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29th of November 2013 10:00
Match over


compLexity lineup

n!faculty lineup

Past matches

2013-11-26 16:19:19
w0w such guy
2013-11-29 10:54:50
2013-12-11 12:35:28
2013-11-29 10:55:28
What a guess lol
2013-11-29 11:05:00
hahaha ;:D
2013-12-11 12:34:53
2013-11-26 16:24:17
Should be relatively easy for coL.

16-10 coL.
2013-11-26 16:26:07
haha what? are you stupid or just a blind american fan boy.
2013-11-29 04:10:05
Does this make Lurpis stupid or just a blind american fan boy as well?
2013-11-29 07:12:22
lurrpis is stupid.
2013-11-29 10:56:09
And now you are.
2013-11-29 18:45:58
Do you know who these danish players are or?
2013-11-29 09:17:40
known losers
2013-11-29 09:54:16
Known loosers? did you know that these guys have wrecked most of the Americans on lan before? Copenhagen Games CSS for example..
2013-11-29 11:32:48
16:5 eat this
2013-11-29 11:47:52
n!faculty 16-13
2013-11-27 02:57:22
will lol when n! wins
2013-11-27 07:39:01
2013-11-27 10:35:59
g0 coLz0rz
2013-11-27 11:57:06
Bring me the pistols!
2013-11-27 15:52:51
I feel like cajunb is gonna win this match for n! He was so incredible in CS:S
2013-11-27 23:38:40
i feel like nfaculty will win
2013-11-27 23:40:39
2013-11-28 13:01:44
CompLexity is n0thing compared to N!faculty. Come on lads!
2013-11-28 14:43:15
N! will receive n0thing but headshots. :)
2013-11-29 07:15:02
n!faculty >coL
coL noobs
2013-11-28 15:15:41
go n0thing<3
2013-11-28 16:51:26
probably the 2 worst teams in the tournament
2013-11-28 17:03:45
coL > iBP any day.
2013-11-28 17:51:00
Except that one day they played each other on LAN.
2013-11-29 07:14:21
Your beloved iBP can't even beat the Biceps Brothers.
2013-11-29 08:20:27
Maybe not today, but they are more than capable. They need more LAN exp as a team especially vs EU teams before they can have solid & consistent showings at international events. If they stick together they will be a strong opponent in the near future.

2013-11-29 09:02:36
More LAN exp? Come on. They are not mosbeck for god sake. All of them have tons of LAN exps under their belt even if they don't play together all the time.

They already know what it takes to perform on LAN. There's no excuse for them not to perform. To say that they're a new team it's ironic since Recursive/ex-WGG has only played together for about 20 days.

Post edited 2013-11-29 10:07:55
2013-11-29 10:07:37
Except for every time they play right? You forget that iBUYPOWER are #1 NA team atm? Probably didn't even know cause you are dumb. iBUYPOWER just sucks in EU Lol!
2013-11-29 08:03:15
Because online results matter. Yes, #1 in NA and got stomped by a 20-day-old team in Recursive.

coL is the only team from NA who came back from 12-3 and then lost a pistol round in 2nd half and managed to take a map off NiP. Beat that.
2013-11-29 08:18:45
coL top 1 na anyday . online results doesnt matter.
2013-11-29 10:50:04
.... and they just beat VG. I'm not dumb after all. You might need to retake your IQ test. Just a suggestion.
2013-11-29 12:35:54
USA's last hope.

Lets go coL. Live up to the name please <3
2013-11-28 18:02:48
2013-11-29 08:04:51
coL the best na hope
2013-11-28 18:03:58
coL may take this game.
2013-11-28 18:06:18
wouldn't be surprised to see the Danes taking a victory here
2013-11-28 18:07:07
16-8 to n!
2013-11-28 18:08:47
I´m with you! n!faculty
2013-11-28 19:26:35
2013-11-28 20:01:39
coL easy cuz karrigan is just so so so so so bad
2013-11-28 20:07:25
I have raalz as a Newbie in dt. Do i have to change my mind?
2013-11-28 20:28:57
he sure sounds like a newbie
2013-11-28 21:18:28
Haha yes, change it... Hes the best player of the team
2013-11-28 21:31:16
gl cL
2013-11-28 20:52:19
SO this starts at 4 a.m est?
2013-11-28 21:01:11
gonna be good
2013-11-28 21:21:44
come on COL show something !
IBP alrdy gt just 17 rounds in here ! hope u will show more !

Post edited 2013-11-28 22:45:52
2013-11-28 22:45:31
Poor karrigan stucked with this team ..
2013-11-28 22:54:59
coL going home tomorrow.
2013-11-28 23:19:56
swag going to go off.
2013-11-29 01:35:34
swag going to carry
but n! stronk))) who knows
2013-11-29 01:41:28
swag and n0thing will carry
2013-11-29 02:03:20
This match doesn't matter.....

Winner loses vs VG
Loser Wins vs Xapso.

There will be a rematch.
2013-11-29 02:40:01
you're right. However, the winner will take first seed of group, it matters for semi finals. Loser has no way to take first seed and will be matched up against first seed from other group.

Post edited 2013-11-29 04:20:07
2013-11-29 04:19:30
hopefully hiko and n0thing and swag will step it up but i will not be surprised if cajun destroys them
2013-11-29 03:09:51
id love to see coL take this but im thinking N!
2013-11-29 03:13:59
2013-11-29 03:55:45
Well, at least coL can't do any worse than iBP did. So MURICA' FUCK YEAH
2013-11-29 03:57:20
would be suprised if coL makes it out of the groupstage though. sorry, deaded NA scene

then again, they did better than expected @ eswc

Post edited 2013-11-29 04:21:10
2013-11-29 04:20:41
iBP is stronger than coL, but coL have more LAN exp & exp vs EU, so they actually have a good shot imo.
2013-11-29 07:19:34
i predict OT :)))))
2013-11-29 06:04:37
iBP is a momentum based team, if things don't go their way or they aren't hitting shots they will get steam rolled, coL is different, they make comebacks but if iBP was on point they are deff better imo..but coL should win this pretty easyily..but never know I guess from last couple lans..
2013-11-29 07:35:32
casters discussed this yesterday regarding the US vs EU teams.. US teams put so much energy in emotions, shouting.. that it often backfires. EU teams are more calculated and preserve their energy for maximum focus. I think they made a very good point.
2013-11-29 08:00:07
lol? the major difference is LAN xp.. who cares about shouting.
2013-11-29 08:52:29
clearly u never seen x6tenz on lan xD
2013-11-29 09:47:47
Usa < all
2013-11-29 08:10:49
2013-11-29 08:24:52
Hoping for coL to bring their A game, something which iBP failed to do.
2013-11-29 08:26:00
2013-11-29 08:32:21
gogo danes u got this
2013-11-29 08:35:02
16-13 for col
swag is on fire
2013-11-29 09:23:52
2013-11-29 09:26:43
easy for coL
2013-11-29 09:33:45
n! has a better line-up on paper,let's see if they will perform.Unpredictable danish teams are always fun to watch!
2013-11-29 09:38:30
2013-11-29 09:52:34
n! 16-8
2013-11-29 09:55:10
Viva compLexity
2013-11-29 09:58:00
Rooting for coL but n! prolly gonna win this. 16-11 for n!
2013-11-29 09:59:13
Match gonna start at 10.15 CET, so a bit later than it's said in here.
2013-11-29 09:59:55
Ofc it's not gonna start 10:15 :D

E: wow, it did!

Post edited 2013-11-29 10:17:00
2013-11-29 10:12:10
DH admins, or whoever, please please please inform us about the delays in time! I know it is not the fault of organizers, but I don't have time to sit there w/o any information.
2013-11-29 10:00:10
n!faculty 16>12 karrigan to bottom
2013-11-29 10:00:47
coL seems like they are prepared. I'm happy for them since they came all the way from USA
2013-11-29 10:26:56
50/50, I hope coL wins though. Would be nice to see at least one of the US teams not going home straight away.
2013-11-29 10:28:07
n0thing is on fire
2013-11-29 10:39:02
lol, worst a defence in cs history by n!
2013-11-29 10:45:44
2013-11-29 10:46:34
classicalsauce: europe is worst country lmfao

2013-11-29 10:47:36
Europe a country?? Hmmm
2013-11-29 11:01:39
Dear Sir, are you mentally handicaped?
2013-12-02 17:20:20
Losing both pistols = gg
2013-11-29 10:51:19
good job coL
2013-11-29 10:53:31
wp col
2013-11-29 10:54:10

coL > IBP
2013-11-29 10:54:40
2013-11-29 10:54:42
coL starts STRONG
2013-11-29 10:54:50
Great form showed by coL for most of those rounds
2013-11-29 10:55:23
Solid play by coL. n! played the NiP-game, 4on5. raalz is absolutely horrible
2013-11-29 10:55:52
2013-11-29 10:56:11
2013-11-29 10:56:25
Woah! n1 CoL!
2013-11-29 10:57:08
Forgive me for stating the obvious, but either col are up for it this time, or nfaculty are awful.
2013-11-29 10:57:11
Great job coL way to rep that U S A!
2013-11-29 10:57:33
GG! Hiko OP!
2013-11-29 10:59:12
n! bad :(
was hoping for more
2013-11-29 11:00:29
not a surprise. USA cs scene have always been much stronger than weak europe scene :)

16-5 rape tells all :)

Post edited 2013-11-29 11:02:11
2013-11-29 11:01:31
2013-11-29 11:01:59
you do know that you're gonna get raped in playoffs, right?

Post edited 2013-11-29 11:04:14
2013-11-29 11:03:56
2013-11-29 11:07:26
2013-11-29 11:12:45
ahaha i love you, coL can beat anyone but NiP, they can never take a map off NiP lol
2013-11-29 11:13:15
coL beat NiP on nuke at the last ESEA LAN Finals they faced off in..
2013-11-29 11:19:26
ye like a y ear ago,and like maps win tournments
2013-11-29 11:36:27
thats bullshit, us scene is complete dogshit
2013-11-29 13:42:13
n! disband. Obviously so much weaker than the Swedish n!.
Very well played by coL thuogh.
2013-11-29 11:01:55
this +1
2013-11-29 11:34:48
"gla1ve very sAuce sucessfull IGL " -hltv.org sAuce said
2013-11-29 11:36:04
"top LEL" - the rest of hltv community
EDIT: Sidenote, I'm also a so called "sAucer" but I got by common sense and not just by them playing my game makes them better players.
I knew from the start that these guys won't be as successful as the old complete Swedish lineup.

Post edited 2013-11-29 13:33:45
2013-11-29 13:32:29
Coudln't watch the match. What was the score at halftime ?
2013-11-29 11:13:07
10:5(CT side)

Post edited 2013-11-29 11:17:11
2013-11-29 11:16:48
Yeah so they then got the pistol round and roll over afterwards, won the 1st gunround and got the match. thx
2013-11-29 11:21:03
How did Ralz do? I didn't see the game.
2013-11-29 12:47:04
2013-12-02 00:51:34
GL godla1ve
2017-03-20 06:36:37

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