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11th of January 2017 20:00
Match over

Best of 3

* Upper bracket round 1
Veto process
1. Tricksters removed Nuke
2. CPH Flames removed Train
3. Tricksters picked Mirage
4. CPH Flames picked Dust2
5. Tricksters removed Cobblestone
6. CPH Flames removed Cache
7. Overpass was left over
16:4 (13:2; 3:2)
16:7 (12:3; 4:4)
VOD: DolphinCS (Map 1 - Mirage)
VOD: DolphinCS (Map 2 - Dust 2)
VOD: UCC Studio (Map 1 - Mirage)
VOD: UCC Studio (Map 2 - Dust 2)
M1 | Andkilde - 1vs2 clutch (CT - post-plant situation) to secure the pistol round for CPH Flames (4 P2000 HS kills on the bombsite B retake)
M1 | doktizh - 1vs2 clutch (CT - post-plant situation) to extend CPH Flames' winning streak to 5 rounds
M1 | doktizh - 4 kills (3 AK, Five Seven) on the bombsite A defense (vs mixed buy round: 2 AKs and 3 upgraded pistols with full armor distribution)
M1 | Celrate - 4 M4A4 kills (2 HS) on the bombsite A defense (vs upgraded pistols)
M2 | Andkilde (T) resolves the 2vs2 post-plant situation with 2 AWP kills (including 1vs1 clutch - vs plushkin)
M2 | neon (T) - 3 AK kills (2 HS) on the CT Mid lurk
M2 | Andkilde (T) secures another round for CPH Flames in a 2vs2 post-plant situation (bombsite A - including 1vs1 clutch - vs ImP) with 2 kills (AWP, TEC9)
M2 | neon - 3 USP-S HS kills on the Mid push (second half pistol round)

Match stats | Kill matrix
All maps | mirage | dust2
All kills | Opening kills
Match stats

CPH Flames lineup

Tricksters lineup

Man of the match (32.56%) - Mosaver 'doktizh' Bandri
Match stats compared to average.
Rating 1.64 (+0.65)
Kills / round 1.12 (+0.43)
Deaths / round 0.58 (-0.11)
Assists / round 0.23 (+0.09)
Opening kills / round 0.23 (+0.13)
Headshot 58.3% (+14.2%)
K/D 1.92 (+0.92)

Past matches

2017-01-10 21:35:33
Lol refresh rly made it into pro scene, i remember watching him steeaming on refreshb and always seeing him play on faceit. Gl to him for being black pro prwtty mich the only1 nowadays
2017-01-10 22:48:56
pro scene? this is like pug team vs pug team
2017-01-11 01:45:20
they're getting paid to play, but yeah wouldn't classify them as pro. semi-pro perhaps.
2017-01-11 15:38:59
Pretty sure i get more money by not doing anything; atleast here in finland
2017-01-11 19:15:54
sure, but most of them are probably still studying (which you get paid for in Denmark) and on top of that they're probably getting a $300~ salary from playing CSGO. it's decent.
2017-01-11 19:30:44
if u were black u would get more than any team
2017-01-12 01:43:31
Copy FaZe clan logo
2017-01-11 20:31:06
FaZe doesnt have copyright on the letter "F"
2017-01-13 09:24:45
wolves are in flames now kek
2017-01-11 20:38:19
Who will win
2017-01-10 21:41:57
It will be very easy for CPH
2017-01-10 21:47:54
GOGO Tricksters. EZ for CIS team

Post edited 2017-01-10 21:53:31
2017-01-10 21:51:40
ez 4 ImP, gogogo. ImP-da-King

Post edited 2017-01-10 22:01:05
2017-01-10 22:00:11
Here he cant request demos and find banned accs, so no. Ez cph-f

Post edited 2017-01-11 08:20:52
2017-01-11 08:19:58
Tricksters this guys cant take more than 10 rounds for 2 maps. Cuz they so shit, it should be easy for CPH Flames.
2017-01-10 22:04:48
2017-01-11 08:10:20
damn u almost got it right, ez4celrate da surfgod
2017-01-12 01:45:51
Ez For REFFE x)
2017-01-10 22:31:55
ez grill
2017-01-10 22:33:36
ez for fake CPH Wolves xD
2017-01-10 22:38:15
2017-01-10 23:14:35
4 photos against 0 photos

2017-01-11 00:24:28
ez for onliners
2017-01-11 05:09:54
Ez refrezh
2017-01-11 01:31:22
tricked vs cph wolves, cph wolves gonna take this oh wait
2017-01-11 05:15:26
Tricksters pure bots.....
2017-01-11 08:09:42
MistikyM my old comrade , remember playing with this guy in mm a year back lol , gl.
2017-01-11 11:08:03
ez for refrezh
2017-01-11 15:03:24
ez for ImP
2017-01-11 15:55:29
ez 4 blackman
2017-01-11 15:57:27
ez for lmP aka Mashnator
2017-01-11 16:27:37
lol they are playing groups matches with guy who has CEVO ban: https://cevo.com/member/649037/?_g=53&_ts=0&am..
and they are disqual us(Ryloni team) for faceit ban(account was stolen, we are appended proves)

prove about this guy: http://i.imgur.com/a8Ss6Vr.jpg


Post edited 2017-01-11 16:46:22
2017-01-11 16:45:00
thats unfair
2017-01-11 17:39:58
what we can to do? when admin checking faceit ban(writing to admin faceit, but i did not trust in this), he respond to us that onli 1 ip was used on this account :DD (sure, its not) (~2 minutes). And now he checking cevo ban almost 2 hours, what a corruption

Post edited 2017-01-11 17:45:39
2017-01-11 17:42:55
play other tournamets and forget about this, there is nothing you can do
2017-01-11 18:25:26
We as a young team seek the opportunity in every tournament that takes place on HLTV or any tournament that is Streamed. But when we are so unfairly disqualified, it is really difficult for us to get everything back together and play any other tournament. It is hard for us to get such opportunities in this game, since our team is so young and it is very upsetting when the opportunity is taken from us.
2017-01-11 19:03:24
Tricksters > CPH Flames. GLGL
2017-01-11 16:56:02
bad maps for danish team, only dd2 is good for CPH Flames
2017-01-11 19:31:13
Tricksters 2-0 or 2-1
2017-01-11 19:48:30
this is weird tournament

Post edited 2017-01-11 19:51:01
2017-01-11 19:49:31
Why is that?
2017-01-11 19:53:50
look at #48
2017-01-11 19:54:31
Well, but we got so much proof about not 1 but 2 players from Ryloni team and decision was based on 2 days investigation. CEVO bans - different story we got nowhere written about CEVO bans. And from other team 2 players had VAC bans. And things like stolen - you know. Its better be safe then sorry and none of the players are in the tournament anymore anyway. Stay clean!
2017-01-11 19:58:54
this bans in dota2 but admin cant uderstand it

why they care about faceit league bans? why they dont care about cevo league bans?

atm we dont care about this tournament, we lost 25 euro for nothing.
but where is justice?

Post edited 2017-01-11 20:05:36
2017-01-11 20:02:27
what a issue with you? 4Head
2017-01-11 19:54:44
4 pics vs 0 pic? ez CPH
2017-01-11 20:25:02
this tournament makes apsolutly no sense.
i did bet cph flames but i didn't watch any other games but from results how did rylony which i do not know the lineup of get 13 rounds against a long and very good t3/t2 team outlaws then to lose against tricksters 16-0?
then for tricksters to get apsolutly trashed
2017-01-11 20:45:03
We won tricksters 16-8,but we got DQ becouse of some mystic vac-bans...
2017-01-11 20:54:24
so this tricksters lineup is basically Binary Dragons.gold you beat in the decdider match of your group, right?
2017-01-11 20:57:26
2017-01-11 21:02:47
Well thanks without hesitation i bet due to your screenshot when they lost against you guys.
this was so bad from them from half of the first half you could see they don't stand a chance.
2017-01-11 21:26:41
just admins didnt understand that this guys bots. Admins disqualified Ryloni for vac ban in DOTA2, we said to them more time, that this VAC BAN in dota 2, they checked it and said good. But after this they found a new reason for disqualified Ryloni. We gave to admin all the evidence, but they closed eyes on this and said "no more talking about this". So now we can see how to play Tricksters, they didnt know nothing about this game, but they play on this tournament cuz admins are corrupt. Shit tournament, admins with no brain. Pls guys ignored next Dolphins tournaments... No more words about this :) im so sad
2017-01-11 21:21:11
you guys got 13 rounds against outlaws?
jesus christ as a new team you can go far.
2017-01-11 21:27:40
yep it was 13-13 and we lost eco(
2017-01-11 21:33:17
2017-01-11 21:24:26
2017-01-12 01:42:13

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