Copenhagen Games
IP: Match over
Time:18:00 - 18th of April
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Coverage:Copenhagen Games 2014 female

1st - de_nuke 8:16
2nd - de_inferno 11:16

Bad Monkey win 2:0
voting finished
voting finished
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gj julie :)
2014-04-16 20:47:21
by: XAF
2014-04-16 21:43:04
Go Gina <3

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2014-04-16 21:44:52

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1970-01-01 01:00:00
Because you need to be better if you want to criticize.
2014-04-16 21:56:24
She can criticize how much she wants, just curious how good she is.
2014-04-16 21:59:59
jinjin <3
2014-04-16 23:44:39
Gina and Julie <3
2014-04-16 23:45:34
zAAz will rape them..
2014-04-17 13:13:16
Go zAAz
2014-04-17 14:44:01
2014-04-17 16:49:51
zAAz member of two teams?
2014-04-17 16:50:10
by: Jonathan E. -
I see her featured in just one lineup :-?
2014-04-18 02:09:47
must have been fixed then.
2014-04-18 09:55:59
2014-04-18 09:58:50
and iRene too
2014-04-18 20:12:33
by: Jonathan E. -
Lineups are usually updated in their match threads not when the teams are added to a competition where, also usually, the previous used lineup is still featured.
Therefore most likely the Alternate female lineup was fixed once the team started its participation in the tournament ;)

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2014-04-19 01:13:53
Epsilon will take this :-)
2014-04-17 17:56:51
bad monkey for sure!!
2014-04-17 19:56:23

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1970-01-01 01:00:00
by: r4fa
She is not Turkish!

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2014-04-18 01:39:32
"Zainab Turkie"

Zainab is Arabian and Zeynep is Turkish name. I don't sure which one but her father or mother Turkish and it is makes her Turkish girl.
2014-04-18 01:45:04
by: r4fa
if im not wrong she is from Libanon, but not sure if she is 100percent Libanese
2014-04-18 01:47:52
Mate, are you good at history? In Libanon too many Turkish lives :)
2014-04-18 01:49:31
that's not how it works.

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2014-04-18 01:53:20
yep, yep it is
2014-04-18 11:49:44
your name defines who you are and where you are from?

2014-04-18 15:25:25
Her origin is turkish, no doubt, she may be german now.
2014-04-18 15:57:19
That is exactly how it works.
2014-04-18 14:53:25
your name defines who you are and where you are from?

2014-04-18 15:25:19
If her father or mother is from whatever the fuck country she is from there too. ezpz.
2014-04-18 15:27:02
So I'm from Fitaly? Finland/Italy.

Nah, I'm from Sweden. Don't know either Italian or Finnish, your last name doesn't define where you're from. Where you were born and grew up does.

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2014-04-18 15:53:47
Your skin color does.
2014-04-18 15:56:19
I just realized you're stupid.
2014-04-18 15:59:50
I know.
2014-04-18 16:26:46
by: anxy
Do you understand the concept of ethnicity? Do you understand the concept of genetics? I don't think you do
2014-04-18 18:06:46
It has nothing to do with out discussion so I don't know what you're trying to say.

Try again.

Post edited 2014-04-18 18:16:58
2014-04-18 18:15:31
by: anxy
If her mother or father is Turkish she is ethnically Turkish, do you understand this? If two Turkish people have a child then go to Sweden, do they suddenly become Swedes? No
2014-04-18 18:21:10
What are you high? No the parents do not become Swedish, but if the kid grows up in Sweden, was born in Sweden and has a Swedish citizenship, the kid is Swedish. No matter where the parents are from.

Guess why zAAz has a Swedish flag? Because she consither herself Swedish, because she is Swedish.
2014-04-18 18:27:03
by: anxy
Her nationality is Swedish and her ethnicity is Turkish which is what the posters are talking about, how is this a hard concept to understand?
2014-04-18 18:29:28
"If her father or mother is from whatever the fuck country she is from there too. ezpz."

Thats not about ethnicity, but nationality. How about you read who I've been discussing with.

I've not been saying her origin isn't Turkish, because it obviously is.

And how about stop discussing origin and let people be from whatever country they wan't to, we're all at least 50th cousins to everyone else on this planet anyway.
2014-04-18 18:39:24
by: anxy
You do know most countries ethnicity is the same as their nationality right, Like German ethnicity and nationality or Swedish or English or Irish or Danish etc etc, and no we're not all 50th cousins at all, there are distinct ethnicities in this world with unique genes and genetic mutations that only exist within their ethnic group
2014-04-18 19:02:32
Yes I know that.

"and no we're not all 50th cousins at all, there are distinct ethnicities in this world with unique genes and genetic mutations that only exist within their ethnic group"

How does that matter? Are you staying because of that we can't all be related? Because we are.
2014-04-18 19:15:38
by: anxy
Of course we're related, we're from the same species and genus, we're also related to apes and share genetic similarities with bananas and blowflies, but we're not as closely related as you're trying to make out and doesn't change the fact there are unique genetic mutations amongst ethnicities

Unique disease found in three ethnicities, evolved differently in them

Norovirus resistance is only found in Caucasoids

Recent genetic adaptation to high altitude environment in two different ethnic groups that evolved differently between the two

List goes on, so many unique and key differences between people

2014-04-18 19:22:13
Didn't think people could be this dull, have a good day sir and fuck off.
2014-04-18 19:26:02
by: anxy
Wouldn't expect any response different from a Swede
2014-04-18 19:38:13
You're stupid enough to judge Swedes on a brainwashed politician. Great job, proud of you.
2014-04-18 20:06:30
Wow, you're stupid as fuck.

here's one for you,
read your replies again and you'll realize how bad you're contradicting yourself.

Answer: She's Swedish with Turkish origins. Dorian, the guy you're discussing with, is Swedish with Finnish/Italian origins #54. They're both from Sweden.

Why are you bitching?
2014-04-18 20:10:56
zeyneb isn't typical turkish mate, lots of arabs have this name
2014-04-18 15:55:42
ez skins ez life with julie thanks to the chrisJ mm teaching :D
2014-04-18 01:39:44
There is no bet as of yet on csgolounge for this match.
2014-04-18 15:15:28
Gina <3
2014-04-18 01:40:12
ez bad monkeys!!
2014-04-18 01:44:31
Good luck epsilon fe! you got this! :)
2014-04-18 02:41:26
Best of luck Julia and co! :)
2014-04-18 02:43:25
Bad monkey got this!
2014-04-18 04:12:37
Cmon zAAz!
2014-04-18 05:37:55
GL Bad Monkey;)
2014-04-18 10:23:06
zAAz and iRene > The opponents !
2014-04-18 11:57:51
Epsilon EZ
2014-04-18 11:58:28
zAAz <3
2014-04-18 12:58:57
Lillsan to carry it!
2014-04-18 13:10:12
zAAZ in two teams?
2014-04-18 13:42:09
easy for bad monkey
2014-04-18 13:55:17
easy for epsilon, eyes closed and selfies after every round. #believe
2014-04-18 13:56:48
go epsilon , <3 julie-schatz :)
2014-04-18 17:11:42
9-44 confirmed
2014-04-18 18:37:46
Go Bad!
2014-04-18 18:41:20

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2014-04-18 18:57:38
goooOoooOoo juliano
2014-04-18 19:01:11
zAAz to wreck.
2014-04-18 19:43:42

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2014-04-18 20:30:03
2014-04-18 20:35:39

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