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15th of July 2012 22:00
Match over

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DELTA lineup

MOROCCO lineup

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DELTA easy
2012-07-15 19:26:28
by: tr1ez
2012-07-15 19:37:38
2012-07-15 19:55:07
HAhahaha +1 :D
2012-07-15 20:39:54
2012-07-15 21:06:29
You guys don't know these Moroccan players ! they have (80+ ping)that's why they're not so good ...
If the game was on LAN they would rape DELTA easily.
2012-07-15 21:56:45
maybe DELTA is not in good shape but dude..who is MOROCCO? and DELTA is better team at LAN, they beat ESC 2 or 3 times at LAN..
2012-07-15 22:09:52
You don't Morocco cuz it's not in Europe ! ...
2012-07-15 22:11:18
let's doo it MAROCCO!

Post edited 2012-07-15 20:13:50
2012-07-15 20:13:36
2012-07-15 21:06:39
the players are still playing a LAN final, not sure they'll be available at 10PM...
2012-07-15 20:44:09
what lan ?
2012-07-15 22:05:04
A LAN in Morocco you dumbass ...
2012-07-15 22:05:46
2012-07-15 22:07:27
eSmlan 2d edition, check eSmaroc @Facebook, Grand Final starting soon
2012-07-15 22:09:44
morocco in grand final?
2012-07-15 22:10:56
MOROCCO = HEROES, we had a small tournament prior to the beginning of the tournament to determine which team would represent MOROCCO during ICS, HEROES won, that's why they're using MOROCCO as a tag, and not their clantag
2012-07-15 22:12:16
but is this team in grand final so we're gonna wait until final will end, or not?
2012-07-15 22:14:29
yup they're in the grand final, i wouldn't have mentioned it if they weren't, so the game is probably going to be postponed yeah
2012-07-15 22:15:51
gl morocco
2012-07-15 21:36:52
jest jakis live z meczu ?
2012-07-15 21:50:22
go go Morocco !!!
2012-07-15 21:57:14
Tomasz Sopel :D :D :D very good surname :D
2012-07-15 22:10:46
what it means?:P
2012-07-15 22:11:39
it is snot in english i think :D :D
2012-07-15 22:13:01
2012-07-15 22:13:40
sopel = stalactite
2012-07-15 22:13:47
No, in Czech and Slovak it's this:
2012-07-15 22:28:10
in polish u call stalactite = sopel
2012-07-15 22:30:05
I see. But it's not so funny as a "sopel" in Slovak or Czech. EzdEcAn is from Slovakia that's why he wrote #18.
2012-07-15 22:33:21
yep, our languages are sometimes similar but sometimes different to each other and other time u can blame each other and u don't know what happened :D for example:
laska = in czech = bitch? or something bad
in polish it means = sexy girl
2012-07-15 22:36:38
laska = love in Czech
But if you say in Polish "Where is my drink" or something like that, Czech will understand "Where is my pussy". I have heard it in restaurant some times and I was wondering that waiter stayed calm :D.
2012-07-15 22:44:38
thats why I don't want to arrive at Czech and say in polish ^^
2012-07-15 22:48:25
If I remember it correctly, in Croatian it's similar.
Hehe, you can't know every meaning of Polish words in other languages. And when people see and hear you are foreigner, they should know you aren't scurrilous ;).
Look at this car Proton Jebat:

Would you like to buy this car? :D (I hope "jebat" is abuse in Polish too)

Post edited 2012-07-15 22:57:22
2012-07-15 22:57:04
Actually "jebac" is kind of abuse in terms of "jebac cie" "jeb sie" its like "f*ck you" or "f*ck yourself" I think the poles wouldn't consider "jebat" as abuse even though it looks similar ^^
2012-07-15 23:55:58
This is sopel in Cze & Svk ;) :D

2012-07-15 22:28:30
mmm yummy :D
2012-07-15 22:29:12
hehe haha sopel look like this but with more ice xD
2012-07-15 23:04:06
"MOROCCO still haven't showed up, will probably be default win for DELTA" ...
2012-07-15 22:16:44
2012-07-15 22:18:49
DELTA strong ! morocco wrong !! gg bratia :D
2012-07-15 22:21:03

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