Hello, here I got a subscription with you, I began to be seriously disappointed, nothing works, neither SourceTV nor AutoRecord although I am VIP.

So help me please, I put everything as you say, ie IP SourceTV tv_relaypassword and password on my server tv_enable 1.

What solution, please?

There would be someone who knows perfectly the right settings to do? Thank you!
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Created 2010-11-06 13:57 by: AirLess
by: Nomad -
Please link me to one of your SourceTV bookings that is currently active and not working. The autorecorder is only for CS 1.6 as remote SourceTV's cannot record demos.
2010-11-06 14:11:28
Password: pcwtv
2010-11-06 14:39:29
by: Nomad -
Uh no.. Book a SourceTV and link me to the booking..
2010-11-06 14:47:25
I do not quite understand what you're wondering, there is no user manual by chance?
Me I click HLTV and booking, and filled boxes, that's all!
And precisely because I am French, I understand if I'm handling it or not, help me please, thank you very much!
2010-11-06 14:50:56
by: Schypher -
I think it's this he wants
2010-11-06 14:56:07
I do not know if you'd do something but it works!
Sorry for any inconvenience, and therefore AutoRecord not work with CS: S?
2010-11-06 14:56:01
by: Nomad -
No, we cannot record demos for CS:S so no autorecorder.
2010-11-06 15:08:05
Thank you for everything, for me on set!
2010-11-06 15:19:43

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