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NiP 1

21st of April 2017 03:45
Match over

Best of 3

* Upper bracket quarter-final
Veto process
1. NiP removed Mirage
2. Liquid removed Train
3. NiP picked Nuke
4. Liquid picked Inferno
5. NiP removed Overpass
6. Liquid removed Cache
7. Cobblestone was left over
10:16 (8:7; 2:9)
16:7 (12:3; 4:4)
3:16 (3:12; 0:4)
VOD: BeyondTheSummit (Map 1 - Nuke)
VOD: BeyondTheSummit (Map 2 - Inferno)
VOD: BeyondTheSummit (Map 3 - Cobblestone)
VOD: BeyondTheSummit (Map 1 - Nuke)
VOD: BeyondTheSummit (Map 2 - Inferno)
VOD: BeyondTheSummit (Map 3 - Cobblestone)
nitr0 saves the round with a 4k (Nuke)
friberg 3k to win the force buy (Nuke)
draken snipes down three on the defense (Nuke)
nitr0 breaks the defense with a 3k (Nuke)
GeT_RiGhT 3k on the defense (Nuke)
Twistzz 3k to secure the second pistol round (Nuke)
EliGE holds the line with a triple kill (Nuke)
nitr0 3k to secure the round (Inferno)
Twistzz 3k to break the defense (Inferno)
GeT_RiGhT holds the line with a 3k (Inferno)
Twistzz double entry frag (Inferno)
GeT_RiGhT sick double to win the force (Inferno)
twistzz quad kill on the defense (Cbble)
GeT_RiGhT double entry frag (Cbble)
Xizt quad kill on the offense (Cbble)
nitr0 takes down two to secure the second pistol round (Cbble)
nitr0 double kill to close out the series (Cbble)

Match stats | Kill matrix
All maps | nuke | inferno | cobblestone
All kills | Opening kills
Match stats

NiP lineup

Liquid lineup

Man of the match (62.72%) - Russel 'Twistzz' Van Dulken
Match stats compared to average.
Rating 1.22 (+0.23)
Kills / round 0.84 (+0.15)
Deaths / round 0.65 (-0.04)
Assists / round 0.12 (-0.02)
Opening kills / round 0.13 (+0.03)
Headshot 68.4% (+24.3%)
K/D 1.3 (+0.3)

Past matches

16:2 Liquid
2017-04-17 23:57:15
16:2 NiP Liquid
2017-04-18 21:17:51
+1 ez NIP
2017-04-19 18:51:27
NiP will just play sooooo fkn baaad as Terrorists and then when they switch side and they are playing as Counter Terrorists they will ALMOST make a comeback... like 12-16 or 14-16 or maybe id their lucky they will go to Overtime. Im a true NiP fan and I still hope for they to win! But if anyone want to gamble their skins or money in this match just bet on liquid... Elige will carry them trust me!
2017-04-20 09:11:04
but nip will win ez NA sucks
2017-04-20 15:07:08
Get ready to see your superheroes getting raped.
2017-04-21 03:36:06
Stan is one of the best IGL in NA and probably top 10-15 in the world with the right crew. Anyway, they won so that's cool for us NA shitties!
2017-04-21 07:12:23
2017-04-21 02:39:19
wtf most accurate predictions ever, making a betting site soon m8?
2017-04-21 04:58:01
i think you're forgetting this is chokequid nip will wipe the floor with them. no comeback needed
2017-04-21 05:21:51
2017-04-20 13:54:51
Nip have a chance in this match but if they won c9 will mess them up in the next round
2017-04-19 00:33:54
twistzz will 100 frag to bring liquid to victory
2017-04-19 16:17:03
Twistzz will have 85
EliGe will have 88
JDM will have 47

Post edited 2017-04-20 00:36:49
2017-04-20 00:35:50
get right 8 kills in 3 matches 0.03 rating
2017-04-20 12:36:50
nevar farget
2017-04-20 21:21:41
NA teams in lan events elegiggle
2017-04-21 03:26:21
2017-04-21 19:48:20
reads name /close
2017-04-22 02:48:10
Ez 4 canadian super star Russel "Twistzz" Dulken

Post edited 2017-04-17 23:59:24
2017-04-17 23:58:07
GO Twistzz
2017-04-18 00:00:56
easy liquid
2017-04-18 00:42:48
NiP can upset
2017-04-18 00:46:27
NiP <33333 Let's go! <3
2017-04-18 00:47:56
wtf was stan thinking. this roster looks so bad compared to optic with stan.

nitro and jdm are 2 weak links while tarik was the only weak link and he wasnt even as bad as the other 2
2017-04-18 00:54:57
nitr0 is actually pretty fucking good man, don't look at stats, this dude unleashes EliGE and now Twistzz, he does everything for them in terms of going first etc. He's like a Freakazoid with brain and aim.
2017-04-18 21:16:45
If things don't work with jdm liquid should get mixwell imo
2017-04-21 15:12:36
Have you even looked at nitr0's performance lately? He's the most consistent player on the team. I haven't seen him playing this well since cologne.

Post edited 2017-04-20 08:14:52
2017-04-20 08:08:46
nitr0 it's NA NBK,does everything for team
2017-04-20 13:04:35
NiP to be the first victim of Liquids tournament winning streak of wins.
2017-04-18 00:56:14
But Friberg will have 50 frags with a 200 ADR! Ik how happy you would be to see that
2017-04-18 14:41:28
Are you dreaming while still sleeping?
2017-04-18 14:42:52
I sincerly hope that you realised he was joking and were just playing along cuz nobody thinks friberg is good anymore

Decent-ish, sure, but I doubt there's people out there who think he's actually good
2017-04-19 00:30:56
Yes I know that.
2017-04-19 00:32:24
With nip fans you never know. Some of them think NIP give a shit about winning and aren't just leaching money off them
2017-04-20 03:45:38
what are you talking about? Are you even watching with what kind of a passion especially GeT_RiGhT and Friberg are playing this game? Watch their emotions every time, they are not fake, but keep trash talking!
2017-04-20 12:38:50
ahh yes i too stay on the same shitty team and never replace anyone when i want to win becasue i just want to play with friends. Me too thanks
2017-04-20 22:02:05
You want to suceed WITH Friends because if this is possible it is waaaaaayy more fun obviously but you aparrently dont know friends :(
2017-04-20 22:20:43
but its not possible

gtfo with your passion bullshit
2017-04-20 23:44:48
as stated above. yeah maybe they could except they have NO top 20 players a shit IGL and fat burgere the guy who is known to always be shit
2017-04-21 01:20:41
I agree ConAction. Without Friberg, NiP will lose their minds.. Friberg is NiP, So to speak. Teammates sticks together. Like VP has, and they've been both up and down at different seasons.
2017-04-21 16:03:16
if only 50 frags per bo3 with all 3 games played :D

edt. oh w8 :D

Post edited 2017-04-21 15:54:40
2017-04-21 15:54:13
+1 liquid will win this tournament
2017-04-21 00:04:18
Friberg was very impactful yesterday with his 60 ADR... he's the next player in the world
2017-04-21 20:42:36
Liquid should win this, they have better firepower,they have better tactics, the only thing nip has over them is teamplay.
2017-04-18 00:58:42
"the only thing nip has over them is teamplay" ..

Did you really say that? You know cs is all about TEAMPLAY. If you have teamplay you can outplay every team out there.
2017-04-21 16:05:02
this is the last time anyone's gonna see NiP in the upper bracket
2017-04-18 02:15:24
ez liquid got this
2017-04-18 13:34:22
When you're a fan of all things NA and hate to say it but #GONINJAS

Honestly won't be upset with either outcome
2017-04-18 14:36:10
Yeah I don't really care for either teams. Still nice to see liquid win.
2017-04-21 08:42:15
bad time for swedish fans but still
2017-04-18 14:38:40
ez young talent Twistzz !!
2017-04-18 20:09:53
so easy for liquid
2017-04-18 20:39:09
Lul, no chanse for the muricans. Swedes will beat them ez
2017-04-18 21:14:35
POV | NiP Xizt vs Virtus.pro |Cache 31/11|
POV | NiP GeT_RiGhT vs Fnatic |Cache 28/10|

Post edited 2017-04-18 22:05:45
2017-04-18 22:04:57
Twistzz > GeT_RiGhT
EliGe > Forest
Draken > jdm64
stanislaw > xizt
nitr0 = friberg
2017-04-19 00:28:03
only thing there correct is stan>xizt MAYBE
2017-04-20 00:34:53
2017-04-20 00:35:55
2017-04-20 00:36:22
Elige carryies his team every lan am while forest gets eco kills GTR = Bot Draken= bot xist= bOT Fatburger =fucking worst player on ANY team
2017-04-20 03:54:50
And here folks is an excellent example of a NIP sucks baiter just ignore him and move on.
2017-04-20 09:39:26
Your nick tells me you're about 14-19. Fuckin kid.

And your sentences tells me you're about 11. You've no intelligence what so ever :D umad bruh?? how much?
2017-04-21 16:07:10
2017-04-20 13:53:07
even though this tournament has 8 teams, nip will find itself out of the top 8. read my words!
2017-04-20 01:15:17
Hoping for a good game from Liquid in this match. Tough one against NiP but maybe possible? Twistzz was a good pickup. If he performs well in this, they have a shot I have to think.
2017-04-20 03:48:59
why gtr still with 1.18 rating playing 3 tournaments with sub0 and f0rest is now 1.16 lmao
2017-04-20 04:37:59
2-0 NiP, Liquid will lose first map 16-4 2nd map 16-9
2017-04-20 04:44:03
2017-04-20 07:02:43
2017-04-20 08:22:12
dab nip dip izi pizi
2017-04-20 08:42:26
Maybe it's time for ninjas to step up one more time. It's sad to see how strong team falls
2017-04-20 08:46:55
-strong team

pick 1
2017-04-20 12:34:41
lmao gg schduelse i fucking hate this shit.. i am from sweden, and I'll never be awake from 03:30 when I've school..
2017-04-20 10:32:24
ez liquid
2017-04-20 10:33:03
Yeah this match is scheduled for a really bad time for all the european fans, good luck for NIP!
2017-04-20 10:42:28
Ez 4 get-bot
2017-04-20 11:59:38
Twistzz > draken tbh
2017-04-20 12:57:12
14-2 17-19 never forget
2017-04-20 13:03:39
2017-04-20 13:45:36
14-2 to 17-19 ez 4 liquid LUL
2017-04-20 15:08:59
14-2 to 18-22 actually
2017-04-20 16:40:43
sry 2nd world education
2017-04-20 16:58:22
Ez 2-0 for NiP <3
2017-04-20 16:02:17
RIP europeans watching this event
2017-04-20 16:34:18
2-0 liquid
2017-04-20 16:39:26
lan ? ez pz gtr
2017-04-20 17:07:47
I think this is gonna be a really close game but NiP will win it 2-1 #GONINJAS
2017-04-20 17:53:22
come on go forest
2017-04-20 18:12:26
Tier 3 USA team > NiPples in pajamas
2017-04-20 19:10:56
liquid will win this.
2017-04-20 19:33:44
twist and elige 30k each
ez 2-0
2017-04-20 19:53:05


Post edited 2017-04-20 21:18:02
2017-04-20 21:17:56
2017-04-20 21:22:47
only nitr0 and EliGE from old roster FeelsBadMan

Post edited 2017-04-20 22:27:27
2017-04-20 22:27:13
Prove that you did not in vain destroy best NA team(optic)
2017-04-20 23:36:40
Lets Go Liquid!
2017-04-21 00:02:22
Last 4 Match Top1 Astralis LUL NiP Ez ^^
2017-04-21 00:10:40
Nice prediction m8
2017-04-21 00:33:18
Common Liquid, make my money! GL Twistzzz =D
2017-04-21 00:20:43
rip(no rip)
2017-04-21 00:43:37
ez twistz, ez money
2017-04-21 06:50:07
GTR 30bombs
2017-04-21 02:38:42

2017-04-21 02:42:11
please liquid be good so i can stop tilting myself watching optic
2017-04-21 02:51:44
I know we discussed Optic a week or so ago, but did you really expect anything from them vs c9? I don't think you did knowing you've followed optic quite a bit. So for your own sake my man, give em time and don't expect much, maybe they'll surprise us, who knows.

Also, Liquid could do some heavy damage in this tournament.
2017-04-21 02:54:46
nah i didnt expect optic to come close to beating c9. c9 just seems to beat them easily all the time even when optic was good. i dont know why optic didnt ban mirage though that was dumb. optic got pretty unlucky on cobble constanly having no nades though.

2017-04-21 03:01:48
I'll just comment on the cobble part, that was their own fault. Sure they got reset 1 or 2 times, but they chose to forcebuy everytime, after losing pistol, after losing gun rounds, it was their own fault they didn't have much to work with, a risk they took which didn't pay off.
2017-04-21 03:03:31
yeah if they saved i bet they would win a lot more ct rounds. and the first 2v1 on t side jasonr wide peeks when he has a perfect after plant spot. and then optic allows c9 to flank on an eco round.
2017-04-21 03:15:20
Yeah overall C9 much better for the moment though, Optic has a lot to work on.
2017-04-21 03:46:55
i enjoy this type of LAN more than the big stadium seems really chill, can see players floating around in the background pretty good
2017-04-21 02:53:14
floating ?? wtf man, they are not ghosts
2017-04-21 02:55:13
only bad thing is there is no permanent room cam
2017-04-21 02:56:47
hahahahaha nailed it bruh
2017-04-21 09:15:41
Is stanislaw brother of yanko?
2017-04-21 02:55:24
have a feeling that liquid might suprise us all. NiP on lan these days..
2017-04-21 02:57:24
what team pick nuke ??
2017-04-21 03:03:37
NiP, liquid inferno
2017-04-21 03:05:49
It's tough being a NiP fan. #rip
2017-04-21 02:57:40
Liquid 2-0
2017-04-21 03:00:23
Ez for hi...twistzz
2017-04-21 03:06:43
i think liquid can do much damage here and maybe upset nip i am not supprised if that happends
2017-04-21 03:08:18
if nip wins nuke its 2-0 or 2-1

2017-04-21 03:08:58
the 3 maps as a whole favour nip.. #GONINJAS
2017-04-21 03:31:12
2-0 liquid gogogo
2017-04-21 03:08:50
get_right to drop 3+ bomb
2017-04-21 03:17:36
2017-04-21 03:25:08
2017-04-21 04:50:01
cs att delay 2 hrs coming
2017-04-21 03:21:03
2-0 nip ez 3x odds
2017-04-21 03:24:56
saving to reply in 2 hrs...
2017-04-21 03:26:47
haha its random bet but nuke and inferno are legendary nip maps you never know

i win 400$ ez
2017-04-21 03:27:17
"legendary NIP maps"

Yeah... nuke in 2013 when it was an entirely different map.

And inferno in 2012-2013 when it was ALSO an ENTIRELY different map.

Just a tip when betting: You don't use results from 4 years ago to determine the team you wager on.

But never-mind! According to friberg, NiP is the best team in the WORLD on nuke!!

In all seriousness, NiP has been looking really shaky especially on LAN... They had 2 upsets against Astralis but those were BO1s ONLINE on NiP's best maps.

Liquid has also been looking incredibly on point with the addition of twistzz and TL actually have an in-game-leader who is WELL-PREPARED against NIP.

This is a pure 50/50 match and any outcome is possible... 2-0 Liquid 2-0 NiP or a third map...
2017-04-21 03:37:41
wait and see gay boy
2017-04-21 03:38:12
I was merely jesting in my response and yet you immediately resort to hostility, lol.

You must be a Syrian refugee, since your animalistic behaviour exactly mimics that of a third-world, war-mongering muslim.
2017-04-21 03:44:04
wait and see
2017-04-21 03:48:57
Ahaha, sure, sure.
2017-04-21 03:50:48
2017-04-21 04:51:59
How infuriated do you think he is right now? Hahaha.
2017-04-21 05:50:09
get rekt
2017-04-21 09:47:35
nuke? ResidentSleeper
2017-04-21 03:27:07
A shame that I won't be able to watch, but hoping to see liquid have a good performance

2017-04-21 03:28:51
f0rest and fatberg are eating instead of focusing on match, ez liquid calling it right now
2017-04-21 03:36:13
2017-04-21 03:40:05
are you watching stream fakeflag favela? fatberg just went with f0rest into the kitchen, that idiots prefer to eat instead of focusing on important match, ez money on liquid
2017-04-21 03:41:38
twistzz PogChamp
2017-04-21 03:39:46
You guys are all shits
2017-04-21 03:40:30
d e l a y c i t y
2017-04-21 03:43:24
I believe that Liquid can take this!
2017-04-21 03:43:55
they probably will but f0rest on LAN
2017-04-21 03:51:42
Are they gonna play or what?
2017-04-21 03:46:39
2017-04-21 03:54:05
Elige with the second round Krieg. That's some baller shit lol.

2017-04-21 03:55:30
Well he is playing against bots
2017-04-21 03:59:03
It's actually pretty smart since he has gone outer each time with the rifle. Don't think it had the success* he was expecting with it though.

Post edited 2017-04-21 04:00:21
2017-04-21 04:00:09
Ez for liquid
2017-04-21 03:56:32
Fully expect liquid to win this

But good night
2017-04-21 03:59:45
Nitr0 back to form. Godtier player when he is feeling it
2017-04-21 03:59:49
With Elige snuck through secret (great timings on the smokes blooming and him running) and managing to make it to vent, you also should think to audible into a ramp-room hit to hopefully pull a rotate down vent.

Tactically, Liquid look night and day to what they once were.
2017-04-21 04:05:01
4-0 then lose to force buy to 4-4
2017-04-21 04:05:39
nip best nuke team :thinking:
2017-04-21 04:11:03
Lose to liquid, Rip NiP rofl xd
2017-04-21 04:12:07
2015 nitr0 makes me happy
2017-04-21 04:18:24
holy shit that was C R I S P and C L E A N.
2017-04-21 04:21:21
Twistzz what a aim Jesus.
2017-04-21 04:21:30
twistzz can only make that play because draken is standing in the door opening for some reason in a 3v2. dude is such a bonehead.
2017-04-21 04:22:09
its so cute that nip actually thinks that they are the best team on nuke! haha
2017-04-21 04:24:06
Twistzz nice addition to liquid
2017-04-21 04:25:49
machine with a cheeky "i'm starting to believe as well" from when he casted the fallen 1v4
2017-04-21 04:27:27
For as much shit JDM gets, he has has been relegated to doing many support duties. Where most of his limited frags are highly impactful, and much of his scoreboard presence will be made on the CT side.
2017-04-21 04:28:42
Lose 2-0 to liquid, is NA team. wtf you doing NiP
2017-04-21 04:30:16

if they lose, i will lose i respect i had for nip (it´s not that much!)
2017-04-21 04:31:25
So nice to see Liquid at this level :)
2017-04-21 04:35:12
2017-04-21 04:35:33
wp, good calling stan
2017-04-21 04:40:53
Ez for NA
2017-04-21 04:41:02
NiP strats T side

smok outside and rush into B fasttttttttt
2017-04-21 04:41:03
tfw elige has ppl that can get an even kd to back him up
2017-04-21 04:41:09
Winning both pistols help...

Elige is also playing a little more reserved. As in, he's not trying to over compensate for the anchors on his team. A real structure in place.
2017-04-21 04:45:31
Yea Elige's stats have been sort of inflated from hunting for kills especially on ecos (and I'm not just saying that cuz dazed said it :D), so it's not like he's a SUPER hard carry, but he's a really good player so he should be able to put up numbers without going too aggressive as well.
2017-04-21 04:47:07
yeah elige mp9s so much on ecos.
2017-04-21 04:57:15
The better Aimer will win pistol Rounds and on Nuke Liquid was insane
2017-04-21 04:48:26
machine missed a big opportunity there to say "fallen stop using my lines!"
2017-04-21 04:43:02
hahahaha nip THIS IS FUCKING NA TEAM ROFL!!!!!
2017-04-21 04:43:17
Oh how the mighty have fallen when NiP loses to Liquid on Nuke.
2017-04-21 04:47:24
They were just playing with their food
2017-04-21 05:32:26
They fallen since they lost to F3, after that Nip has been terrible.
2017-04-21 09:05:24
I just came here to drop it

Post edited 2017-04-21 05:09:22
2017-04-21 05:09:15

Post edited 2017-04-21 05:12:47
2017-04-21 05:09:31
3. NiP picked Nuke
4. Liquid picked Inferno
2017-04-21 05:11:59
Somebody needs to teach Liquid the molotov that lands behind the CT smoke and on the boost...

Even if the guy boosted decides to sit in the smoke instead of fire, removing that slight one-way, it glitches half the time and you can see through it.
2017-04-21 05:14:38
2017-04-21 05:31:59
GTR what a suka :(
2017-04-21 05:16:19
Draken is fucking onliner.
2017-04-21 05:24:28
2017-04-21 05:27:29
draken Kreygasm
2017-04-21 05:29:34
2017-04-21 05:30:24
all cluthes for NiP. Cobble too ez for liquid, lmao
2017-04-21 05:31:47
GTR PogChamp
2017-04-21 05:35:52
lmao gtr that was sick

3vs5 no armor lmao
2017-04-21 05:35:54
liquid will go into 3rd map with 0 momentum. they are just getting raped right now
2017-04-21 05:39:39
nt because they beat navi when they got rekt on train
2017-04-21 05:52:50
Almost 1 year ago nerd different lineup
2017-04-21 05:55:23
still np for liquid

Post edited 2017-04-21 05:56:41
2017-04-21 05:56:24
2017-04-21 06:37:05
Cmon liquid, man up and win.
2017-04-21 05:41:56
they shit on nip so badly on cobble
2017-04-21 07:45:48
This should be clearly 2-0 for NIP, Liquid just got lucky getting two pistol rounds on nuke
2017-04-21 05:47:26
2-1 to liquid on cobble
2017-04-21 05:49:10
Liquid should win cbble. Only worry is if they can mentally reset from the clear "NIP Magic" that won Ninjas that game.
2017-04-21 05:50:46
Nip close it 2-1 on cbble #GONINJAS
2017-04-21 05:59:10
Too hard for Miracle to carry this, too easy for syndereN
2017-04-21 06:01:06
Twistzz ability to snap to heads is fucking unreal.

Edit: Once twistzz killed GeT_RiGhT lurking in drop, stanislaw pushing long-A was a very smart gamble. At worst you walk into an AWP/posted-rifle, with early information to call rotates, at best you catch them rushing to setup smokes.

Post edited 2017-04-21 06:11:32
2017-04-21 06:01:24
17/2 17 NiP (2) Cloud9 (16)cbble
DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017
NiP i so fucking bad on cobble. rip skins fangay AYE
2017-04-21 06:11:04
Why am I awake at 6 am watching this lol
2017-04-21 06:12:07
Rofl 17 years ol kid rekt GtR
kiy NiP :3
2017-04-21 06:15:18
rekting NiP*
2017-04-21 06:20:09
than they should ban him he is not at the allowed age to play this game...

2017-04-21 06:36:16
I can hear friberg saying "wait for it.. boom NIP magic"
2017-04-21 06:17:06
f0rest playing so bad =/
2017-04-21 06:19:35
Stupids in Pyjamas
2017-04-21 06:21:44
lul nip throwing
2017-04-21 06:21:47
New NiP lineup:

Disco Doplan
2017-04-21 06:23:50
-Doplan +Twist sry :D
2017-04-21 06:24:40
2017-04-21 06:26:38
stanislaw is showing how a proactive A-anchor can control the entire T-side pacing. Solo-site players in general should take notes and fill their book of pesty gimmicks.
2017-04-21 06:27:02
he is basically flusha. and he always locked that stuff down for optic. optic played 4 b a lot on cobble.
2017-04-21 06:28:01
He does similar on Train. His positioning and ability to change it up allows the rotator to float more.
2017-04-21 06:32:37
stan is basically flusha on cobble. he did that annoying stuff all the time for optic.
2017-04-21 06:27:26
They should edit nip roster
2017-04-21 06:28:27
where is your NiP magic now nip fangays? hahaha
2017-04-21 06:31:51
Nip rip + rez
2017-04-21 06:32:17
Rip NiP what the fuck is really bad ... bad play whis FUCKING NA TEAM joke
2017-04-21 06:32:58
Zeus better watch how liquid plays cobble and prepare his butt on it for tomorrow....
2017-04-21 06:32:58
fuck i still wake up watching nip playing bad against Liquid, i mean not even put a good fight ? lmao threat should be kicked aswell, nip become worse with strats
2017-04-21 06:33:16
Get over this dead team.
2017-04-21 06:43:15
NiP, what a JOKE!!
2017-04-21 06:34:15
NiP losing cobble to liquid xd
2017-04-21 06:36:47
ez skins
2017-04-21 06:37:12
NIP noob team lol
2017-04-21 06:37:17
Nitro deserves mvp imo
2017-04-21 06:38:40
after the betway sponsorship started, nip having a lot of super surprising results. btw, they really play interesting.
2017-04-21 06:38:41
fuckton of teams are sponsored by bet websites - EGB (VP, NaVi, SK), Betway (NiP, Godsent), Leon (Gambit, Spartak)
2017-04-21 06:58:11
I do not mean they do this on purpose (they are really bad in terms of form) but a conicidense.
2017-04-21 11:07:46
great to see nitr0 performing
2017-04-21 06:39:05
wtf nip! ggwp liquid.
2017-04-21 06:39:28
2017-04-21 06:41:28
twistszz great player and liquid great plays hats off :)
2017-04-21 06:41:43
friberg mvp
2017-04-21 06:45:55
Hope NiP realize it's time for major changes now. They keep changing this 5th player like it will matter at some point. Seriously, how many players have they tried? Even Delpan... Change draken for olofmeister in his prime and they'll still suck, it's pretty obvious
2017-04-21 06:59:05
god, nip are such a fucking embarrassment

still, i'll live up to my name and say:

2017-04-21 07:01:10
when get_right isn't bottom fragging, it's friburger

2017-04-21 07:01:59
disband pls
2017-04-21 07:05:03
Absolute travesty.
2017-04-21 07:14:02
2017-04-21 07:35:31
just kick threat he is bad coach & the main problem
2017-04-21 07:44:46
THREAT is not even on this event you braindead ape
2017-04-21 09:09:24
are you sure? i thought i saw him on camera
2017-04-21 09:18:23
thats what the casters said during their match on inferno
2017-04-21 09:22:45
hmm ok, thought i saw him walk by with his thumbs up xD

must of been someone who looked similar
2017-04-21 09:24:38
who cares that he is or not on event braindead ape , he is there when they train he makes tactics with them at the gaming house gtfo pls
2017-04-21 15:59:15
fucking shit team its insane
2017-04-21 07:52:34
2017-04-21 07:53:52
nip is over ,
2017-04-21 08:40:16
Was over in 2015, they havent had a stable lineup or consistent results since fifflaren. The 3 tournaments they won in 2016 was their 1st tournaments with a new player. Now that isnt even enough gg but they still earn a lot of money and have a strong brand
2017-04-21 09:27:02
They were ok with Maikelele but still not close to their best performance
2017-04-21 10:40:09
Ez pz nuke team
2017-04-21 08:49:46
NIP so shit omg fak this bitches!
2017-04-21 09:06:02
friberg when?
2017-04-21 09:12:26
Keep friberg and u wont achieve anything
2017-04-21 09:48:33
nip disband pls.
2017-04-21 09:55:55
Well at least GeT_RiGhT wasnt a bot this game.
2017-04-21 10:05:40
Nip is just so fucking bad
2017-04-21 10:08:49
NiP on lan? i aren't think that. Always waste spot :]
2017-04-21 10:27:17
This loss is drakens fault. -drake +anyone
2017-04-21 10:59:37
The best nuke team?
2017-04-21 11:08:12
2017-04-21 11:35:14
nip fanboys right now: 'kick fucking draken'
2017-04-21 11:39:05
Friberg* i watched the 3 games draken played really well
2017-04-21 16:01:05
Twistzz made NA Great Again let's go boys
2017-04-21 12:46:21
NIP losing bo3 vs worst liquid in years.. ON LAN?

I'm done rip 4 ft asiimovs
2017-04-21 13:27:28
betting on nip in 2017 xD
2017-04-21 13:43:21
Swedistanians got niggered on
2017-04-21 13:28:59
gtfo friberg
2017-04-21 13:54:23
friberg is an anchor
2017-04-21 15:08:50
NIP so bad at lan, even losing vs a new team with less than 1 week of practice
2017-04-21 15:55:27
2017-04-21 16:19:23
twistz > elige
adr > k/d
2017-04-21 17:12:23
nip so bad. rip nip
2017-04-21 20:29:11

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