IP: Match over
Time:16:30 - 2nd of November
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Coverage:ESWC 2013

1st - de_mirage 13:16
2nd - de_inferno 9:16

Astana Dragons win 2:0
voting finished
voting finished
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2013-11-02 15:49:15
Now this is a good match.
2013-11-02 15:49:16
2013-11-02 15:49:18
hope ad take this =)
2013-11-02 15:49:23
2013-11-02 15:49:46
astana eez
2013-11-02 15:49:49
Match on 3rd place better than 1st place ...
2013-11-02 15:50:47
2013-11-02 15:51:29

Post edited 2013-11-02 15:52:46
2013-11-02 15:52:20
how can you be that mad ?You haven't even seen the match yet
2013-11-02 15:59:51
but he is right this game is more interesting than final...
2013-11-02 19:54:04
haha mad ad fan
2013-11-02 16:03:44
haters gonna hate

2013-11-02 16:07:20
2013-11-02 16:08:54
why better? they deserver, cm rape astana and vg rape nip.
2013-11-02 16:41:19
go go nip
2013-11-02 15:51:42
gl NiP but it will be AD who is going to get the 3rd place... nip always have problems with VP/AD
2013-11-02 15:52:08
$$$$ on the line, still serious business
2013-11-02 15:52:14
Russians so mad
2013-11-02 15:52:18
Better than the grand final.
2013-11-02 15:53:33
AD 2-1
2013-11-02 15:53:37
still better then german top fail teams :DDD
2013-11-02 15:54:40
NiP angry = easy
2013-11-02 15:56:11
Do you really want to show you what happend with gtr/f0rest(+robban) last time they where angry because lost in SF and they need to play for the 3rd place?
PS:They lost 2-0 against Lions for the 3rd place .
2013-11-02 16:00:04
GOGOGOGOGO AD!,take the third place of money !
2013-11-02 15:56:44
gogo AD
2013-11-02 16:00:22
nice match hopefully :)
2013-11-02 16:00:51
cmon AD !
2013-11-02 16:02:54
by: ritN
hate AD very much >:(
i miss VP and old Na`Vi squad :(

ezy NiP
2013-11-02 16:04:06
+starix then will be great
2013-11-02 16:05:35
first bad lan tour 4 adren -.-
2013-11-02 16:11:23
mb he forgot his talisman?:D
2013-11-02 18:03:39
Good luck Astana Dragons!
2013-11-02 16:06:07
NIP win of course
2013-11-02 16:06:18
AD big fail..
so much inconsistent !!!!!
2013-11-02 16:07:12
+1 inconsistent at all :P
2013-11-02 16:14:52
This is final match for me.... :)
2013-11-02 16:11:34
by: ritN
because u're NiP fanboy
2013-11-02 16:13:11
And what u want to see at final match beetwen french teams... Its too boring for me...
2013-11-02 16:28:05
because u're NiP fanboy
2013-11-02 21:00:37
Can you explain me how the hell origins can matter when we're talking about the entertaining aspect of a match ?
2013-11-02 23:37:28
by: binz
AD can win this! 2-1
2013-11-02 16:13:42
buahahahah :D
Nip & Ad fans = butthurt
2013-11-02 16:15:09

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1970-01-01 01:00:00
by: tHm - <3 tHm
Yeah, its not like they got the most easy draw in the history of ESWC.
2013-11-02 16:17:27
by: Jeza
I agree CM had easiest 1st round match, but it is stupid to call it a 'draw' like it even matters when there are only 8 teams.

1/4, 1/2, Final.

Only makes sense to talk about easier draws in at least 16/32 team brackets imo.

Also don't forget that they came 1st in their group, so they earned one of 2nd ranked teams.

Post edited 2013-11-02 16:30:44
2013-11-02 16:29:26
Yee AD really easy draw :< :< :< :<
2013-11-02 17:14:05
Group stage col and lgb, still managed to place 1st. Quarter against fm noob I agree, but won against AD in semis which is arguably the 3rd best in the world.
Btw, why do peaple are mad because unexecpted teams win? When NiP was winning every tournys, alot of people were like "Omg so boring, nip always win" and now that their are team that step up, people are still crying.. Ffs
2013-11-02 17:59:46
lmao saucer talking
2013-11-02 16:21:56
Why would it make a difference what game he's from 3 people from CM are from 1.6, so if it was a matter of games only he wouldn't care.
2013-11-02 16:28:45
true, especially cm made a good road
2013-11-02 22:00:05
Who is universalsoldiers ?? Haha maybe top 2...23
2013-11-02 16:18:28
This game is so random you never know whose gonna win the best guys loses to some french nonamers LOL.
2013-11-02 16:23:03
French nonamers ? HaRtS ? ioRek ? apx ?
2013-11-02 17:05:57
HaRts and Iorek are the from old 1.6 emul team..and yes in csgo they are nonamers
2013-11-02 17:12:13
Where have you been the last few months?
2013-11-02 17:15:03
ure dumb
2013-11-02 17:15:40
go away you're drunk
2013-11-02 17:51:56
Dude. Harts and Iorek were wordl champion on 1.6

And Clan mystic already beat Verygames on CG:GO
2013-11-02 18:06:04
What ever you are high on. I want it!
2013-11-02 19:51:22
2013-11-02 19:50:48
2013-11-02 17:21:08
this will easy game for nip 2:0
2013-11-02 16:23:14
This would've made a better final
2013-11-02 16:24:52
Hope ad x nip classic maps train d2 no only cache and inferno
2013-11-02 16:27:58
they are playing for 5000 euro so i hope they will play at their best .
2013-11-02 16:30:15

Post edited
1970-01-01 01:00:00
Ok idiot, now you can go back to your pokeball.
2013-11-02 16:31:24
NiP must rethink about their linup if they lost it...
2013-11-02 16:31:34
gogogo nip
2013-11-02 16:32:32
Stream ? Link pls
2013-11-02 16:32:58
admins pls ban this guy ELVIIRA.
2013-11-02 16:35:45
+1 one - reported
2013-11-02 16:38:08
NiP !!!!!
2013-11-02 16:37:08
score bot ?!
2013-11-02 16:41:14
both teams = morally disadvantaged, but bronze medal still counts

hf gl

Post edited 2013-11-02 16:43:35
2013-11-02 16:43:21
n1 friberg
2013-11-02 16:48:12
Wow, Dosia wp.
2013-11-02 16:50:53
losing so obvious rounds as usual for NiP and look at fiflaren top fragging like always ,nice.
2013-11-02 16:51:33
Dosia and f0rest seems drunk ... nothing new for Dosia but yaeh..nice.
2013-11-02 16:55:30
dosia 30+ frags on mirage yeah sure he drunk
2013-11-02 17:14:47
Best hack for Dosia > Vodka.
2013-11-02 17:16:32
astana might win mirage, but I can't see them winning NiP in a bo3 here
2013-11-02 17:07:01
I can, definitely. This is not the NiP we use to know.
2013-11-02 17:15:44
Nip saving strats for dhw duuuuuh
2013-11-02 17:09:15
2013-11-02 17:13:22
2013-11-02 17:28:52
Who fucked up the veto ?
2013-11-02 17:14:15
2013-11-02 17:14:32
What's this (5.000$) for NiP? After all, they win DH Winter...
2013-11-02 17:14:59
Dosia strong on LAN. Russian Internet #1
2013-11-02 17:15:10
Nip playing like bot Albert
2013-11-02 17:15:31
both teams are obviously playing full force, this isnt a match for nothing, this is a match for a bronze medal 3rd place which does count as well as 5k which at least pays the trip to France, so stupidly saying teams are saving strats or something doesnt make sense...


2013-11-02 17:15:39
2013-11-02 17:36:04
Lol,do you really believe that AD or NiP use strats this match?
For what? No one will remember who finish 3rd at ESWC,people remember only the champions and sometimes the 2nd place.
They play normal,all around the map trying to make the entry-frag or just rush and kill.
2013-11-02 17:15:48
Yeah, 5K is nothing, they're throwing 5K at bitches every day.
2013-11-02 17:16:38
uhm money???
no one wants to lose, not even a 3rd place decider.
2013-11-02 17:16:58
exactly, not sure why this was even brought up, its a bronze medal, even if noone cares bout the money, both teams didnt make it to the final, so both of them want to at least be in TOP 3 which does matter, its not like at all the other events where 3rd place decider matches are not even plaid these quit the nonsense, this is gunna be hard to win for both :0

Post edited 2013-11-02 17:26:00
2013-11-02 17:20:47
they used everything in semis so yes, they have nothing to hide this match
2013-11-02 17:23:12
markeloff need pick AWP in AD
2013-11-02 17:17:44
close first map
2013-11-02 17:18:35
2013-11-02 17:19:05
Changement is coming !
2013-11-02 17:19:48
t'a un rasion
2013-11-02 17:22:08
"t'as raison" (even though it's not correct, that spelling is still acceptable)
2013-11-02 17:28:13
cest ca mon chomb
2013-11-02 17:33:53
2013-11-02 19:27:54
2013-11-02 17:46:57

Post edited
1970-01-01 01:00:00
stop trolling, you're the reason why people hate on us
2013-11-02 17:28:26
No one cares about ESWC anyways, shit event.
2013-11-02 17:29:08
tbh there were great teams and a decent prize pool 12.5k €. Stil pretty good imo, not what it used to be, but still.
2013-11-02 17:35:18
bad stream, bad times, bad matchups. It's not even "good" at this point
2013-11-02 17:54:53
the times have always been the same, and it's bad only for non europeans. 9h30 is not super early, it's only late for America.
"bad matchups" normal ones imo
The stream wasn't horrible, seems like people don't like to change. Twitch is awful for most people, dailymotion is a good alternative.
2013-11-02 17:57:40
eswc is a minor event right now
2013-11-02 18:04:27
DH + EMS + Starladder Majors ?Doesn't make eswc a minor event, it's still decent.
2013-11-02 18:05:30
in comparison to the old ESWC it's a minor event with little prize pool. In 2008 for 1st place in CS there was about 40k dollars, now it's 4 times less
2013-11-02 18:11:07
true, not really four times though, as you're counting in dollars, now it's 12.5k € for winner

Post edited 2013-11-02 18:14:50
2013-11-02 18:12:01
It is the only official World Championship title in CS GO, I'm sure all of the Teams care :)

But if NiP wins DHW, they won't care anyways :D

But NiP needs to do something for sure. Something is wrong or VG is just to strong atm. Who knows...
2013-11-02 17:36:56
lol NiP fan ahahah how was it a bad event? Great event and only the best teams aer still left to keep on playing...

Did u really expect NiP to always win? :0
2013-11-02 17:36:59
No i'm not a NiP fan.. this event just has gotten worse and worse every year
2013-11-02 17:52:00
Maybe just because of that OT system change, but other than that I dont see why this event would be bad, there was no complaints really, nor long delays as always happens, so this was neat...

Post edited 2013-11-02 18:20:00
2013-11-02 18:19:39
You're the only french user on this site who is definetely FULL RETARD.
2013-11-02 17:33:32
truth hurts a lot nowadays
2013-11-02 17:53:33
Im glad you agree with him
2013-11-02 18:20:36
Now, now, it's over. He won't hurt you anymore. Daddy's here.
2013-11-03 00:00:22
NiP (CT) 0-5 AD (T) on inferno?
NiP saving strats for DHW, definitely...

Post edited 2013-11-02 17:34:07
2013-11-02 17:33:42
ah okay so they have only 1 strat on inferno and because this they lose every tournament
thx 4 info

nip DHW not even top 5 :)

Post edited 2013-11-02 18:07:58
2013-11-02 18:06:51
how f••cking stupid these kids can be with these excuses
2013-11-02 17:34:40
gg ad
2013-11-02 17:35:27

HaZ, come back to the scene!!!
2013-11-02 17:39:20
2013-11-02 17:41:54
fiff does his job very well oO

- xizt 4 bad starts
- f0rest 4 brain off

Post edited 2013-11-02 18:09:31
2013-11-02 18:09:02
by: jjh
ohhhh nip finishing 4th, this will be so delicious!
2013-11-02 17:43:16
gg both teams, dailymotion so bad -_-
2013-11-02 17:49:18
2013-11-02 17:49:19
re read these comments and tell me most HLTV users arent idiots, back to LoL i go
2013-11-02 17:50:30
yeah buddy go to that shitty game
2013-11-02 17:53:15
thanks god :D
-1 troll
2013-11-02 18:05:20
Persil will clean this out
2013-11-02 17:51:01
2013-11-02 17:51:29
Nip again save strats for dhw, oh..
2013-11-02 17:53:02
2013-11-02 17:54:04
+1 :D
2013-11-02 17:57:10
2013-11-02 18:20:29
2013-11-02 18:54:55
Missing 1.6 Neo against forest, dsn vs markeloff-dont get to see dat shiz now
2013-11-02 17:56:18
fnatic 2009 vs navi 2010 is annouced so dsn vs markeloff incomin :3
2013-11-02 18:02:56
Nope, the CS:GO duals are random, blurry and boring
2013-11-02 18:02:57
Go home NiP and put your shit togheter,you really need to think about what you do next because in this case...NiP will never win DHW with this kind of game.
2013-11-02 18:00:26
4th not that bad
2013-11-02 18:00:39
RIP NiP :'(
2013-11-02 18:00:56
NiP just lost four maps in-a-row lulz GG WP
2013-11-02 18:01:07
AD top1 as expected
2013-11-02 18:01:19
After this match NiP are definately 3rd in top ranking which makes this look as follow:

1 VG
2 AD
3 NiP

AD wins NiP for the 3rd time in a row now I guess, at least 2nd time...
2013-11-02 18:03:57
1. VG
2. still NiP- let's wait for DH
3. AD
2013-11-02 18:06:06
dosia monster
2013-11-02 18:01:26
adren's so good
2013-11-02 18:01:29
2013-11-02 18:01:47
2013-11-02 18:01:52
rip nip
2013-11-02 18:01:53
2013-11-02 18:02:03
2013-11-02 18:02:15
NiP need changes. Go for 1 or 2 new players.
2013-11-02 18:02:17
2013-11-02 18:03:43
That's why you will always be a scrub
2013-11-02 18:11:36
gege :)
2013-11-02 18:02:22
AD destoies NiP @ inferno 16:9 and wins the bronze medal along with dat 3rd place

AD 2:0 NiP in maps

obvious win, expected, just expected a closer score @ inferno

gg AD
2013-11-02 18:02:29
GG AD :)
2013-11-02 18:02:34
RiP in Peace NiP in Pyjamas
2013-11-02 18:02:37
2013-11-02 18:03:27
it just trololo
2013-11-02 18:04:26
Rest in Peace in Peace?
2013-11-02 18:03:59
2013-11-02 18:05:26
by: ory
Rest in Pyjamas?
2013-11-02 21:55:45
You mean Ninjas In Pieces?
2013-11-02 18:05:16
2013-11-02 18:02:40
nip 4 place, cool
2013-11-02 18:02:44
finally nip is going doooown.
2013-11-02 18:02:59
mmmm they went down to AD multipel times, so no surprise...
2013-11-02 18:09:04
f0rest brain off...rushing alone house and died...
2013-11-02 18:03:16
Problem with NiP is not the players but their strats..they dont have crazy strats like verygames they just rely too much on killing and then making calls they dont need a lineup change FFS people

Post edited 2013-11-02 18:05:57
2013-11-02 18:03:20
2013-11-02 18:05:40
actually they have pretty good chemistry, I agree that their strategy isn't great but their readings, prediction and xVSx bombplant/drop coordination situation is the highest among all team.
2013-11-02 18:05:44
Yup, everyday is not sunday.. If NiP cant hit their shots they're pretty much done. Most of their strats are more on aim-based strat.
2013-11-02 18:11:18
Yes but let's be honest, VG's firepower are averagely higher than NiP today, heck even CM can outaim NiP. GTR and f0rest isn't playing to their usual fullest. if only they step up.. fiffy and friberg is doing a hell of a great job today
2013-11-02 18:14:14
That's true.. Idk what happened to both of them, mentally disturbed maybe. They just need to get their shit together man, they cannot lose Dreamhack. VG deserved the credits too, to me they are the most complete team atm. Having ScreaM, shox & NBK doing crazy stuffs every round + an amazing caller (ex6). Surely they are the best.
2013-11-02 18:29:12
yeah VG is almost unbeatable... but not against CM.
trust me CM will do some damage against VG.
you'll be surprise how even will it be tomorrow
2013-11-02 18:31:57
Yea I've seen the EPS France game. Depends.. at that time all CM players played really well especially KQLY & apEX. Lets see what they can bring tomorrow.
2013-11-02 19:18:49
lol AD
2013-11-02 18:03:25
put ur shit together NIP, u suck right now
2013-11-02 18:03:50
NiP doesn't care of this game after loss against VG
2013-11-02 18:03:54
ye who cares about 5k and third place sure..
2013-11-02 18:04:49
its nothing for NiP and A LOT for the CIS guys
2013-11-02 18:05:53
naah nip still was trying especially on mirage... on inf they just was out of motivation
2013-11-02 18:07:03
well, they're trying but not as hard as against VG that's for sure, after losing opportunity to be in the finals they've just played without focusing on the game, without motivation etc.
2013-11-02 18:10:07
He meant that NiP is really on bad mental situation right now and they feel "meh" playing it.
I guess
2013-11-02 18:06:31
NiP lose this tournament in semi-final. 3rd place means nothing!!! no one care about 3rd place

Post edited 2013-11-02 18:25:11
2013-11-02 18:24:34
GTR said they never ever throw a game whatever it decides
2013-11-03 11:59:20
I feel bad for NiP
2013-11-02 18:04:07
2013-11-02 18:04:14
They're doing so bad right now, I think a lineup change is the only possible way they could get some momentum before DHW
2013-11-02 18:04:48
a week off might work as well
2013-11-02 18:10:25

Post edited
1970-01-01 01:00:00
smart ppl bet on AD as its their 3rd time in a row winnign against NiP if im not mistaken, so why would u bet on NiP no one knows
2013-11-02 18:05:34
it's doesn't NIP:( But Astana GG:)
2013-11-02 18:05:44
2013-11-02 18:05:51
GG AD well deserved
2013-11-02 18:06:24
AD can only win nip...
2013-11-02 18:06:48
sad & happy
2013-11-02 18:08:27
dont look for excuses, AD had no motivation just as well cause they were on paper supposed to easily overcome clan mystic, but that didnt happen, so both teams had to show their best to at least be in TOP 3 and AD simply prooved to be better once again, so whats the point of those excuses?
2013-11-02 18:07:13
they HAVE their motivation. They are the team that made to beat NiP. now here they are beating them.
"Okay, we can lost against ANY team in this world but not NiP. Because we are here to defeat them" wouldn't you think so?
if somehow NiP and VG meet in 3rd placer, VG will still gone all out against NiP because VG and AD have same thing in their mind; beating NiP and be the champion
2013-11-02 18:09:29

2013-11-02 18:13:39
4 place the most worst place in the tournament - as close for top but no money for 4 place
2013-11-02 18:07:17
Lose against CM is the worst what can happen in esport
2013-11-02 18:15:18
at dreamhack CM will beat NiP and you will be very upset and post ur feelings on HLTV
2013-11-02 18:18:04
Why i need to be upset? Because you think i'm NiP fanboy? Sorry dude but im VG fan since source and i dont give a shit if NiP lose against CM.

Post edited 2013-11-02 18:22:22
2013-11-02 18:21:16
thats why u like swag I see
2013-11-02 18:24:53
swag is my IRL friend :)

Post edited 2013-11-02 18:30:27
2013-11-02 18:26:08
tnx for the info
2013-11-02 18:40:08
i just tell why i "love" him ;) poor.

Post edited 2013-11-02 18:41:00
2013-11-02 18:40:39
without rage plz, hah i am even don't try offend fans Nip
2013-11-02 18:22:41
Sorry but i dont give a shit if NiP lose against AD. I just say "Lose against CM is the worst what can happen in esport" Dont be a mad idiot :)
2013-11-02 18:24:13
okey, given that I wrote a little on another subject, I will take your words into consideration :) Well I just wrote that the 4th worst
2013-11-02 18:33:52
its not worse as CM are not predictable and you cant really prepare for them as most of the time they play random based on calls and not on teamplay, so its ok to lose to them even though most likely they wont repeat such a result in the future unless they start considering themselves as a consistent team with longterm goals....

so AD still won top team NIP ONCE MORE 0 that what counts....
2013-11-02 18:24:10
+ 1000
2013-11-03 07:26:30
Not even top3 nip.

2013-11-02 18:09:08
Nip didnt even try to be honest they definitly lost all the motivation/were mentally affected after losing for vg

Post edited 2013-11-02 18:09:40
2013-11-02 18:09:26

Post edited
1970-01-01 01:00:00
Stop hating everyone, you're from poland - one of the most hated country. You all polish guys are stupid
2013-11-02 18:10:50
my point was actually that AD DID have the motivation still since they won NiP ONCE AGAIN!
2013-11-02 18:13:26
Russian is your brother, as is Slovak, Czech, Belarus so stop saying bullshit, they are poor because of past regime called stalinism, there's no reason you have to humiliate them for their wealth.
2013-11-02 19:36:23

Post edited
1970-01-01 01:00:00
I guess AD were just too pissed off losing to clan mystic, so they really stepped it up, too bad that didnt happen in a match against CM, but 3rd palce is a winning palce + da bronze medal, so its c00l, at least AD prove to be in TOP 3 worldwide, yet NiP are really going down and this time they placed 4th :0 gotta do something...
2013-11-02 18:10:57
why, on lan they did it, or you think that they will can't repeated their win
2013-11-02 18:13:13
who cares if nip dont have motivation ... we dont go look in details ad won 2-0 , bye
2013-11-02 18:13:39
NiP too bad now.. :( so sad that they didnt try to win
2013-11-02 18:14:26
Dosia MVP :D sick
2013-11-02 18:15:50
nothing decisive match----~ nothing decisive loss/win. The fact is french teams look fresher, more variable, harder to predict. everyone knows how NiP/AD play, their mistake is, that they rely on their default. hopefully, really hopefully, they are hiding strats.
2013-11-02 18:17:43
Most of you faggots were whining that every final is won by NIP and that they are too good, now as they get defeated you start moaning again on how bad they are. Get a grip

Post edited 2013-11-02 18:21:07
2013-11-02 18:20:57
whatelse is new in our online life :D
2013-11-02 18:26:44
2013-11-02 18:49:27
wp astana
2013-11-02 18:27:56
2013-11-02 18:46:00
no. NiP is easy opponent for AD but they would win CM for sure
2013-11-02 19:07:41
2013-11-02 19:41:27
not really :}
2013-11-02 22:13:51
Well, after DHW there are going to be changes for sure.
2013-11-02 18:46:24
Enjoyed watching friberg and get_right running after chickens.
2013-11-02 18:47:51
It seems like NiP is ready for a break. Hopefully they'll perform better on DH, always great to watch them play.
2013-11-02 18:50:40

Post edited
1970-01-01 01:00:00
You want them to surrender like any bitches? No they should get their shit together and dominate the scene once again! Show who is the real boss :)
2013-11-02 19:04:17
go back to your lonely fucking cave
2013-11-02 19:06:21
Wow, that's one pretty xenophobic statement there.

So, let me get this straight. Swedish teams are "clean" and get "dirty" if they lose to non-swedish teams ?
Congratz for reaching the bottom of And that's something, believe me.
2013-11-03 00:25:14
2013-11-02 19:11:51

Post edited
1970-01-01 01:00:00
2013-11-02 19:16:39
NiP spent too much time eating "McNips" now their skill is gone..
2013-11-02 19:24:08
only vp/ad can beat nip
2013-11-02 19:30:18

Post edited 2013-11-02 19:40:27
2013-11-02 19:39:00

1.Baltic wolves[my clan]
jw bad but not last fnatic last
2013-11-02 19:48:47
n1 joke
2013-11-02 20:16:14
we're cool
2013-11-02 20:22:50
2013-11-02 20:24:20
Team Liquid
Astana Dragons
Cph Wolves

whOo ?
2013-11-02 20:29:07
where is Baltic wolves?
2013-11-02 20:31:10
near the baltic
2013-11-03 08:37:43
Baltic Volvers top1 eu
2013-11-03 13:23:25
thx bro
2013-11-03 15:53:52
2.Baltic wolves
2013-11-02 20:58:23
Oh yeah :D
2013-11-03 08:00:51
Teh end of Ninjas' Era.
2013-11-02 20:26:36
bad day for sweden and nip, waiting for the official statement for the loses.
2013-11-02 21:07:16
2013-11-02 21:31:26

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1970-01-01 01:00:00
russians think everyone must learn russian that is why
2013-11-02 21:55:27
Almost definitely their change in mouse recently...
2013-11-02 22:12:18

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1970-01-01 01:00:00
-fifflaren +delpan
2013-11-02 22:44:04
is it possible to watch old streams on dailymotion?
2013-11-02 22:51:30
Finally! Lets get rid of the loose ends, right?
2013-11-03 02:24:51
good staff for AD , showed up character !
2013-11-03 06:57:53
scene is so much more interesting now :)
2013-11-03 07:13:25
semifinal was bad...well play here
2013-11-03 07:14:50
2013-11-03 08:08:23
yeah any english vod's?
2013-11-03 19:51:05
2014-12-12 17:16:36
you are a downer -.-
2014-12-12 17:20:53
gg easty
2014-12-12 19:15:25
by: GTB
My good this was so long ago stop the bumping.
2014-12-12 19:16:50
2014-12-12 19:19:05

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