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7th of July 2014 22:25
Match over

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HellRaisers lineup

OverGaming lineup

Past matches

2014-07-06 22:15:24
2014-07-06 22:17:19
-Flipin +Sukitron and this team will be able to make something cool like before..
2014-07-06 23:27:19
Yes. -Flipin +Sukitron or Aguila? xD
2014-07-07 00:11:57
sukitron overrated as fuck , flipin is bad but sukiBot its even worse .

they need xhiroz

Post edited 2014-07-07 01:20:52
2014-07-07 01:20:39
+1000 sukitron hype in hltv is soooo big

They need a new young talent like alex or mixwell instead Flip
2014-07-07 02:37:19
I dont know about alex , but mixwell have fame to be a inether. is he good at lan? xhiroz is the best player that spain ever had in pure skill atleast i mean its quite obvious spain cant have decent team without Musamban1,The Kairi's level is decent, but I can see meison & flipin are already far not only from their mates but of any European good player, I can understand that flipin maybe brings experience but who brings meison? dont understand, he dont have bad timing but any normal player can actually beat him in making decisions, always wrong, cheers.
2014-07-07 06:19:02
that was painful to get through
2014-07-07 08:54:27
totally agree xD
2014-07-07 12:57:26
Xhiroz is now retired :/
2014-07-07 13:47:25
well when he played with them he carried them 2 out of 3 matches (with kairi)
2014-07-07 22:11:06
yes but sukitRon left wizards and the team dropped their level. Before they said they need time. Now 3 months and they still suck.
2014-07-07 22:17:38
idd,with flipin this team dropped like 10 levels
2014-07-07 21:57:36
+99 bring back sukitron and kick meison and bring aguila
2014-07-07 22:15:17
adren 150ping confirmed.
2014-07-07 09:32:35
plz can someone stream the match in english, gl hr!
2014-07-07 13:31:30
I guess it's gonna be really harsh for oG, though I'd love they win this game. A streaming in English would be fine btw.
2014-07-07 17:26:10
goigo oG !! cheering for you
2014-07-07 19:58:51
2014-07-07 20:39:27
Spanish stream: http://www.twitch.tv/jondiezhernandez
2014-07-07 21:17:39
Ez for dosia & markeloff
2014-07-07 22:08:28
Official Hungarian stream: http://twitch.tv/wildtv3
2014-07-07 22:09:38
2014-07-07 22:11:39
De_Nuke... OverGaming's Strongest map
2014-07-07 22:27:38
2014-07-07 22:35:51
yes srsly?! :D
2014-07-07 22:51:41
yup seriosuly :D

14-12, even if overgaming lose...still shame on hellraisers. :P
2014-07-07 23:08:15
seems that overgaming didnt learn shit with esea
2014-07-07 22:51:03
R.I.P OverGaming
2014-07-07 22:52:04
Yeah sure.Spoken like a true retard.
Never comment after seeing just 1 half..

Post edited 2014-07-07 23:09:50
2014-07-07 23:07:21
yeah. OverGaming strongest map...
2014-07-07 22:52:36
lois maga
2014-07-07 22:53:43
5v2, what a throw :D
2014-07-07 23:03:19
LOL.Hellraisers playing worse than overgaming on T side.
2014-07-07 23:07:44
overgaming stronk ctside
2014-07-07 23:08:41
Everyone is strong on CT>
2014-07-07 23:10:07
good game
2014-07-07 23:10:52
GG 16-12, hats off to Overgaming...1-2 rounds more on T side and it would have been easy for OG :D
2014-07-07 23:11:10
gg wp ez skins ez life
2014-07-07 23:12:43
What skins ?And ez ?
2014-07-07 23:13:45
HLTV logic: when some team win pretty easy, u write in the comments below EZ SKINS EZ LIFE, its doesnt matter if u got skins or u lose it

Post edited 2014-07-07 23:38:50
2014-07-07 23:38:30
Kucher tawit
2014-07-07 23:12:43
mixwell from gBots best Spanish player
2014-07-07 23:20:46
gbots fanboy detected.
2014-07-07 23:22:51
wait, who are you?
2014-07-09 19:52:27

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