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hltv problem
All Good time of day! I have a problem. I start HLTV from HLTV.org on the server, then eat their hltv running with the computer, and I always wrote Bad Server Password.
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Created 2009-08-27 18:49 by: hASKE
can you ask the question again? didnt get it.

then eat their hltv running with the computer
2009-08-27 18:58:43
2009-08-27 19:02:27
problem is I try to run INTO HLTV from your computer to HLTV.org - VeryGames.net and I wrote constantly Bad Server Password.
2009-08-27 19:04:25
so you book a server (from here, hltv.org) and it says that you wrote a bad server password?

is the server public and are you SURE you wrote the real password.

and use the reply button to make me see you replyed back! :)
2009-08-27 19:08:49
Nomad - HLTV.org
Write it in Danish, because I have no idea wtf you are on about..
2009-08-27 19:09:41
Problemet er, jeg forsøger at løbe ind i HLTV fra din computer til HLTV.org - VeryGames.net og jeg skrev konstant Bad Server Password.
2009-08-27 19:13:16
Nomad - HLTV.org
?!?!?! Kan du ikke skrive en normal Dansk sætning eller hvad?!
2009-08-27 20:03:26
I dont understand danish that well, but with the knowledge I have, that sentence doesnt make any sense :D
2009-08-27 20:09:13

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