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UK and USA english
so what's the diference between them exactly?
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Created 2017-03-21 05:01 by: MineCrafter_xD
none, just certain terms like rubish instead of garbage, lift instead of elevator, mate instead of friend etc.
2017-03-21 05:07:48
muricans pronounce R
2017-03-21 05:11:02
color / colour
favorite / favourite
defense / defence
offense / offence
2017-03-21 05:10:37
small differences in terminology, spelling, phrases, and pronunciation

for example in usa it's color, uk it's colour. that applies to a lot of words with the O sound like that

in usa it's aluminum and pronounced a-loo-min-um

in uk it's alimunium and pronounced a-loo-mini-um

uk ppl use random weird words like crikey and mate and bullshit like that

canadian english funny enough is a weird mix, i think they use uk spellings of like color and stuff but other us stuff

not sure about AUS or other english speaking countries but I think they tend to use uk english

Post edited 2017-03-21 05:13:35
2017-03-21 05:12:26
Can confirm NZ and Australia is British spelling. British words aren't bullshit, just not the same as yours :)
2017-03-21 05:21:44
just jokes haha although i do refuse to accept that crikey isnt weird af
2017-03-21 05:35:35
we're all incredibly sorry for having larger vocabularies hah
2017-03-21 05:40:02
Mate, bugger all I'm feeling knackered. Let's kerfuffle. Cheers. (Not sure what I just said) <3
2017-03-21 05:47:20
kerfuffle is a noun you dunce, not a verb.
2017-03-21 05:48:51
I just googled British slang xD
2017-03-21 05:49:21
well whatever you found was written by an american
2017-03-21 05:49:56
I didn't read any of the definitions I just used random words heh
2017-03-21 05:50:59

only americans say it as a-loo because of their lazy tongues
2017-03-21 05:35:40
Well it's just like illuminati
2017-03-21 05:48:51
nope, the double l changes the way you sound the vowel
2017-03-21 05:53:05
2017-03-21 06:14:15
Also some of the words have different spellings. Eg colour in UK is color in US
2017-03-21 05:13:02
UK sounds sexy USA sounds fast eating words af
2017-03-21 05:13:26
2017-03-21 05:16:18

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