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12th of January 2017 10:55
Match over

Best of 2 (LAN)
Veto process
1. EnVyUs removed Overpass
2. Epsilon removed Dust2
3. EnVyUs removed Mirage
4. Epsilon removed Nuke
5. EnVyUs picked Cobblestone
6. Epsilon picked Cache
19:16 (4:11; 11:4) (4:1)
4:16 (4:11; 0:5)

Match stats | Kill matrix
All maps | cobblestone | cache
All kills | Opening kills
Match stats

Epsilon lineup

EnVyUs lineup

Man of the match (31.28%) - André 'BARBARR' Möller
Match stats compared to average.
Rating 1.11 (+0.12)
Kills / round 0.78 (+0.09)
Deaths / round 0.73 (0.04)
Assists / round 0.18 (+0.04)
Opening kills / round 0.07 (-0.03)
Headshot 37.2% (-6.9%)
K/D 1.08 (+0.08)

Past matches

2017-01-07 12:37:14
ez france
2017-01-10 03:40:36
sorry guyz . 1 question:
when will they join to the french super team ? for major ?
2017-01-11 12:42:19
after major
2017-01-11 12:49:51
thanx a lot m8 xD
2017-01-11 13:12:14
major system is retarded so sk, envy and g2 will make roster changes only after the major =( would be great to watch french superteam in this major =T
2017-01-12 12:26:49
fucking best of 2 men...
2017-01-11 12:51:05
holy fuck bo2? WESG gonna have a shit ton of games
2017-01-11 12:56:40
where is kalle?
2017-01-11 13:34:21
Whole team needs to be same nationally in WESG. So he can't play.
2017-01-11 13:38:55
Forgot this
2017-01-11 13:40:14
Still can't believe Envy and G2 actually set all these roster changes before the major. How retarded are they? They should have only begun any such talks after it. Now their mindset is heavily affected by the "this won't be me team" attitude.
2017-01-11 16:50:36
2017-01-11 17:00:32
So true.
2017-01-12 10:36:31
freddieb to rek
nv going down
2017-01-11 17:40:17
How stupid can u all be? All noobs with zero knowledge talking about cs lmao!!!!!! Espacially coming from countries with zero cs skill.
2017-01-11 21:31:35
Condition zero?
2017-01-12 11:34:26
not disco dopplan not party
2017-01-12 09:55:17
this will be a great game :DDDD
2017-01-12 10:02:06
ez sixer 100 bombs
2017-01-12 10:03:15
No stream to this either?
2017-01-12 10:18:10
stupid tournment, why da fuck not having gotv for all matches ._.
2017-01-12 10:40:19
maybe they have to stream alternately with the other 2 groups each day
2017-01-12 10:42:35
Ehhh where can I watch????? someone host thiiiis!
2017-01-12 10:45:48
That's just a retarded tournament.
2017-01-12 10:50:56
There is no strem bec probobly noone buy right to stream this mach xD

Izakoo say on his youtube that without sponsonr he could not stream Polish teams. But lucky for him someone pay for that to be his main sponsor on stream.

Look like chinise wanna to much money for streaming in that event. Prob they think if they give big pool price (withaout all top teams) they can big price sell streams
2017-01-12 10:56:12
most of the games are trash, nobody would pay for that. And now there's one interesting game and they don't even stream it LOL
2017-01-12 10:58:01
Ask chinise why they want big (or even any) money for streaming this turnament.

Even for ESL now enybody need right to stream they turnaments. Dont know if all need pay or someone can get free accesc.

Back to Izakoo youtube he said that atm he still not have right to stream Major. And we all know that after official ESL stream he was bigest streamer. (of bec Polish fans :) )
2017-01-12 11:01:37
It's kinda understandable that they don't let some random streamer stream the major though. They don't want to have less viewers on the official streams because some streamer gets all the views (exaggerated but you get my point)
2017-01-12 11:04:00
I agree with it.
But once or they should give free right to stream to streamers that they know will bring more audience that only main stream (some polish ppl im 100% will not be watching official stream if there will not be Izakoo)
And if they want pay for it so they should make some price with head. And atm you see that price was to much if that mach have no stream....
2017-01-12 11:16:44
Yeah I agree with you, but one reason that nobody is streaming is maybe also because it's in the morning in Europe and night in the US so they probably think that not that many people would have watched anyway
2017-01-12 11:19:13
yep, and streamers need compare audience(money)/pay.
And its the same with every sport on the world :) If some Europe sport will be doing on USA they need make time that will bring audince from USA and from Europe :)
2017-01-12 11:26:41
Wtf this is such a good game and no stream
2017-01-12 10:47:14
are they kidding me? they are streaming dota for 2k viewers instead of this match. made in china brain as always
2017-01-12 10:48:21
Yeah retarded..
2017-01-12 11:52:52
no stream fking trash lan
2017-01-12 10:48:36
Quality games without streams, nothing new here
2017-01-12 10:48:54
stream pls
2017-01-12 10:49:41
Well shit, hopefully someone from the community steps up.
2017-01-12 10:50:06
can't step up if you can't get the GOTV ip
2017-01-12 10:53:05
How come that fuck Izakoo or whatever is streaming the VP game?
2017-01-12 11:02:22
2017-01-12 10:55:40
No GOTV for this match.

2017-01-12 10:57:29
2017-01-12 10:58:08
.Russia vs Teamone is being streamed instead of this game. Both those teams are like Tier 4... Broadcast this magnificent game instead China!
2017-01-12 10:59:16
is it live =?
2017-01-12 11:00:29
man I sure am enjoying watching this scorebot
2017-01-12 11:02:01
same here
2017-01-12 11:08:43
The english stream could at least show the games interesting for westerners like nv, epsilon, igame etc
2017-01-12 11:02:09
lol on site bets dot gg bets were open and score was already 5-1 for envy
2017-01-12 11:03:16
Europe should have boycoted this shity lan, they don't gave a fuck about eur cs and we gave them so much attention.. like wtf
2017-01-12 11:04:30
whats the point if we can't watch?
2017-01-12 11:06:05
China CS...
2017-01-12 11:10:46
and sereoiusly guys we can watch only hltv scoreboard?
nice fucking tournament
2017-01-12 11:06:40
tweet at @WESGcom it's a fucking disgrace..
2017-01-12 11:08:23
Will do, this is fucking ridiculous
2017-01-12 11:12:47
2017-01-12 11:08:49
Shit fucking LAN
2017-01-12 11:09:13
one of best match during this evening no stream. godlike organisation
2017-01-12 11:11:19
the worst ever!
2017-01-12 11:12:14
its not only Counter-Strike, there's also Hearthstone, Dota 2 and Starcraft on main stage, they are showing main stage games.

Keep in mind that only the matches that are played on stage will be broadcasted on the official stream.


Post edited 2017-01-12 11:13:38
2017-01-12 11:13:21
Retarded.. such a joke of a tournamnet..
2017-01-12 11:56:53
No GOTV for this match. wp mr. China
2017-01-12 11:13:27
No even public GOTV - big mistake.
2017-01-12 11:14:51
Fak this shit Lan event I can't watch any interesting match I want and force me to watch some shit match like favelas vs Ruski worse than ESL might be worst Lan i've ever watch so far
Glad to Godsent didn't go to this shit event
2017-01-12 11:14:46
it might be worst, it might be best, but we will never know because we can't even watch it - genius intellect by Chinese
2017-01-12 11:17:11
If these guys want to get big in CS, how the fuck do they get away with only having 1-2 games to watch.

Fuck yourselfs WESG you fucking cunts.
2017-01-12 11:15:38
bot hampus
2017-01-12 11:16:02
lul seriously? not a single way to watch this game?
2017-01-12 11:16:16
nope, fucking shit tournament
2017-01-12 11:18:08

pick one
2017-01-12 11:16:48
2017-01-12 11:17:10
ching chong lan :(
2017-01-12 11:24:47
No GOTV, no stream.... lol China smart. Good job on spending $2million for a tournament no-one can watch.
2017-01-12 11:17:31
kalle 4Head was 4Head a problem 4Head
2017-01-12 11:18:18
No GOTV? 1.5kk tournament can't afford casters or what?
2017-01-12 11:18:35
2017-01-12 11:19:29
2017-01-12 11:21:23
WHY the fuck even post articles of this tourney, when theres 0 fucking streams?! GG china.
2017-01-12 11:21:22
GOTV:made.in.ch1n4:sv_stream 0
2017-01-12 11:23:06
sixer - clutch god!
2017-01-12 11:23:44
EnVyUs keep on losing rounds where they have the advantage, crazy
they could've won this map a long time ago if they capitalised on their advantages
2017-01-12 11:27:04
how do u know when there was no stream or gotv?
2017-01-12 13:32:58
I watched the scorebot, so many rounds where EnVy got the first 2-3 kills but then lost it anyway
2017-01-12 13:34:17
this must be a superfuck event trolling everyone!
2017-01-12 11:27:07
french 322?
2017-01-12 11:27:09
lmao hampus 2stronk for envy
2017-01-12 11:28:35
it's over no nV have got this :)
2017-01-12 11:29:49
Full lineup Epsilon would beat nV tbh.
2017-01-12 11:29:52
its so intense to watch on scorebot
2017-01-12 11:31:13
haha indeed
2017-01-12 11:45:46
15-15 OT XD

Post edited 2017-01-12 11:33:27
2017-01-12 11:32:10
2017-01-12 11:33:30
wow envy, thats what happens when u throw fvkin eco
2017-01-12 11:33:39
amazing comback, no strim, thx china for awesome event

Post edited 2017-01-12 11:34:13
2017-01-12 11:33:55
overtime, and noone can watch it, fuck this piece of shit lan
2017-01-12 11:33:58
2017-01-12 11:33:59
Fuck WESG, best match of the night. Fuck your shit league/lan.
2017-01-12 11:34:58
god bless Pepsilon.
2017-01-12 11:35:04
cool match
2017-01-12 11:35:35
I doubt Pepsilon will win in OT. But still, I'm so angry about this piece of shit LAN.
2017-01-12 11:36:15
GOD hampus xD
2017-01-12 11:38:24
Would have loved to hear DDK saying 'well it looks like we're going to overtime'
2017-01-12 11:39:24
2017-01-12 11:40:07
Looks like an exciting game.. Overtime and all.. Shame WE CANT FUCKING SEE IT
2017-01-12 11:39:58
2017-01-12 11:46:27
They're streaming Russia vs Team one instead of this game 4Head
2017-01-12 11:41:42
did u see that insane flickshot? jesus
2017-01-12 11:42:24
I actually got baited by that. Rip me
2017-01-12 11:48:39
+1 How do I say 'tilted' in French xD
2017-01-12 11:52:56
hmm, that's actually kinda complicated. I can't find a word that short in french. Is it similar to "blow a fuse"?
2017-01-12 12:10:53
I guess? It is when what you are doing seems to get better, then suddenly gets worse. Another English way of saying it is 'Gone to shit'
2017-01-12 12:15:22
"tout fout le camp" = Everything is going south
"foirer" is a verb that translate "gone to shit" quite accurately :p (j'ai tout fait foiré : because of me, everything went to shit).

Sorry, I'm trying to do my best xD
2017-01-12 12:38:50
Haha thanks dude, I know a little French but they never taught us foirer xD
2017-01-12 13:35:27
envy choke? SHAME I cant fuckin see it :( HOW CAN U NOT STREAM THIS FUCKIN MATCH, CHINA???? WESG worst tournament
2017-01-12 11:42:37
2017-01-12 11:43:12
NBK having game of his life and nV are losing.
2017-01-12 11:43:23
He will probably kill himself if they lose 0-2
2017-01-12 11:45:21
I hope so. He's useless in everything and also he's a mad kid.

2017-01-12 11:47:14
wp epsilon

envy dispand pls!!!

oh wait
2017-01-12 11:43:59
sit down kennys, u re shit
2017-01-12 11:44:41
2017-01-12 11:45:04
2017-01-12 11:44:44
2017-01-12 11:44:50
2017-01-12 11:44:50
EnvyUs so bad :DDD
2017-01-12 11:44:51
:DDDD french girls show up again. Pls pepsi in next map too,PLS. Im done with these 1-1 matches yet...
2017-01-12 11:45:01
Nice Pepsilon!! Winning the first map :)
2017-01-12 11:45:02
KennyS can't even get an awp kill on OT xd
rip my money xd
2017-01-12 11:45:28
because Happy got the AWP and didn't drop it to kenny..
2017-01-12 11:46:16
ty ty ty great lan, enjoyed the flicks. Fuck you WESG
2017-01-12 11:45:35
FRA cs like UK cs nowadays
2017-01-12 11:45:42
Estonian cs issou
2017-01-12 12:09:05
La chancla
2017-01-12 13:59:53
thx Epsilon for the handicap <3
2017-01-12 11:46:31
baguettes lul
2017-01-12 11:47:16
2017-01-12 11:47:19
Epsilon, Kings of China
2017-01-12 11:47:26
choking nv
2017-01-12 11:48:00

2017-01-12 11:49:18
2017-01-12 11:49:46
epsilon always beastin in china
2017-01-12 11:49:50
epsilon would probably win a major if it was in China lmao
2017-01-12 11:51:42
They got this kid called NBK in this new superteam
2017-01-12 11:50:37
this is such bad organizing
2017-01-12 11:50:52
2017-01-12 11:53:37
EnVy could've won 16-4 or something if they hadnt thrown so many rounds goddamn

Post edited 2017-01-12 11:55:05
2017-01-12 11:54:56
yeh was poor economy management on their part too
2017-01-12 12:08:32
fucking envyus is so retarded. how many anti-forcebuys and anti-ecos can you lose?
2017-01-12 11:57:30
Come on Epsilon, win 2-0 please. No more 1-1 bullshit.


Edit: FeelsBadMan
Look's like a fucking 1-1

Post edited 2017-01-12 12:06:00
2017-01-12 11:57:57
well shit, nV going HAM! :0
2017-01-12 12:07:41
Envy in 2017 4Head
2017-01-12 12:10:04
Epsilon need only 4 rounds on 1st side to win any game
2017-01-12 12:12:20
shouldve have done that before fukin nv
2017-01-12 12:13:51
Where can I watch that Game?
2017-01-12 12:14:57
You can't man, because WESG are fucking retarded.
2017-01-12 12:18:32
+1 WESG is such a shit show. Not surprised it's run by Chinese.. Then again, we had Gaming "Paradise".. :(
2017-01-12 12:25:16
cya noob baguettes
2017-01-12 12:15:04
not epsilon fault they need play hacker baguettes who turn hacks on because mad lost cobble :(
2017-01-12 12:25:52
nt ruski
2017-01-12 13:13:48
And they won't include Happy in the new team xdddd
so dumb
2017-01-12 12:29:39
that moment when your scoreboard doesnt pop up...
2017-01-12 12:34:07
Happy is a bad baiter they said.
2017-01-12 13:39:25
ha ha losers
2017-01-12 13:45:26

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