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NiP 19

26th of March 2014 20:00
Match over


NiP lineup

Virtus.pro lineup

Past matches

Lineups, head to head (21 - 0 - 3)

VP playing out of their minds atm,
NiP playing like sh*t.

Should be a close game...

Post edited 2014-03-25 23:09:35
2014-03-25 23:08:19
This made me lol.
2014-03-26 14:13:28
grund, you'll enjoy watching VP beat NiP today, as you are a fan of rape.
2014-03-26 17:37:20
he does not play in VP or NiP?
2014-03-26 20:48:50
I think he meant that VP will "rape" NiP xD xD xD
2014-03-26 21:24:55
what means "rape"?
2014-03-26 21:27:31
Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person's consent, but in this case its meant more as a way to say that they will be owned and there is nothing they can do about it :)
2014-03-26 21:31:41
aha, nice troll.. :)
2014-03-26 21:33:04
.. ?? I give up.
2014-03-26 21:33:38
2014-03-26 21:43:36
2014-03-26 23:36:43
You must be the chosen one. Couldn't have been more correct.
2014-03-26 21:15:56
oh thanks you! aha :D

Not really tho, I just follow thorin's tweets and say the exact opposite..
2014-03-26 21:17:27
2014-03-27 12:21:43
can be a good match if VP get some pratice on season!
2014-03-25 23:09:37
16:10 or 16:13 4 VP
2014-03-25 23:26:53
dunno 16-14 for one of the team! VP i better atm but NIP have 2 sourcer and that make the difference on this map!
2014-03-25 23:33:19
Nip will take this, they are VERY Good on season, they never lose it
2014-03-25 23:10:02
ur sure? gtr yesterday said that he played this mape twice or smth like that, this will be all about aim and timing... pretty random map
2014-03-25 23:13:41
ye and they won both games! so its true they have never lose a game on it!
2014-03-25 23:14:22
2014-03-26 16:08:18
NiP is horrible on Season, and we saw that yesterday against LGB (who themselves are bad at the map, too). It's pretty obvious if you watch NiP play on season that they haven't put time into learning the map
2014-03-26 18:08:30
Yes you are right, but at this moment VP is on their highest level that they can show us and they are crushing peoples head literally, pasha is just 2 stronk especially after this victory at katowice, their mood is like over 9000, so all i can say R.I.P in pieces NIP in 2014, this year is for VP finally they are starting to owning instead of playing shaky and decent, VIRTUS PRO 2014 DO BOJU PANOWIE
2014-03-26 19:24:11
de_season,wow,wil be close fight i think,16-14 for NiP
2014-03-25 23:10:25
16-9 for NiP..

Post edited 2014-03-25 23:13:49
2014-03-25 23:13:36
NiP win :C
2014-03-25 23:14:55
Random map, anything can happen. But i know that vp are hard workers and they will practice this map alot before the match.

Post edited 2014-03-25 23:15:46
2014-03-25 23:15:40
dat map.
2014-03-25 23:16:29
NiP fucking easy
2014-03-25 23:17:43
what's wrong with you?

change your flag u deceiver...
2014-03-26 03:20:03
easyy... he is mTw fan :v
2014-03-26 10:43:09
Okay, I understand but why this aggression in his comments against VP?
2014-03-26 15:16:24
because its true
2014-03-26 16:06:45
he's free to speak his mind, isn't he ?
2014-03-26 17:56:18
he's nothing more than regular "hater"
2014-03-26 18:40:47
VP may lose this because it's a random map that is not played in EU.

So, I wouldn't be surprised if NiP wins.
2014-03-25 23:20:20
NiP are EU also??
2014-03-26 00:07:00
Yes, but NiP has played this map in matches A LOT more than VP.

Even if both teams don't practice this map. The experience from past matches will give NiP the advantage.
2014-03-26 00:19:01
ALOT more, ye thats why GTR said he played it for the 2nd time the other day :D
2014-03-26 00:38:11
Hahahaah alot? U srs?xD
2014-03-26 07:13:05
Fiff and Friberg are from Source.... De_Season usual map for Source
2014-03-26 10:44:02
? I played it a lot in sauce
2014-03-26 21:44:56
2014-03-25 23:21:53
easy peasy for NiP
2014-03-25 23:28:08
... haha, never. Each time NIP has get lost on this map.
2014-03-26 16:34:19
lol 1.6 veterans on random map
fuck it i go allin on NIP they played good vs LGB that actually played great !
2014-03-25 23:31:07
I dont even know if VP ever practised this sauce map
2014-03-25 23:31:16
yea,its better to play the same 5 maps forever and ever...
2014-03-26 00:20:21
when 1.6 deaded, there were 7 maps played
2014-03-26 00:32:24
16-11 VP
2014-03-26 00:46:58
everybody wronk, VP season stronk!
2014-03-26 02:45:26
season? It's gonna be interested :p dunno how that teams plays on season can anyone tell me if VP pratice season?
2014-03-26 04:25:12
such a great teams but such a shity map :/
2014-03-26 06:20:33
vp ez
2014-03-26 07:04:32
how u can even say that VP can lose :D :D NiP got DESTROYED on IEM. This match will be just a lesson for NiP from VP. TRUTH!
2014-03-26 07:15:42
u mad? :D
2014-03-27 12:24:18
de_season + online = everything could happen
2014-03-26 08:18:34
NiP onliners can take it
2014-03-26 08:36:14
what ? VP only win 1 tournament on LAN and after nip is onliners ? fuck you idiot
2014-03-26 13:47:52
2014-03-26 14:29:07
nip onliners thats fact kid
2014-03-26 15:00:52
says a poland ..
2014-03-26 17:25:16
Virtus.pro ez.
2014-03-26 08:37:56
VP ez
2014-03-26 08:51:09
NiP ? who is it ?
2014-03-26 09:10:58
NIP online very strong.
2014-03-26 09:18:06
My Mind Says NiP But My Heart Says Virtus Pro
2014-03-26 09:23:30
this time u gotta go with your mind
2014-03-26 17:45:33
This one is tricky cuz season, someone maybe is any informationa about VP on season? :x

Post edited 2014-03-26 09:24:45
2014-03-26 09:24:20
as far as i know this is their favourite map
2014-03-26 09:31:13
Hope you were being sarcastic.
2014-03-26 11:20:15
Pretty sure he was being 'let's mess with the guy asking questions.'
2014-03-26 17:12:25
NiP to lose
2014-03-26 09:25:53
2014-03-27 13:21:45
NiP is much better prepared on season so 16-6 I guess
2014-03-26 09:26:59
2014-03-26 15:00:35
season what the hell ;_;
2014-03-26 09:51:49
VP 16:13
2014-03-26 09:54:36
Fifflaren win it!
2014-03-26 10:08:51
best teams playin on de_season.. fuck this map
2014-03-26 10:30:03
Agree... I can't get used to this map.. It's so big... Rotation is so slow... I don't like it.
2014-03-26 12:31:52
gl nip
2014-03-26 10:31:12
DE_Season -_- NiP have 2 source players.... maybe NiP will win this time
2014-03-26 10:40:41
and what? Dignitas has 5 players source and lost on this map of the clan mystik who has only two players from the source...
2014-03-26 14:32:08
but mystik have kennyS
2014-03-26 14:34:39
xyp9x is not a source player..
2014-03-26 16:27:44
VP 16:9 NiP
2014-03-26 10:40:52
ppfffffff lol
VP ez ofc
NIP sucks
2014-03-26 10:54:37
On this map I would say NiP but they can be heavily outaimed.

Post edited 2014-03-26 11:22:37
2014-03-26 11:21:12
VP is looking scarry, finally someone who can stand against NIP this year will be interesting in different to previous years
2014-03-26 12:10:16
16:9 for VP :( VP 2 stronk
2014-03-26 12:10:59
shit map
2014-03-26 12:36:11
NiP 2 win, 16 - 8 for NiP ;)
2014-03-26 12:45:47
easy for nip :)
2014-03-26 13:12:47
stop shit about season fucking lows :D
2014-03-26 13:14:21
Neo i-view after won final of last tournament.

For those who missed it.
2014-03-26 13:40:14
lol... didnt see the polish fanboys for a long time. now vp wins one tournament and they creep out of their holes :D
2014-03-26 14:25:23
I wish that u ll go out of ur hole 1 day.
But we might wait for it "a bit", considering ur flag;p

Post edited 2014-03-26 15:12:28
2014-03-26 15:11:55
Such a shame it's on de_season, probably the map both teams practise the least.
2014-03-26 14:33:04
gl fiff
2014-03-26 14:37:05
de_cache > de_season
and god, please give us de_tuscan :)
2014-03-26 14:45:51
Hope VP, but Fifi can de job there... :C
2014-03-26 14:52:36
nip 16-12
2014-03-26 14:59:19
NIP becoming stronger and stronger. Close match for sure, i bet for NIP. #BELIEVE
2014-03-26 14:59:59
Virtus Pro will smash swedes.

2014-03-26 15:02:27
lol, what a joke.
2014-03-26 21:20:52
Time2Shine NiP.
2014-03-26 15:09:20
de_season. NiP has a chance actually, seeing as VP is all 1.6 players (not 100% sure with byali and snax though) and nip still have fifflaren who can pull some strategies for the T-side of season.
2014-03-26 15:16:05
IIRC byali and snax are 1.6 players, CS:S wasn't as popular over in Poland as 1.6.
2014-03-26 17:15:08
As I thought then. Because of this I think NiP has a chance. I mean who ever plays season? No one has any strategies, except for fifflaren (and friberg
2014-03-26 19:03:31
season whyyyyy
2014-03-26 15:17:25
Stop trolling all we all know that NIP having problems those days so its gonna be 100% for VP
2014-03-26 15:25:14
retarded map :| it will be random winner
2014-03-26 15:41:14
Clash of the titans, this could possibly be one of the best matchups we will ever witness, granted both teams are in full form :) Too bad it's season, but I'm sure both teams have practiced it alot!
2014-03-26 15:47:53
Fucking easy game for NiP. VP are worthless at de_season.

2014-03-26 15:54:17
in other maps it would be closer match or even win for VP but not on de_season for sure

too easy for NiP
2014-03-26 15:55:14
fiff for MVP!
2014-03-26 16:02:58
Man of Virtus Pro?
2014-03-26 16:10:32
VP DON'T EASY , this game is HARD
2014-03-26 16:11:13
VP make me proud!

2014-03-26 16:41:44
Source map, NiP have 2 source players, but 1 of them is -1, therefore it all evens out and VP wins GG.
2014-03-26 16:51:01

On the same map, Fifflaren. Its 50 - 50 :/
2014-03-26 16:56:23
all money for Virtus.pro :) 16:6 for VP
2014-03-26 16:58:44
VP 16-9
2014-03-26 17:08:01
nip will take this bcoz of shit map :D
2014-03-26 17:10:05
Nip should take it cos they are way better team than VP ever was or will be.

That being sad this match is still fifty fifty.
2014-03-26 17:30:39
Blablabla. VP are on level of playing right now that NiP have never been in CS GO and it is up to them to keep up. Everything evolves and VP seem to be on top right now with aim, teamplay and tactics.
2014-03-26 17:34:42
Please dont edit this cos its incredibly funny and ridiculous.

A nice proof of blind polack fanboyism and blindness.
2014-03-26 17:36:43
From what I've seen at EMS and recently VP are playing the best CSGO ever and I hope they will prove it in Copenhaga. :)
2014-03-26 17:41:05
you are fucking redicilous
2014-03-26 21:18:56
i cant accept this ;pp they was better team now they are play like shit ;c they will take this bcoz vp wasnt play on this map. CPH games will show who will dominate this year
2014-03-26 17:57:00
Why NiP didn't even take a map vs VP on EMS if they are so stong like you are saying i don't get it ?
Sure they are good team (top3 always), but you are lost in 2013.

Post edited 2014-03-26 21:53:23
2014-03-26 21:53:07
On this map? SO random
2014-03-26 17:30:02
NiP easy because
Map: de_season
2014-03-26 17:30:23
game ruined cause shit map. ESEA get rid of shit maps please.
2014-03-26 17:44:02
because this map is shit i will say nip will take it
2014-03-26 17:44:26
believe me guys and bet for nip
2014-03-26 17:47:18
thanx me later
2014-03-26 21:26:07
2 great teams facing each other on SEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASONN. damn, how long did i wait for this to happen? :D
2014-03-26 18:27:43
nip map _
2014-03-26 18:38:21
polish kidz pre-whining beacause of map...
2014-03-26 18:39:29
Nip will take this, but hopefully a tight match
2014-03-26 18:42:10
nipppp http://i.imgur.com/LJXq4W5.png?1
2014-03-26 18:45:49
nice congrats i bet on NiP aswell but i losta ll my good skins so only had 24 in value :/
2014-03-26 21:28:22
thanks, well good that you bet nip as well! almost lost my breath when vp took those ~10 rounds in a row x)
2014-03-26 21:48:57
de_season ?? OMG fuck
2014-03-26 18:47:23

2014-03-26 18:49:24
online vp will win this.
2014-03-26 18:51:14
VP onliners? Seems legit. :D
2014-03-26 19:21:28
VP have won 8 maps on LAN ever in the history of CSGO yeah they are onliners!!
2014-03-26 19:58:08
They won the biggest tournament in GO, so I think they aren't onliners you fucking swede.
2014-03-26 20:28:31
its a joke dude! no1 of nip or VP are onliners!
2014-03-26 20:32:09
DHW was larger l8
2014-03-26 21:51:09
yeah Dreamhack is the largest event on the world but what was the price pool :D ?
2014-03-26 23:36:22
same as EMS
2014-03-27 13:59:56
lol didn't know about that ;c
2014-03-27 18:37:42
ill give myself a 2/10... cheap but worked.
2014-03-26 20:32:27
no1 never plays cache! :(((
2014-03-26 19:05:45
its in the ESEA rotation, be patient
2014-03-26 20:33:37
VP will win, NiP played season yesterday and didn't play that well, VP probably well prepared and had a good look at NiP match yesterday
2014-03-26 19:58:34

Post edited 2014-03-26 20:01:13
2014-03-26 20:01:00
hahaha, how about no?
2014-03-26 20:17:52
2014-03-26 19:59:13
yes, match is live, NiP 1:0
2014-03-26 20:12:36
Go VP C:
2014-03-26 20:08:33
5:0 for NiP
2014-03-26 20:18:42
NiP = T; VP = CT
2014-03-26 20:19:23
vp cant win cuz no saucer :D
2014-03-26 20:21:22
2014-03-26 20:22:04
Nip are mostly source players so . no real chance for VP
2014-03-26 20:22:09
2014-03-26 20:22:47
Ye, if 2 out 3 is most, then yeah...
2014-03-26 20:22:55
2 out 3 is most ;d
2 out 5 - not
2014-03-26 20:25:01
Yeah right, I meant 2 out of 5 obviously :P
2014-03-26 20:26:44
Season is T or CT sided map?
2014-03-26 20:23:17
ct map
2014-03-26 20:25:38
t side
2014-03-26 20:26:00
big t sided on GO
2014-03-26 20:26:28
ITs still pretty much 50/50 still...

Depends on the teams and the aim and timings, but in reality Id say its more a T sided map rather than CT...
2014-03-26 20:26:37
NiP sided obv
2014-03-26 20:29:43
how about mirage or inferno? ;)
2014-03-26 20:32:42
7:1 NiP
2014-03-26 20:23:51
2014-03-26 20:27:03
Source map so easy for NIP
2014-03-26 20:28:38
2014-03-26 20:31:32
vp fans - wtf? de_season? oh god my skins D:
nip fans - de_season? we have 2 saucers ez :D

Post edited 2014-03-26 20:31:16
2014-03-26 20:31:05
2014-03-26 20:31:09
Vp so bad on de_season
2014-03-26 20:31:38
VP are so outplayed by NiP on this map as expected.
2014-03-26 20:32:07
"Blablabla. VP are on level of playing right now that NiP have never been in CS GO and it is up to them to keep up. Everything evolves and VP seem to be on top right now with aim, teamplay and tactics."
2014-03-26 21:53:00
What is your point? This match on this map doesn't mean shit. Will see in Copenhaga.
2014-03-27 00:52:03
2014-03-27 14:00:19
Mystiq have won a major tournament aswell. They were nothing but a giant flop afterwards. Hope VP were not a flop and actually maintain their last tournament performance.

Inb4 the "ITS SEASON" bullshit, NiP have not played it that much aswell, but this map so far has been all about out-aim.

Post edited 2014-03-26 20:33:29
2014-03-26 20:32:22
yeah they lost all their online matches after EMS
2014-03-26 20:33:07
I said "Maintain the level, which means destroy NiP and Titans, not beating teams like Mystik, Alternate. You know what im saying.
2014-03-26 20:34:33
Dont worry buddy, it's all gonna be just a-ok.
2014-03-26 20:36:13
Hope so :), i still hate the fact neo and taz are by far the 2 worst players of the team tho, wanted to see both topfragging every match :\ pasha is a god tho
2014-03-26 20:38:11
Oh yeah, cuz neo wasent above f0rest at EMS ;)
2014-03-26 20:46:41
What does that have to do with neo being the worse player of VP along with taz exactly? Dare to explain? f0rest had a poor performance, fact. neo and taz have been playing like that for months already, also a fact. Not saying they are bad, ofc they are good, but comparing them to pasha, bialy and snax is nonsense.
2014-03-26 20:52:06
Well, he stepped up during the biggest even this year, keeping in mind, that he was the mastermind behind all their plays, so my comparison between neo and forest on that even is very relevant, as who cares about online all that much?
2014-03-26 21:01:26
Its actually totally irrelevant since i havent compared anyone from NiP with VP players. I didnt even talked anything about NiP being better or worse than VP, atm VP seem clearly better.

Post edited 2014-03-26 21:04:45
2014-03-26 21:03:07
Well you said neo is playing under par, and im stating that sure maybe online he is, but he stepped up big when it mattered.
2014-03-26 21:04:16
And he is. He is nowhere near his 1.6 level, and i dont think he will ever be. All i said was, i wanted him to be the star of the team, like in 1.6, and its actually the exact opposite, hes the worse aim-wise. Him being the ingame leader atm sure says something about it, doesnt it?
2014-03-26 21:06:14
I guess now you are running out of ideas seeing as you are saying that being an ingame leader automaticaly describes you as the weakest link?
2014-03-26 21:09:45
... What? Do you understand english perfectly? It sure looks like you dont. Normally, the ingame leader isnt the strongest AIMER, and neo IS the worst AIMER of VP, he is also the smartest player of VP imo therefore him taking the ingame leader role.
2014-03-26 21:12:35
Taking in consideration your logic, some food for thought coming your way. Imagine a top class marathon runner who somehow switched to being a sprinter. Of course he wont be able to present all the qualities which he aquired through years of hard work and adapt it to sprint. Therefore, does he become a coach?
2014-03-26 21:16:35
Dude, do you have any idea how stupid that last sentence was? All you said apart from the stupid question, is logical. I can give you 20 examples of players who came from 1.6, just like neo, were never even close to neo's level, and now are 10 times better aimers. Neo simply couldnt adapt as several other players did, AIM-WISE. This doesnt make him a worse player. What is also logical is: If neo isnt even close to be the aimer he once was, but he's still super inteligent, why not take that into benefit of the team? Thats what he did, took the ingame leader role, has less aiming obligations and free's a person whos better at shooting than him from the ingame leader role. You really cant see it logically? oO
2014-03-26 21:21:49
Its okay to be in denial, but dont sit there too much. And those 20 players you say are 10 times better, have won anything major except for 1-2 of them? Im pretty sure he isint bottomfragging every match like you stated above ;)
2014-03-26 21:27:49
You sir are the one in denial if you cant see what i said ;)

Does winning a tournament makes you better aimer than anyone? Fuck logic.

He isnt bottomfragging every match, but mostly. Besides, you dont always frag by outaiming the opponent ;) enough of writing to you, you obviously seem unable to understand simple english. Best Regards
2014-03-26 21:31:24
NEO topfragging vs titan. What up now sucka?
2014-03-27 22:22:18
NEO topfragging again vs titan raping them
2014-04-08 20:52:09
2014-03-26 20:33:00
nice to see new maps making it in the matchpool :) should put new maps also in major tournaments since allways inferno dust2 mirage nuke is getting boring
2014-03-26 20:33:39
its nothing new, its always been like that in esea playing season, cache etc on the regular basis...
2014-03-26 20:37:02
omg. seems to me that vp doesn't know this map at all.
2014-03-26 20:33:48
cuz vp has no source player
2014-03-26 20:38:35
so, season is a source map?
2014-03-26 20:55:42
yea season is source map
2014-03-26 21:16:11
2014-03-26 21:16:40
Camper.pro ;D
Everyone sitting still and waiting for NiP players to walk into the crosshair
2014-03-26 20:39:36
i got bet on NiP but season, really? :D
2014-03-26 20:36:01
its esea
2014-03-26 20:38:09
11:4 for NiP
2014-03-26 20:37:32
11:4. actually not unexpected. Yesterday Nip5-10 as ct vs LGB on season.
2014-03-26 20:37:50

Post edited 2014-03-26 20:43:33
2014-03-26 20:38:26
NiP playing well, now thats something you dont see every day lately
2014-03-26 20:38:33
Lets wait untill next lan xD
2014-03-26 20:41:23
VP ll gain some expirience on dat map xD

Actually losing might motivate em to l2p on that map like on other.

Post edited 2014-03-26 20:43:56
2014-03-26 20:39:36
2014-03-26 20:41:27
nip onliners xDD
2014-03-26 20:41:37
You guys really think VP is giving their all on a random online match after they whopped NiP's ass in the biggest LAN this year? Who cares to be honest
2014-03-26 20:42:35
men shut up , its about maps ! vp fan boy
2014-03-26 20:43:54
take it easy, he is just trying to build up his confidence puted in his team^.^
2014-03-26 20:44:56
I care, my skins are on vp
2014-03-26 20:44:54
well i am watching chilled out, i cant lose any skins;p
2014-03-26 20:50:12
gratz, post what u won after game
2014-03-26 20:49:50
season is for grillz. peace, on inf vs fnatic it will be rape :^

Post edited 2014-03-26 20:45:11
2014-03-26 20:43:56
lol what a rnd by NiP hahah they wanted to sasve, but then f0rest decided to try and won hahaha

2014-03-26 20:43:58
2014-03-26 20:44:40
what map is a one big piece of shit. srsly... i dont enjoy it at all
2014-03-26 20:44:48
why u haf to be mad
2014-03-26 20:45:24
i aint mad, just telling the truth
2014-03-26 21:20:22
yeah this map sucks :/
2014-03-26 21:23:22
easy as expected
2014-03-26 20:44:52
Fliff got a triple !!!!!
2014-03-26 20:45:04
w0w its like 1v6 clutch for him with defuse ofc
2014-03-26 20:45:49
For all the Fiff haters lets see wtf u guys gonna say now, fiff played very well, good job NiP well played guys
2014-03-26 20:45:26
2014-03-26 20:46:55
what we will say ? 1 good map for every 6 bad ones
2014-03-26 20:47:36
3 games in 2 days now!
2014-03-26 20:48:09
Season > VP

Now we know what map they are gonna ban if it's in the tourney.
2014-03-26 20:45:47
Amusing chat on NiPTV. NiP fanboys happy for revange for EMS hahahah this match, especially considering this map means nothing. :D
2014-03-26 20:47:00
MEN , nip have more money win then virtus pro , you think they are best for win EM? lol , fnatic win dreamhack and they are sucks
2014-03-26 20:48:48
I haven't said anything about being better overall than NiP. I'm just saying that this match means nothing.
2014-03-26 20:50:43
yeah, for sure, but if VP win this game, you would spam all over the HLTV..

so pathetic
2014-03-26 20:55:51
2014-03-26 21:26:10
hahaha so owned, vp sucks fucking shit
2014-03-26 20:51:17
2-0 @ cu lan mad swede :*
2014-03-26 20:57:15
easy motherfuckers, NIP 1st, fucking vp shit, thinkink that they are good, shit they fucking suck, owned fakkaaaaaaaaaas
2014-03-26 22:13:50
2014-03-26 21:03:54
If NIP won this map they would be numero uno!
2014-03-26 20:47:14
it took me 2 sec to check out the chat of Nipgaming xD so many Nip fanboys being MAD

VP is far more better team than NIp, but how could they win source map ? nip_sourcerz know every spot on this map
2014-03-26 20:48:36
"VP is far more better team than NIp"

lel, we just see the result, rape
2014-03-26 20:49:32
NIp so bad
pasha is beating xizt and get_low with CZ from distance hahaha
2014-03-26 20:55:07
your nick says it all
2014-03-26 20:56:37
expert. Tell us more
2014-03-26 20:51:11
If you are going to try (somewhat) new maps, at least do it right...

cs_assault FTW


Post edited 2014-03-26 20:49:13
2014-03-26 20:48:59
NiP > VP confirmed!!! XDDDD
2014-03-26 20:49:04
Score pls?
2014-03-26 20:51:17
15-8 for NiP
2014-03-26 20:51:40
VP comeback!

2014-03-26 20:51:52
pasha is a god with CZ275 :D
2014-03-26 20:51:56
15-11 NiP on half eco

Post edited 2014-03-26 20:57:08
2014-03-26 20:52:32
2014-03-26 20:53:17
2014-03-26 20:54:39
Map is Far too big imo
2014-03-26 20:55:24
its not a random map, its a known map that everyone plays on ESEA and all the teams are aware that they will have to play this map sooner or later..
2014-03-26 20:56:44
But ESEA sucks and everyone knows it either.
2014-03-26 20:57:13
2014-03-26 20:59:06
2014-03-26 20:55:05
15-15 incoming
2014-03-26 20:55:28
nip playing like noobs now omg
2014-03-26 20:55:49
2014-03-26 20:57:12
No its just this map is heavy T sided
2014-03-26 20:57:30
its VP just step it up
2014-03-26 20:57:41
2014-03-26 20:56:47
looks like overtime on the way. :D
2014-03-26 20:58:17
lmao fiffy that panic burst
2014-03-26 20:58:19
15:12 lEl
2014-03-26 20:58:21
f0rest fking noob
2014-03-26 20:59:30
5 vs 3 again omfg
2014-03-26 20:59:38
2014-03-26 21:00:14
2014-03-26 21:00:18
15-13 game one
2014-03-26 21:00:19
2014-03-26 21:00:26
what a throw by nip...
2014-03-26 21:00:28
nip stupid cunts
2014-03-26 21:00:38
FOrest plz /quit
2014-03-26 21:00:41
People should get used to Season rather than complain about it. It will make it into the next operation, it will gain a huge amount of popularity from that, and it will be a map that ends up sticking around like Cache is.
2014-03-26 21:00:45
forest is playing so fkn bad lol
2014-03-26 21:00:57
1st half 11:4 for NiP and now the score is 15:13 for NiP, VP comes back big!
2014-03-26 21:01:45
hah what a whine, ESEA = 4fun

Thats all
2014-03-26 21:01:48
overtime inc
2014-03-26 21:02:09
HAHAHA, VP just too strong for NIP
2014-03-26 21:02:23
so true, vp lost 2 pistols and from 15-4 they make it 15-15 haha lol :D
2014-03-26 21:04:35
2014-03-26 21:02:31
nip worst team jesus
2014-03-26 21:02:36
LOSE 2 VS 1 , 5 VS 3 JESUS
2014-03-26 21:02:44
2014-03-26 21:03:04
how unbelievable
2014-03-26 21:03:09
2014-03-26 21:03:34
and virtus lost both pistols, lol
2014-03-26 21:03:37
fifl_SourceR SO BAD
2014-03-26 21:03:39
ahahhahahah POLSKA RZĄDZI !!!
2014-03-26 21:03:40
2014-03-26 21:03:42
Wow what a comeback, thats shows u how vp are real champions.
2014-03-26 21:03:42
2014-03-26 21:03:49
vp is the best
2014-03-26 21:03:49
2014-03-26 21:03:49
2014-03-26 21:03:52
hahahaha, wazzup now Sweden?

vp masters of comback <3
2014-03-26 21:03:57
still claim that this map is shitty
2014-03-26 21:03:58
best game
2014-03-26 21:04:00
2014-03-26 21:04:00

2014-03-26 21:04:06
there's not OT in esea :(

@edit, sorry there is OT actually, my bad! GO VP!

Post edited 2014-03-26 21:06:03
2014-03-26 21:05:04
hahahahahahaha shame on u NIP
2014-03-26 21:04:07
2014-03-26 21:04:07
2014-03-26 21:04:08
nip top 1??
2014-03-26 21:04:14
This match ;ooo
2014-03-26 21:04:18
Lol 15:15
2014-03-26 21:04:22
taz with 2 big plays l0l
2014-03-26 21:04:24
I love this fucking mad swedes who told 15 minutes ago that VP is so fucking bad ... What up now SWEDES ? :D
2014-03-26 21:04:25
stich - HLTV.org
Fuck NiP and all of their fanboys
2014-03-27 01:54:09
NIP onliners :D
2014-03-26 21:04:25
From 15-4 to 15-15 Such a great Comeback by VP <3.
2014-03-26 21:04:36
hahahahhaha NiP. VirtusPRO The best ! <3 they proved that
2014-03-26 21:04:44
Really, they just lost that game.
2014-03-26 21:15:59
yes, but look on come back. NiP have 15:8? But VP make 15-15 i think they proved they are best.
2014-03-26 21:32:56
Its quite normal that both teams win "better" side clearly. so it can go even easily.

Post edited 2014-03-26 23:04:27
2014-03-26 23:03:42
nice vp :D
2014-03-26 21:04:56
Both team didnt practise this map much, so they winner will be the team with the most skills. Lets see who win xD
2014-03-26 21:04:59
2014-03-26 21:05:13
taz save vp
2014-03-26 21:05:16
loool nyp failllllll :D
2014-03-26 21:05:47
xizt overbrained.
2014-03-26 21:05:51
xizt fked hard :D
2014-03-26 21:05:51
Winning lost match? Thats so polish.
2014-03-26 21:06:01
and then lose the won match :P
2014-03-26 21:10:05
master of cumbek
2014-03-26 21:19:26
2014-03-26 21:06:23
2014-03-26 21:07:02
overtimes nowm theres no tie in ESEA
2014-03-26 21:07:54
16:15 for VP in OT so far
2014-03-26 21:07:15
wtf nip u are totally fxxking team!
3 vs 4 with poor economy still no save! in the 1st half VP even save in 2 vs 2 situation!
missed the awp shot and ran towards with the pistol!
i think u all can never win an important title if u still play like this!
2014-03-26 21:06:42
dat neo ninja play :O
2014-03-26 21:06:46
16:15 for VP
2014-03-26 21:06:58
2014-03-26 21:07:32
16 16 overtime atm
2014-03-26 21:07:51
2014-03-26 21:08:06
holy shit NiP got wrekt to pieces
2014-03-26 21:08:37
pasha turn off WH please!
insane wallbangs
2014-03-26 21:08:53
2014-03-26 21:10:46
17 16 nyp :D
2014-03-26 21:09:09
17:16 for NiP
2014-03-26 21:09:15
lol why neo don't played this for time? he had bomb and rush show his face -_-

damn, that will be hard for VP to win 2 rounds in ct ;/
2014-03-26 21:10:28
This is ESEA, 4fun tournament @ rush rush without tactics :x
2014-03-26 21:15:37
he flashed and wanna go on sneaky spot to the left, nice try tho
2014-03-26 21:16:53
18:16 for n33p
2014-03-26 21:13:17
18-16 gj nip
2014-03-26 21:13:22
gg wp nip , ty for skins vp fan boys
2014-03-26 21:14:49
season saved 'em
2014-03-26 21:15:28
"nip worst team jesus"

we have kid here...
2014-03-26 21:16:05
worst team in that game
2014-03-26 21:16:48
I'm just wondering... Why, in your opinion, only fanboy would bet skins on a team?
2014-03-26 21:17:05
nip worst team jesus
2014-03-26 21:02
nip stupid cunts
2014-03-26 21:00

2014-03-26 21:17:59
haha, u had heart attack after 11 rounds won by VP? kiddo :D

Post edited 2014-03-26 21:18:20
2014-03-26 21:18:12
thanks god nip!!!!
2014-03-26 21:14:49
fifflaren wins last rnd for NiP


2014-03-26 21:14:54
2014-03-26 21:15:01
2014-03-26 21:15:06
nyp won gg wp incredible match loved this counter strike
2014-03-26 21:15:10
NiP looking strong
2014-03-26 21:15:11
how strong are they ?;p
2014-03-26 21:16:05
Strong they are how?
2014-03-26 21:18:16
best game analyzer ever #LOLNOPE
2014-03-26 21:17:09
I didn't analyze anything, i'm just saying NiP are looking strong lately, as they have good scores.
2014-03-26 21:17:45
2014-03-26 21:15:16
izi katka izi skins izi 4 nip
2014-03-26 21:15:19
Thanks for skins Nip Haters.
2014-03-26 21:15:32
2014-03-26 21:18:55
I hope that homeless rates in Poland won't skyrocket after this match. I can imagine those Poles betting their cardboard houses, kidneys of their little siblings and other valuable belongings on this match.
2014-03-27 07:41:21
stil very GG to VP, losing the 2 pistol rounds and still getting the draw from 15-4 :O

Post edited 2014-03-26 21:16:38
2014-03-26 21:15:34
Yes very impressive play from VP (Even though you have to remember Season is very T-sided mp)
2014-03-26 21:17:44
just nice comeback from vp , but they dont deserve the win , nip get tilt
2014-03-26 21:15:41
Good game from both teams. I love this stable high level from VP:)
2014-03-26 21:15:44
nip needs to be more coordinated. Should've saved in 29th round.
2014-03-26 21:15:45

Post edited 2014-03-26 21:18:11
2014-03-26 21:17:55
i thought virtus pro would win after their insane comeback
2014-03-26 21:15:54
NiP 2 stronk for VP ;)

2014-03-26 21:15:55
uwotm8 hahahaha
2014-03-26 21:16:36
They show how strong they are in Katowice.

Post edited 2014-03-26 21:18:23
2014-03-26 21:18:11
VP 2 stronk for NiP (offline)
2014-03-26 21:21:04
in fuckin poland normally ;)
in front of thousand crowd :O
NiP top 1 ;)
2014-03-26 21:23:49
In your dream. VP heter pff kid.
2014-03-26 21:26:16
gj nip!
2014-03-26 21:15:55
Nice comeback by VP anyway :) Let's see inferno against fnatic! ;)
2014-03-26 21:16:11
2014-03-26 21:16:22
Carlos Uneducardo
2014-03-26 21:17:39
ez skins
2014-03-26 21:16:23
ahahah hope fiflowren will shoot sth on CPH Games too, not only online
2014-03-26 21:16:27
fiflowren? You mean Robin "9to44atFINAL" Johansson ?
2014-03-26 21:25:48
damnnn sad, but proud! wellplayed VP, 20 rounds in a row is just unwinable :P

from 4-15 and 2 pistol rounds lost they managed to make it 15-15 and almost won the game, ggwp!

wp to fiflaren too, he won some clutch rounds and played fantastic match!

Post edited 2014-03-26 21:22:59
2014-03-26 21:16:30
where is hellrose????
2014-03-26 21:16:31
2014-03-27 08:14:43
almost had heart attack watching this game -.- gg!
2014-03-26 21:16:55
me too , fk nip :D
2014-03-26 21:17:53
pasha MVP
2014-03-26 21:17:03
nip top1
2014-03-26 21:17:10
I think top 0 is great position for them.
2014-03-26 21:19:32
angry polski fanboyski, how ive missed you during your period of irrelevance <3
2014-03-26 21:21:16
TOP 1 online only ;)
2014-03-26 21:22:38

wake up
2014-03-26 21:31:25
For me NiP top 1 online ;)
2014-03-26 21:32:45
I will not reply to your posts, since you are probably VP fanboy, and it's very hard to discuss with this type of people.
2014-03-26 21:36:19
Wow that's pretty retarded.
2014-03-27 19:44:35
I'm not just mad. I just don't like comments like Nip/vp/titan top 1. Titan/Nip/VP 1.-3. and that's all.
2014-03-26 21:25:47
y u so mad
2014-03-26 21:23:30
so easy for NiP
2014-03-27 12:31:22
>sick match
>doesn't matter have skins

gg both, congratulations NiP :)
2014-03-26 21:17:29
Hahahahhahaha angry polski xD NiP Forever!
2014-03-26 21:24:07
Hahahahhahaha angry skin boy xD I'm just saying that for most people here skins are more important than match.

Post edited 2014-03-26 21:48:42
2014-03-26 21:48:20
ez skins vp noobs. NiP #1 again.
2014-03-26 21:17:31
I love this kids saying VP noobs. haha I fell butthurt here.
2014-03-26 21:19:08
Fifflaren MVP !
2014-03-26 21:18:36
Well, overzealous VP fanboys should settle down for a while now.
2014-03-26 21:19:03
Why should they? VP is still better than NiP.
2014-03-26 21:21:33
pls. dont feed the retard he is the biggest fuc*ing Poles hater he waited couple weeks to say that...
2014-03-26 21:26:38
Cheer up, nail polish! They might win next time. Against a similarly skilled team, like MayaM, or H2k or bots, or something like that.
2014-03-26 21:33:38
Calm down jackie chan.
2014-03-27 07:47:55
I would retaliate by calling you a Bollywood "actor", but sadly, no one knows any by name.
2014-03-27 07:54:14
ok Wong.
2014-03-27 08:03:33
Numbers and stats don't lie :)
2014-03-26 21:31:05
Correct: Major LAN's don't lie.
2014-03-27 02:47:46
Their results are still part of stats which are clearly in favor of NiP.
But if you take into account last two big LANs, NiP managed to get into the final of both of them, which still makes them more consistent than VP, who played shit throughout the history of CSGO.
2014-03-27 07:27:27
Not gonna happen..
2014-03-26 21:32:21
Former sourcers have just so much more experience on de_season.
2014-03-26 21:19:29
friberg and fiflaren only destroyed VP ....seems legit
2014-03-26 21:51:34
Too bad defeat World Champions and currently the best team in the world, but everything is not going to win
2014-03-26 21:20:24
hahahah look at that, vp the best team in the world...? maybe in your dreams, so, go sleep, maybe u can dreaming very well :/
2014-03-26 21:22:19
actually they are, maybe nip will be in your dreams ^^
2014-03-26 21:24:36
vp top 5 maybe, just maybe!
2014-03-26 21:25:25
They are not the best team in the world after winning a single tournament. They seem the team in better shape atm, which can change fast.
2014-03-26 21:33:43
they're not the best in the world, but their current form is the best in the world.
2014-03-26 23:11:33
Yes, thats what i said. Form come and goes pretty randomly tho, consistency doesnt.
2014-03-26 23:30:24
True, but it's early to call it a current form for VP or if they actually manage to bring their skill to a higher a level. We will soon enough.
2014-03-26 23:40:53
good warmup for vp
2014-03-26 21:20:49
too bad a match of this caliber is decided on a source map...

maybe we should have a rule that says you're only allowed to play source maps if both teams have atleast 2 players from source? because it's boring to see NiP winning because of source experience :(
2014-03-26 21:21:11
you're right and we can only play mirage when we have onepointpixel player on it.
2014-03-26 21:22:28
ok so lets stop playing mirage because it is 1.6 map... logic overload jontew0w
2014-03-26 21:22:53
source players should have knowledge of mirage since 1.6 has been out for so long, so your logic is pretty strange :(
2014-03-26 21:35:18
Wow and your logic is? Jeez, moron. Source has also been out from 2004. Quake 2 has been out from 1997, and what you are saying is, we should all have knowledge of every map in quake 2, because it has been out even longer than cs 1.6.
2014-03-27 00:35:19
2014-03-26 21:23:54
reported for insults, please explain why i'm a moron in your eyes

you only prove that i'm right if the only thing you can say is "moron"

Post edited 2014-03-26 21:36:01
2014-03-26 21:33:39
It's ESEA... everyone is playing this map.
2014-03-26 22:06:35
Oh really? Just read the rest of the comments it should explain well enough.

Believe it or not source players didn't play mirage and no they didn't have knowledge of the map from 1.6 because they didn't need to.

Post edited 2014-03-26 22:37:58
2014-03-26 22:36:38
but we had cpl_strike wich is basically the same as mirage? :o
2014-03-26 23:57:03
It's similar but still different. It was never played on any LAN that I remember.
2014-03-27 13:55:42
mkay, ye I think only league where it was played was CAL
2014-03-27 19:41:38
we need to see this maps because we are tired with dd2 etc GG both teams!
2014-03-26 21:25:15
VP playd this map more than NiP

Post edited 2014-03-26 21:27:18
2014-03-26 21:27:11
yeah especially more than fifi and friberg lol ;d
2014-03-26 22:27:40
Or maybe we should have a rule on HLTV to give an IQ test when creating an account...Just an idea
2014-03-26 21:29:54
luckily for you hltv doesn't have an iq test, cuz you wouldn't have gotten the chance to create your account then :D
2014-03-26 21:34:34
Good joke. I rest my case.
2014-03-26 21:37:49
thank you :D
2014-03-26 21:40:53
VP nabs.
2014-03-26 21:23:56
showed some balls, went all in and won. easy life

2014-03-26 21:24:03
so, confirmed, NiP top 1
go die VP fanboys, go die in poland!!!
2014-03-26 21:24:39
top1 after almost lost with 2 pistols won, and on de_season ?? LOL, cmon...
2014-03-26 21:28:47
8=====D suck it VP Hater
2014-03-26 21:30:48
VP disband :>>>>>
2014-03-26 21:25:06
2014-03-26 21:25:39
-neo -taz -pasha.
2014-03-26 21:27:23
+loord +michu +innocent
2014-03-26 21:29:07
Didn't see the match :( was fifflaren so good ? :D good to see he was mvp
2014-03-26 21:25:33
hes playing good
2014-03-26 21:26:26
I love the way NiP let VP in the match and the shut down it in the OT
2014-03-26 21:26:40
2014-03-27 07:50:29
fifflaren MVP. Neo & Taz back to their scrub level.
2014-03-26 21:27:04
Taz t-side was pretty good, awesome frags he made. But yeah, neo sure played like crap, again.
2014-03-26 21:34:54
Lost 80value but not even too sad about that cuz vp made amazing comeback gg wp
2014-03-26 21:27:34
<33 polska guys mad cuz NiP won :DDD maybe they lost skins :D
2014-03-26 21:28:02
vp to stronk
2014-03-26 21:28:39
lol beating them on de_season... ok lets see what happens on Copenhagen Games, till then 1] VP
2014-03-26 21:29:19
cuz they won one event? LOL
2014-03-26 21:34:17
Maybe they are not top1, but surely top 2-3.
And yes, if you win biggest tournament you are best in that very moment i don't see nothing wrong here.
2014-03-26 21:55:46
Thing that is wrong with this reasoning is, that you should take into account overall history of that team. NiP was clearly dominant for the big part of CS:GO history, while VP played shit all the time until they managed to win Katowice. Now they are riding on a slowly decaying wave of that glorious moment, but I am quite sure they will fall (rather sooner than later) and return to their top 10-7 rank where they belong. While NiP is still an easy contender for #1 spot.
2014-03-27 07:32:53
but I am quite sure they will fall

Great logic(opinion) by "Mr. WONG ON SO MANY LEVELS".


Post edited 2014-03-27 07:53:36
2014-03-27 07:52:57
Awww, I haven't seen this picture in years. How very original of you! I would recommend a humor site for you to catch up on latest gags, so you are not always 5 years late.

Post edited 2014-03-27 07:56:59
2014-03-27 07:56:25
Just refreshing your memory Wong. =))
2014-03-27 08:05:17
How sweet. Now please, back to your shoe-shining stand, slumdog.
2014-03-27 08:08:26
sure Anti-Mandingo. lul.

BTW its funny how you try to project ur stupid opinions as facts and cant digest that sAucers are getting raped left and right by 1.6ers. :*
2014-03-27 08:12:42
I actually never played CS:S and was a 1.6 player for quite a long while, so that "argument" of yours doesn't make any sense.
Also, I simply dislike VP because they are overrated as hell and their fanboys are the easiest toys to upset and play with (as it is clearly demonstrated in your case).
2014-03-27 08:18:19
K good.
But 7 majors and u say overrated? sure. -_-

Post edited 2014-03-27 08:21:47
2014-03-27 08:20:31
Please list the 7 CS:GO majors won by VP.
2014-03-27 08:24:40
People are fan of the NEO and TaZ.....and Pasha. They were legends in 1.6 and they are showing their caliber again in GO with the help of new blood and they have already show huge huge improvement compared to what they were few months ago. They have already won 50% of CSGO major events.

They are playing great CS at the moment and it cant be denied. Their real test will be at CPH and looking at their current results its looking good for VP. A top 3/4 will also prove that they are a great team right now however i am sure they will naturally look for 1st position cuz these guys are real fighters

Post edited 2014-03-27 08:38:03
2014-03-27 08:31:06
As expected, there is no list provided. We're playing and watching a different game now. Not a single team has the same roster as they had in previous CS games. Previous achievements they had as individuals doesn't really matter. Truth is that VP won one big tournament and people are flipping their shit already. Totally overrated.
2014-03-27 08:39:18
Question. If Team Nipple is really such a great team, why are they sucking at the moment? So i say, Team Nipple is overrated as fuck cuz of their past results when no one was good at CSGO.

Post edited 2014-03-27 08:44:17
2014-03-27 08:43:08
Sucking? I wouldn't say that. I simply believe that they set the bar too high for themselves in the beginning of CS:GO and it is obvious that teams will catch up, so they will start to lose more. They are still favorites in any match with the exception of maybe NiP vs. Titan, where it is 50:50 or maybe even slightly in favor of Titan, given the recent results of their clashes.
2014-03-27 08:47:11
Ur Wong again

VP is currently top 1. They are playing the best CS right now and they have just exploded out of nowhere. Just like in 2006. I am sure that teams are watching their demos very minutely to find out how to defeat them. But their teamwork and aim is on another level "right now".

Number 2 is NiP thanks to f0rest GTR and Xizt.
Number 3 is former Team HairGelGames
Number 4 LGB and fnatic
Number 5 is team Hellrosers and probably clan lipstick.

PS: Navi is gonnna surprise at CPH games, u heard it here first.
2014-03-27 08:58:52
Oh, those fanboys... The worst thing is, that you are actually serious.
If they were on "another level", they wouldn't lose to NiP. Also, please have a look at stats. In favor of VP is only Katowice and that's it. Winning in their hometown doesn't make them "on another level". The rest of your chart doesn't make sense either. Titan should be placed higher than NiP, as their matches are going in favor of French team more often than not. Clan Lipstick is somewhere in top 10, definitely surpassed by at least Complexity and perhaps even Na'Vi.
2014-03-27 09:19:41
With noise reduction headfones and constant in-game communication, i doubt that there is any home advantage in CS. If this was true, NiP would have won DH as crowd was yelling EN AAI PEE EN AAI PEE. DIdnt happen. So its actually the skill and preparation that matters 98% in game hence i said "another level" which is true.

coL lost their swag by losing swag so i wont like to rate them and i wont rate NaVi even though on paper they are a good team, they still need to prove themselves.

NiP vs Titan - Titan was top 16 in EMS so i would place NiP higher than Titan. However, next LAN will decide for sure that NiP > Titan or vice versa.
2014-03-27 09:35:22
I guess that's why ESWC was won by French underdogs, DHW by Swedish underdogs, ESEA finals by US underdogs and Katowice by Polish underdogs. Connect the dots. Home soil is definitely an advantage.

coL is in a weird place now, they haven't played anything in EU yet so I agree that ranking them is difficult. Prior to the change they were totally higher than CM and Navi though.

Titan beat NiP on multiple occasions, dropping in EMS was surprising, but anything can happen. They are still overall top 1-2 together with NiP.

History and ranking aren't written by a single event. Go take a look at a bigger picture.
2014-03-27 09:43:30
Neither a ranking is done by looking up the entire history. Its always top N teams for the current year.

VP top 1 in 2014 as of now. Easy.
2014-03-27 09:48:04
They lost everything prior to EMS and they are starting to lose again. Yup, very easy. I guess this kind of broken logic and bending the reality comes with being a narrow minded fanboy.
2014-03-27 09:52:23
LOL, nope son. They just lost 1 map de_sAuce that too 19-16. Damn sure if it was any regular map, they would have won easily. =DD
2014-03-27 10:00:34
if if if... I like that sound.
2014-03-27 10:02:58
"Lost everything prior to EMS."
VP are overrated"

Not sure who is thenarrow minded fqnboy here.
2014-03-27 10:17:31
Switching the accounts to appear supported, how old school :)
2014-03-27 10:18:32
Came here to have a proper argument, realised you're not grown fully for that yet.
2014-03-27 10:24:31
Indeed, because your previous comment just emits tons of maturity :)
2014-03-27 10:29:20
You realise how idiotic those statements by you actually were?
I agree home soil has always been an advantage, it did show in the way NiP played. It wasn't even 60% of the way we are used to see them playing.
But calling VP overrated, on the other hand, is plain retarded. VP actually lost only 2 matches since the orga took over them, if i'm not mistaken.
2014-03-27 10:47:03
And how many matches did they lost with the same lineup? Buttloads.
2014-03-27 11:02:12
They started to bootcamp and practice properly since they joined the org.
And this text box is getting annoying, until next time.
2014-03-27 17:46:45
Next 6 months will prove whats right and whats wrong. So chill. :D

Post edited 2014-03-27 10:34:14
2014-03-27 10:33:40
India new Russia
2014-03-27 11:47:21

Some great jokes. HF.
2014-03-27 11:49:57
So you just showed the whole HLTV community that you're a dumb retarded idiot.. GJ! Really, I haven't seen people as stupid as you, prob. why I said India is the new Russia
2014-03-27 12:12:27

ConspiracyKeanu -What if all the ids with "<3 Fifflaren" are created by Fifflaren himself trying to increase his popularity cuz how can such a baddie have even a single fanboy!


Post edited 2014-03-27 12:17:40
2014-03-27 12:17:08
Sorry I'm not like whole community who just gets fanboys of the top3 players ;( sowry.
2014-03-27 12:18:13

So u chose the last 1. GG. -_-
2014-03-27 12:21:45
Fiff>Neo :)
2014-03-27 12:44:33
2014-03-27 17:25:21
2014-03-27 19:45:40
2014-03-27 21:03:05
I said top 2-3 in this moment, so i don't need to take into account some shit events from past 6 months.
We wiil have better image after CPH games for shure.
2014-03-27 12:30:09
MYM > VP if VP keeps playing like this....
2014-03-26 21:33:40
Losing in OT online on a rarely played map to one of the top 3 teams in the world? Yeah, just terrible.

Gosh, MYM with all those routine losses to scrub-teams are looking soooo much better right now.

Post edited 2014-03-26 22:05:43
2014-03-26 21:58:31
You're stupid enough to be on my list of retards on hltv. Enjoy
2014-03-27 00:05:37
love all polish fanboys crying.. VP so bad when they cant cheat like in Katowice.
2014-03-26 21:36:26
2014-03-26 21:45:36
Can u tell me how they cheat?
2014-03-26 21:47:01
Love it when a downey dimwit on hltv.org claims a team cheated on a stage during a LAN tournament.

That sucking sound you hear is everyone with a clue inhaling before laughing at your dumbass.
2014-03-26 22:04:23
made my day:D cheating on stage:D with referees behind them :_) your to OP
2014-03-26 22:45:31
2014-03-26 22:28:18
nip biggest onliners ever seen..
2014-03-26 21:46:15
u biggest idiot ever seen..
2014-03-27 03:08:30
where's fifflaren haters now? :(
2014-03-26 21:46:35
ty http://prntscr.com/34dwvm
2014-03-26 21:49:18
It was de_season. This game was a toss-up from the outset.
2014-03-26 22:06:45
Nip <3
2014-03-26 22:57:46
i don't recognize get right
he was such a beast in 1.6

Post edited 2014-03-27 00:04:27
2014-03-27 00:04:15
Are you suggesting the top ranked player worldwide of 2013 is bad at GO?
2014-03-27 07:41:32
Fifflaren >>> world
2014-03-27 01:05:03
nip was playing pretty bad, but still good enough to beat virtus noobs. better vp disband or - neo + loord
2014-03-27 11:34:53
FYI, it was de_sAuce
2014-03-27 11:45:09
lol so many vp/ex-esc fans again, where were they the past 2-3 years or most of u are fans based on their katowice win? crawl back to your holes where most of u were hiding for a long time...

Post edited 2014-03-27 11:42:23
2014-03-27 11:41:18
How could it be 2-3 years when ppl play csgo for 1,5 year?
2014-03-27 13:20:48
fifflaren is low
2014-03-27 12:14:05
I like VP obviously but fanboys of them are so fucking stupid :D

NiP won easy peasy, VP new top1000, come at me braindeads
2014-03-27 12:32:11
> nip won easy
> 19;16
> with both pistolround won
> with few lucky actions

troll 2/10 bcoz i replied
2014-03-27 14:41:10
2014-03-27 17:33:32
atleast 10 trolls here deserves a hard ban!
2014-03-27 17:58:01
As I said in katowice, Virtus pro have to prove their value in next lan tournament, otherwise it only shows that they had a "1 tournament performance" like fnatic at dreamhack
2014-03-27 22:47:24

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