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29th of November 2013 20:00
Match over


compLexity lineup

Astana Dragons lineup

Past matches

2013-11-29 18:27:04
volvo nerfed that
2013-11-29 22:57:34
Barely. It's still very viable.
2013-12-01 19:18:55
looking forward to this one
2013-11-29 18:27:12
2013-11-29 18:27:22
go coL , n0thing
2013-11-29 18:27:31
Cheering for coL.
2013-11-29 18:27:41
2013-11-29 18:27:44
AD 2-1
2013-11-29 18:27:52
AD gl
2013-11-29 18:28:07
should be a great match

gl both teams!
2013-11-29 18:28:11
I'll be watching this!
2013-11-29 18:28:16
oh noes

my favorite teams already meeting in the quarter final :(
2013-11-29 18:28:18
mine too, but dont be sad, at least it is sure that one of them will pass to semifinals

Post edited 2013-11-29 18:29:38
2013-11-29 18:29:26
hmm, I would prefer them playing against other teams. it's more entraining if you want one team to win and the other to fail

it's a shame an event like that has no double-elimination.
if you think about past tournaments so many of them would have ended differently if there would have been no double-elimination.
2013-11-29 18:31:38
AD 2-0
2013-11-29 18:28:26
Astana 2 comebacks to 0
2013-11-29 18:28:44
2013-11-29 18:29:03
hope for coL
2013-11-29 18:29:10
2013-11-29 18:29:22
AD 2--0
2013-11-29 18:29:29
judging by todays performance it will be coL for sure
2013-11-29 18:30:00
swag is gonna have to come up huge in this match up. Same with n0thing and hiko.If they aren't on point I don't think coL can win this one unfortunately
2013-11-29 18:30:29
!drop !drop !drop
2013-11-29 18:30:52
easy for Astana Rakons ^_^
2013-11-29 18:30:56
GO coL
2013-11-29 18:31:03
ezpz for AD
2013-11-29 18:31:06
Astana Dragons better improve else im afraid that americans will crush sovjets.
2013-11-29 18:31:10
np bro, we gave you freedom at world war II, going to make you glad again.
2013-11-29 18:33:36
2013-11-29 18:31:40
col 2-0
2013-11-29 18:32:25
coL is n0thing
2013-11-29 18:32:34
gl teams
2013-11-29 18:33:05
2013-11-29 18:33:12
Astana barely beat [R]... coL beat VG.

coL > Astana
2013-11-29 18:34:31
stupid logic
2013-11-29 18:35:39
col are confident now ,good luck both
2013-11-29 18:36:20
2013-11-29 18:36:21
2013-11-29 18:38:16
lets rape coL
2013-11-29 18:38:59
gogo cOL USA USA
2013-11-29 18:39:35
AD came back vs reason after losing 10:0 to winning the map 16:13 - they got waaaay too much moral and confidence now as ya, the match vs Reason was indeed scary for the TOP3 of the world to almost be at the edge of being knowcked out of the tournament, but what can u say? better team and more experienced team had to win and thats why AD won!

gl here

coL might surprise and I do think at least 1 map might end up in overtimes!

2013-11-29 18:40:26
i told it dont predict anything especially when u cheering for AD. pls stop writing ur stupid comments start to be annoying if u dont know anything like i said before.

You came with Reason ok they do well. More Experienced team won which was AD also they had quite pure luck.
Moral confidence markelnoob da camper who is not really capable to AWPing in GO i think they should go quite practice more. Get a TOP Sniper which they dont have.

I dont invest more time for your stupidity coL deserved the win AD go home packing.
2013-11-29 23:53:50
coL to take it 2-1
2013-11-29 18:40:43
once again I doubt coL will win, but I said that against vg, well see. Lets see what you got coL
2013-11-29 18:41:55
2013-11-29 18:42:28
Col rape dat shit
2013-11-29 18:42:45
winner will be play vs fnatic or NiP ?
2013-11-29 18:43:11
2013-11-29 18:49:07
nope, fnatic.
2013-11-29 18:53:21
bogs pls
2013-11-29 18:55:18
coL too stronk
2013-11-29 18:43:12
iBUYPOWER on lan BIG LOL ! onliners !
2013-11-29 18:44:14
ad 2-0
2013-11-29 18:49:29
AD's scores today are misleading since they've gambled on playing nuke in order to not show strats of maps they're not going to veto in the playoffs.

AD 2-0
2013-11-29 18:50:52
Now thats an interesting point you make mate!
2013-11-29 18:56:24
If that was true, they should save it for NiP or VG insted-
2013-11-29 19:00:22
AD are saving strats for DH 2014
jk i agree actually
2013-11-29 19:04:29
2013-11-29 18:53:35
I hate fucking cheaters. Astana don't deserve this.
2013-11-29 18:58:34
2013-11-29 21:37:29
2013-11-29 18:59:05
Gogo AD
2013-11-29 19:00:50
MURICA! go go go!
2013-11-29 19:02:42
2013-11-29 19:03:22
AD izi
2013-11-29 19:07:03
if n0thing is on form they will win.
2013-11-29 19:09:47
Omg why :(? Gl both teams
2013-11-29 19:14:32
coL will take this
2013-11-29 19:16:06
bet 250000 on coL
2013-11-29 19:19:18
bet 250 on AD
2013-11-29 19:50:59
I feel like teamwork wise, AD is a much better team than coL. But if coL play like they did vs. VG it's anyone's game.

AD are very lucky they didn't get matched up vs. VG here, they always have trouble with French teams.

Hopefully it'll be a great series.
2013-11-29 19:23:58
Hint: They're not lucky for not getting VG. :)
2013-11-29 19:26:19
Hint: Check AD's results versus French teams.
2013-11-29 21:04:27
Hint: You didn't get the hint.
2013-11-29 21:17:07
Hint: CPH are good on Inferno, and AD wouldn't risk losing their first match on purpose.
2013-11-29 21:55:55
he was probably hinting at the notion that they lost on purpose...
2013-11-29 21:46:21
Which is a very bad notion, there's no reason for them to lose the first map on purpose.
2013-11-29 21:56:37
2013-11-29 22:03:14
What are you talking about? What first map?

I was "hinting" they chose to play nuke vs CPH, knowing they're probably going to lose it in order to finish 2nd and avoid VG and also to avoid showing strats on maps they're not going to veto in the playoffs.
2013-11-29 22:22:28
I know what you're saying, you just didn't understand what I meant. There was no reason for them to intentionally lose a map because if they lost another one they were out at groups. That's the difference between $10K and nothing.

They played Inferno vs. CPH if I'm not mistaken?

EDIT: Nope, my bad. Played Inferno vs. Reason, Nuke vs. CPH. Still no reason to lose a map with another to play.

Post edited 2013-11-29 23:08:44
2013-11-29 23:06:30
! :)
2013-11-29 22:19:42
CPW > AD, so I think VG is unlucky.
2013-11-29 19:41:40
I think AD are a better team than CPW(not taking anything away from CPW, they're a great team). However, I think CPW matches up better against VG than AD do.
2013-11-29 21:05:32
2013-11-29 19:47:47
GO coL!! n0thing and Hiko FTW!
2013-11-29 19:48:41
AD > COL 2-0!!!
2013-11-29 19:49:10
undoubtably the match to watch for me.

go coL!
2013-11-29 19:49:22
Hope for coL, would be great to see NA CS fighting again.
2013-11-29 19:50:04
gl col
2013-11-29 19:52:06
16:10 and 16:9 for AD
2013-11-29 19:53:48
Go 'murica!
2013-11-29 19:54:42
there're no more easy ways to win.. gl AD

Post edited 2013-11-29 19:57:51
2013-11-29 19:57:18
gogogo coL! GL!
2013-11-29 19:57:31
WOOPWOOPWOOP!! GOO Astana Dragons!! :3
2013-11-29 19:58:24
again Nuke.... again T....
2013-11-29 20:03:54
Should be a good game.
Think AD will take it, but it's probably gonna be really close.
Lets go!
2013-11-29 20:05:17
coL gogogo
2013-11-29 20:06:34
Ohh two of my favorite teams...GL to both
2013-11-29 20:07:45
astana proving that they lost nuke on purpose :))
2013-11-29 20:07:48
Sound quality is so terrible on stream #2. This is just unacceptable.
2013-11-29 20:18:21
de_yard by AD
2013-11-29 20:19:37
Interesting game inc. :)
2013-11-29 20:24:11
2013-11-29 20:31:08
lol astana 9 round on t side on a map they suck on hmm lol
2013-11-29 20:36:25
9:6 for AD 1st half @ nuke
2013-11-29 20:36:29
nuke is coL worst map, I see them winning D2 16-14 and winning inferno 16-13, let's go coL!
2013-11-29 20:36:45
well, we saw AD struggling at nuke as well today, so the chances are equal i'd say

2013-11-29 20:38:11
Russia vs USA :p
2013-11-29 20:51:23
Let me suppose, dragons are from murica?
2013-11-29 20:59:21
15:9 AD destroying on the 1st map - the map they were losing 10:0 to Reason Gaming :o
2013-11-29 20:52:26
AD wins nuke 16:9

2013-11-29 20:53:40
2013-11-29 20:54:07
oh yeah, 1 more map to enjoy your flight home comon boys
2013-11-29 20:54:09
why so mean to the US boiz... but actually i feel ya, ujst look at these dumbs and they way they act and their whole manner of acting and talking to people is just SAD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJpb9FKFFXE
2013-11-29 21:00:08
lol nt
2013-11-29 23:15:39
coL seems to do an LGB.
2013-11-29 20:54:30
2013-11-29 20:55:08
hahah lol
2013-11-29 20:56:56
2013-11-29 20:57:51
Sorry, but they are already on MC Donalds in their brains.
2013-11-29 21:03:32
ez 2nd map 4 AD. buy, Americans ! EU <3 , CIS <3
2013-11-29 20:55:43
let's go guys, you're my last chance - AD over Nip in final!
2013-11-29 20:58:53
nip will probably lose to vg in semis and then ad will lose to them also. anyway whoever wins the semi vg - nip will win the lan.
2013-11-29 21:00:04
Go go coL, your plane isnt leaving yet, usa usa
2013-11-29 21:07:36
Ugly play, both teams.
2013-11-29 21:12:19
Huge round by sean
2013-11-29 21:25:26
i am witnessing the most various dust2 right now
2013-11-29 21:27:32
i think you mean random
2013-11-29 21:31:15
coL players advanced too much, especially swag and Hiko.
2013-11-29 21:31:27
+1 the bootcamp they did in sweden seems to pay off

Post edited 2013-11-29 21:37:41
2013-11-29 21:37:31
i would say sgares and semphis has improved the most, especially sgares, he was so fucking low in the earlier matches i saw him play in other tournaments, hiko and swag were already good

Post edited 2013-11-29 21:50:53
2013-11-29 21:50:05
go go go go col!
2013-11-29 21:31:28
markeloff troll
2013-11-29 21:36:25
who exactly and how did he troll?
2013-11-29 21:44:01
hes bad
2013-11-29 21:47:03
inferno should be good
2013-11-29 21:44:22
yes coL!
2013-11-29 21:44:56
inferno 16-9 for AD
2013-11-29 21:45:31
2013-11-29 21:45:56
what up now you CISsies? USA #1
2013-11-29 21:46:47
2013-11-29 21:47:12
You are flying home after the next map, have a safe trip.
2013-11-29 21:50:37
And now? Come @ USA
2013-11-29 23:16:09
2013-11-29 23:16:14
2013-11-29 21:46:51
Go coL!
2013-11-29 21:48:00
AD need chlenix
2013-11-29 21:48:12
coL to through semis
2013-11-29 21:48:46
what a match dudes x_x
2013-11-29 21:49:13
2013-11-29 21:50:37
turn down for what?
2013-11-29 21:54:28
2013-11-29 21:51:06
If Hiko plays that well in the third map then coL got this

Post edited 2013-11-29 21:52:56
2013-11-29 21:51:22
2013-11-29 21:52:49
Looks like Dragons don't feel comfortable themselves on this tournament) I am not sure what is the reason.
Probably the are not concentrated enough on pushovers)
2013-11-29 21:54:18
poor cheesburgers gonna get fcked
2013-11-29 21:56:04
Dosia still cannot hold B, wtf
2013-11-29 22:04:34
Hahaha that molotov on Dosia :D
2013-11-29 22:17:01
Wow that Molly insane
2013-11-29 22:17:04

Post edited 2013-11-29 22:18:52
2013-11-29 22:17:06
very intense game
2013-11-29 22:18:00
Semphis confirmed #1 Pyromancer NA
2013-11-29 22:18:47
dosia going full retard apparently
2013-11-29 22:19:22
n0thing back on his 1.6 form!!!!! FUCK YEAH
2013-11-29 22:20:51
Omg nadda goes huge

2013-11-29 22:20:53
coL is playing a cs that i rarely see..pure skill/Coordination,amazing
2013-11-29 22:20:54
Hahahahahahahaha Awesome Game !!!!!!!

Dem molotovsss
2013-11-29 22:22:41
coL = great molotovs
2013-11-29 22:23:04
go coL!my favorite team with NiP ,just fucking aamzing,doesnt matter if coL doesnt win this bo3,theyve done HUGE stuff
2013-11-29 22:23:17
These dragons can't handle fire.
2013-11-29 22:23:39
I don't like that molotov gameplay at all... it's gay as fuck :\
2013-11-29 22:23:51
wut?its hard as fuck to make it effective
2013-11-29 22:24:09
Astana "on fire" :>
2013-11-29 22:24:06
Brace yourselves from Americans if Col wins
2013-11-29 22:24:07
dont care,tired of AD tbh
2013-11-29 22:24:29
wow col is playing amazing
2013-11-29 22:24:16
I don't understand AD play, but again great game by complexity.
Hope to see AD take this.
2013-11-29 22:24:24
CoL is impressive at inferno.
2013-11-29 22:25:14
2013-11-30 05:15:05
gg, AD plz put some patient player on B someday, next year is good
2013-11-29 22:25:19
Best aim from AD .. Bullshit
2013-11-29 22:25:21
Hey, coL can still play CS. Big surprise.
2013-11-29 22:30:40
2013-11-29 22:32:20
doesn't look good for AD.
2013-11-29 22:33:10
gooodbye AD
2013-11-29 22:37:22
Lol wow swag
2013-11-29 22:38:26
2013-11-29 22:38:50
ahahaha ASTANA SUCK please disband

2013-11-29 22:41:19
Brock Lesnar suck, gogo Fedor Emelianenko!!!!!!1
2013-11-29 22:57:36
2013-11-29 22:55:18
Astana your mission failed and to top it all off you lost to an american team fkn lol
2013-11-29 22:56:05
dat molotovs nothing else haha
2013-11-29 22:56:14
2013-11-29 22:56:29
2013-11-29 22:56:40
2013-11-30 12:08:03
thank you n0thing *:
2013-11-29 22:56:49
2013-11-29 22:57:05
idk what they were doing during bootcamp but their individual skill SUCKS fuck it , they should disband .. Ruined Na`Vi and dissapointed me .
2013-11-29 22:57:07
LUV U coL! OMG :>>>
2013-11-29 22:57:33
swag 1v2 GG
2013-11-29 22:57:34
2013-11-29 22:57:44
Clan: Na`Vi Fan Club /A/

2013-11-29 23:08:10
as they lost 7th round 3on3; Dosia failed to say welcome on b spot, i said thats it, AD gonna lose, Complexity did great
2013-11-29 22:58:51
Taste freedom bullets EU!
2013-11-29 22:58:58
USA biggest joke the world ever seen
2013-11-29 23:05:17
dreams dead PZ
2013-11-29 23:07:53
2013-11-29 23:07:11
usa biggest joke ever

2013-11-29 23:08:05
U aint no William Wallace bruv
2013-11-29 23:09:01
2013-11-30 21:43:51
fucking well played by coL.
2013-11-29 23:00:20
Top 1 AD?? No. top/8 LOL
2013-11-29 23:05:49
2013-11-29 23:06:35
2013-11-29 23:10:39
2013-11-29 23:07:00
2013-11-29 23:09:29
2013-11-29 23:10:22
2013-11-29 23:14:03
bye bye
2013-11-29 23:11:16
u again ahahahah andry birg ahahaha love u
2013-11-29 23:18:53
ah hi fanboy
i noticed you here too
2013-11-30 11:23:57
gg coL, amazing game by 'muricans
2013-11-29 23:13:39
bye tatana hahahaahah naps
2013-11-29 23:15:10
gg coL, will be cheering for you guys from here on!
2013-11-29 23:15:41
Bye bue ad fail always
Superteam? Never
2013-11-29 23:16:12
very upsetting very unlucky, but a great win by coL, both teams I hope showed their best, no question asked, so finally a US team can beat a TOP3 worldwide team to proceed further ahead in the tournament and have the ability winning big bucks...

gl coL

just make sure u dont fail to fnatci cause Id just laugh so bad on one side and be upset on the other due to the fact if u do lose to fnatic you should've just lost the 3rd map to AD as AD would win fnatic for a fact...

anyway...i know want coL to place TOP 2 somehow, how they gonna do it? I couldnt care less, but I want top 2 and this way Ill be ok with them winning against AD!


Post edited 2013-11-29 23:18:20
2013-11-29 23:17:31
Why is it unlucky that they got outplayed
2013-11-29 23:22:23
because it is unlucky as obviously coL has very little chance against NiP and VG wheres AD already proved they have more than enough to be able to beat both of the mentioned teams as simple as that, thats why i said coL better win vs fnatic and should be 2:0 as well as at least beat NiP or at elast put up a close fight and this way this win against AD woill become reasonably fair and deserved....
2013-11-30 00:40:21
You say coL has very little chance against VG but they beat them earlier in the day?

NiP I agree with, NiP's playstyle is hard for coL to beat, but they can beat VG by outstrating them.

I'm not saying they would, but I wouldn't rule them out either.

2013-11-30 01:14:57
my actual main point wan and im not gonna take the win away from coL as they plaid brilliantly vs AD, but the point is coL better win tomorrow vs fnatci and go further as AD would be able and already beat VG and NiP in the past, mostly NiP on LAN, so if coL doesnt show a good game tomorrow it simply would be sad that AD couldnt overcome them cause AD could still even win the rournament wheres coL most likely wouldnt be able to, but like i said, nothing we can do ghere, AD is out, coL is here but I hope everyone realizes AD is way above coL tnx
2013-11-30 02:42:08
God you dribble shit, AD have played average all tournie and to say theyd definitely beat fnatic and IF they werent already knocked out could still win the comp is fkn dumb.

Bring your head back out from the clouds you clown
2013-11-30 04:44:11
They play well vs. those teams cuz dosia is a beast, which he was in this toureny. But they got burned for removing edward in the end. Simple as that.
2013-11-30 04:58:53
a bo1 means nothing, VG were off all day.

+ he's wrong because for like 6 months AD never won against VG, and they ven fear playing verus them, so saying AD has what it takes to outplay VG is just so wrong.
2013-11-30 09:56:29
"a bo1 means nothing, VG were off all day."

No. VG was off because coL's level of play was high. They were not off just because they were off. If thats the case, everytime VG won vs NiP there were 1-2 people on NiP off, making those wins mean nothing by your logic. The reason people are "off" is because the players on the other team step up.

And that BO1 meant everything to both teams. You think VG was willing to get 2nd seed and vs NiP early? No way, I am positive they tried their damn hardest and were just beaten.

NBK even admitted on interview that they were genuinely surprised how good coL were and that coL fully earned that win.

I will take his word over yours. I'm not saying coL is a better team. But to say that win meant nothing is pure bullshit.

Post edited 2013-11-30 15:41:00
2013-11-30 15:38:34
kucher doesn´t looks great now, right ANGE1??????
2013-11-29 23:17:38
i dont wanna blame kucher as kucher is a great fit to AD now, but yes, that 1on1 that he couldnt win to have hiko or swag or whoever it was to defuse the bomb and make it a 15th rnd for coL mostlikely cause AD the loss of this match...

this is IMHO of my PROfessional 13 years in CS experience . . .
2013-11-29 23:21:37
fnatic> usa noobs
obidno 4 AD. 0ni ne pokazali istenniy uroven` na etom lane.
2013-11-29 23:25:06
English, motherfucker.
2013-11-30 12:05:49
HAHA ad kicked edward and did not reach even semifinals as they used to :D, gj coL i hope u will win it all
2013-11-29 23:31:27
iBP beats coL 3 times in a row
iBP loses in group stages
coL beats AD in three maps

Half-life 3 postponed until the results start making sense
2013-11-30 00:18:53
Clan-Mystic Wins ESWC vs VG/AD/coL
Clan-Mystic loses in group stages.

Yeah, no idea whats up.
2013-11-30 01:16:22
iBP beats coL 3 times in a row
iBP loses in group stages
coL beats nfacutly in group stages
coL beats VeryGames in group stages
coL beats AD in best of 3 semi-final

coL to stronk
2013-11-30 01:18:50
they will get destroyed by nip in the grand final dude
2013-11-30 12:01:24
Goes to show different playstyles counters certain teams.

Post edited 2013-11-30 01:25:15
2013-11-30 01:24:55
Happy to see coL doing well!
2013-11-30 03:59:22
2013-11-30 06:11:02
coL has had some incredible matches
2013-11-30 04:02:44
oh man they should make the final :D
2013-11-30 10:04:54
great for the american scene!
2013-11-30 11:54:18
what about AD now, thought they should produce some good results for their sponsors, seems like they failed once again
2013-11-30 12:03:10
They kicked a player when they were TOP 3. Don't even know what they might do when they are TOP 8.
2013-11-30 15:43:29
this is Karma for AD,very rong. You can't kick a player before Dreamhack when he contribute to team qualifications.
Was my favourite team, but has not the scence of honor. Glad they lost! Deserved it!
2013-11-30 13:27:23
2013-11-30 23:52:10
one man army Edward > kucher
2013-12-09 14:35:41
2013-11-30 22:05:52
I miss this compLexity
I miss this Hiko
I miss this swag
I miss this n0thing
I miss this [email protected]
I miss this SEMPHIS
I miss this NA CS ;(
2017-04-02 00:47:46
2017-04-02 00:49:02

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