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@HLTVorg (1 minute ago)
The Group A decider match between & is up next in #ECS, for more: hltv.org/match/2303216-...

@HLTVorg (4 minutes ago)
PotM: (41:27, 1.27 rating, 12:3 in opening duels) - Cloud9 won 23 of 27 rounds when he had at least 1 kill

@HLTVorg (41 minutes ago)
Full series stats for vs (2-0) in #ECS

@HLTVorg (42 minutes ago)
Map 2 (16-8, Overpass) stats for vs in #ECS

@HLTVorg (44 minutes ago)
Cloud9 send Astralis home: hltv.org/news/18137-clo... #ECS

@HLTVorg (47 minutes ago)
knock out ! As they take Overpass 16-8 and wrap up the series 2-0 in #ECS

@HLTVorg (1 hour ago)
An explosive first half on Overpass ends at 9-6 in the favor of , T side for now in #ECS

@HLTVorg (1 hour ago)
with the 1v3 clutch over ! link #ECS