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Dignitas pita
Are they suicidal? picking up decent tier 1-2 players alongside pita? playing 4v5 isn't recommended..
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Created 2017-03-20 22:39 by: Lupa
Cmon fox isnt that bad
2017-03-20 22:41:04
Not any good IGL avaiable i guess. IMO hes just playing until they can buyout or way for other IGL to become avaiable
2017-03-20 22:41:21
+hiko or pyth
2017-03-20 22:41:43
hiko is so trash, pyth would be a nice choice tho.
lets see how this gonna work with pita first i guess.
2017-03-21 04:37:50
1 tier-1-ish player (maikel)
3 tier 2 players
1 who was terrible in t5 online NA games

recipe for success!
2017-03-20 22:41:46
I dont understand this fox hate he wasnt that terrible against t5 teams
2017-03-20 22:47:25
he talks about rubino
2017-03-20 23:14:11
do u have autism by any chance
2017-03-20 23:14:11
I amn't what about yours?
2017-03-20 23:15:52
maikele tier 1

xdddddddddddddd go bomb something
2017-03-20 23:14:23
He lost to team izako xd but it doesn't mean he is not tier 1

Fox also not bad he was decent in k1ck against tier 5 teams
2017-03-20 23:21:48
At this time? Bombing is only 9-5.

Maikelele is capable of playing tier 1 csgo and not getting ruined.
2017-03-21 00:13:40
Expected from jew. Always interested someones business.
2017-03-20 23:12:22
reported and deported
2017-03-20 23:16:35
pita always find way to steal money, first charity, then clg and now he steal from dignitas

Post edited 2017-03-21 00:15:16
2017-03-21 00:15:01
I think he have some conections since cs 1.6 so yeah people pick him. Hes DOGSHIT even for igl role.
2017-03-21 00:21:16
Israel talking about suicide. Expected.
2017-03-21 00:25:05
yea i dont respect this if he's shit then i will make threads about him
2017-03-21 04:05:54
2017-03-21 04:07:08
if they learn how to be play 4v5, then when they add 5th normal player EZ rank 1 HLTV
2017-03-21 04:13:15

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