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18th of March 2017 03:35
Match over

Best of 3

* Quarter-final

** valens will stand in for Skadoodle
Veto process
1. Renegades removed Overpass
2. Cloud9 removed Inferno
3. Renegades picked Nuke
4. Cloud9 picked Cache
5. Renegades removed Train
6. Cloud9 removed Cobblestone
7. Mirage was left over
10:16 (8:7; 2:9)
16:10 (9:6; 7:4)
10:16 (3:12; 7:4)
VOD: SLTV (Map 1 - Nuke)
VOD: SLTV (Map 2 - Cache)
VOD: SLTV (Map 3 - Mirage)
VOD: SLTV (Map 1 - Nuke)
VOD: SLTV (Map 2 - Cache)
VOD: SLTV (Map 3 - Mirage)
M1 | AZR - 3 AK kills on the bombsite A defense (3vs3 situation - vs mostly upgraded pistols)
M1 | shroud (T) resolves the 2vs2 post-plant situation with 2 AK HS kills (bombsite A) to secure Cloud9's first round
M1 | AZR - 1vs2 clutch (CT - post-plant situation)
M1 | Stewie2K (CT) - knife kill on yam (5vs2 situation)
M1 | Stewie2K - 1vs2 AWP clutch (T - post-plant situation)
M2 | AZR - 3 Deagle kills on the bombsite B defense
M2 | autimatic - 1vs3 clutch (T- pre-plant situation) while having 7 HP
M2 | valens (T) resolves the 2vs2 post-plant situation with 2 AK kills (bombsite B)
M2 | Stewie2K - 1vs2 Deagle clutch (T - post-plant situation)
M2 | Stewie2K - 4 quick USP-S HS kills on the bombsite A defense to secure the second half pistol round for Cloud9
M2 | autimatic - 3 AK kills (2 HS) on the bombsite A defense
M3 | yam - 1vs3 clutch (T - bomb planted after 2 clutch kills)
M3 | yam - 1vs2 clutch (T - bomb planted after 1 clutch kill)

Match stats | Kill matrix
All maps | nuke | cache | mirage
All kills | Opening kills
Match stats

Cloud9 lineup

Renegades lineup

Man of the match (28.24%) - Aaron 'AZR' Ward
Match stats compared to average.
Rating 1.25 (+0.26)
Kills / round 0.86 (+0.17)
Deaths / round 0.63 (-0.06)
Assists / round 0.14 (+0)
Opening kills / round 0.12 (+0.02)
Headshot 56.7% (+12.6%)
K/D 1.37 (+0.37)

Past matches

This could be a close game Renegades have bean playing bad but starting to rise again and cloud9 are playing horrible nearly lost to eUnited
2017-03-13 05:06:21
Well Renegades is about as good as eUnited so Yeah maybe close.

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2017-03-13 05:08:06
i think u dumb man
2017-03-15 05:54:11
I'm pretty smart man. I'm an engineer.
2017-03-15 06:40:15
i think u dumb man
2017-03-15 06:43:54
My friend. I am train engineer. And I take that train all the way in your mom's ass. I am smart.
2017-03-15 09:59:25
dumb man idiot don't get stuck in toilet
2017-03-15 10:02:20
When you said I am smart not I'm smart I lost hope in you.
2017-03-19 08:40:18
ok? what
2017-03-19 08:45:38
Not you
2017-03-20 04:28:51
Im pretty smart
2017-03-18 03:11:29
rofl 11 wins in a row beating and beating liquid aswell but sure playing bad
2017-03-17 19:36:56
2017-03-17 23:35:59
error lost to misifits they beat eunited for close game as well
2017-03-18 03:08:49
renegades wont get more than 9 rounds.
2017-03-14 17:27:28
that stanford BA ain't going to help him aim well

0% chance clown9
2017-03-18 01:26:07
2017-03-18 06:47:38
How could I have known skadoodle would end up in the hospital?

Nt but renegades is still shit
2017-03-18 18:03:44
time to finally break the c9 curse
2017-03-15 00:46:16
i aren't think that
2017-03-15 00:47:50
They should probably try to break the AU CS curse first.
2017-03-15 05:59:21
2017-03-17 20:17:07
heh yeahhhh
2017-03-19 08:42:02
c9 online and no Rikeh = RIP Renegades...
2017-03-15 07:11:41
2017-03-18 14:21:19
Honestly, with bot Shroud and N0thing, on top of that Valens what can you expect.
2017-03-18 17:58:40
How long are renegades taking to get their 5th, its like they enjoy getting destroyed.
2017-03-15 07:25:27
Atter is pretty good isn't he?
2017-03-15 20:31:28
Maybe waiting for the someone's contract to run out
2017-03-17 12:18:29
is atter temporary?
2017-03-17 17:25:03
Affirmative, at least at this point
2017-03-19 08:02:48
clg gonna beat c9 after this game
2017-03-16 06:49:59
hopefully skadoodle is back by then or else we might be facing clg vs renegades lol
2017-03-16 22:25:10
There is NO way
2017-03-17 09:26:40
Fuck yes stay in hospital ska i wanna see my boy rickeh get revenge
2017-03-17 11:50:49
To be honest I'm a C9 fan and of course want them to win but I wouldn't mind seeing Rickeh thrash Renegades.
2017-03-17 14:04:56
they dropped him cause he wouldn't share his drugs
2017-03-18 07:10:19
2017-03-17 08:35:30
RNG might win this if they don't have SKA
2017-03-17 12:10:16
Depends whose worse RNG or Misfits?
2017-03-17 12:15:08
Misfits easily, no bias needed
2017-03-17 14:11:12
2017-03-17 20:29:28
POV|Cloud9 Autimatic vs Heroic |28/12| @IEM Katowice 2017
2017-03-17 12:37:11
Renegades seem to be finally picking themselves back up and finding some form since the atter addition, but they've still never won a bo3 series against Cloud9 and tend to get beaten in every bo1 they play anyway.

Valens is likely standing in for Skadoodle again, so this is the best chance Renegades are ever going to have to beat their Cloud9 curse.
2017-03-17 13:00:41
we saw how c9 performed against misfit without a designated awper. renegades should win pretty much
2017-03-17 13:53:41
No Ska, I'm a bit worried.
2017-03-17 14:08:38
if they play like yesterday RNG will win 16-3 16-1
2017-03-17 14:23:23
ez for swag
2017-03-17 15:16:27
c9 losing 2 vs misfits is just meh imo
2017-03-17 15:19:33
they had valens and the 2nd game was played at like 3am :D
2017-03-17 15:31:51
for both teams yes. So playing at 3am is no excuse.
2017-03-17 15:49:35
it is if they were playing at 3am + a standin... so they didnt have the right awper
2017-03-17 16:01:27
meh when the conditions are shitty for both teams you see a lot more upsets
2017-03-17 16:33:43
also ska is their igl, its not stewie anymore
2017-03-17 20:23:32
What are you talking about? Tim's been calling for a while now and still is.
2017-03-17 21:24:37
not necessarily, depends where everyone lives in the country. I don't know where they live.
2017-03-17 21:09:10
rip...no ska no win :(((
2017-03-17 15:59:47
if ska isnt playing then ez renegades
2017-03-17 17:02:50
ez swag
2017-03-17 17:18:52
2017-03-17 17:44:24
best chance for rng to take down a weaken c9

pls no lose
2017-03-17 18:18:15
well I guess we'll be seeing CLG at Starladder #RipSka
2017-03-17 19:20:33
nooo i'm missing skadewie
2017-03-17 19:36:54
ez TBA
2017-03-17 19:49:19
Any updates on who will be the stand-in?
2017-03-17 20:44:45
2017-03-17 21:04:12
2017-03-17 21:22:51
Checked Shroud's twitter, he says they'll be using Valens as a stand-in today too.
2017-03-17 21:23:01
Barron Trump
2017-03-17 23:52:29
2-0 c9
2017-03-17 21:25:40
Who will play with C9 today?
2017-03-17 21:44:19
Shroud just confirmed on his twitter that Valens will stand-in again. https://twitter.com/C9shroud/status/84283194928253..
2017-03-17 21:54:08
12-2 record and c9 underdog xDD Pls ppl get your brain
2017-03-17 21:55:28
u dumb soz
2017-03-17 22:14:49
maybe because they dont have skadoodle? xDD Pls Darkus get your brain
2017-03-17 22:27:20
Ez Cloud9
2017-03-17 22:01:51
ez for rng. c9 have no chance with valens
2017-03-17 22:30:05
well he played better than shroud and nothing last match. But its correct, they cant win with 2,5 - 3 bots
2017-03-17 23:34:46
skadoodle :(((
2017-03-17 23:23:39
Didnt know skadoodle was this important to cloud9 and that they are actaully struggling even more.
2017-03-17 23:37:42
I'm sure it's very hard time for all of them as thay are all very good mates. They play together and pretty much live together for fairly long time, so they can't just behave like nothing has happened. The atmosphere just can't be good in this situation. Also they probably don't practice at all now
2017-03-17 23:49:23
more like having an awper on the team is an important factor
2017-03-18 01:30:33
stewie and autismatic vs 5

betting my house on renegays
2017-03-17 23:44:25
still very doable for c9 boys
2017-03-17 23:45:49
yes very doable
ez 0-16
2017-03-17 23:49:03
2017-03-18 01:20:48
Kangaroos hitting some form! C9 missing Skadoodle is a massive kick in the nuts.

Paul Hogan
2017-03-18 01:20:52
rip rng after seeing that selfless map 1. potentially rip for map 2 aswell.
2017-03-18 02:22:04
renegades failing to close out the game against a team like selfless
2017-03-18 01:54:33
ez for BOT valens
2017-03-18 02:03:00
so dont know exactly if renegades trhow or they played so bad but dont know if i should go for C9
2017-03-18 02:09:53
ez odds c9 thx fangays renagades!
2017-03-18 02:09:54
2017-03-18 02:39:13
i will cheer for c9. hope they will have a chance
2017-03-18 02:13:51
bet the house on rng
2017-03-18 02:15:03
Renegades got this, i love C9, but for real they lost so many rounds last night that would probably have a different outcome with a good awper, Shazam just picked them apart in to many of the rounds, atleast on Cache, did not really see Mirage.

Get well soon Ska <3

Post edited 2017-03-18 02:25:51
2017-03-18 02:15:39
Expect 2+ hours delay because of the update.
2017-03-18 02:26:09
Why pick valens when there are plenty of other better options you can choose from
2017-03-18 02:26:57
becuz he is coach !!
2017-03-18 02:33:47
Yes? He can be coach during the game and they pick a better 5th instead.
2017-03-18 02:38:22
omg r u noob?? they rather use coach who they work with long time than random pug 5th who they will have to pay prob month salary !!!!!!!
2017-03-18 02:39:43
So you think that if c9 picked another stand-in instead of valens they needed him to pay a full month salary?


They should have picked up some talent from the current premier esea na league like dapr, or wardell but not fucking valens.

Post edited 2017-03-18 02:50:53
2017-03-18 02:49:53
ha ha ha ha valens > dapr and wardell u NOOB

2017-03-18 02:51:02
First your talking about a stand-in getting a full month salary and now your replying me like a braindead with : "ha ha ha ha valens > dapr and wardell u NOOB"?? Seems like you don't have any clue about the NA scene so don't reply to me anymore pls.
2017-03-18 02:52:36
no no u noob its alot easier playin with coach who was previously a pro than get a stand in who will play for a few weeks and need some sort of income!!!! atleast coach is familiar with everything !!! u r so noob go back to matchmake
2017-03-18 02:54:33
Do you understand that valens still could be their coach this game without playing this match? No your probably too dumb for that, valens might be a good coach but c9 needs more firepower this match.
2017-03-18 02:56:26
but the stand in will not know how c9 works???? valens does?? dude u r dumb i think u should not comment
2017-03-18 02:57:45
Well whatever dude.. Keep thinking that valens is better fragwise than a premier na talent with a 1.31 rating.
2017-03-18 03:01:18
but that ''premier'' talent cant take all this time away from team??? so u need some one without team like freakazoid or just9n and even then valens is just easier
2017-03-18 03:02:28
"but that ''premier'' talent cant take all this time away from team???"

Can you formulate this sentence again please? Because i have no clue wtf you just said.
2017-03-18 03:03:44
r u NOOB? premier talent needs to practice with his team and can't just abandon his team for a month and come back with all new info /!??!?!
2017-03-18 03:04:35
Skadoodle is their main AWP, replacing him this match with Wardell who is also a main awp is ALOT better than playing with valens instead!! but i'm done with you have a nice evening.
2017-03-18 03:07:26
did wardell suck ur tiny dick?? y u love him?? he dont know how c9 players and it harder for him and players to adjust!! you NOOB running away cause u LOST ha ha ha
2017-03-18 03:08:41
I feel bad for your low IQ. Good luck in life.
2017-03-18 03:09:21
english not my 1st language ! you try having to learn 4 languages
2017-03-18 03:12:36
English is also not my first language, i'm from the Netherlands
2017-03-18 03:13:31
you only have to learn 2 i have to learn 4 very hard but i still am ok
2017-03-18 03:14:04
ok gl my friend :).
2017-03-18 03:15:09
Correct me if im wrong but doesnt the stand in have to not be in a roster?
2017-03-18 07:43:00
ez for shroud
2017-03-18 02:45:54
after seeing the epl matches yesterday Renegades seems like the obvious bet, still pretty risky i guess :/
2017-03-18 02:54:02
2017-03-18 03:03:06
Seriously skip this one, this will be close
2017-03-18 03:14:26

its too fucking l8, SPUNJ TAKE THE WHEEEEEEEL!
2017-03-18 03:16:53
Gl brother!
2017-03-18 03:35:42
What is this site?
2017-03-18 06:57:11
2017-03-18 14:24:10
So what did you win?
2017-03-19 08:45:34
c9 should have this
2017-03-18 02:55:28
C9 is not playing very well because of mr doodles yesterday they lost against misifits so am snot sure what to do
2017-03-18 03:04:10
based on how they performed against selfless, i am not really sure either
2017-03-18 03:07:14
RNG Just finished against Selfless and it wasn't exactly the easiest two maps for them. they might be burnt out, although I doubt that would be the case.
2017-03-18 03:07:40
Even the betting agencies don't know which way to go.
Depends if C9 can just concentrate on CS for a couple hours instead of outside dramas.
2017-03-18 03:11:27
Skadoodle doesn't do anything in the team anyway, so c9 will be playing better with valens, rip rng
2017-03-18 03:11:58
doodle is big part of C9 it supports team more than u think
2017-03-18 14:21:27
Skadoodle is one of the most fundamentally sound players in NA.
2017-03-20 04:33:57
c9 will win. valens isn't as bad as you think.
2017-03-18 03:12:14
most of it is based from a year ago, the second to last match he played he was just rusty and the last match he played he was higher than two of his teammates.

2017-03-18 03:21:56
2017-03-18 03:23:11
You see valens as bottom fragger now right?! Watch him become top fragger on the second half!!!
2017-03-18 03:59:31
yeah isnt bad. Now is pretty bad
2017-03-18 03:34:49
2017-03-18 04:28:25
M2 | valens (T) resolves the 2vs2 post-plant situation with 2 AK kills (bombsite B)


2017-03-18 05:27:19
2-1 rng
2017-03-18 03:13:55
why i didnt safed skins for this... lost on shit russians...

c9 win this easy and clearly...

which idiots on hltv talking shit here.... c9 almost beat sk 5x on times
2017-03-18 03:14:09
Can you not fake flag. Cheers.
2017-03-18 03:15:44
ska is a big part of c9
2017-03-18 03:19:48
doesnt matter look how c9 destroys... good odds for all in on c9...
2017-03-18 03:20:20
they destroy because of ska awping... with valens they will lose
2017-03-18 03:22:12
renegades has 0 chance look
2017-03-18 03:32:19
Nice sway
2017-03-18 03:47:27
why i didnt safed skins for this...
2017-03-18 03:35:59
why i didnt safed skins for this...
2017-03-18 04:29:58
Ska confirmed stable = c9 peak performance
2017-03-18 03:20:34
These odds are a MEME
2017-03-18 03:23:19
ikr easy money on rng
2017-03-18 09:35:40
classic match being delayed cause c9 egos think they are center of universe and world must wait for them to be ready. they should forfeit first map for being late !!!!
2017-03-18 03:37:01
Why mad About That?
2017-03-18 03:46:29
because i want match to start NOW!!!!
2017-03-18 04:05:25
Wow only 10min Delay chill your life bitch
2017-03-18 04:26:58
40 mins but ok
2017-03-18 04:29:17
Because renegades Player vs selfless idiot
2017-03-18 04:45:35
no shroud was having a nap its on jks twitter
2017-03-18 05:17:07
if nuke goes well like vs sk,it should be 2-0 c9 cheers
2017-03-18 03:37:59
sk can't play nuke for shit

don't know what happened in that veto
2017-03-18 03:39:53
yeah,but individual SK is better 100x times.
if they play like vs SK should be 2-0 just sayin...
im not c9 fanguy so dont rekt meh plzz
2017-03-18 04:00:36
hahah these names :D
2017-03-18 03:39:46
2017-03-18 03:40:55
2017-03-18 03:44:34
I think its an awesome gesture to Ska.
2017-03-18 03:46:05
when you're 12 years old and think everything is cringe just so you can be edgy
2017-03-18 03:48:34
It's not cringe you fucking crap.
2017-03-18 03:55:21
Just ignore them, 12 year olds literally use cringe as a buzz word for anything they don't like.
2017-03-18 04:31:36
kicking rickeh, and not yam LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO just lololo
2017-03-18 03:47:56
c9 on nuke?

i aren't think that

edit: i forgot about yesterday's game against liquid on nuke.

both teams on nuke?

i aren't think that.

Post edited 2017-03-18 03:59:50
2017-03-18 03:54:05
people thinking c9 cant play nuke

2017-03-18 03:58:54

i bet in c9 this game =D
2017-03-18 04:02:40
2017-03-18 04:08:27
2017-03-18 05:00:54
what was yam watching in that round :D
2017-03-18 03:59:23
Yam went all in on c9
2017-03-18 05:35:05
c9 just outclassing ren
2017-03-18 04:03:38
yamnoob cant even cover his teamates
2017-03-18 04:05:08
rng getting outflanked and losing 3v5s everytime, hopefully their tside will fixe this
2017-03-18 04:05:16
nice oddsway by ryluzz sayed before the match rengeagdes top 10000 noname australia pugger RANK S in eu = dmg max


called it all in c9 good odds for all in
2017-03-18 04:06:20
autisM is strong with ya ma brotha :>)
2017-03-18 04:18:06
you will see c9
2017-03-18 04:18:27
why doesn't c9 get swag to fill in on non valve events?
2017-03-18 04:10:12
nice aim shroud :D
2017-03-18 04:11:08
Ez for skadewie
2017-03-18 04:11:23
this caster is fucking lit lmao
2017-03-18 04:17:23
2017-03-18 04:22:00
shroud is the most overrated player of all time
2017-03-18 04:27:07
2:1c9 right?

wait and see renegades is overated
2017-03-18 04:30:04
Cache/ Mirage are best maps for renegades so fast 2-0
2017-03-18 04:34:01

2:1 ask sniksze
2017-03-18 04:40:09
You should probably try to learn what the word overrated means before using it in a sentence
2017-03-18 04:51:29
Oh shit game is already over ? shit i jsut went to take a piss
2017-03-18 04:27:14
With pistolround cloud9 would won Nuke but with Bad econemy on ct its gg
Hopefully they Win a Pistol on cache i want to See a good and Close second map and maybe a third
2017-03-18 04:28:30
Nice names loser clown9. EasY Renegades *_*
2017-03-18 04:31:29
C9 dont give a damn about this match. Maybe its nice that they and Ska before nicknamds but Imo more important is to qualify to at lest play at one LAN. C9 win it for Ska or just show him How bad u are
2017-03-18 04:32:08
2:1 comfirmed by ryu at c9
2017-03-18 04:33:31
2-0 in sydney
2017-03-18 04:39:37
better i stoped before betting.... i lost most all skins because of betting every game....

c9 4 players enough to carry on chach... alone this says c9 wins
2017-03-18 04:43:40
Either get rid of that flag or your family immigrated last week with that english
2017-03-18 05:29:40
nt ustilo go play some esea rank s pugs

trsust me in sweden its gold nova4:D
2017-03-18 05:43:13
thanks for proving my point then
2017-03-18 05:44:23
funky town
2017-03-18 04:33:57
hi fangaro
2017-03-18 04:37:00
I really want them to lose this so they would atleast consider getting rid of shroud
2017-03-18 04:36:25
And n0thing
2017-03-18 04:50:43
2017-03-18 04:41:19
god automatic PogChamp
botgades ahahahahahahahah 4Head

Post edited 2017-03-18 04:50:29
2017-03-18 04:50:02
nice 1v3 reneg-AIDS
2017-03-18 04:50:15
Shitapore LUL. Australia's Airport
2017-03-18 09:34:50
well... that happened
2017-03-18 04:50:24
Autimatic is so good man
2017-03-18 04:50:25
no iam a kangaarofong bong fan lmao as i said
rank s in australia = dmg in australia they will lose this map for sure...
2017-03-18 04:55:36
Honestly in both of the maps yesterday, and the ones so far, i feel like Valens is actually play better than Shroud
2017-03-18 04:57:27

that kind of brain only works against silvers
2017-03-18 04:59:55
Round over - Winner: CT (6-3) - Bomb defused
atter ;{ defused the bomb
Skamatic planted the bomb (2on2)
Skathing killed azr with ak47 (headshot)
Skamatic killed ustilo with ak47 (headshot)
ustilo killed Skaroud with m4a1 (headshot)
Skaroud killed yam with ak47
ustilo killed Skadewie with m4a1
yam killed skalens with awp

lol clown9 will lose now

Post edited 2017-03-18 05:03:41
2017-03-18 04:59:55
n0thing is such a dumb player lmao
2017-03-18 04:59:58
Brilliance and Insanity. Two sides of the same coin.

n0thing threw that coin into a wishing well...
2017-03-18 05:05:33
nothing straight up silver awareness and movement. He gets payed to pay csgo? LOL
2017-03-18 05:05:47
i think he gets played to pay csgo lol
2017-03-18 05:07:34
stewie niko-style deagle shot
2017-03-18 05:06:59
Cloud9 has been Stewie9 and Auti9 for so long LMAO
2017-03-18 05:07:28
They're still Proud9

Heh, get it? Because they're proud? Of valens? Not stewie and auti. You know, the true mvp? The coach? The carry? The god?
2017-03-18 05:16:57
that half was a bigtime throw by rng..

Post edited 2017-03-18 05:10:34
2017-03-18 05:09:59
how much... today

now you cry baby... c9 is not skadoodle based.... you think because of 1 low awp player c9 are gold nova 4 players

i arentz think that
2017-03-18 05:14:11
c9 got n0thing and shr00d too :>
2017-03-18 05:14:59
yes you are the winner of hltv today !!! amina koyim

because of this predicted 2:1 shroud 9

bye renagdes....:\
2017-03-18 05:26:01
stewie pure insanity with that 4k :D
2017-03-18 05:11:27
Stewie damn son, get this guy a proper team holy shit
2017-03-18 05:11:31
c9 will go ahead and win mirage as well
2017-03-18 05:14:12

Although during that match C9 was tilted, tired, hopeless and wanted that shit over with. Hopefully not the same results.

C9 still wins this bo3.
2017-03-18 05:19:06
nothing 8-14 lol. 12-6 . 12-9 rip
2017-03-18 05:20:39
yam.. this guy is definitely off
2017-03-18 05:28:26
i really wish this caster would sing along to the music id fucking love to hear this guy try to sing take on me


Post edited 2017-03-18 05:30:11
2017-03-18 05:29:58
hahaha i love him too
2017-03-18 05:32:51
Tell me what I just watched was a joke. Please
2017-03-18 05:30:27
they said nice oddsway:D:D
2017-03-18 05:34:43
-shroud seriously, he's playing way too bad, he's just not a smart player
2017-03-18 05:30:28
losing to valens

2017-03-18 05:31:13

actually an upgrade, not even kidding
2017-03-18 05:31:37
shroud and n0thing go negative every match, u c9 fanboys need to put pressure on that idiot jack to kick them.
2017-03-18 05:31:56
-shroud will never happen m8
why would they kick money and fan machine?
most of the c9 fanbase is there cuz they love boring old shroud
2017-03-18 05:44:29
They will nobody kick because they are all together best friends and you can See what they are doing for Ska they all Changed the Name and from That i can See That they didnt want That one leave the team
2017-03-18 05:51:08
bye bye australian csgo ....

play on your esea global ranks
2017-03-18 05:36:21
Cloud9 100% will win mirage , ty for skins aussie cs xD
2017-03-18 05:36:57
Take care of mine, I bet $200 on renegades to win the match
2017-03-18 06:22:12
np buddy xD how much you got? let me guess, nil? xD
2017-03-18 06:44:34
cough em up big fella
2017-03-18 06:49:51
tim gotta be one of the best ct players
2017-03-18 05:48:26
ye c9 wins mir...

actually, eu cs is not the same with na cs... even with 130 ping i carry in na faceit matches http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/8709..

same to renegades bad performance cuz only 1 team is good reneg... lmao

they said na = eu
2017-03-18 05:48:40
lol 0-5 mirage fuck C9
2017-03-18 05:58:56
shroud has to be the last one alive every clutch situation. he will never win any of em
2017-03-18 06:02:28
in na is t side ct lol
2017-03-18 06:03:09
Nothing and valens are at same level voth nooba
2017-03-18 06:03:29
This is jole shit9 strikes again with loseing 0-6 and 1vs3 already
2017-03-18 06:03:40
Why does shroud always buy a deagle these stream highlights of his on Reddit are getting to his head he is complete trash with it never hits
2017-03-18 06:03:55
Gg rip bet good night guys
2017-03-18 06:04:18
One of the things that it'd be cool to see C9 experiment with is having shroud play more rotate roles and n0thing solo sites.

More positions where he can take straight up 1v1 duels and/or work off Stewie's aggression. On Mirage, for example, 85% of the time he's playing straight up rotate strike. Ramp-room is a bitch spot on this new nuke, and on Train... ivy is pretty bitch-made if you're not focusing on many aggressive ivy setups.
2017-03-18 06:06:16
Hahaha 6-1 and get ecoed hahah C9 xD
2017-03-18 06:07:39
just kick shroud already
2017-03-18 06:09:18
fuck u C9 1-8
2017-03-18 06:09:59
2017-03-18 06:10:35
as soon as they bought tec9 armor, knew c9 was gonna lose
2017-03-18 06:12:45
Omg get ecoed again Lool You are trash team
2017-03-18 06:13:05
so far theres like 5 rounds c9 should've won, and they just throw it.
This should be like 12-3 half for c9, and now its probably the other way around it.

PS: Nothing is legit the most aids player iv seen in a while. So shit.

Post edited 2017-03-18 06:14:00
2017-03-18 06:13:21
C9 disband trash team OMG
2017-03-18 06:14:26
nt newfag
2017-03-18 06:49:37
nothing is a GOD

proof here

2017-03-18 06:14:39
2017-03-18 06:17:03
stewie playing like its rank S game LOL nt punk
2017-03-18 06:18:15
but you guys know even in this hackergame is 12 3 not enough
2017-03-18 06:20:12
It feels so goddamn good to be Aussie right now
2017-03-18 06:20:25
we are happy for you. kappa.
2017-03-18 06:36:42
Yeah beating C9 using their coach must be a new high
2017-03-18 06:37:35
renegades have bot atter, so its pretty even actually
2017-03-18 06:47:13
not really
2017-03-18 20:54:34
c9 noob team lol
2017-03-18 06:20:51
Yes rush B short without any utility, next gen tactics coming out from c9
2017-03-18 06:23:26
This isn't intended to be an insult, but I think n0thing should almost be the paszabiceps of this team.

Playing spots where if you go scatter brain for a moment, it's not the end of the world. Playing connector can be rough if your brain is not in it.
2017-03-18 06:26:58

2017-03-18 06:30:55
let the choke begin
2017-03-18 06:31:38
2017-03-18 06:35:53
2017-03-18 06:35:48
nice pistolrounds clown9
2017-03-18 06:37:30
Atter so bad , this team has potential buy they need to kick that swedish bot
2017-03-18 06:37:35
XD go playing matchmaking
2017-03-18 06:42:56
he's support player
2017-03-18 06:45:15
xypnx is a support player and he carries the team lol
2017-03-18 16:04:19
shroud. stop fking streaming and get your sht together dude. this org pays you big money and you sit there and stream gta5 and bs all day. cloud9 could actually be good if you werent dking around
2017-03-18 06:38:11
2017-03-18 06:43:56
do you even understand what that word means lmao
2017-03-18 06:48:06
ez for Shroud.
2017-03-18 06:45:23
how in gods name is that score right now even poosible all my predictions going on...

renegades has struggle wasnt wrong why i said 2:1
2017-03-18 06:41:45
nt lose king
2017-03-18 06:42:46
2017-03-18 06:43:09
Indeed, My friend. #cryisfree
2017-03-18 06:47:12
C9 disband plz

Post edited 2017-03-18 06:42:34
2017-03-18 06:42:21
suck a fucking dick NA
2017-03-18 06:43:06
2017-03-18 06:43:33
2017-03-18 06:43:48
rip, either RNG or CLG going to the LAN
2017-03-18 06:43:49
Cloud9 would won this 16:10 Like That if they didnt Throw Like 5 rounds
2017-03-18 06:44:12
16-10 x3
2017-03-18 06:46:27
NA = Needs Asians
2017-03-18 06:48:03
+1000, this made my day lol
2017-03-18 06:51:55
Renegades somehow managed to look like ass even when they won...
2017-03-18 06:48:20
c9 noob team C9 disband plz
2017-03-18 06:48:36
C9 pls buyout brehze. He's far far better than n0thing and shroud and he's asian.
2017-03-18 06:49:20
nothing is igl but shroud..please shroud leave.
2017-03-18 07:24:55
n0thing isn't the igl stewie is. The last time n0thing igl'd they got 2 T rounds max, he was terrible despite his experience.
2017-03-18 07:27:54
2017-03-18 06:49:57
nothing and shroud have to go
2017-03-18 06:50:23
clown9 is back
2017-03-18 07:00:00
at least it wasnt 16-0
cough cough
2017-03-19 10:14:04
But which one of those teams got to the playoffs of the most recent major?
2017-03-21 23:27:47
ez for 16-10
2017-03-18 07:04:44
n0thing is overstaying he's welcome.
2017-03-18 07:26:38
clown is back
2017-03-18 07:29:56
shroud and nothing should just retire i mean how freaking bad can you be?
2017-03-18 07:37:26
16-10 3maps xD
2017-03-18 07:54:08
-old man
+decent players
2017-03-18 07:59:41
2017-03-21 04:00:31
CLG and rng got so lucky for this qualifier (:
2017-03-18 08:14:23
Isn't shroud suppose to be good?
2017-03-18 08:46:05
on camera yea
2017-03-18 09:45:04
gosh c9 without ska is so shit, and even when they lose stewie and autimatic carries the shit out of them, holy shit these asians are godlike.
2017-03-18 09:23:10
yeah fkn ez
2017-03-18 09:33:17
2017-03-18 09:43:36
2017-03-18 10:18:41
what the fuck +21 +20 and then 2 bots and a mANAGER
2017-03-18 11:32:52
2 cheaters are not enough LUL
2017-03-18 16:03:13
nt MarkE
2017-03-21 03:59:57
i arent find the clg vs rng match page
2017-03-18 11:34:21
When shroud and n0thing (yeah i know he is IGL but still) are almost at the same level of valens.
2017-03-18 11:50:29
Are dumb? Stewie are igl
2017-03-18 13:51:05
Totally forgot about that, sorry.
Then it makes n0thing's performance even worse as he doesn't have the "IGL excuse".
shroud and n0thing did almost as poorly as a manager.
2017-03-18 13:52:06
I'm not sure that guy is right. It could've been Stew/Auti/Valens calling during the match.
2017-03-18 19:04:12
in the match vs misfits one day ago, valens even had a higher ADR then shroud and nothing ... its just disgusting
2017-03-19 01:36:24
2017-03-18 12:51:43
Shroud and nothing getting carried by the asian duo. Like always :D
2017-03-18 13:16:11
i honestly have no idea how jordan and shround manage to be SO FUCKING BAD
2017-03-18 15:26:02
you'd think they would try to improve since they get paid a lot but nope
2017-03-18 16:04:57
is atter playing from NA or EU
2017-03-18 15:46:21
2017-03-19 10:17:26
cut atter please
2017-03-18 16:54:04
2017-03-18 17:05:46
I hope they keep atter' rbg are doing much better with a dedicated 5th.
2017-03-20 05:00:56
322 - 16-10 16-10 16-10
2017-03-21 13:10:14

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