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Command for "Next Match Starts In"
I would like to know what command is used to change "Next Match Starts In" timer.
Please someone smart help me out.
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Created 2013-01-02 19:06 by: rubbe
after a map is done it takes atleast 12 second before next starts and i would like to lower that to 3sec or even less. please help me out
2013-01-02 19:12:31
mp_chattime 3
2013-01-02 19:13:28
2013-01-02 19:27:08
noone knows it?
2013-01-02 19:51:49
mp_howmanysecondstonextmap "number"
2013-01-02 19:53:50
didnt work damnit.
2013-01-02 21:57:14
by: TricoN - HLTV.org
see #7
2013-01-20 18:52:24
by: TricoN - HLTV.org
Rubbe, found command? my server take 1 min & 30 sec wait time before change map....... sux

It's why I really need this command >.< anyone know?
2013-01-20 18:52:16
no sorry i still would like to have it.
2013-01-20 20:12:03

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