-02-16 21:29:23
''people who call me subhuman for not liking gay people are subhumans themselves and you are one of them sorry.''

They dont call you subhuman for not being ok with gays, but for being russian
-just wanted to point it out
2017-02-17 20:32:18
expected from poor russian xD
2017-02-16 20:18:30
expected from gay britt xD

Post edited 2017-02-16 20:23:44
2017-02-16 20:22:50
Only kids call people Gay cuz they have insecurity issues.
2017-02-16 20:15:33
I mean it's that person's call to be gay it's not an insult
2017-02-16 20:15:35
The great empire that colonized third part fo the world is slowly rotting of anal tolerance inside :)
2017-02-16 20:16:15
Haha +1
2017-02-16 20:22:59
if someone behaves gay then that person probably isn't against gays. So then if u call him gay, to him it's not an insult, possibly even a compliment. Check mate scrubs.
2017-02-16 20:16:32
keep calm and go fuck yourself
2017-02-16 20:16:47
NEE-eu NEE-eu
NEE-eu NEE-eu
2017-02-16 20:16:52
Because gay considered a lover of dicksucking. At least here in Russia everyone will beat your ass, if you are comingout with your gay boyfriend. So gay is an insult and a shameful fact
2017-02-16 20:19:02
but hltv isn`t russia
2017-02-16 20:19:53
hltv is hltv, why are you even saying something to me in such a retarded way?
2017-02-16 20:21:34
because you are a retard so i need to speak to you like a retard? Ok?
2017-02-16 20:32:54
He didnt call you retard, by the way, defending your ideas this way is also the way to make him look right. I personally don't care about homosexuals, they dont bother me living and dont spoil my life expirience...but popularizing this culture, shouts out, parades, rainbow flags and so on - this is wrong.
2017-02-16 22:44:00
its funny because putin himself is an opressed homosexual
2017-02-16 20:22:07
that's why hes loving some Alina Kabaeva over his old stupid looking ex-wife. that's a bait, gtfo
2017-02-16 20:22:53
hes gay , get over it , but its ok he is living in denial just like all russians thinking they are 1st world ... its normal for you to deny the reality and beleive comfortable lies.
2017-02-16 20:26:35
What the fuck? Who are you even to say something like that? You are a useless baiter on hltv forum wasting your time in life while you could do something more useful to at least guarantee that tomorrow your poor mother wont kick you out of the house so you will start to ask for donations on the streets like a real pleb. I just basically hit your life in the middle of it, accept it
2017-02-16 20:29:11
you probably described yourself.

for the record im 26 i have a life of my own and i live in 1st world unlike you living in a hopeless shithole.
2017-02-16 20:31:11
xD come at me bro, im living in one of the best capital cities of the entire world - Moscow. And i'm 19, having my own apartments with 3 rooms, a car and 1800$ of a salary
2017-02-16 20:36:21
ok kid. have a good life. bye
2017-02-16 20:38:23
2017-02-16 20:38:41
of course, of course, we all here do ;)
2017-02-16 22:47:29
gimme your vk, i'll show you
2017-02-17 19:14:20
Because Russians take longer to process information, still 60s mentality
2017-02-17 20:34:34
Did you make it bold because of your mental problems not letting you to talk to people in a usual way?
2017-02-17 20:36:25
Not I highlighted in bolt for your subhuman mentality to understand it better
2017-02-17 20:56:06
nt, but made yourself looking stupid. congrats :>
2017-02-17 20:56:38
np, people will understand once they see your russian
2017-02-17 20:58:55
stereotypes are real, only people that are not able to have their own opinion in their lives talking away with stereotypes. just sayin
2017-02-17 21:00:45
2017-02-16 20:19:30
So gay bro ... Grow up and get pussy...
2017-02-16 20:20:41
i call you gay because you are gay not because it is offensive
i also call you faggit because you are gay

EZ4UK you are faggit gay
2017-02-16 20:20:51
cause being gay is a shame, you are a shame and hltv is a shame.

if you really think touching men dicks as a man, blowing some cock or anal intercourse or sharing some sperm from man to man is regular, you are the retarded subhuman here.

there are still people with moral and knowledge about godly law and order on this earth. people which love the one and only lord jesus christ.

and fuck your 2017 aspect. even if earth would live till 3030 homosexuality wouldn't be regular and normal and still unblessed, cause god is immortal and so his rules are.

summa summarum, kiss my ass subhuman cockrider.

fucking homosexuals and lefty cucks. always the same kind of shit with you devilish idiots.

but hell is waiting and it's save.

Post edited 2017-02-16 20:22:17
2017-02-16 20:21:41
this is the most stupid thing i`ve ever read

2017-02-16 20:39:10
2017-02-16 20:54:08
2017-02-16 21:18:09
Shut up you and your Nazi bullshit, I bet ignorant people like you have higher chances to go to hell than homosexuals, which imo are doing nothing wrong
2017-02-17 20:39:50
lol what a poofter
2017-02-16 20:22:00
what is poofter? funny word that i want to use now :)
2017-02-16 22:36:56
http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=poo.. ;)

check no. 3

Post edited 2017-02-16 22:38:43
2017-02-16 22:37:43
HA! i use now

thx metal music making friend
2017-02-16 22:38:22
you welcome :D I actually heard it first from the link I posted below #41
2017-02-16 22:40:49
is not nice to make fun of mentally ill men you degenerates
2017-02-16 20:22:10
hehe :)
2017-02-16 20:22:40
i agree +1

they were born retarded.. they cant help themselfs .. they have a illnes that makes them want to fuck other man in the anus..
2017-02-17 20:41:19
2 types of people use gay as an insult:

#1 - closeted gay people that hate themselves
#2 - religious retards with ancient fiction books
2017-02-16 20:22:31
#3 - open-minded normal people that just don't like them

if they ask why you(i) hate/disrespect/beat them when there's no one around,
just respond to them "why you like men?" and they will understand that is natural something we can't control and they can't do nothing about it, so it just natural to hate them point
/case closed
2017-02-16 20:29:29
if you think its just natural to hate a group of people then have been brainwashed by #2
2017-02-16 20:35:56
i am genuinely sorry, if you have to blame everything on religion and you don't know what else to say.

You could assume that i just don't like gay people the way gay people are attracted to men? Do gay people have they own religion where they get brainwashed from young age to become gay? i don't think so.
but i had to confirm every night before i went to sleep my dad & mom told me how gays are bad persons i have to be afraid of them because god says that is forbidden to like the same sex.
2017-02-16 20:46:31
hate is learned somewhere.

when i say religion, i mean thousands of years of culture and teachings that have been ingrained into you without you being aware.
2017-02-16 20:55:27
this must be true...since you come from mars and there wasn't any religion oops i mean thousands of years of culture raping and teachings that have been ingrained into you without you being raped or... you came from murica = no history, could be true, but i am pretty sure it is not.
2017-02-16 21:11:46
such poor english, i cant understand what you are trying to say
2017-02-16 21:25:08
i know i just copy pasted some of your words and mixed with other and some of mine, truth is that you started to become boring and you just repeated yourself soooo kill yourself faggot
2017-02-16 21:39:43
alright m8, good luck with the h8 thing :D
2017-02-16 21:41:15
What if gay people act differently(in your views of how people should behave) and showed themselves to you as a group of people who cannot be trusted? This has nothing to do with religion. Hate is not a bad thing, it's what kept your country(assuming you're from the US) from British control. Hate is a normal emotion just like love and honor. The only issue with hate is if you start to go out of your normal day life to spread it/include it in your social life. Apart from that, hate is normal.
2017-02-17 20:35:07
i get what you are saying but still seems to be generalizing/stereotyping.

there are so many gay people closeted that look/act/behave just like any ordinary masculine man. without having info for all gay guys then its hard to say "as a group they cannot be trusted" or "they all act so annoying and girly".
2017-02-17 20:42:06
Generalizing is a instinctively response for your own survival. Your brain is wired that way. You can't blame people for following their instincts. Of course there is respectable and decent gay people that are capable of living in society, but when you start to see that the majority of X group behaves in a way you dislike, it's only natural for you to start hating them. Whoever tells you that you can't hate is telling you to go against your instincts, the same ones that made your race/people thrive and prosper. Don't get carried away by going against your nature just because it's "unethical" or because "ITS 2017 OMFGGGG".

Post edited 2017-02-17 20:49:23
2017-02-17 20:48:29
You say it because you obviously assume that the person you're insulting is not gay... Can't be that hard to understand
2017-02-16 20:23:00
Gay/faggot = annoying cunt
nothing to do with sexual orientation
2017-02-16 20:23:59
this thread is pretty gay tbh
2017-02-16 20:24:18
if boy dog fuck man is dog gay?

Post edited 2017-02-16 20:25:24
2017-02-16 20:25:10
just because some people are ok with faggots existing doesn't make being a faggot any less disgusting
2017-02-16 20:25:16
nt faggo
2017-02-16 20:26:35
I live in NA and I've never heard anybody call someone gay and actually mean it as an insult, I think it's just something people say when they are annoyed not to legitimately try to get someone mad
2017-02-16 20:28:38
It used to be a fairly popular phrase here years ago. I haven't heard anyone say it in a long time. The LGBT put out a bunch of commercials about not saying it just before the whole same sex marriage shit popped off.
2017-02-17 20:41:53
Calling someone "gay" or a "faggot" or "poof" is so childish, a lot of less educated people do it because they lack the intelligence to create real insults.
2017-02-16 20:31:09
2017-02-16 21:48:26
That's more like it.
2017-02-16 21:48:51
Yeah... nah.
2017-02-16 21:51:14
Shut up
2017-02-16 21:53:53
one day i will move to australia so i need to practice m8 language

Post edited 2017-02-16 21:55:28
2017-02-16 21:55:12
absolute fucking braindead retard

Probably gonna get banned for this lul
Atleast I didn't use the n-word.
2017-02-16 22:47:11
Well done.
2017-02-16 22:52:30
how can you call others 3rd worlders when you live in poorland v2 yourself?
2017-02-16 20:41:36
ye like same braindeads who say 'liberal' is an insult kids are trying to be edgy and shit
2017-02-16 20:41:49
faggots defending faggots
2017-02-16 20:42:09
u retarded faggot
2017-02-16 20:42:15
faggot detected
2017-02-16 20:42:39
Because the same word can have different meanings. Context matters.
2017-02-16 20:43:00
What are u, fucking gay?
2017-02-16 20:43:31
its actually a really bad insult. im not creative enough to use anything else though. i hate myself.
2017-02-16 20:44:44
just say bellend instead

Post edited 2017-02-16 20:47:49
2017-02-16 20:46:49
ah, bellend is truly fantastic but it's a bit too british for me
2017-02-16 22:01:23
sure. you are gay btw.
2017-02-16 20:45:15
thank you very much! Thank you for telling me i`m gay, i am now gay because papa-paparazzi has told me!
2017-02-16 20:47:34
sorry. i don't want to hurt your feelings. but you think that "gay" is not an insult. so you are gay in my opinion.

Post edited 2017-02-16 20:48:33
2017-02-16 20:48:24
what ever you say, gay boy. LMAO
2017-02-16 20:47:21
lol this thread is gay
2017-02-16 20:48:23
gay people are annoying and shit. its not normal. I mean male should treat like a male WTF? they are born losers
2017-02-16 20:48:41
i think youre mistaking gays for faggots. faggots are annoying, gay ppl you wont even notice

Post edited 2017-02-16 20:51:35
2017-02-16 20:51:22
+1 im actually really gay and you are exactly right. you would never know talking to me. Faggot flamboyant fags are so annoying.
2017-02-16 22:20:10
i domt believe you are gay, cant take dtuff like that srs on HLTV xdd
2017-02-16 22:32:53
haha I really am but I dont give a shit what this community says. You know how many closet gays there are in gaming and here on hltv? A ton. Look at this post, a bunch of sexually insecure people.
2017-02-16 22:43:15
Theres nothing in this world that is "normal" everything is subjective you fucking toilet cleaner.
2017-02-16 21:52:54
+1 oh my god an intelligent person on hltv.... what the.....
2017-02-16 22:18:39
what are you gay?
2017-02-16 20:50:23
Gay is often used as a synonym for effeminate. By calling someone gay you in effect say that they are not manly or masculine. It has very little to do with anti-gay bigotry. Faggot.
2017-02-16 20:54:45
why do you support men assfucking eachother?
2017-02-16 20:58:01
gay detected
2017-02-16 21:00:35
lol fkn fag
2017-02-16 21:01:41
you don't call gay corner gay corner because it's a homosexual and that's bad, but because it's a fucking gay corner, you know?
2017-02-16 21:01:57
+1 calling someone gay isnt necessarily calling them homosexuaL
2017-02-16 21:14:03
Because being gay is bad
2017-02-16 21:02:50
is fun when people are called gay and get mad LUL, like if ur not gay ur not gay mothafucka, doesnt matter what people say xd insecure about enjoying pussy?? hmm LUL
2017-02-16 21:14:25
being gay is wrong.
2017-02-16 21:14:35
fuck gays
2017-02-16 21:19:06
Gay isn't even a "powerful" insult, I don't think anyone actually cares when they are called gay by someone else, joke or not.
2017-02-16 21:20:40
Depends on what country you live in, you live in russia its HIGHLY offensive because its not used loosely like in USA.
2017-02-16 21:44:51
Only cuz uk has 95% gay people xddddd known for drinking tea xddd doesnt get gayer than that xdd
2017-02-16 21:26:05
yea nothing more straight than hanging out in a sauna with your m8's and working up a good sweat.

2017-02-16 21:33:54
Thats just being secure, drinking tea is just plain gay
2017-02-16 21:34:34
Sauna and ykkös kalja
2017-02-17 20:33:43
Why do the stupid 1st worlders think calling someone "3rd worlders" is offensive, like its 2017, people are from the 3rd world get over it.

It's a cultural problem, as a mexican who lives in a conservative zone from my country, I see this problem a lot, I'd blame education and religion, both big problems.
2017-02-16 21:30:39
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Season 12 Ep 6

It's ok to call someone fag to save him life
2017-02-16 21:31:34
absolutely nothing more manly than typing insults on an internet forum.

fucking makes me feel like a champion.
2017-02-16 21:31:51
2017-02-16 21:32:59
2017-02-16 21:33:56
If you're actually asking, and not just baiting/trolling, here's what I believe: It's because you question a guys masculinity. Kinda the same thing that happens when you say someone has a small dick or is a pussy. The effect is pretty much the same.
2017-02-16 21:36:34
I'm gay and use gay as an insult
2017-02-16 21:47:40
2017-02-16 22:15:50

2017-02-16 21:56:41
stfu fgt
2017-02-16 22:08:29
I guess fucking animals should be considered normal aswell. Fucking children is normal too.
2017-02-16 22:10:16
U seems to be stupid paying attention to morons commenting about someone's sexual preference, (despite it is true or not).
2017-02-16 22:16:25
2017-02-16 22:17:10
i asking my self why the people is so racist and offensive..
if you think in tearms of limits like the countries and continets.. we are not separate, exist one world dude, any country isnt 3er worldly as any country is first.. also almost all countries have bad things
2017-02-16 22:18:31
2017-02-16 22:20:58
haaaa gaaay
2017-02-16 22:23:06
shut up gay
2017-02-16 22:26:23
why do people get so offended now adays?
2017-02-16 22:33:50
Loving gays makes you 1st worlder by default, doesn't it?..
2017-02-16 22:34:11
yes , didnt you know? im srs ofc
2017-02-16 22:38:21
Why do the stupid 3rd worlders think calling someone "gaylord" is offensive.

I am Lord of the gays and bow down to me
2017-02-16 22:40:01
gay on portuguese (br)means faggot
2017-02-16 22:40:58
Why u so sensitive?
2017-02-16 22:49:09
2017-02-16 22:56:46
Sjw spotted
2017-02-16 22:58:31
If you call someone gay and they are, then they get super offended. It's almost a great way to check and make sure you aren't hanging out with gay people.
2017-02-17 19:21:45
I'm gay
Should I be offended if someone call me gay?
2017-02-17 19:26:23
Are a passive or active gay?
2017-02-17 19:35:41
gay is not a human
2017-02-17 20:25:39
youre gay
2017-02-17 20:28:51
being gay is not normal
2017-02-17 20:32:56
2017-02-17 20:34:36
2017-02-17 20:34:12
gay topic started by a gay person
2017-02-17 20:35:51
because white people are bombarded with gay commercials.

if you like men keep it to yourself don't influence children and pretend it's normal.

have you every seen chinese get bombarded with gay propaganda? while we white people get the holebi normalization, the 'don't breed because there are too much africans and asians on the world' bs.

any man with a self-made family will always be more respected than a gay. better deal with it because this is an universal value.
2017-02-17 20:37:28
cuz in some languages there is 2 word for gay (a correct and an offensive)
like in hungarian:



so english is broken
2017-02-17 20:45:47
only one offensive word?
i think its a few dozens of it in russian =D
if u have imagination
2017-02-17 20:59:02
Because who the fuck wants to be gay lolol
2017-02-17 20:47:31
2017-02-17 21:01:57
haHAA gaayyyyyyyyy
2017-02-17 22:10:19

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