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k0nfig disrespectful

"greenwhat?" Maybe show some respect you prick?
(45 replies)
Created 2017-02-17 20:36 by: Hiekkaneekeri
wow i just lost all respect i had for k0nfig, so disrespectful
2017-02-17 20:37:27
wow i just lost all respect i had for k0nfig, so i lost nothing
2017-02-17 20:38:46
braciaku respekt
2017-02-17 20:46:03
2017-02-17 20:48:57
rivalry is good atleast Optic will now try to take revenge
2017-02-17 20:46:15
Hahahah stop whining and have a sense of humor
2017-02-17 20:38:26
2017-02-17 20:55:08
hes right got all my respect #norespectformurica
2017-02-17 20:38:56
Of Spain and Canada, why no respect for Murica?
2017-02-17 21:00:02
because Hiko was bottomfragging
2017-02-17 21:15:35
Didn't Rush get rekt too?
2017-02-17 21:19:12
its a fucking game why do you need respect???
2017-02-17 20:39:02
really stupid thing to say
2017-02-17 20:39:36
+1 i agree
2017-02-17 20:40:22
I love konfig

Funny motherfucker
2017-02-17 20:39:47
Basically every csgo player is disrespectful. So sad. Lost all respect I had for CS Pro scene :/
2017-02-17 20:41:04
Lets all go cry together! What a absolute uncalled for and completely out of place personal joke! This cannot go on any further.
2017-02-17 20:41:08
yeah, I can't wait to joke when North get rekt in playoffs" #WhereIsTheNorth
2017-02-17 20:50:01
:'( ?
2017-02-17 20:57:53
I'd expect more for An admin than be baited by happycrank....
2017-02-17 21:06:53
When an admin gets baited by Happycrank, LUL.
2017-02-17 21:09:23
2017-02-17 20:41:53
haha butthurt fanboy spotted
2017-02-17 20:42:38
didn't realize optic had hardcore fans, they seem really really retarded

2017-02-17 20:43:00
Lol didnt get the green part someone explain pls?
2017-02-17 20:43:05

I dunno, seems like the optic players like to end their tweets with #GreenWall to look cool or something
2017-02-17 21:02:41
lost all the k0nfig that i just wow
2017-02-17 20:44:26
stop crying. why should he respect them? 32-9 total.
Tell me when have u respected toilet paper? u just wipe ur ass with it.
2017-02-17 20:47:50
fucking north are so immature
2017-02-17 20:48:56
little bitch
2017-02-17 20:50:12
ROFL, calm down guys
2017-02-17 20:51:59
2017-02-17 20:54:23
2017-02-17 21:05:36
wow i just lost all respect i had for k0nfig, so i lost nothing
2017-02-17 20:56:01
childish af
2017-02-17 21:00:53
mad burgers :D:D:D
2017-02-17 21:01:45
well im sure he can get as many chicks as u dream of because hes making money of beeing "nerd" and esport player... i would see that when he will stop playing abd beeing without school
2017-02-17 21:04:36
K0nfig seems to forget that everytime he trashtalks the team he beats gets his ass kicked in the upcoming match, lol

Post edited 2017-02-17 21:07:36
2017-02-17 21:04:58
wow i just lost all respect i had for k0nfig, so disrespectful
2017-02-17 21:06:27
I lost all respect I had for k0nfig...
2017-02-17 21:09:14
man you guys are a bunch of pussies who gives a fuck
2017-02-17 21:09:24
I don't quite get it, what does he mean with it? ^^
2017-02-17 21:10:18
after brs are toxic, so many eu players talking shit to each other on twitter
2017-02-17 21:10:52
It was a bit uncalled for. But don't cry over spilled milk unless you are a retard. Then you may
2017-02-17 21:11:58
North players are toxic and stupid as fuck
2017-02-17 21:13:42

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