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23rd of February 2013 20:30
Match over


n!faculty lineup

TeamCRG lineup

Past matches

n! strong
2013-02-22 12:30:44
so, what's up with disruptor?
2013-02-23 19:06:58
n!faculty easy :)
2013-02-23 20:48:47
11-4 CRG first half :/
2013-02-23 21:19:19
This is ridiculous. n!faculty beats ESC and not a team low level as TeamCRG ?
2013-02-23 21:33:34

Post edited 2013-02-23 21:37:10
2013-02-23 21:34:46
n! losing inferno? impossibru
2013-02-23 21:35:36
Playing on lan does that kind of weird things happen with onliners ;) not saying n! are onliners like Epsilon for example, but damn their performance was awfull in lan excecpt for the ESC game.

Post edited 2013-02-23 21:37:32
2013-02-23 21:37:04
They actually started this inferno domination on LAN as they won every match on de_inferno on LAN so far so stfu.
2013-02-23 21:40:51
And your refering to what lan exactly? This is the first lan they attempt with the best teams in the world, and they just failed hard to impress. As i said when they beated NiP online some weeks ago, they are nothing but onliners and they would crash out of the groupstage in the next big lan event. Guess i was right. Keep defending your country team with 0 to back it up ;)
2013-02-23 21:42:37
4th place at eswc?
2013-02-23 21:44:14
Talking about CS:GO and lol for real? Watch their performances online, and then watch what they just shown in this tournament. How can you say they are not onliners? Not saying they cheat or anything but jesus christ theyre bad at lan
2013-02-23 21:46:15
ESWC 2012 was CSGO dude. And it was a LAN in case you don't know.

Post edited 2013-02-23 21:48:14
2013-02-23 21:47:37
2013-02-23 21:50:31
oh my god then you either must be new to this game or you don't count ESWC 2012 as a big enough LAN...
n!faculty got 3rd/4th and nobody expected that.
And you also seem to ignore that they just won against ESC on LAN, right? I guess this loss is maybe because of underestimation and the fact that CRG had nothing to loose.
2013-02-23 21:46:46
You seem to not understand where im going with this sentence. Let me try to make it clear. When they beated NiP online, i said they were nothing but onliners - means they couldnt possibly beat NiP on lan (and they cant.). And lots of german angry fanboys jumped me saying they would do awesome in the next lan they would end NiP reign (yeah, THAT FUNNY!). Dont get me wrong, n! are not a bad team, but if they want to be taken seriously, they cant perform like they do online, get to a lan and crash out of the grouptages in 4th place. Get my point?
2013-02-23 21:50:06
You are taking it too serious. It was an upset by n! as no one would have expected that. Still they manage to beat ESC on LAN but then fail to impress against the weaker teamCRG. It happens man...
That's not a "dramatic crash" out of the tournament when you have ESC and Na'Vi in your group and additionally heavy problems of the hardware delaying your matches for 3 hours. Also, what barely anyone knows is that they came to the venue at 4am due to traffic jam and didn't get much sleep as construction work started in the room above them early in the morining... Ofc these aren't real excuses but still they can have an impact. But I just have to disagree with you accusing them of being onliners. Also if you say so you don't only refer to CSGO... and they have attended many events in CSS with almost the same lineup in the last 2 years.
They are a team that can really push themselves a lot at LAN when they do well as they showed at ESWC 2012 and in the last match at DreamHack against Anexis getting a huge comeback. And also in this last match against CRG they nearly got the comeback so it isn't like they got smashed by them. In a good mood and if they would have won the first match in case there wouldn't have been PC problems then yes I think they could've gone far in this tournament.
Next time we'll see them at the ESEA LAN finals and I look forward to it!
2013-02-23 22:02:48
Maybe i took it too serious indeed, i dont have anything against n! they are a decent team with some good potential, but even with ESC and Na'Vi in their group based on online performances you had to give them some serious favoritism to pass the groupstage. Guess basing all my opinion on a single lan tournament isnt fair, lets wait for the ESEA lan finals and hopefully theyll give me and other non-believers a wake-up call :)
2013-02-23 22:20:32
Let's also see what Na'Vi accomplishes this LAN. I expected them to win against n!faculty and upset at this tournament due to their recent performance after the bootcamp :)
2013-02-23 22:23:01
Im expecting them to come top4 tbh, but i seriously still think the final will be again NiP vs VG, even tho VG has been underperforming lately
2013-02-23 22:26:51
I hope for NiP vs. Na'Vi in case they don't clash earlier (dunno if possible).
2013-02-23 22:28:07
Im Hoping for it aswell, but i dont believe Na'Vi can get there yet..
2013-02-23 22:30:53
ESWC is uncomparable... n!faculty just put alot more time in it, while now the others have just caught up. Its no surprise, n!faculty have always been an average team international and good local. They have great tacs that make up for their less talented lineup.
2013-02-24 02:47:20
crg won GG!
2013-02-23 21:39:27
stfu moron
2013-03-22 16:45:59
2013-02-23 21:39:42
Did n!faculty practice just de_mirage???!
2013-02-23 21:39:46
CRG 16 13
2013-02-23 21:39:50
Wat?:O....dafuq is going here

2013-02-23 21:41:15
16:13 for CRG
2013-02-23 21:40:10
lol n!faculty out
2013-02-23 21:40:34
2013-02-23 21:41:31
n!faculty and TeamCRG are both with 3 points. But the Germans lost head-to-head match to them. So they're out :)
2013-02-23 21:42:37
thought it would just be the round difference and not the direct comparison? Although I don't know which of the teams has the better round difference but I guess n!
2013-02-23 22:04:58
stfu they are out
2013-02-23 22:31:35
yap they are out :D
2013-02-23 21:43:15
nifaculty out hahahahhahhhah
2013-02-23 21:41:27
wtf n! are so random!?
2013-02-23 21:41:36
and who wiil be at the next stage? n! out?
2013-02-23 21:41:38
they are not out idiots. lower bracket.
2013-02-23 21:41:52
Of course they are.
2013-02-23 21:42:57
noup. n!faculty out - look at the group table
2013-02-23 21:44:00
theyre out. 1st (navi) goes directly to playoffs, 2nd and 3rd (esc and crg) go to second group stage to fight for spots in the playoffs. dont call other idiots if you dunno anything about it
2013-02-23 21:45:14
they finished 4th at their group so they are out
2013-02-23 21:45:18
they have finished third actually, hltv shows wrong. they have won with crg by having more rounds won
2013-02-23 21:47:14
no, germans lost head-to-head match to crg ;)
2013-02-23 21:51:13
wow pretty weird though. ;D
2013-02-23 21:55:40
There is no lower bracket.
2013-02-23 21:45:38
idiots gonna fail
2013-02-23 22:32:35
I thought nfaculty was third pssss
2013-02-23 22:44:02
ahaha, what a shame(. in online it will be 16-5 for n! sure of it..
2013-02-23 21:42:19
So true.
2013-02-23 21:47:24
n! noobs
2013-02-23 21:43:23
funny :D
2013-02-23 21:44:44
2013-02-23 21:45:07
lol, a tournament full of surprises
2013-02-23 21:45:09
Oh God, I'm speechless.
2013-02-23 21:45:47
+ 1
2013-02-23 21:49:03
n! lost their best map
2013-02-23 21:46:10
Beated ESC, lost vs CRG :D haha
2013-02-23 21:46:12
2013-02-23 21:48:38
ESC and na'vi 15-15
CRG > Esc and na'vi

Post edited 2013-02-23 21:58:20
2013-02-23 21:58:02
maybe if they added de_cache in you would have got through groups :{
2013-02-23 21:47:03
see you passing that group :)
2013-02-23 21:49:30
with ease m8 its lan
2013-02-23 21:53:20
u dont pass this group thats for sure bot

Post edited 2013-02-23 22:34:33
2013-02-23 22:34:19
says neilzinho haha
2013-02-23 23:03:54
dont think ive not gotten through groups soz :{
2013-02-24 15:16:29
2013-02-23 21:48:12
LOL biggest upset today
2013-02-23 21:49:03
LOL. about 10 skill levels between CRG and ESC...and n! are supposed to be on the same level...dafuq speechless
2013-02-23 21:50:19
the fact people are calling CRG randoms makes me smile. if they had any form of clue you'd realise the players from CRG used to beat n!faculty in CSS regularly especially on LAN
2013-02-23 21:54:47
Natus Vincere vs TeamCRG 16 - 6 train_se
ESC Gaming vs TeamCRG 16 - 3 mirage_csgo

say again who are CRG? randoms for me!
but nice play to beat n! indeed
2013-02-23 22:21:13
wow they blew it themself chances to go through
2013-02-23 22:20:49
Well done CRG <3
2013-02-23 22:32:41
they sick online, now they showed who are they on LAN same as Lemondogs and Epsilon online heroes!
2013-02-23 22:53:54
2013-02-23 23:08:14
2013-02-24 01:39:18
they sick online, now they showed who are they on LAN same as Lemondogs and Epsilon online heroes!
2013-02-24 02:26:31
lol pls Epsilon won their final lan qualifier today, while n!faculty showed how much they are just onliners!

haha, onliners n!faculty!
2013-02-24 02:39:42

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